87-12-11 (De Vrede) Attitude – Emils – C.P.D.

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the tour-poster:

A few weeks after their ‘trashing’ concert in Scherpenheuvel (Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 15 nov ’87) we had them over…but since Netwerk (in Aalst) was not available we had to divert to another location: a venue called ‘De Vrede’ (‘The Peace’) in small, remote village, called Gooik, between Aalst & Brussels (after the gig we had to drive for miles through a thick fog to reach the highway).  We had all looked forward to this because ‘American Paranoia’ (still under the name ‘Attitude Adjustment’)  is a standard in the genre (my band ‘Repulsives’ used to cover the title-track from time to time); the new stuff (‘Kein Schlaf bis Deutschland’) on We Bite recs was just out then… Unfortunately our mate, ‘Hate Crew’ singer Kris (perhaps their biggest fan in our area) couldn’t see them because he was in hospital, in a coma after his terrible car-accident… The gig started a bit later than we expected because we had to carry all the equipment (P.A. and backlines) to the 1st floor over a narrow metal staircase (hard work and a bit dangerous). Some people also arranged busses for groups of people to come over (leaving from Aalst & my hometown Tielt)! But that wasn’t enough: 300 people should’ve shown up to cover expenses but only a bit more than 200 showed up; so we lost a bit of money…

‘Attitude’ was fantastic. Some people thought the vocals were a bit weak… (Perhaps due to the fact we used a different PA than usual?) but I can recall most people went beserk. The line-up of ‘Attitude (Adjustment)’ changed quite a few times but in 1987 Andy Andersen (vocals), Chris Scaparro (guitar) and Rick Strahl (guitar – bass on the ‘American Paranoia’ LP) teamed up with former ‘Condemned to Death’ guitarist Keith Chatham to form ‘Condemned Attitude’ which later turned into ‘Attitude’. Right before this tour they recorded the Kein Schlaf… 12” with Keith playing bass and Paul Birnbaum (who was in ‘Septic Death’) on drums (replacing Chris Kontos). Keith didn’t do the tour so Rick played bass… Also Paul Birnbaum had left the band before the tour…

‘Emils’ played fast hardcore/punk with a slight metal edge and German lyrics (they’re from Hamburg). They just had released their first album (Fight Together For…) on We Bite recs. The line-up was Ilhami ‘Ille’ Dolma (vocals), Sven Carstens (bass), Carsten Zisowsky (drums) and Oliver ‘Olli’ Makris (guitar/vocals).

And ‘C.P.D.’…well…were our buddies from Hamme; ‘Corrupt Police Department’ or anything that would fit the acronym… Their 3rd passage on a Smurfpunx-gig…


I left ‘Attitude’ right before that tour but I played on ‘Kein Schlaf…’

Keith Chatham

I left the band right before that tour. I never went to Europe with ‘Attitude’. I was replaced by Joey Devlin, who plays on the The Good, The Bad, The Obnoxious 12″. But when ‘Attitude’ got back to the USA they kicked Joey out of the band (they ended up not liking him) and I played some more shows with them until they found another drummer. They ended up with the drummer from ‘D.R.I.’. So the drummer in the picture below is not me (!), it’s the drummer that played on the second ‘Attitude’ 12″ which they recorded when they were in Europe.

Paul Birnbaum, ‘Septic Death’ drummer

Some pictures by ‘Kockie’:

‘Attitude’ & ‘Emils’


87-12-11 Emils band (Gooik) by Kockie87-12-11 Emils bass (Gooik) by Kockie87-12-11 Emils bass+vox (Gooik) by Kockie87-12-11 Emils drum (Gooik) by Kockie87-12-11 Emils git (Gooik) by Kockie


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