88-06-11 (Netwerk) Mega City 4 – [Raped Teenagers] – Winterswyx Chaos Front – Disabuse – Disgorge

We never got to play in Belgium. We were on a small tour to play in Germany, Holland, Switzerland – maybe we had some gigs planned in Belgium as well but I can´t remember that. Our van broke down and we went home before we played all gigs… We played about 5 gigs in Germany and 6 in Holland then we went home.

Patrik Sjösten & Peter Swedenhammar (‘Raped Teenagers’)

I remember our concert in Netwerk still very well. Some guys (not from the other bands that played, I think) threw over my guitar (not on purpose) that day. The consequence was that the arm was split at the bridge. In other words: my (expenisve Gibson) was trashed. The next gig I smashed it to pieces (for the show) like ‘The Who’…because I had already obtained a cheaper (6000 BeF [€ 150]) Daytona. I also recall having played one song with the ‘No Debt’ / ‘Vortex’ split vinyl as pick (I downloaded it again recently) because our driver/friend (Corinne) was once harrassed by one the skins of ‘No Debt’.

JLB (‘Disgorge’)

I liked ‘M.C. 4’, they reminded me of the ‘Buzzcocks’, ‘The Clash’ and more of that I was listening to let’s say when I was 17-18. The young ones of course were astonished as it wasn’t grind-total-chaos-noise-core… Don’t remember how they ended up playing this Smurfpunx concert… ‘Mega City Four’ were from Hampshire and consisted of singer/guitarist Darren ‘Wiz’ Brown (later played in Canada’s ‘Doughboys’ and others; R.I.P.), his brother Danny (guitarist), Gerry Bryant (bassplayer) and drummer Chris Jones.

I got to know the Winterswijkers quite well through the contacts with and visits at the (in)famous venue over there, the Chi Chi Club. My own band were invited 2 times, friends’ bands played there and I often asked Guus (Sarianamual) to book bands there that I was setting up tours for… Also: vocalist Victor van Bruggen was hanging around in Ghent quite often (because of his relation with ‘Anguish’s singer Murielle). Even though we were very different, since I had gotten him out of the hands of the police in my hometown (read the story ‘De Marbel closed down…’), we were mates. The others in the band were Ronald Hogeboom (guitar), Lambert ‘Lampie’ van Druenen (drums) & Harm Kortschoot (bass). The 1st time they were announced [Netwerk, Aalst, 23 jan 88 (W.C.F. & Swampsurfers)], they couldn’t make it but this time they did (see gig-review)…

When ‘Raped Teenagers’ had to head home prematurely, it was only natural to ask another CCC-related band, ‘Disabuse’, to come and do a gig. They were about to get out their 1st vinyl (Sorrow & Perdition). The band consisted then of Archy (vocals), Patrick van der Beek (bass), Jeroen (drums) and Edwin & Brian (guitarists) and they played a pretty thrash/crossover style.


gig-review by Jan Claus in his zine Rattebeet #4

some photos of ‘W.C.F.’ by Kockie:

Victor & Harm


<- Ronald —– Harm —– Victor ->

‘MC4’ contacted Mokka and myself with a promo-package that contained their EP when they wanted to do a European mainland tour. We said, well, at least some change from grindcore and metalitis, and off it went… If I remember well, they also played in Northern Germany and the Nordic countries on that stint.


Can’t remember much about that show except that it was our first show in Europe ever! We had 3 shows booked. This one in Aalst, one in Aalborg, Denmark and one in Oslo, Norway. I think we went down OK and there was another American-style hardcore band on, featuring a singer with very small shorts on, to our amusement!

Gerry Bryant (‘MC4’ bassplayer)

‘Mega City Four’ promo-pic; L=>R:  Wiz, Danny, Chris, Gerry

in concert @ Netwerk (photographed by Mike Du Bois):


89-01-21 (Gele Limonade) Yeastie Girlz

109 people (amongst them the ‘Bambix’ sisterhood who came all the way from Nijmegen) in a small café (5 by 5 m) like this! During their passage a few months earlier the ‘Yeastie Girlz’ definitely left an impression… And having spent more time with them over X-mas in Amsterdam’s Van Hall, they were eager to come and do their ‘thing’ again at our homebase. Since Cammie had gone back to the U.S., it was just Joyce and Kate but that was vocal power and conviction enough!

Later that year I got a tape from Kate on which she and Joyce provide answers to my questions for a Tilt!-interview. It started out very funny with Joyce’s giggling and laughter but it got pretty serious with very personal testimonials (about rapings/ abortions) so even though it might have gotten other women/ girls to share their possible similar experiences, we decided not to publish it in the end… It was easier to talk about in the intimity of a bedroom but it would’ve been read by hundreds of people all over the world… That summer I also visited Kate in her bookshop in S.F. and got to shoot pool with Joyce before a concert there.

The Dutch poet ‘Dorpsoudste De Jong’ who had performed at our anti-military benefit the year before was invited back but he couldn’t come.  Lenny St. Luce came instead. She’s a British black feminist living in Amsterdam who recites poetry and does spoken word.



88-12-04 (Netwerk) Ludichrist – Angry Red Planet – Stengte Dører – Erosion

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There was a lot of discussion about ‘Ludichrist’ doing a show for Smurfpunx. They were on Combat Core (Relativity recs), a subsidiary of a major label. The tour-promoter (Thomas Issler of We Bite recs) seemed to have been able to persuade them to do this ‘independent’ gig. Plus: I did an interview with Tommy Christ for Tilt! #2 and wanted to meet him. Even though they were a bit macho/über-cool and somewhat behaved like rockstars (on stage – after their show they were mostly intelligent and friendly), the atmosphere wasn’t that bad and I still consider their opus ‘T.B.O.S.’ as one of the most amazing hardcore/thrash pieces ever… The line-up during this tour (Power Trip; with German band ‘Erosion’) was: Glen Cummings (guitar), Tommy Christ (vocals), Guy Brogna (not Mike Walters who played on the album) (bass), Dave Miranda (drums) & Paul Nieder (guitar).

