Brob’s tours

Before, during and after Smurfpunx, I organised some short/long tours… Here’s a brief overview:

Jun/Jul 1987

Short tour for ‘Ripcord’ & ‘Napalm Death’: 6 gigs in 8 days: Jun 27th – ‘Netwerk’ (Aalst, Bel; Smurfpunx) * Jun 28th – ‘2B’ (Eindhoven, Nl; had to be cancelled because of the customs-story) * Jun 30th – ‘Jugendhaus’ (Zug, Swi; set up by Dave Philips & Reto ‘Tschösi’ Kühne of ‘Fear Of God’) * Jul 1st ‘Jugendzentrum’ (Geislingen, Ger; contact: Martin Purr) * Jul 2nd ‘Goudvishal’ (Arnhem, Nl; Marcel Stol of ‘Neuroot’) * Jul 3rd – ‘A-Laden’ (Hamburg, Ger; with Indirekt (Nl); set up by Thomas Skubsch and his mates) * Jul 4th – ‘?’  (Dortmund, Ger; arranged by Bernd Backhaus)

sketchy map I drew for the bands…

Dec 1987

I tried to help them out ‘Leben Und Leben Lassen’ (Denamrk) with some gigs:  only 3 weeks before their Italian tour was cancelled but I managed to get them to Hamburg, Antwerp, Neerpelt, Winterswijk…

Early 1988

‘Heresy’ / ‘Ripcord’: Jan 29th – ‘Chi Chi Club’ (Winterswijk, Nl) * Jan 30th – ‘Netwerk’ (Aalst, Bel) * ???

July 1988

8-day tour through Germany for ‘Hate Crew’: 9th – ‘Stortebeker’ (Hamburg, Ger; organised by Stephan Grahlmann, Steiner, Thomas Skubsch, Goliath Brettschneider, Tanja Boelicke) * 10th – ‘AK47’ (Düsseldorf, Ger; with the help of Tommy and the gang) * 11th ? * 12th ? * 13th – ‘Alte Meierei’ (Kiel, Ger) * 14th ‘Phönik’ (Nindorf, Ger) * 15th – ‘AJZ’ (Bielefeld, Ger; Bobo & crew; with ‘Sacred Denial’ (USA) & Anti-Toxin) * 16th – ‘In Der Au’ (Frankfurt, Ger; thanx to Connie; with ‘Dr Rat’ & the ‘Ewings’)

Feb 1989

‘M.S.T.’ & ‘Smegmatics’ (both from Paris):  17th – ‘Space’ (Rotterdam, Nl) * 18th – ‘Finkel’ (Jette, Bel) * 19th – ‘De Bank’ (Apeldoorn, Nl) * 21st – ‘In Der Au’ (Frankfurt, Ger) * 22nd – ‘Attack’ (Enschede, Nl) * 24th – ‘Haus Der Jugend’ (Ludwigshafen, Ger) * 25th – ‘Onderbroek’ (Nijmegen, Nl) * 26th – ‘Parkhof’ (Alkmaar, Nl)

Summer 1989

6 week European tour for ‘Lethal Gospel’ (San Francisco): ca. 35 shows in 44 days (Aug 20th – Oct 1st), organised together with my pal Mokka… A guy nick-named Mecy even set up a gig for them in (at that time) East-Berlin, behind the ‘Iron Curtain’! Sometimes the distances were enormous: when the band themselves added or changed dates, unhindered by (a lack of) knowledge of Europe’s geography… ;-)

Aug 19th – ‘Kalishnikov’ (Terneuzen, Nl) * 20th – ‘?’ (Nijmegen, Nl) * 21st – ‘?’ (Groningen, Nl) * 22nd – ‘?’ (Sint-Michaelisdonn, Ger) * 23rd – ‘?’ (Hamburg, Ger) * 24th – ‘1000 Fryd’ (Alborg, Den) * 25th – ‘Ungdomshuset’ (Kopenhagen, Den) * 26th – ‘Blitz’ (Oslo, Nor) * 27th – ‘Uffahuset’ (Trondheim, Nor) * 28th  (day off) * 29th ‘?’ (Gävle, Swe) * 30th – ‘?’ (Stockholm, Swe) * 31st ?

