Belgian HardCore Punk Bands

Since people are asking about Belgian bands from that era (80s/90s) I will post some info from time to time. Of course I will never be able to include every band that was ever around… Feel free to help me to be as complete as possible… Line-up (changes), recordings, time-period, location,…


5Les (Brussel): Filip ‘Boule’ Burgelman (bass), Dirk  Jans (drums & vocals), Onno Hesselink (guitar), Fons Ceuppens (vocals) * ‘Two Fisted Politics’ ep (Hageland recs 1988) – ‘100 000 Eyes’ ep (Hageland recs 1988) – ‘Wild Daze’ lp (Hageland recs 1989)

Anguish (Leuven): Murielle Celis (vocals), Bart Willemsen (vocals), Steve Demaret (drums), Kris Vandegoor (guitar), ‘Juul’ & later Fons Ceuppens (bass) [for a while Alain ‘Spiritus’ ‘Louie’ Vanderborght also played guitar and a guy named Erwin played the bass] * 1986-8?

Attic 22 (Veurne): Davy ‘Key’ Kerkhove (vocals), Steve ‘Sobby’ Saubain (bass), Johan Cornelis/Alain Morlion (drums), ‘Stef’ Stefaan Alleweireldt (guitar) * demo (1984)

Bad Influence (Antwerpen): 1985-present [see bio in comment]

Basement Boys (Antwerpen): Herwin De Winter (vocals), Alex Meynen (drums), Jens Wossmann/Dirk Theuns (bass), Jeroen Marijnissen (guitar)

Belgian Asociality (Keerbergen/Mechelen): Mark Vosté (vocals), Tom Lumbeeck (bass), Chris Raffo (drums), Patrick ‘Vlie’ Van Looy (guitar) – later Robin ‘Bie’ Puttemans (‘Zyklome-A’ & ‘Ear Damage’ fame) joined []

Brutal Society (Antwerpen): Manfred ‘Munpie’ ‘Muffie’ Vinck (bass/vocals), Fred (guitar/vocals), Joris (drums)

Capital Scum (Scherpenheuvel): Peter ‘Pies’ Laeremans (replaced by ‘Vark’ Filip Pauwels for a while; vocals), Paul ‘Larrie’ Laeremans (guitar), Gunther Theys, replaced by Jurgen ‘Jurgenowski’ Surinx (bass), ‘Sox’ Filip Mulders (drums) * ‘Clutch The Flag’ ep (Hageland recs 1985) – ‘Tsjerno Kills’ lp (Hageland recs 1987) – ‘Freakshow’ ep (RocknRollRadio 2003)

Chaotic Contrast (Roeselare/Torhout): Kris ‘Kid’ Verhelst (guitar & vocals), Joeri Vleurick (bass), Elke (vocals & guitar), Steve ‘Sling’ (drums) * ‘You’ve got a Brain so Use It’ demo (1989) – ‘It’s the individual that Makes the Change’ demo (1989) – ‘The Little Shop of Horrors’ demo (1990)

Chronic Disease (Brugge): ‘Leffe’ (vocals), Steve ‘Sling’ Slingeneyer (drums), Peter ‘Meyer’ (guitar), Alain ‘Vrokker’ De Bock (bass) [at first Sling played guitar and a guy named Wimpie played the drums for a little while] * 1986-1992 * ‘Who Will Pay The Price Of Our Disregard’ demo (198?) * ‘Trapped Again’ tape (His Master’s Noise 1989) – ‘Born To Live In Chains’ (Innerforce 1991)

Cold Turkey (Adinkerke): Pedro De Strooper (guitar), Kris Kimpe (vocals; R.I.P.; replaced Frank Nys), Dave (bass; replaced Serge), Jo Ghijs (drums)

C.P.D. (Hamme): 1st line-up was Jaak De Cock (drums), Bart Van Praet (guitar), Hugo Van Speybroeck (bass & vocals); vocalist Rudy Hoeykens joined a bit later… * 1984-8?

Creep Insanity (Eeklo): Bart ‘Bassie’ Van Haele (bass), Kris Fiers (ex Hate Crew, vocals), Peter ‘Rabbit’ Ginneberge (drums), Peter ‘Trash’ De Zutter (guitar) * 1986-8?

Dawn Of Liberty (Neerpelt): Stefan Joosten (vocals), Luc ‘Tweeva’ Deckers (bass), Danny Vandevelde (guitar), Danny ‘Fritz’ Brebels (guitar), Stijn Persoons (drums) * 1985-90 * ‘Live in Aalst’ tape (1987) – ‘In Honour and Defence of Mother Earth’ ep (Hurry recs)

Definitivos (Kortrijk): Lucien Callewaert (vocals), Marnix Den Hert (guitar), Peter Coppens (guitar), Frans Holvoet (bass), Rik Masselis (drums) * 1980-85 * ‘The Modern Dance’ 7” (Deaf recs 1981) – ‘Courtrai Tonight’ 7” (Deaf recs 1982) – ‘Sight Seeing’ 12” (Himalaya 1985)

