87-06-27 (Netwerk) Ripcord – Napalm Death (extra photos)

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Photos from the collection of ‘Phantom’ (R.I.P.) of the Charleroi Slam Crew

see also 87-06-27 (Netwerk) Ripcord – Napalm Death – Ear Damage

‘Ripcord’: John Millier (drums), Steve ‘Baz’ Ballam (guitar), Brian ‘Buzby’ Birchell (vocals), Steve Hazzard (bass)


‘Napalm Death’: Mick Harris (drums), Lee Dorrian (vocals), Bill Steer (guitar), Jim Whiteley (bass)



87-04-17 (Netwerk) Artless (extra photos)

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Photos taken by Jenny Plaits

see also 87-04-17 (Netwerk) Cólera – Artless – Visions Of Change – Heibel

Mykel Board (vocals), Bill Ylitalo ‘Otto Kentrol’ (bass), Bill Evans (drums) & Gavin McNett (guitar) (in the background: Jo Reynders, Andreas Grüter, Redson ‘Cólera’, Michel De Cock, …)

87-04-17 Artless (Jenny Plaits)87-04-17 Artless' (Jenny Plaits)87-04-17 Artless'' (Jenny Plaits)87-04-17 Artless''' (Jenny Plaits)87-04-17 Artless'''' (Jenny Plaits)87-04-17 Artless''''' (Jenny Plaits)87-04-17 Artless'''''' (Jenny Plaits)87-04-17 Artless''''''' (Jenny Plaits)

87-04-17 Artless (Netwerk) by KockieThis one’s taken by Kockie


87-11-14 (Netwerk) Cyclone – Brain Cancer (extra photos)

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Photos taken by Veerle Brion (‘Brain Cancer’) & Kockie (‘Cyclone’). Thanks!

see also Netwerk, Aalst, 14 nov 87 (Cyclone)


87-11-14 Cyclone 0Stefaan Daamen (bass) – Giancarlo Langhendries ? (drums) – Pascal Van Lint (guitar) – Guido Gevels (vocals) – Pablos Alvarez ? (guitar)

87-11-14 Cyclone 1 (+ Pascal Fiers)87-11-14 Cyclone 287-11-14 Cyclone 387-11-14 Cyclone bass87-11-14 Cyclone drum87-11-14 Cyclone git a87-11-14 Cyclone vox87-11-14 Cyclone git b

‘Brain Cancer’:

87-11-14 Brain Cancer Bart'87-11-14 Brain Cancer Bart''Bart Brion

87-11-14 Brain Cancer Areuh87-11-14 Brain Cancer Q

Areuh Sertyn (bass) & Larry Rostyne ? (guitar)


87-10-31 (Netwerk) Ignition – Lärm – So Much Hate (extra photos)

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A series of extra photos, taken by Agna Van Rillaer & scanned by Gunter Vaes. Nice work!

see also Netwerk, Aalst, 31 oct 87 (Lärm, Ignition, So Much Hate)

‘Ignition’ (Alec MacKaye – vocals, Chris Bald – guitar, Dante Ferrando – drums & Chris Thomson – bass):

‘Lärm’ (Paul van den Berg – guitar, Olav van den Berg – drums, Menno van Gaalen – vocals & Jos Houtveen – bass):

‘So Much Hate’ rhythm-section (Finn-Erik Tangen – drums, Per-Arne Haugen – bass):

[The rest of ‘So Much Hate’ is on the page linked above…]

[More photos of ‘Ignition’ & ‘So Much Hate’: Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 1 nov ’87 ]


87-10-11 (Netwerk) Lethal Gospel – No Pigs – Creep Insanity (extra photos)

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Action shots taken by Agna Van Rillaer & scanned by Gunter Vaes. Great work!

see also Netwerk, Aalst, 11 oct 87 (Lethal Gospel)

‘Lethal Gospel’ – Mattx Bergren (guitar & vocals), Dan Seelig (drums & vocals), Fred LaRose (bass):

‘No Pigs’ – Maarten Luijendijk (vocals), Guy Pinhas (bass), Nils Koning (guitar), Robert van der Meyden (drums):

‘Creep Insanity’ – Bart ‘Bassie’ Van Haele (bass), Peter De Zutter (guitar & vocals), Peter ‘Rabbit’ Ginneberge (drums) [Kris Fiers joined on vocals later…]:


88-01-30 (Netwerk) Heresy – Ripcord – C.O.T. – Anguish (extra photos)

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Fantastic photos taken by Agna Van Rillaer & scanned by Gunter Vaes. A true document of our scene!!!

see also Netwerk, Aalst, 30 jan 88 (Heresy)


Fons (bass) – Steve (drums) – Bart (vocals) – Kris (guitar) – Murielle (vocals) – Alain (guitar) [Steve is not visible on the pics; the guy in the checkered shirt is Bruno from Smurfpunx/’Hate Crew’]