Sep 1st – ‘Alternative’ (Lübeck, Ger) * 2nd – ‘?’ (West-Berlin, Ger) * 3rd – ‘?’ (East-Berlin, Ger) * 4th ? * 5th ? * 6th – ‘?’ (Vienna, Aus) * 7th Zagreb? * 8th Ljubljana? * 9th – ‘?’ (Biel, Swi) * 10th – ‘squat’ (Schaffhausen, Swi) * 11th – ‘Reithalle’ (Bern, Swi) * 12th – ‘Profitreff’ (Zürich, Swi) * 13th – ‘Leon Cavalo’ (Milano, Ita) * 14th – ‘Machianera’ (Pisa, Ita) * 15th – ‘?’ (Livorno, Ita) * 16th – ‘El Paso’ (Torino, Ita) * 17th & 18th (Paris, to pick up Dave) * 19th – ‘?’ (Llodio, Spa) * 20th – ‘?’ (Endouain, Spa) * 21st – ‘?’ (Ondarrua, Spa) * 22nd – ‘Gare Cornavin’ (Genève, Swi) * 23rd – ‘?’ (Schwenningen, Ger) * 24th – ‘?’ (Tübingen, Ger) * 25th – ‘?’ (Homburg, Ger) * 26th – ‘?’ (Dijon, Fra) * 27th ? * 28th – ‘AK47’ (Düsseldorf, Ger) * 29th – ‘Goudvishal’ (Arnhem, Nl) * 30th – ‘Breehuys’ (Leiden, Nl)

Oct 1st – ‘Netwerk’ (Aalst, Bel)

Apr/May 1990

‘The Next World’ (bros Steve & Darren, and a drummachine – Bradford) & ‘Headcore’ (Brench & Wolf? – guitar & drums – Davenport) (UK). Nice people…and touring with them: Petesy & Louanne (‘Stalag 17’ & ‘F.U.A.L.’). Actually the tour was first intended for ‘Indian Dream’ (Scarborough) – Noid & Lesley had asked for help – but in the end they couldn’t make it (They had to save up money to relase their album since Bluurg recs couldn’t afford  to do it.). The full schedule is hazy: May 1st was definitely in Ieper… Besides that?: Apr 28th – ‘Troll’ (Hoorn, Nl) * Apr 29th – ‘In Der Au’ (Frankfurt, Ger) * Apr 30th – ‘WNC’ (Groningen, Nl) * May 2nd – ‘BlaBla’ (Bonn, Ger) * May 3rd – Nijmegen?Arnhem? * May 4th – ‘Innocent’ (Hengelo, Nl)

June 1990

After my mates’ bands ‘Ripcord’ and ‘Heresy’ had split up, some of the guys formed new bands. Kalv (H) joined ‘Force Fed’ and John (H), Baz & John (R) started ‘Can’t Decide’. It was only natural for me to try and help promote them (with a little help from my friends) and find them gigs on the European continent. This one took them for 10 days through Belgium (unfortunately Netwerk was closed for the summer so no Smurfpunx gig), The Netherlands & Germany: 15th – ‘Kalashnikov’ (Terneuzen, Nl) * 16th – ‘AK47’ (Düsseldorf, Ger) [or was it at Arnhem’s ‘Goudvishal’?] * 17th – ‘Terlogt’ (Diepenbeek, Bel) * 18th – ‘Maison des Jeunes de Thier’ (Liège, Bel) * 19th – ‘Die Mühle’ (Marl-Recklinghausen, Ger) * 20th – ‘Juhubuhaus’ (Niederolm-Frankfurt, Ger; organised by Tobby H.) * 21st – ‘House International’ (Troisdorf-Bonn, Ger) * 22nd – ‘Innocent’ (Hengelo, Nl) * 23rd – ‘Breehuys’ (Leiden, Nl) * 24th – ‘Vort’n Vis’ (Ieper, Bel).

Baz wrote (personal communication ’90): “I think we all agreed that this was the best tour we’ve all dons so far. Everthing flowed along real well: travelling, places to stay, good gigs, meals; basically everything. Thanks again.”

Nov/Dec 1990

‘Can’t Decide’ & ‘Kings Of Oblivion’: Nov 29th – ‘?’ (Haarlem, Nl) * Nov 30th – ‘St.Katherina’ (Hasselt, Bel) * Dec 1st – ‘O.H.K.’ (Oostende, Bel) * Dec 2nd – ‘Parkhof’ (Alkmaar, Nl) * …

March 1991

2 benefits for the Anti Fascist Front with ‘Seein’Red’ & ‘Man Lifting Banner’ in Ostend and Aalst.

