91-03-03 (Netwerk) Seein’Red – Man Lifting Banner – Scraps

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This one was not really set up by Smurfpunx but we did help out… It was co-organised by Kristel & Jaak and some friends [Pat D.].

The extreme right ‘Vlaams Blok’ was on the rise in Belgium at that time. Quite some people in the hardcore/punk-scene opposed their ultra-conservative, racist, fascist ideology and organised protests. Some time before this one there was a big protest when the V.B. held their annual congress in Aalst. Nationally, groups such as ‘Blockbuster’ and the ‘A.F.F.’ (Anti Fascist Front) organised resistance. Unfortunately it was not enough: on November 24th, 1991 (the day of the federal elections) they tripled their votes and ended up with 12 seats in parliament. All others lost and called this day ‘Black Sunday’.


Yep, it was organised by the punks of the ‘A.F.F.’… There was a group undertaking action in general (also animal-rights) in Antwerp. Following the first congress of the ‘Vlaams Blok’ [extreme right party] in Aalst, a demonstration (also with the ‘Voil Janetten’ [wellknown cross-dressing carnival-crowd from Aalst] against fascism was planned; and we needed money for that, hence the benefit-gig.

Patriek D.

Recalling memories is rather difficult (especially because we did hundreds of concerts, multiple tours, over 50 releases the past 30 years)… Our memory has become a bit blurry. We lost a lot of video/ photo/ flyer material over the years. We still do stuff for our bands (‘Seein’Red’, ‘Lärm’ – we perform again, 2 times a year, ‘Man Lifting Banner’ – new recordings are due on a double album for Peter Hoeren’s label) and help out foreign bands with gigs, etc. We’re also still politically active… Hopefully we’ll be able to share more over time.

Paul VDB

Aaaah the anti-fascist benefit… As a student I was very much involved in anti-nazi action so this was of course the kinda gig I could fully relate to. ‘Scraps’, however, didn’t quite sound like the stuff I heard from them before so musically it was a letdown. ‘Man Lifting Banner’…now we’re talking! Wow…what’s that? Furiously raging straight-edge commie-core? Those guys shredded!!! Having seen ‘Seein’Red’ before I knew what to expect but by then I had heard their debut lp more than a few times, making me appreciate it a little more than before but I still wasn’t a huge fan…

Tom Van Hauwaert

pictures by Kockie (of course…):

Olav working hard…

Paul with a grim face… Brothers in arms, Jos & Paul… (this one was taken by Phil A.)


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  1. ‘Man Lifting Banner’ interview ([The Great] Enoch #1)

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