88-04-29 (Netwerk) [Upset Noise] – So Much Hate – Crowd Of Isolated – Rough Justice

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To me, this was another fantastic evening. Things looked bad a couple of days before when we heard ‘Upset Noise’ (who had a fabulous record out on Hageland recs) weren’t going to show up because they had split up. 390 people payed entrance (a lot of metal-fans were keen on hearing U.N.)  in the end and we could give a part of the profits to an organisation that set up survival-expeditions for disadvantaged youngsters as an alternative to internment in a institution or imprisonment.

Personally I was very happy to meet the people in ‘So Much Hate’ (and Ote, Gunnar’s girlfriend at that time) again: great people; and their music is fantastic!

‘So Much Hate’ (photo: Philippe Anthonis)

‘Crowd Of Isolated’ were a promising, young outfit that Armin of X-Mist (ex-‘Skeezicks’) introduced to us. Kind of emo avant-la-lettre… Guschtel, Jürgen and the Kammer-bros Claus & Gurke had come all the way from Saarland in their car for this one and head back the same night. I remember it took ’em a while because the vehicle didn’t seem to want to depart anymore but after a while we somehow managed (I recall various people running up and down from De Ridderstraat to the car-park that misty night) to get them back on the road…

‘Rough Justice’ were a local (Aalst) metal-influenced band with singer Koen Taeleman (who’s sister Veerle ran a pub, de Kiët, at that time). Also playing for his thrashy metal outfit were drummer Joost Van Den Broeck (later in ‘De Laatste Show Band’ that performed in talk-shows on the national TV), bassist Manu Cambier & guitarist Piet Marcoen.


I remember that time… The tour was cool until our old van’s engine broke down coming back from Norway (where we had an unforgettable gig arranged by Gunnar.). As we were a low-budget band, we spent almost all of the band’s money to buy a new one, but the fuckin’ Danish engineer whom we ask to fix it provided a new one (in fact an old but renewed engine) for a hell of price. It broke down again just a 100 m before the ferry to Germany, so with the help from the guys in Ungdomshuset (the squat were we played a week before [in Copenhagen]) we got another engine from that sucker engineer, that brought us very slowly back to Italy where it finally died.

At that point, the band and neither Hageland’s chairman Werner (max respect by the way…) couldn’t afford to buy or rent another van in time to finish the tour as Fausto & Stefano had to go back to work. (Hey, we never earned money enough to live from our music but that wasn’t the band’s goal anyway… Guess that’s clear!)

Suddenly Boffo, the bass-player and founding-member of the band, decided he would quit the band together with the second guitar-player that joined the band just for that tour, and everything went SHIT. Too bad, the band split up and it took almost a year to reform by adding Guido on bass and Max on 2nd guitar. For what it’s worth: we apologize for the cancelled dates of the tour, it was a damn bad thing for the band…but that was being in an Italian HC band back then… Cheers, mates!

Lucio Drusian (‘Upset Noise’ singer)

88 Upset Noise tour

The pictures [of ‘Rough Justice’, below] are probably taken at de ‘Kiet’ [metal-pub ran by ‘tante’ Veerle Taeleman in the 80s] or ‘Parkhof’ in Alkmaar (Holland). For the latter, Koen had everything arranged: food, drinks and a place to sleep. According to Dutch standards that was sleeping on the floor in a squat, the food was brown bean soup with rock-hard baguette but luckily we got a few crates of Grolsch pils, the best pils there is in The Netherlands. Afterwards, because we were ever so hungry, we spent our hard-earned money on cheese- and other sandwiches that, mind you, they were selling in the venue. Don’t teach the Dutchies how to do business. Even the punx were capitalist. I think the ‘Violent Mosquitos’ joined us on this one, probably 1988 or 1989.

Still, a great time…

Joost has the songs on our demo as mp3… [Brob: Here’s my version of the Pink Elephants In Yellow Trees demo (1988)]

Manu Cambier (bassist ‘Rough Justice’)

‘Rough Justice’ in Netwerk: Piet – ‘the Swat’ – Koen – Manu

the young Joost at the Kiët

Piet – Manu – Koen

I have to confess: my recollection of this show is pretty modest but a few memories came back reading about it. What I remember above all was the meeting with the nice guys of ‘So Much Hate’ from Oslo. At this time also on X-Mist-recs. What else?…Maybe people will laugh: my precious red-black-chequered pants (Where are they now?) I also saw a pic somewhere: me…on stage…in Aalst, on my knees…and I was feelin’ like Keith Morris [the singer ‘Black Flag’ / Circle Jerks’ ?], really… Don’t ask me why. Next: someone asked for an interview with the band…from a distance I heard my brothers voice: “…Ask brother…upstairs…” He was not in the mood to answer as using English was hard work. Since that time we had a new running gag, called: ‘Ask my brother…upstairs!’ …Another thought: the singer of the band ‘Rough Justice’, a very impressive ‘Black Sabbath guy’…We met ‘m a few days later in Amsterdam in a coffee-shop…. Can’t remember the out-of-order car story. But the cars were fucked up on every tour we had. After years we were masters in the car-repairing business.