Deviant Gedrag (Ternat/Herzele): Dirk Jans (drums), Danny (vocals), Izzy (guitar), Jo (?, bass) * ‘Yeah really’ tape 1986

Dirty Scums (Tielt): Bart ‘Pik’ D’Ooghe (guitar & vocals), Jan ‘Zjantie’ Den Baes (drums), Chris ‘Jenz’ Lannoo, replaced by Tom ‘Keez’ De Kesel (bass) [There was a female singer, Clo, for a little while in 83-84] * 1981-present (

Disgorge (De Panne): JLB (guitar & vocals), Tommy (drums), Billy (bass)

Dona Nobis Pacem (Antwerpen): Manfred ‘Munpie’ ‘Muffie’ Vinck (vocals & guitar), Alex (drums), Dirk Wouters (bass & vocals), Gerrit (guitar)

Doodt Illegaal (Sint-Niklaas): Mickey (vocals), ‘Rik’ Erik De Ryk (guitar), ‘Jackies’ (bass), ‘Pats’ (drums)

Dreft (Kortrijk): Dominik ‘Nolf’ Denolf (vocals), Pascal ‘Scalle’ Desplancke (vocals), Sammy Windels / Erwin Devriendt (guitar), Kris ‘Mosh’ Maes (bass & vocals), Bernard ‘Narre’ Demeulenaere (drums), Jan ‘U.J.’ Vandekerckhove (bass), Joost ‘Josh’ Noyelle (guitar)

Ear Damage (Leuven/Antwerpen): Marc Verbeeck (bass & vocals), Dirk Ceustermans (guitar & vocals), Robin ‘Bie’ Puttemans (drums) * 1986-1991 * ‘Progress of Humanity’ lp (Hageland recs 1987) – ‘The Hangover of Loneliness’ lp (Punk Etc. 1989)

Get Stuffed (Aarsele)

Hate Crew (Wetteren/Aalst): Kris Fiers (vocals), Guy Temmerman (bass), Bruno ‘Duco’ (guitar), Guido Duytschaever (guitar), Philippe ‘Mone’ Crombeen (drums); Duco joined in ’86 & left right before their 1988 tour of Germany * 1985-88 [they started out as ‘Nozem’ and ‘Censured’] * ‘Silent Rage’ lp (Punk Etc. 1987)

Heibel (Diepenbeek): ‘Bollie’ Nijs (vocals), Jo Reynders (drums), Pé Reynders (guitar), Erwin Reynders (bass), Steven Luts (guitar) – In the very beginning Martine ‘Manskracht’ Berx also sang for a little while… Bollie was replaced by Peter Daniëls after their 1987 UK tour * 1985-90 * ‘Yeah, Everything’s Great’ lp (C.O.R. recs 1986) – ‘Drop-out Melodies from the Boulevard of Broken Strings’ lp (Hageland recs 1988) [Check out Heibel (1985 – 1990)]

Indecency (Brussel): Filip ‘Boule’ Burgelman (bass), Onno Hesselink (guitar), Dirk  Jans (drums), Chris Dexters (vocals) [In the very beginning they were called ‘Hyperactive Children’ and Kockie was singing…]

Koyaanisqatsi (Leuven): ‘Banshee’ (vocals) [Dirk C.: Yvo Cloetens, although not on the recordings, was our vocalist for the larger part of the band’s existence.], Dirk Ceustermans (bass), Ludwig ‘Lu’ Goedhuys (guitar), Bart Steens (drums) * 1984-85

Liquor Store Heroes (Zele): Jeannot (drums)

Mental Disturbance (Brussel): Michel Kirby (guitar), Alain Herszaft (vocals), Philippe ‘Beastie’ => Marc De Backer (bass), Rudy (drums) * 1987-?? * rehearsal-tape (1987) – ‘Hard of Hearing!’ demo (1987) – ‘The Sound of Confetti Falling on the Ground’ demo (1989) – ‘All or Nothing’ ep (Alternativnoise 1990)

Mind Exit / Banger Pet Band (Werchter): Bart Schoofs (bass & vocals), Dirk Verbeeck (drums & vocals), Tom Claes (guitar), Bart ‘Breuk’ Gebroers (guitar)

Modern Underdogs (Ieper): Jan Claus (guitar), Jan Dewancker (bass), Olivier Baclet (drums), Kurt Naeye (vocals) * 1987

M.O.P. (Mistress Of Pain) (Brugge/Knokke-Heist): Alain (vocals), Hans Deduytsche (guitar), Yannic(k) Kermarec (bass), Ronny (drums) * 1988-89 * ‘Just Kidding’ demo – ‘The Revenge of the Nerds!’ demo

Moral Demolition (Antwerpen/Turnhout): Peter Janssen (drums), Danny Stessens (guitar, R.I.P.), Jack ‘Jaki’ Kenis (bass), Bink (vocals) * 1981-83 * ‘Repression’ split-ep with Zyklome-A (Punk Etc. 1983)