88-01-30 Anguish (b&w)

‘Cry Of Terror’; Hans (vocals) – Wouter (guitar) – Walter (bass) – Pierre (drums):

‘Ripcord’; here with Buzby (vocals) – Baz (guitar) – Jim (bass) – John (drums):

‘Heresy’; here with John March (vocals) – Baz (guitar) – Kalv (bass) – Steve (drums):

[the pictures capture the intense atmosphere very well, there was electricity in the air; the crowd was going wild, the stage crowded with scenesters (e.g. Sproet, Fitzjoy, Guido ‘Hate Crew’, Bollie, Jos ‘Lärm’) & Smurfpunx (Kris F., yours truly)]


88-04-29 (Netwerk) So Much Hate – Crowd Of isolated (extra photos)

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A bunch of pictures shot by Agna Van Rillaer & scanned by Gunter Vaes. Mucho gracias to them!

see also Netwerk, Aalst, 29 apr 88 (So Much Hate)

‘So Much Hate’: Gunnar Nuven – Børre Løvik – Per-Arne Haugen – Finn-Erik Tangen

the rhythm-section

‘Crowd Of Isolated’: Peter ‘Guschtel’ Gundal (guitar), Jürgen Thiel (drums) and the Kammer-bros Claus (bass) & Michael ‘Gurke’ Kammer (vocals)


88-06-25 (Netwerk) R.K.L. – Squandered Message – Atavistic (extra photos)

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A bunch of pictures shot by Agna Van Rillaer & scanned by Gunter Vaes. Mucho gracias to them!

see also Netwerk, Aalst, 25 jun 88 (R.K.L.)


Patrick McKernan (bass) – John Brenchley (drums, R.I.P.) – Jeremy ‘Jez’ Upcroft (guitar/vocals)


‘Rich Kids on LSD’: vocalist Jason Sears (R.I.P.), bassist Joe Raposo, guitarists Barry Ward & Chris Rest

Richard Anthony ‘Bomer’ Manzullo (R.I.P.)


‘Squandered Message’: Rotze (vocals) – Achim (guitar) – Florian ‘Flo’ Helmchen (bass) – ‘El G’ (drums)


91-03-03 (Netwerk) Seein’Red – Man Lifting Banner – Scraps

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This one was not really set up by Smurfpunx but we did help out… It was co-organised by Kristel & Jaak and some friends [Pat D.].

The extreme right ‘Vlaams Blok’ was on the rise in Belgium at that time. Quite some people in the hardcore/punk-scene opposed their ultra-conservative, racist, fascist ideology and organised protests. Some time before this one there was a big protest when the V.B. held their annual congress in Aalst. Nationally, groups such as ‘Blockbuster’ and the ‘A.F.F.’ (Anti Fascist Front) organised resistance. Unfortunately it was not enough: on November 24th, 1991 (the day of the federal elections) they tripled their votes and ended up with 12 seats in parliament. All others lost and called this day ‘Black Sunday’.


Yep, it was organised by the punks of the ‘A.F.F.’… There was a group undertaking action in general (also animal-rights) in Antwerp. Following the first congress of the ‘Vlaams Blok’ [extreme right party] in Aalst, a demonstration (also with the ‘Voil Janetten’ [wellknown cross-dressing carnival-crowd from Aalst] against fascism was planned; and we needed money for that, hence the benefit-gig.

Patriek D.

Recalling memories is rather difficult (especially because we did hundreds of concerts, multiple tours, over 50 releases the past 30 years)… Our memory has become a bit blurry. We lost a lot of video/ photo/ flyer material over the years. We still do stuff for our bands (‘Seein’Red’, ‘Lärm’ – we perform again, 2 times a year, ‘Man Lifting Banner’ – new recordings are due on a double album for Peter Hoeren’s label) and help out foreign bands with gigs, etc. We’re also still politically active… Hopefully we’ll be able to share more over time.

Paul VDB

Aaaah the anti-fascist benefit… As a student I was very much involved in anti-nazi action so this was of course the kinda gig I could fully relate to. ‘Scraps’, however, didn’t quite sound like the stuff I heard from them before so musically it was a letdown. ‘Man Lifting Banner’…now we’re talking! Wow…what’s that? Furiously raging straight-edge commie-core? Those guys shredded!!! Having seen ‘Seein’Red’ before I knew what to expect but by then I had heard their debut lp more than a few times, making me appreciate it a little more than before but I still wasn’t a huge fan…

Tom Van Hauwaert

pictures by Kockie (of course…):

Olav working hard…

Paul with a grim face… Brothers in arms, Jos & Paul… (this one was taken by Phil A.)