The first show we played in Belgium was in a town called Geel [Kockie has pics from Herk-de-Stad ’88 ?], an absolutely great show in a small place…and in the afternoon! In Germany shows never started before 22:00; we played the gig, turned on the motor of our car…and…in the eve we were already sitting in our local pub again exchanging impressions of the gig. We met a guy called Dirk Stynen, he organized an few gigs for us in several places in Belgium…

Michael ‘Gurke’ Kammer (‘Crowd Of Isolated’ singer)

‘Crowd Of Isolated’ live at Netwerk (pictured by Philippe Anthonis)



  1. Oh man: Manu Cambier! Ages ago indeed. I fondly remember one thing about him. It has to do with that notorious performance of ‘Charmezangeres Mona’ (sic – for those outside of the Dutch-language sphere: ‘charmezanger(es)’ is a singer in the tearjerker genre, ‘chanteur à l’eau de rose’ in French, ‘Schnulzesänger’ in German) in the metal pub ‘De Kiet’ (if I’m not mistaken). That was somewhere in the first half of 1988, maybe around the same time as this gig. Mona, who was well in her forties at the time, was a has-been (or rather never-been) singer who had once won a parish talent-hunt and had invested her savings in the production of a single (for the kids: a 7” record with one song on each side) of which she had hundreds of unsold copies left in the attic. Of course, it was (ahem) ‘slighly evil’ ;-) of the pub management to book the lady to perfom for a metal-head audience, knowing well that it would end up in a Roman circus (which was the initial purpose all the way of course ;-). The pub was packed. I remember Mona’s and her husband-manager’s bemused and at times horrified looks when they were confronted with metal-heads headbanging and stagediving on Mona’s tearjerkers and shouting “Mo-na, Mo-na, Mo-na!” between every song. They loved it. The surplus of Mona singles, which the husband sold at the entrance, were sold-out in no time only to end up as frisbee-material. At one moment, singles were flying everywhere. ;-) There was also an overkill of dry-ice stage-fog to the extent that Mona allmost vanished from sight at one moment. But she was courageous, you know. She carried on. That is, until Manu came in. Out of the stage-fog, a large, hairy silhouette slowly came forward from behind Mona: oh no! It was Manu, holding a beer in each hand, who took Mona in a big bear-hug from behind and gave her a big, greasy kiss on her cheeck. That was it. She burst out into tears and left. But: the single-stock was sold.

    Comment by Duco — 01/26/2011 @ 10:34

  2. Some people of ‘Crowd of Isolated’ stayed at my place after they had a small car-accident where they’d hit another vechile while leaving the parking-lot. They had to go to the police the next day to get a report for the insurance or something…

    Comment by Duco — 01/26/2011 @ 10:36

  3. For an interview with ‘So Much Hate’ (1988), go to So Much Hate (interview Tilt! #4)

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 05/07/2011 @ 15:44

  4. The guy singing between Piet and Koen on the first ‘Rough Justice’ photo is ‘Swat’ (that was his nickname, think he’s called Dirk). I was at that show. Swat was a mate of the band, hung out a lot with these guys in the Kiët (pub) and in the alternative pub-circuit in Aalst in general during those days (the broad circle of guys who went to art-school (Koen of ‘Rough Justice’, and also the ‘Violent Mosquitos’): the pubs Kashba, Cactus, Gele Limonade; later ‘t Koerken. ‘Swat’ got his nickname came from his cap that said S.W.A.T.). Koen & Swat were doing a duet…
    Nice one, brings back a lot of memories.

    Comment by Pieter Plas — 08/08/2011 @ 22:52

  5. In response to Duco: the name of the tearjerker singer is Monia, not Mona, and it all happened at St. Annazaal …

    Comment by Veerle Taeleman — 12/01/2013 @ 17:49

  6. Live in café De Kiet 1986/87 ‘Rough Justice’:
    Voetbal Is Oorlog
    Armageddon + Nasty Ronny
    Big Chief In Washington (has spoken)
    Cover Moteurkop

    Comment by Smurfpunx — 12/05/2013 @ 18:03

  7. Interview with Crowd Of Isolated (Hustensaft #11, 1988)

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 06/17/2015 @ 16:21

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