Naked Nuns (Deinze): Ben Standaert (vocals), Peter (guitar), Luc (guitar), Piet/Eric (drums), Erwin (bass)

No Debt (Brugge/Blankenberge/Zeebrugge): Mario ‘Marbels’ (drums) [R.I.P.], Dog ‘Berca’ (bass), Vaan ‘Greassa’ (guitar), Marnix ‘Bieze’ Bienstman/Cattoor (vocals) * 1984-? * split-lp with ‘Vortex’ (1987)

No Numbers (Tielt): Danny De Coninck (vocals), Stefaan ‘Lompie’ De Coninck (drums), Bart ‘Stinky’ Vanseveren (guitar), Kris Vereecke (bass) – Stinky was replaced by Koen ‘Scampie’ Vercampt [in the beginning they had a 2nd guitarist named ‘Billy’ (Lieven Vanoverbeke)]* 1983-8? * ‘Where Do We Go from Here?’ demo (1985)

O.I.L.L. (Leuven): Alain ‘Spiritus’ (guitar), Rudy Hoeykens (vocals), Lars (drums), Marc ‘Boenke’ Buelens (bass & lyrics; later Ralf Souvereyns)

Outsmarted (Tielt): Stefaan ‘Lompie’ De Coninck (bass/vocals), Bart ‘Stinky’ Vanseveren (guitar/vocals), Wim Samijn (drums) * 1989 * ‘Here Goes Nothing’ demo

Pigs in Blue Glue (Aalst): ‘Duco’ (guitar; replacing Patrick Dekens & Jan Anckaer), Reinout a.k.a. Reinzwijn Van Praet (vocals), ‘Boge’ (or Koen as stand-in) (bass) and Dimi(tri) [earlier Flip ‘Skinny’ Janssens a.k.a. Flip Von Ribbentrip] (drums) [see comment]

P.I.G.Z. (Kortrijk): Xavier Rathé (guitar; R.I.P.), Yves Lafère (vocals), Mark (bass) * ‘Bloody Belgium’ 12″ (JW’s recs 1978)

Repulsives (Tielt): The 1st line-up (1984-85) was Stinky (drums & vocals), Brob (guitar), Disorder (bass). Somewhere in 1986 Stinky left ‘No Numbers’ and took up his original instrument (guitar) while Dirk took over drumming (April ’86). A bit later Disorder left (Nov. ’86) and Joeri started playing bass. In that line-up the recordings for the split-lp with ‘Cólera’ (never released by Hageland recs) were done (May ’87). After the summer of 1987 the band split (last gig June ’86), to reform soon after as a trio with Stinky, Brob & Lompie (drums) and a whole new set (for just 1 last gig in Sep. ’87)…

Resurrection (Kortrijk/Izegem): Ludo Halsberghe (bass), Tom Warlop (vocals), Walter Verbeke (guitar) & Peter ? (drums)

Rise Above (Kortrijk/Brugge): Hans Verbeke (vocals), Françoise ‘Hazel’ Lepers (bass), Steve ‘Sling’ Slingeneyer (drums), Edward Verhaeghe (guitar) * ‘Rise Above’ ep (Punk Etc. 1989) – ‘B is for Boston’ ep (Stand As One 1990)

Rough Justice (Aalst): Koen Taeleman (vocals), Joost Van Den Broeck (drums), Manu Cambier (bass), Piet Marcoen (guitar) * ‘Punk Elephants in Yellow Trees’ tape (1988)

Les Schtroumpfs Alcooliques (Merchtem): Gerd Van Hoof (bass), Mike Du Bois (drums & vocals), Raf Du Bois [R.I.P.] (guitar)

Seattle (Kortrijk): Marino ‘Punk’ Bekaert (vocals), David Van Den Eynden (bass), Kurt Debrabandere  (drums), Filip Catteeuw (guitar)

Skunk (Antwerpen): Geert Budts ‘Bootsie’ ‘Butsenzeller’ (drums), Roel De Winter (vocals), Thomas Noppe (guitar), ? (bass)

Sponky Business (Brugge): ‘Friete’ (vocals), Francis ‘Sissen’ Vandenbroele (guitar), ‘Mikn’ (drums), Gunnar Geldhof (bass; R.I.P.) * ‘So What…?!’ ‎lp (Monopole 1986)

Statskirielja (Wetteren): Koen Schepens (drums), Dirk Tondeleir (guitar), Martine Moreels (vocals), Ludwig De Bock (bass)

Sticky Vomit (Hasselt): Jurgen ‘Jurgenowski’ Surinx (bass), Steven Luts (guitar), David (vocals), René (drums) * 1981-85 * demo (1984)

Subversion (Hasselt): ‘Stel’ Redant (bass), ‘Vo’ (guitar), ‘Witte’ (drums), ‘Unesco’ (vocals) * ep (1983)

Taartje Aardbei (Werchter): Bart Schoofs (vocals), Dirk Verbeeck (drums), Fons Ceuppens (bass), Tom Claes (guitar) * 1985-87

