88-06-25 (Netwerk) R.K.L. – Squandered Message – Atavistic (extra photos)

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A bunch of pictures shot by Agna Van Rillaer & scanned by Gunter Vaes. Mucho gracias to them!

see also Netwerk, Aalst, 25 jun 88 (R.K.L.)


Patrick McKernan (bass) – John Brenchley (drums, R.I.P.) – Jeremy ‘Jez’ Upcroft (guitar/vocals)


‘Rich Kids on LSD’: vocalist Jason Sears (R.I.P.), bassist Joe Raposo, guitarists Barry Ward & Chris Rest

Richard Anthony ‘Bomer’ Manzullo (R.I.P.)


‘Squandered Message’: Rotze (vocals) – Achim (guitar) – Florian ‘Flo’ Helmchen (bass) – ‘El G’ (drums)



  1. Thanx for those ‘R.K.L. pics, Brob! [Thanks to the people who provided them!] And the rest of course.
    grrr Dan

    Comment by Danny Veldhuizen — 01/28/2012 @ 18:36

  2. Whoaaa!! I remember wild pogo action with ‘R.K.L.’: one of my shoes had its bottom part ripped off, so had to spend the rest of the night half-shoe-less, hahahahaha…

    Comment by Dirk C. — 02/07/2012 @ 13:55

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