May 1991

Some help with the ‘Earth Citizens’ (Switzerland) tour: The gig on the 10th that was orginally planned at the Vort’n Vis in Ieper was re-scheduled (last-minute) in Sliedrecht (Nl) – together with ‘Concrete Sox’ – by Bruno VdV. 11th was in ‘Kalashnikov’, Terneuzen (Nl)…

Jun 1991

A bit of help for ‘Juggling Jugulars’ (Finland)… 21st at ‘Goudvishal’  (Arnhem, Nl), 23rd at the ‘Pits’ (Kortrijk, Bel), 24th somewhere in the North of France (with ‘Behind The Smile’). *** Some gigs for ‘Econochrist’ (USA): Ieper (didn’t work out), Terneuzen (?).

Aug 1991

A few concerts for Upside (Ita)…

Sep 1991

‘Alians’ from Poland (their first concerts in the ‘West’): 20th – ‘?’ (Ekeren ?, Bel) * 21st – ‘Vort’n Vis’ (Ieper, Bel) * 22nd – ‘?’ (Nl) * 23rd – ‘Café Marine’ (Valenciennes, Fra)

Autumn 1991

Some help with the ‘Sons Of Ishmael’ tour (mainly organised by Mariska from Nl & Ute – MAD agency, Ger)

Nl + Bel gigs for ‘Chaos UK’

Dec 1991

Sounds unbelievable, I know, but this girl (Christy Colford, an American living in the UK, running Lookout recs London) asked me to find a few dates for ‘Green Day’, who were still releasing records on Lookout recs at that time and not the mega-band they would become. I arranged shows for them: 6th – ‘La Zone’ (Liège, Bel) * 7th – ‘Kalashnikov’ (Terneuzen, Nl) * 8th – ‘Vort’n Vis’ (Ieper, Bel)

Spring 1992

A little bit of help with the ‘Born Against’ tour [organised by Steffen Rose]

A tiny bit of help for ‘Cringer’…

Summer/Fall 1992

3 shows (unfortunately the 3rd got cancelled, as did the UK shows) for ‘Resist’ (USA) & ‘U.F.D.’ (Ger) [tour organised by Ueli Schill of Romp Prods in Luzern]

Some dates for Mike Briggs & ‘Agent 86’ (USA) on their “Disas-Tour”…

March 1993

I helped Martin Valásek (Malarie recs) with some dates for the Polish band Wiwisekcja. They were however not let into Switzerland and were totally broke. They lent money from a friend in Germany to be able to return and then Martin tried to make the Polish guys to continue from the Czech  Republic to Belgium but they did not want to take the risk again. Hence they didn’t play the dates in Ekeren (Antwerp), Orléans (France) & Ieper I set up (12th, 13th & 14th)…

April 1993

A little tour for ‘Private Jesus Detector’ & ‘Xinix’: 10th – ‘Flipperkot’ (Geel, Bel) * 11th – ‘De 4 Winden’ (Spierdijk, Nl) * …

May 1993

Some dates for ‘Active Minds’ (UK)…

April-May 1994

Some more dates for another ‘Agent 86’ (USA) tour…

August 1994

Helped ‘Juggling Jugulars’ (Fin) finding 3 Belgian gigs on their tour with ‘Fauna’ (Fin): 5th – ‘Move’ (Oudegem, Bel) * 6th – ‘Vort’n Vis’ (Ieper, Bel) * 7th – ‘B52′ (Eernegem, Bel)

November 1994 & April 1996

Some gigs for ‘Recusant’ from Bradford (UK)…

May 1996

Some more dates for ‘Active Minds’ (UK)…

January 1997

Help with a bunch of concerts for ‘Guts Pie Earshot’ (Ger): ??? 17th – ‘Pits’ (Kortrijk, Bel) * 18th – ‘Sorm’ (Deurne, Bel), * 19th – ‘Hogepont squat’ (Gent, Bel) * 20th – ‘?’ (Duncerque or Lille, Fra)

April 1997

A few gigs for ‘Alians’ from Poland: Dordrecht, Nl ? Alkmaar, Nl ? – 4th – ‘?’ (Liège, Bel) * 5th – ? ‘Breehuys′ (Leiden, Nl) ? * 6th – ‘4AD’ (Diksmuide, Bel)

May 1997

Another date for ‘Active Minds’ (UK): 26th – ‘Kompas’ (Sint-Niklaas, Bel)

A few gigs for ‘Disgusting Lies’ from Poland: 28th – ‘La Zone’ (Liège, Bel) ? * 31st ‘Hogepont Squat’ (Gent, Bel) * ? (Breda, Nl)