The Inapt (Aalst): Karel De Backer (bass; formed Heart explodes), Bruno ‘Duco’ (guitar; joined Pigs In Blue Glue and later Hate Crew), Dimi(tri) T. (drums; joined Pigs in Blue Glue)

Toespieze (Brugge): Steve ‘Sling’ (drums), Peter ‘Meyer’ (guitar), Jeroen Callewaert (vocals & guitar), Rik (bass)

Track (Antwerpen): Danny Van Honsté (bass), Bart Belmans (guitar), Joris Rombouts (drums)

Underdogs (Brugge): ‘Titten’ (vocals), Jimmy (guitar), Slange (bass), Stefaan ‘Berre’ Lambert (drums)

Vais (Antwerpen): Ingrid Martens (vocals), David J. (guitar), Danny Van Honsté (bass), Sascha (drums; later replaced by Alex Meynen) * ‘Forever Roaming’ demo (1992)

Verdomde Idioten (Antwerpen): Sven Claesens (drums; replaced Ronny), Walter De Bie (bass & vocals), Karl Nahm (guitar), Gino (guitar) [Rudi & Sven did vocals, and Joris guitar early on] * 1984-87

Vergaene Glorie (Kortrijk): Ludo Halsberghe (bass), Nico Decock (guitar), Tom Warlop (vocals) & Ronny ? (drums)

‘t Vettig Front (Antwerpen): Fred (guitar/vocals), Diana (vocals), Blauwers (drums) , Bosse (bass; replaced by Benny)

Violent Mosquitos (Aalst): Frank ‘Drank’ Parewyck (bass & vocals), Jean-Claude ‘J.C.’ Roosen (guitar & vocals), Jean-Yves ‘Moiz’ Bogaert (drums) [later Hans van Ooteghem joined on 2nd guitar] * 1987-9? * ‘Leads to Disaster’ demo – ‘World’s Already Dead!’ ep

Vortex (Charleroi): Marco Hinic (guitar; Eric on the 2nd lp), Vincent ‘Fax’ Delcorde (drums; R.I.P.), Thierry ‘Steve’ (vocals), J.R. (bass, Bernard ‘Rork’ on the 2nd lp) * 1981-20?? * split-lp with ‘No Debt’ (Punk Etc. 1986) – ‘Le Clan des Chaotiques’ lp (Strike recs 1988) – ‘Vive La Liberté’ lp (Strike recs 1990)

Waf (Aalst): Wim ‘Bollock’ Verhulst (vocals), Alain De Schryver (guitar; later vocals ‘Pandaz’ & ‘Het Lood’), Geert De Wageneer (drums)

War Risk 3 / W.R.3 (Denderleeuw): ‘Gary’ Wim de Petter (vocals), Dirk Breynaert (drums; later Didier Deqaunter & Sebastian ‘Beffie’ Gordts), Peter Schelfhout (bass), Fabrice ‘El Fab’ Deneve (guitar) [at one timepoint Steven Van Laethem was the second guitarist] * 1980-present [see bio in comment]

Wulpse Varkens (Turnhout): Tim Vandenbrande (vocals), Chris (drums), Luc Proost (guitar), Karl Pintens (bass) * ‘Tot Ergernis Van Velen!!’ 7″ (1984)

X-Creta (Affligem): Erwin Vanmol (guitar), Erik Steppe (drums), Marc Maes (vocals), Peter Reynaert (bass) * 1983-86 * ’13 Recepten voor een Hersenbloeding’ demo (1984) – ‘We Will Thrash You’ demo (1985) – ‘Condemned To Slam’ demo (1986) – ‘Patronizing The Heterodox’ lp (Punk Etc. 1986)

XXX (Kortrijk): Nico ‘CQ’ Decock (guitar), Iskra Sermon (vocals)

Youth Crew (Liedekerke): Bart Demey (drums), Gerry Van Der Heyden (vocals), Kurt ‘Kassie’ Rampelbergh (guitar), Mario Eylenbosch (bass)

Yuppies’ Death! (Tielt/Kortrijk): Brob (guitar), Joost Goeminne (vocals), Stefaan ‘Lompie’ De Coninck (drums), Hans Verbeke (bass) * 1988

Zaubépine (Péruwelz): Jean-François Fleury (bass/vocals), Frank De Waegenaere (), Christophe Van Runkele ()

Zweck (Tielt): Koen ‘Scampie’ Vercampt (guitar/vocals), Marc Hellebuyck (drums), Rudy Cloet (bass)

Zyklome-A (Bonheiden): Marc Verbeeck (bass & vocals), Toon Puttemans (guitar), Robin ‘Bie’ Puttemans (drums) * 1980-85 * ‘Repression’ ep (split with Moral Demolition; Punk Etc. 1983) – ‘Made in Belgium’ lp (Punk Etc. 1984)

Zyklon-B (Kortrijk): Edward Verhaeghe (vocals) * ‘Greatest Hits’ (1986)

