Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 4 oct ’87

87-10-04 TSOL - Unwanted Youth - Neuroot- Hate Crew

4 oct ’87 (‘Parochiezaal’): T.S.O.L. (USA), Unwanted Youth (Ger), Neuroot (Nl), Hate Crew (Bel)

There’s some more info about this on the introductionary page Hageland Hardcore concerts Scherpenheuvel

Photos by Agna Van Rillaer – scans by Gunter Vaes

‘Hate Crew’: Kris Fiers (vocals), Guy Temmerman (Bass), Bruno ‘Duco’ (guitar), Guido Duytschaever (guitar), Philippe ‘Mone’ Crombeen (drums) [Pascal F. (in the corner) keeping an eye on his bro]

‘Neuroot’ (Nl); Ed ‘Etje’ van Dalen (guitar) – Marcel S. (bass) – Wouter (vocals) – Ben (drums)

‘Unwanted Youth’ (Gelsenkirchen, Ger): Heiko Gantenberg (bass), Olli Stratmann (drums), Tom Marschal (guitar) & ‘Lülle’ (vocals)

87-10-04 Unwanted Youth'' (Sharphill) by Agna (-)87-10-04 Unwanted Youth' (Sharphill) by Agna (-)87-10-04 Unwanted Youth (Sharphill) by Agna (-)

‘T.S.O.L.’ [‘True Sounds of Liberty’] (USA)


Here’s some extra photos of ‘Neuroot’ (by Kockie):

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