There’s a post started on allmost all Smurfpunx concerts. Allthough some band(member)s, visitors, people involved helped out; there’s definitely a lot more that haven’t shared/responded. The ‘history’ will never be totally complete but we do believe it’s valuable to hear about anyone’s recollections. I urge you all to get in touch! You can comment or I’ll ad your thoughts/recollections to the original post…

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Sling drawing 87artwork by Steve ‘Sling’ Slingeneyer

Let's Slam (Burt Griffioen - Definite Choice #3)Burt Griffioen in Definite Choice # 3

Sling art (Nooit Meer #6)HC/punk, more than music; by Steve ‘Sling’ Slingeneyer (cover of Nooit Meer #6)

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  1. Hiya all, Lena Cichowsky – AK47-kiefernstr. 23 [Düsselforf, Germany] – here… Very first time I ‘googled’ myself… Good way to find long-lost friends, track down mates. Very glad I bumped into the ‘smurfs’. Here I am… Earlier I was also tracked by ‘Dekandecia Humana’ from Argentina (still busy: he gathered the last 30 years in a book – PUNK ;-)…) Glad with the thought to ‘re-unite’. Big hugs from Lena. I promise I’ll check the rest of the lot!

    Comment by Lena Cichowsky — 12/01/2011 @ 22:07

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