1990’s & later

4 Minute Warning (Gent): Fred ‘Fré’ De Vos (vocals), Bart/Marleen (vocals), Leffe (guitar), Tom Van Hauwaert (drums), Gratiën Versypt (bass)

At Last (Brugge): Dries (guitar), Christophe (guitar), Hazy (drums), Peter (bass), Zoef (vocals)

The Barjackers (Brugge): Alain ‘Vrokker’ De Bock (vocals), Koen ‘Siesele’ Lammens (drums), Bjorn L. (bass), Kurt L. (guitar) * 1998-01

Blindfold (Menen): Wim Vandekerckhove (vocals), Sacha ‘Chatn’ Baelen (drums), Hans Verbeke (guitar), Jan Maelfait (bass) * ‘Deprogrammers Do Not Exist’ 7″ (P.M.A. recs 1992) – ‘Sober Mind Meditation’ 7″ (Warehouse recs 1993) – ‘Restrain The Thought’ lp (Conquer The World recs 1993) – split 7″ with ‘Encounter’ (Sober Mind recs 1994) – ‘World Of Fools’ 7″ (Machination recs 1995) – ‘Asteroid 164’ lp (Sober Mind recs 1996)

Burning Fight (Oostende): Keith Hioco (bass), Ilja De Ceuleneire (vocals), Frederic ‘Fre’ Flameygh (drums), Joost ‘Josh Fury’ Noyelle (guitar)

Byetail (Tielt): Stefaan ‘Lompie’ De Coninck (drums), Kurt Debrabandere (guitar/vocals), Laurent Dewilde / David Van den Eynde (bass) * split 7″ (with ‘Wordbug’ (UK); Hometown Atrocities 1993)

Carcer Molochi (Ieper): Erwin Degryse (guitar), Johan Seys (vocals), Michael Maes (guitar), Inge Cappoen (vocals), David Stubbe [later Bram ‘Lawaai’ Calbrecht] (drums), Danny Suffys [later Yannick] (bass)

Charlie Don’t Surf (Leuven): Kurt De Bont (drums), Roberto Gasparini (bass), Gert Goris (vocals), Kurt Van Asselberghs (guitar), Philippe Anthonis (guitar)

Comrade (Antwerp): Klaas Vantomme (vocals), Yves (guitar), Péke (bass), Jos (drums) * 1988-95 * demo (1990) – ‘What About the Children’ 7″ (Mad Butcher rec 1995)

Congress (Ieper/Roeselare): Pieter ‘Pierre’ Vanrumbeke (vocals) [at the very start Roy Cappan], ‘Uniform’ Jan ‘UxJ’ Vandekerckhove – later Clovis ‘Vez’ Segers (bass), Joost ‘Josh Fury’ Noyelle (guitar), Ilja De Ceuleneire (drums), Pedro ‘Fifi’ Fioen (guitar)

Corpus Christi (Oostrozebeke): Bram De Cock (drums), Peter Vancolen (vocals), Stef De Leersnijder (bass; later guitar), Koen ‘Siesele’ Lammens (bass) [at the very first Bart ‘Goemie’ Goeminne played guitar] * split ep (with ‘Força Macabra’ (Fin); Genet recs 1993)

Counter-Attack (Alken/Riemst/Merchtem): Stef ‘Irritant’ Heeren (guitar & vocals), Yvan Meers (drums), Wim De Neve (bass)

Crapulius Caesar (Brugge): Alain ‘Vrokker’ De Bock (guitar), Johan Willemarck (vocals), Joke Debaere (vocals), Stijn Dejager (drums), Tom Dejager (bass) * self-titled CD

Cry For Change (Oostrozebeke): Jean-Pierre Verhulst (guitar), Peter Maes (bass), Johan Maes (vocals), Piet (drums), Chris (guitar) * ‘As Time Goes By’ demo

Deconsume (Hoogstraten): Bart Jansen (guitar), Pieter Brosens (drums), Michiel Mostmans (bas), Nico Braspenning (guitar), Koen Luyckx (vocals), Steffen Geypens (vocals) * 1993-95

Exhaustless Revolt (Antwerpen): Filip Staes (guitar & vocals), Sven Bossant (drums), Ivan Marien (bass & vocals) * ‘Think Now’ tape – ‘In Unity Lies Strength’ tape

Factory Pilot (Brugge/Gent): Peter Puype (bass), Cindy Bernaert (vocals), Karim (guitar), Mario ‘Marbels’ De Vooght (drums) [R.I.P.] * ‘Food for Fools’ cd (Sonic Pollution recs 1997)

Hiatus (Liège): Ben Fery (drums), Jonas/Fred Alabas(bass), Willy ‘Wills’ Nollomont (bass, later vocals), Phil (guitar), Azill Kamizol (guitar, vocals for a while) [Vrokker & Leffe of ‘Chronic Disease’ were also shortly in the band] * 1989-9? * ‘The Frightening Men Story’ demo (1989) – ‘In My Mind’ demo (1990) – ‘If War Solves Problems, Then Why Are We Afraid Of It’ live-tape (React 1992) – ‘I Don’t Scare Easily but…’ 7″ (Urban Alert recs 199?) – ‘Way Of Doom’ 7″ (1992) – ‘From Resignation … to Revolt’ lp (Sound Pollution 1993) – Doom/Hiatus split 7″ (1994) – ‘El Sueno de la Razon Produce Monstruos’ lp (1995) – …