Still, what a difference in attitude with ‘Angry Red Planet’ (from Detroit)…  (By the way we had never had 2 American bands – playing different styles – together before.) Very friendly people. Myself and these guys (drummer ‘Ewolf’, Tim & Dave)  spent all night talking in the Gele Limonade pub until we fell asleep around 4 a.m. (before leaving for their U.K. gigs). I could get along with these guys very well! We all enjoyed them very much.

They were touring with ‘Stengte Dører’ (our Norwegian pals – Jo, Hasse, Harald & Børre – who had already played with us a half year earlier, 88-05-13): both  (ARP & SD) had their records out on (tour-promoter) Reiner Mettner’s label Double A recs. They didn’t spend the night because they had to be in Düsseldorf the next day at noon for recordings (their 2nd album Hver Dag Er En Perfekt Dag). I think this is when I met Katja (singer for ‘Life But How To Live It’) for the 1st time… A real tattler but a funny lady! ;-)


‘Stengte Dører’ (photos by Sacha Van Tilburg): Børre Løvik (guitar), Hasse Jørgensen (vocals), Jo Raknes (bass) & Harald Tredal (drums)

I want to thank you for the great treatment we received from you and Mokka. We weren’t blown up on our flight out of Frankfurt. I believe that was the work of the record-industry, trying to squash the independent scene by killing us off but, unfortunately, they got the wrong plane. As soon as I develop my film, I’ll send the shots of you two…

Eric ‘Ewolf’ Wheeler, ‘Angry Red Planet’ drummer (personal communication ’89)

‘Ewolf’ singing behind his drumkit… (a video of him performing -not in Aalst- can be found at ‘Angry Red Planet’ live @ AJZ, Bielefeld (Ger) & Goudvishal, Arnhem(Nl)

I was at the show on December 4th 1988 in Aalst. I remember that because I was always looking forward to see other bands when I was on tour with bands. But there I was really disappointed when I found out that ‘Ludichrist’ was playing with ‘Stengte Dører’ and ‘Angry Red Planet’, because I did not like ‘Ludichrist’ at all.

Julia S., Hannover

Above are 3 pictures of ‘Ludichrist’ & ‘Erosion’ in Belgium… # 1 shows Tommy Christ in front, and then in the rear (left to right): myself, two of the guys of ‘Erosion’ (I forgot their names – I think maybe Jan and either Stefan or Ulf), Paul Nieder (‘Ludichrist’ guitarist), Chris [Zenk] (‘Erosion’s singer) and Klaus (drummer from Erosion). # 2 is a shot from the whole stage, venue and a lot of the crowd. On the stage: all ‘Ludichrist’ members (left to right): Paul Nieder (guitar), Glen Cummings (guitar), Guy Brogna (bass) and Tommy Christ (vocals). The 3rd shows Klaus, ‘Erosion’s drummer. He looks surprised since we threw a bunch of small bits of paper into the air around him as a joke. On the 2nd photo you can see all the bits of paper on the stage. We made a big mess. Sorry to whoever had to clean it up. Actually, if I remember correctly, they gave us a broom after the show and WE cleaned it up!

As for any stories or memories from the Belgium show: I really cannot remember too much other than I had a great time and I very much enjoyed spending a bit of time with the people of Belgium. It was a fun show! It was a little sad for us though since it was the last show of our European tour and we were having such a good time, we did not want to leave… One thing: as shown in the photos, the trick we played on Klaus… We figured since it was the last show of our tour that we’d play a trick. While ‘Erosion’ were playing their set, we crept up behind him and tossed a bunch of paper pieces into the air around him. He was very startled as you can see in the photo. It was pretty funny. Then, if I remember correctly, while we were playing, someone from ‘Erosion’ threw a full can of beer at us on stage and it hit one of our guitars, right on the strings and made a very loud sound. We started getting a little crazy towards the end of the tour.

Yes, Guy Brogna played bass on our European tour (he’s on picture #2). Mike Walter played on the Powertrip album and played some of the U.S. tours but did not come along on the European tour. Guy Brogna went on to become the official bass-player in ‘Scatterbrain’. As for the band now… Well, we (‘Ludichrist’ / ‘Scatterbrain’) did some reunion-shows back in 2007… It was Tommy, Paul, Guy, me and another new guitar-player (Pete Testa). Glenn wasn’t available to participate. Just about everybody has families/kids and jobs, so we’re all quite busy these days. But hopefully we’ll all get together again at some point for another ‘Ludichrist’ reunion-show.

Dave Miranda, ‘Ludichrist’s drummer

The line-up of ‘Erosion’ was Jan Bünning (bass), Steve Römhild (guitar), Klaus Nowakowski (drums), Michael Hankel (guitar) & myself. [Brob: “progressive thrash-metal from Pinneberg (Hamburg area), a style that was called ‘techno thrash’ at the time”. They had an album out on We Bite recs entitled Mortal Agony.]

Chris Zenk, ‘Erosion’ vocalist

Concert-review in Keep Laughing #2

88-12-04 bespreking in Non-Conform #3Concert-review in Non-Conform #3

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