Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 30 aug ’87

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87-08-30 Rhythm Pigs - Indigesti - Heresy

30 aug ’87 (‘Parochiezaal’): Indigesti (Ita), Rhythm Pigs (USA), Heresy (UK), Anti-Toxin (Ger)

There’s some more info about this on the introductionary page Hageland Hardcore concerts Scherpenheuvel

87-08-30-anti-toxin-by-mark-vaelmin87-08-30-anti-toxin-by-mark-vael87-08-30-anti-toxin-by-mark-vaelmin87-08-30-anti-toxin-by-mark-vael‘Antitoxin’ (Bielefeld/Versmold): Christoph Ulbich (vocals), Burkhard Meyer-Sickendiek (drums), Gerald Kirsch (bass) & Bert Hobein (guitar); photos by Mark Vael

There are some great pics of ‘Heresy’ & ‘Rhythm Pigs’ in Onno’s zine Peace Or Annihilation # 10 & 11 but apparently the originals got lost…

87-08-30 Rhythm Pigs - git+bass87-08-30 Rhythm Pigs - drums87-08-30 Rhythm Pigs - git‘Rhythm Pigs’:  Greg Adams (guitar) – Ed Ivey (bass/vocals) – Kenny Craun (drums)

87-08-30 Heresy (P or A #10 cover) (-)Mitch Dickinson & John March (on the cover of Peace Or Annihilation #10) * with Sproet & Erwin ‘Heibel’ on and front stage

87-08-30 Heresy (by Mark Vael)‘Heresy’: bassist Kalv, vocalist John, guitarist Mitch & drummer Steve (photo by Mark Vael)

I remember we did a great concert on August 30 1987 [Brob: a hot, sweaty sunday afternoon] in some kind of theatre [Brob: actually a parish-hall] there but we had start with a big delay beacuse the PA didn’t show up, so people had to find a equipment in a hurry. Maybe the show was supposed to be in open air [Brob: the crowd was desperate to go outside in between bands; Stinky (vocals and guitar in my band ‘Repulsives’) had so much to drink we had to carry him…] but I’m not sure. It was a big show with ‘Rhythm Pigs’, ‘Heresy’ and some other bands. [Brob: The day before ‘Repulsives’ was supposed to play with them in Winterswijk (Nl) but we couldn’t make it ’cause we were about to split…]

Silvio Bernelli, bassplayer for ‘Indigesti’

87-08-30 Indigesti

‘Indigesti’: Silvio Bernelli (bass), Rudy Medea (vocals), Enrico Giordano (guitar), Massimo Ferrusi (drums; replaced first drummer Massimo Corradino)

colour photos by Kockie, B/W by Onno Hesselink

87-08-30 Indigesti Rudy jump (Sharphill) by Onno

87-08-30 Indigesti (Sharphill) band-action (by Kockie)

87-08-30 Indigesti (Sharphill) git (by Kockie)87-08-30 Indigesti (Sharphill) bass (by Kockie)

Indigesti (Scherpenheuvel) Silvio+EnricoIndigesti (Scherpenheuvel) Silvio+Rudy

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