Holefiller (Gent): David Stubbe (drums), Karel Busschop (bass), ‘Leffe’ (guitar) / + Billy (electronics) = Hellfiller

Honey Honey (Leopoldsburg/Hechtel): Wendi Geuens & Pat Broux (vocals), Gert ‘Gonzo’ Hermans (guitar), Edwin Gielen (drums), Sven Cuypers => Bart Elen (& Pascal Hens) (bass) * 7″ (1999?)

Hopeman Path (Geel/Westerlo): Dirk ‘Scum’ (vocals), Stefan Goos (drums), Bart Verelst (bass), Gunter Braem (guitar)

Insane Youth (Sint-Niklaas): Jan ‘Fons’ Wuytack (drums) [originally a guy named ‘Smet’], Tim De Baere (guitar) [briefly also Stef De Leersnijder], Thomas ‘Tomaz’ Van Rumst (bass), Steve ‘Stiv’ Descamps (vocals), Vanessa Hoskens (2nd vocalist for a while) * split 7″ (with ‘Boycot’ (Nl); auto-produced 199?)

Katastrophobia (Gent): Leffe (guitar), Stef ‘Irritant’ Heeren (drums), Gratiën Versypt (vocals), Nico Van Der Eeken (bass)

Kloaka (Leuven): [Dirk C.:] Had many people come and go…to name some: Erwin Reynders (bass), Robin ‘Bie’ Puttemans (drums), Dirk Ceustermans (guitar/vocals), Nico Lainé (guitar/vocals), Steven Luts (vocals), Jo Reynders (drums), another Bie (vocals), Johan Van Roy (vocals). [We had a nice set of songs (my musical peak I’d say) but we saw singers come and go because we changed the songs every time we rehearsed (gnagna arf)…] * (ca.?) 1992 – 95

Legal Suffering (Oostkamp/Brugge): Kris [R.I.P.]/Mario ‘Marbels’ De Vooght [R.I.P.] (vocals), Joh(a)n (guitar), Bart/Jonathan (bass), Peter (drums) * 1989-1993 * ‘Man’s Hate’ demo – ‘Gimme Hope’ 12″ (1989) – ‘Prejudice’ lp (1991) – ‘Short Life Crusade’ 7″ (1991) – ‘Pogo On A Nazi’ lp (1993)

Liar (Kortrijk/Langemark): Hans Verbeke (vocals), ‘Uniform’ Jan ‘UxJ’ (bass), Joost ‘Josh Fury’ Noyelle (guitar), Raf (drums)

Lifecycle (Ieper/Kortrijk): Sofie Vantomme (vocals), Steve Noyelle (guitar), Karel Deweerdt (guitar), Vincent Merveillie (drums), Jurgen Degryse (bass) * 1996-?

Link (Ieper): Michael Maes (guitar), Inge Cappoen (vocals), Greg (bass), Juju (drums) * 1997-

Nations On Fire (Kortrijk/Hamme/Rijsel): Jaak De Cock (drums), Jeroen Lauwers (bass); Edward Verhaeghe (guitar), David Dutriaux (vocals) [In the very beginning (U.K. tour) Françoise ‘Hazel’ Lepers played guitar; Jaak was replaced by a few other drummers (Filip Devolder and an English guy Jamie Owen), in the end…] * ‘The Demo Days’ 7″ (Stand As One 1991) – ‘Live at the Vort’n Vis’ 7″ (P.M.A. recs / Warehouse recs 1991) – ‘Strike The Match’ lp (X-Mist recs 1991) – ‘Burn Again…’ double 7″ (X-Mist recs 1992) – ‘Non Smokers’ 7″ (Warehouse recs 1992)

Neuthrone (Ieper): Steve Wackenier (guitar & vocals), David Stubbe (drums), Tim ‘Nutje’ Denutte (bass) * ‘Half a Skull’s Size’ 7″ (Genet recs 1992) – ‘As The Grey Skies Opened’ 7″ (Genet recs 1993) – split ep (with ‘Virtual Reality’ (UK); Genet recs 1994)

Noise Reduction (Edegem): Kurt van den Eynden (vocals), Stefaan Simons (guitar), Tim Wouters (bass), Rudy Verhelst (drums)

Outrage (Lille/Herentals): Steven Van Goubergen (guitar), Sigi Loots (drums), Ringo Van Dingenen (vocals), Nico Peeters (bass) * ‘Between Brackets’ 7” (Day One recs 1996) – ‘To Terrorize Ear & Mind’ 7″ (Day One recs 1998)