More later…


  1. I did see a whole lot of those bands mentioned here and even booked a few in the squated Bunker (1988-90) [Eindhoven]: ‘Heresy’, ‘Citizen Fish’, ‘NoFX’, ‘Youth Of Today’, ‘Fugazi’, ‘De Kift’, ‘Scream’, etc. etc. and, later together with Scheet & Andre in 2B (1990-2004) a lot more bands, e.g. ‘Disorder’, ‘Chaos UK’, ‘Cólera’, ‘Negazione’, ‘Inferno’, ‘BGK’ and many more, although that was more Scheet’s doing. I drummed in bands all those years, first together with Scheet (‘Hardheaded Soul’), later a first version of ‘The Spade’ and nowadays ‘Denvis & the Real Deal’ and ‘Mezcalectric’. I’ve been working with Andre Amaro for a long time (during those days active in Dordrecht en later also 2B: screen-printing, people’s kitchen; nowadays he has a mobile catering-company – but ‘different’, sometimes it looks more like a mobile squat/restaurant:; I do decoration, logistics, etc. and that’s pretty full-time.
    Mark ‘Trash’ Kuypers [formerly Marq Trashold (zine)]

    Comment by Mark Trash — 12/31/2010 @ 12:04

  2. The gig in Dortmund [‘Ripcord’ & ‘Napalm Death’ 1987] took place in an allotment garden colony. Fun fact is that now-famous German comedian Hennes Bender (who was helping my band ‘Inhuman Conditions’ back then) used this event as explanation for the term ‘Schrebergarten’ in his dictionary of local Ruhr-gebiet… Schrebergarten is an allotment-garden, run by middle-aged to senior conservative citizens who want a place for rest and peace of mind, which usually turns out to be a nightmare of jealousy, club-rules and stuff. We did the ‘N.D.’/’Ripcord’ show in the club-house of a Schrebergarten colony in Dortmund and as you can guess the good citizens were highly irritated by the invasion of folks with ripped jeans and jackets full of weird logos. But since they were already a bit drunk altogether, they thought it to be a good idea to make us even more drunk (in which they succeeded), so the show went on with loads of booze but all in all a fairly friendly atmosphere. Hennes Bender (who is now a famous German comedian) was with us that night; he recently published a dictionary of contemporary terms in our region Ruhr-gebiet and used the gig as an example for the word ‘Schrebergarten’. [‘Komma lecker bei mich bei: Kleines Ruhrpott-Lexikon’]

    Comment by Bernd Backhaus — 05/24/2011 @ 19:02

  3. The tour for ‘Smegmatics’ and ‘M.S.T.’ (feb 1989) was a long time ago but it was a nice one. We got some problems with the police in Germany (can’t remember the town) ’cause they found my car in the middle of the road (I gave the keys to the guitarist and the bassist of ‘Smegmatics’ and I think they tried to move it….but they were so drunk…). So we spent the morning in the police-office, waiting in cells! Really! There was nothing important, so we continued the tour.
    I just see Mickey (‘M.S.T. singer) sometimes but no news from the others.
    I play in a new stoner band called ‘Soleilvert’ (see myspace).

    Comment by Thierry 'Bibiche' Septier — 11/25/2011 @ 18:07

  4. The sketchy map at the top of this page is the tour-map from the ‘Ripcord’/ ‘Napalm Death’ tour of ’87. I remember a very very long drive from somewhere in Holland right the way through the whole length of Germany to Zug in Switzerland. That drive nearly finished us off, all stuck in the back of a ‘transit’-van sitting on top of all the gear in sweltering heat with no windows for fresh air – pure hell on earth. We had to sleep rough in a German truck-stop somewhere near München, woke up with red ants in my sleeping bag. Also had to put up with the hyperactive antics of a certain ‘blast beat’ gremlin who drummed for ‘Napalm Death’!! It was all worth it when we arrived tho’, great shows on that tour with really good crowds of appreciative people, it spurred us on to believe that what we were doing wasn’t a complete waste of energy. We used to get very disillusioned with the U.K. scene at the time. One good gig followed by two shit ones etc.; Europe kept us going, it was much more cohesive and unified. Thanks for those times.

    Comment by John, 'Ripcord' drummer — 01/15/2012 @ 18:02

  5. Brob; I have very fond memories of you as a person and all you did to help us all those years ago, many(!!) thanks!

    Comment by Kalv Piper — 02/16/2012 @ 08:50

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