90-12-22 (Netwerk) H.D.Q. – Pullermann – The Abs

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With the ‘Soulfinder’ album just out, my mate Frank Babel got ‘H.D.Q.’ to tour (again with the Welsh ‘The Abs’). He always did a great job and with his printing-skills, the poster turned out really great. But then he told me he was gonna stop booking tours. I guess he was fed up of having to keep fighting the commercial agencies. He wasn’t the first to give up: “It’s no fun anymore. There’s too much shit to put up with. I get depressive after a night of phoning around.”, he wrote me. “There are just so few people being honest in this concert-scene, who care about everything, specially about the bands. The situation is getting perverted, there’s lots of agencies booking tours a half year in advance, so us smaller ones get no chance to get a good tour together.”

This was another great show! Not so much people attended but very good bands and an excellent atmosphere. It became a tendency: the bigger crowds only turned up for the ‘big’ bands. We got the very dedicated people. The rest went to death-metal bands or commercial shows organised by agencies.

At that time, people were asking us why the starting-time of the concerts got later… 6 or 7 p.m. wasn’t actually thát late compared to when gigs in other European countries started. Ours had to end around 10 p.m. to avoid complaints about the ‘noise’; and that was time enough to catch the last train. Our schedule was usually tight and the break between 2 bands short. We had been doing afternoon-shows for years but people began to stay away, turn-outs diminished. The younger part of our public preferred the matinees but others didn’t… Those wanting to come in the afternoon were the first to stay away (band not known enough, entrance-fee too high, distance too long,…). We had to make a compromise. Gigs elsewhere started at 8-10 p.m. Furthermore: in case of a matinee, touring bands have to get out of bed very early (to drive a long way) to get here in time. I’ve toured myself; believe me: in other countries one mostly hits the sack after 3-4 a.m. It’s not that pleasant to get up at 8-9 p.m. to drive 300-400 km…

This was turned out to be the last real Smurfpunx-concert at Netwerk…

‘H.D.Q.’ had already seduced us with their melodic HC and ‘The Abs’ with their tuneful punk-rock charmed us likewise, when they were over the year before. (Netwerk, Aalst, 1 oct 89 (Lethal Gospel & Verbal Assault)) So there wasn’t a lot of persuasiveness needed to convince us to set up another show. Few people knew that ‘H.D.Q.’ actually stands for ‘Hung, Drawn and Quartered’. They were often described as influenced by the likes of ‘Descendents’ and ‘Dag Nasty’. Some brits claimed that they sounded “too” American. What the hell, what is ‘American’ anyway. I certainly liked their tuneful but political HC a lot… In the band at that time were Richard ‘Dickie’ Hammond.(guitar) and Dave ‘Golly’ Golledge (vocals). Who did the rhythm-section at that time? Bassist Rob Bewick had already left the band in the summer of 89… He was replaced by Terence ‘Terry’ Phipps, who had been in ‘Generic’.

‘The Abs’ were from Newport in Wales and they played catchy punk-rock. The band consisted of the brothers Barrie ‘Baz’/‘Boggs’ (guitar & vocals) and John (a.k.a. ‘The Rev’, ‘The Reverend’, ‘Rev John D’; drums.) Oldfield. The album Nail It Down (Blasting Youth recs ’90) was out so I guess the others were ‘Dingo’ Richie Glover (bass; replaced ‘Fatty Ashtray’ Jon Simpson) &  ‘B. Funnunyon’ Bryn Jones (guitar). ‘Baz’ & ‘The Rev’ would later form ‘Doctor Bison’ with Dickie Hammond.

The Abs on tour 1990‘The Abs’ on tour 1990 (pic courtsey of Terence Phipps)

We also invited ‘Pullermann’ over for the 2nd time in less than a year [see: Netwerk, Aalst, 31 mar 90 (Subterranean Kids)] because they were such a great band and nice people…


‘H.D.Q.’ were ‘Golly’ (vocals), ‘Dickie’ (guitar), Terry [‘Turbo’ Phipps] (bass) and ‘Dicka’ [‘Damage’; Alan Nixon] (drums)… ‘The Abs’ were ‘Baz’ (vocals), ‘The Reverend’ (drums), ‘Dingo’ (bass) and Bryn [Jones; also second vocalist] (guitar). We were friends from doing a gig with them in ‘88 in Birmingham. We just stayed in touch…

Dickie Hammond

Another Netwerk show with the same 150 people that, just like me, went to almost every show to hang out. I remember ‘Pullermann’ had 2 singles by then which had some really catchy tunes and the show was good. I really liked ‘H.D.Q.’ and ‘The Abs’ but I just can’t remember seeing them on this show, I know they played but I have no memory of it whatsoever. But I still like their early records to this day, both solid UK bands that worked hard and toured a lot and are now sadly forgotten.

Jeroen Lauwers

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