Pietje Roze Konin’ en de Zeven Gèssprietjes [Pete the Pink Rabbit & the Seven Grass-blades] (Menen): Vincent Windels (drums), Rudy Denis & later Karel Lauwers (guitar), Kurt Deprez (bass), Jeroen Lauwers (screams), later Wim Vandekerckhove & Sacha Baelen (vocals) [this gang later split up in ‘Shortsight’ and ‘Blindfold’]

Positive Youth (Tongeren): Dieter Mesotten

Private Jesus Detector (Brugge): Koen ‘Siesele’ Lammens (bass), Leffe (drums), Peter ‘Pette’ Roose (guitar), Jurgen ‘Spatje’ Fiems (vocals) [Alain ‘Vrokker’ De Bock did 2nd vocals in the very beginning] * demo (1991) – ‘How Evil Can One Get?’ 7″ (Urban Alert recs 1994)

Rubbish Heap (Antwerpen): Vinnie Royers (guitar), Peche (guitar), Tijs Geerts (bass), Kim Vandyck (vocals), Dave Vanderplas (drums) * ‘Slow Defeat’ demo – ‘Path Of Lies’ ep (Conspiracy recs 1996) – split ep (with ‘Upset’; Conspiracy recs 1996) – ‘Rubbish Heep’ lp (Conspiracy recs 1999)

Rusty Fields (Eeklo): Bart ‘Bassie’ Van Haele (bass & vocals), Steven (guitar), Christ (drums) * ‘Green’ tape

Scale Sheer Surface (Antwerpen); Geert Budts ‘Bootsie’ ‘Butsenzeller’ (drums/vocals), Manuel Sanz Arques (bass), Jan Van Rompuy (guitar) * ‘Speakerkiller’ 7″ (Conspiracy recs 1997)

Settle For Less (Poperinge): Vik Bulik (guitar), Jurgen Desmet (bass), Tom De Pauw (drums), Jeroen Lauwers (vocals), Nathalie Depuydt (vocals)

Shortsight (Kortrijk/Menen): Saskia Verbeke (vocals), Kurt Deprez (bass), David Dumont (guitar), Björn Lescouhier (drums) [Françoise ‘Hazel’ Lepers was in the band just for a little while…] * demo (1992) [Hans Verbeke singing] – ‘Why Spent Time Learning…’ 7″ (Conquer The World 1993)

Skatta (Antwerp): Mukti Gabriels (guitar), ‘Zen’ Declercq (bass), Mario ‘Junior’ Middendorp (vocals), Tile (bass)

SL-27 (): Stig Koppen (vocals), Jim Faes (guitar), Tim Rombouts (drums), Jeroen Sannen (bass) * 7″ (Mashnote recs)

Spirit Of Youth (Roeselare): Jan Maelfait (vocals), Ignace De Meyer (bass), Dominiek ‘Dompi’ Denolf (guitar), Frederik Denolf (drums) [Hans Verbeke was in the band for some time aswell…] * ‘Truth, Honesty and Devotion’ demo (1992) [Edward Verhaeghe singing] – ‘The Abyss…’ 7″ (Crucial Response recs 1993)

Suffocare (Brugge): Alex Monballiu (bass & vocals), Frederik ‘Bibber’ Couleit (guitar), Xavier ‘Stesse’ Charlet (drums); later Koen ‘Siesele’ Lammens (drums)

Systemphobia (Riemst): Mario Liesens (vocals), Kristof Moors (guitar), Geert => Sam Liesens (guitar), Erik (bass), Stefan (drums)

Tachyon (Antwerp): Robin ‘Bie’ Puttemans (drums), Mukti Gabriels (guitar/backing vocals), ‘Bie Bas’ – (bass/backing vocals), Mark Ooms (trombone/lead vocals); later more horns were added * 1994-2003

Time Out (Lochristi): Dirk Van Alboom (guitar & vocals) [R.I.P.], Tanja Vankerckhoven (bass), Rudy (drums)

Totaal Marginaal (Sint-Niklaas): Tim Audenaert (vocals), Wouter (guitar), Mieke (bass), Pim (drums)

Triptych (Diepenbeek): Jo Reynders (drums), Pé Reynders (guitar), Erwin Reynders (bass)

Ulrike’s Dream (Leuven)

Unhinged (Liège): Azill Kamizol, later Ben Fery (drums), Willy ‘Wills’ Nollomont (bass), Alain Preud’homme (guitar), Manu; later Nat (vocals) * 1992-1999 * ‘Resisting the Murder of Self’ 7″ (Nabate 1992) – ‘Win Our Freedom in Fire’ lp (Nabate 1995) – ‘Crime and Punishment’ lp (Nabate 1998)

Wasted Life (Mol): Rik Peeters (vocals), Stig Koppen (vocals), Jens Koppen (vocals), Jef (guitar), Sam (bass), Ivo (drums)

Xinix (Dendermonde): Bart ‘José’ Van Malderen (vocals), Jan ‘Bosse’ Bosteels (guitar), Hans Verheyden (bass), Philip De Landtsheer (drums) * ‘Are You Blind To See Human Insanity’ demo

Zero Positives (Geel): Dirk ‘Scum’ Vansant (vocals) [Kurt Horemans sang in the very beginning], Maarten Vangool (guitar) [guitarist Bart joined in ’92], Kris Gabriels (bass), Ronald ‘Borre’ Mens (drums) * ‘Pleased to Meet You’ demo (1990) – ‘Human Meat for Sale’ 7″ (1992) – ‘Last Contribution’ 7″ (1993)


  1. BAD INFLUENCE was formed early spring ‘85 by Bart, Joris and Ronny. They played their first real gig on the first of November ‘85 in a youth-centre called Hob Nob supporting the dutch punk-band ‘Scoundrels’. Because of all the positive reactions, we directly recorded our first songs in Bart’s kitchen to spread around and get more gigs. After this gig, Bart’s girlfriend Chris joined the band as the third voice. Then Ronny (bass) who was actually doing his best, decided to make place for Danny from who we knew he would bring us one step further. With this line-up we later recorded our first demo ‘Together we are stronger than they think’, on 2-track by Patrick de Labie (‘Scoundrels’). This demo is recorded live in an old customs-office at the Dutch border where nowadays ‘195’ recording-studio is based. Two years later Herwin (‘Basement Boys’) joined the band as lead-vocalist. From this moment on the band became more solid, resulting in more gigs throughout Belgium and Holland. During this time the Baddies also kept themselves busy in the alternative venue De Garde, where they helped organizing concerts and other activities. When the first record-offer came in, some members of the band decided to take a break and visit other cultures. At this moment ‘spacey’ Thomas joined the band as the second guitar-player. A bit later Danny decided to leave the band, followed by Bart and Chris who where expecting their first son. During this time Dirk (‘Dona Nobis Pacem’) joined the band as the new bass-player. Dirk fitted perfectly in the band, idealistically as well as musically. With this line-up the Baddies did their first German tour and got the right connections for in the future. Sadly enough, six months later our new arrival left the band because of personal circumstances. Luckily our good friend Patrick (‘Scoundrels’), decides to help us out temporarily playing bass. In the 1989 B.I. records their second demo ‘Heavy World’ and goes on tour with ‘Zygote’ (ex-‘Amebix’, -‘Smartpils’), visiting Germany and Poland. During this wodka-hell tour we met up with Erich from 42-records in Stuttgart and agreed to release our first album on their label. It took a while before we played enough money together to afford ourselves some time in a recording-studio but we made it. Meanwhile Tim Crow (‘Smartpils’, ‘Zygote’) joined the band as Patrick was leaving us after the recordings. So we re-recorded the songs from our second demo in the studio and thanks to 42-recs released our 1st lp ‘New Age Witch Hunt’ in September ‘92. During that same period we were playing quite a bit in Germany and met Kleister and Andrea from Skuld releases (Germany). As 42-records was a vinyl-only label, Skuld releases decided to bring out our new recordings on CD (November ’92). In between the releases, ‘Bad Influence’ went on tour trough Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. When coming back home, Thomas decided to leave the band. Time passed by but our search through the wastelands finally brings us to Egbert who has been playing with Dirk (one of our previous bass-players) before. Egbert is a funny guy and knows how to handle his six-stringed wooden girlfriend. The line-up on this moment was Tim (bass), Egbert (guitar), Herwin (vocals) and Joris (drums & vocals). Half of the band got renewed, so did the music. In September ‘93 we started to play live again, shifted our arses back in the van and forced the people to swallow our pagan punk music. This became the ‘Keep the Boots On!’ tour, playing together with ‘Contropotere’, ‘Toxic Waste’ and ‘Citizen Fish’. Winter ‘94, after playing the new songs for a while, the baddies dive into 195 studio and record their second album ‘Afterbirth’. Joris leaves to Asia for a few months, Tim who did not had a steady income in Belgium left to Bremen and stayed there. After this break we had to look for new blood to feed the tribe, which we found after a good search on the right trail. The new 10” and CD ‘Afterbirth’ gets released by Skuld releases in ‘95. Herwin, Joris, Elko (guitar) and Stephan (bass) get used to each other and start playing live again. Stephan who never played on a stage before, needed some time but left the band a bit later after a tour in Ireland. A bit later the minister of chaos Bart #2 joins the band to feed us with some good bass-riffs but sadly had enough after three months. So ‘96 and ‘97 turned out to be a shitty time for the Baddies except a small tour with ‘P.A.I.N.’, Joris was working abroad but the spirit and ideals are still there. During this time Tijs (‘Rubbish Heap’) joined the band, and of we went again. The first gigs we kept on playing the ‘Afterbirth’ songs, till they slowly got replaced by new songs. The millennium brought us our third CD ‘Last Cries’, which got released by RocknRollRadio (Belgium). During the following years Joris spends more time in Asia, Elko became a professional musician and works with other bands and projects, Herwin started a tattoo-piercing shop (Modern Angels) and Tijs works as a social worker. We never stopped playing live, but less than before. The second day of 2010, the Baddies drove back towards studio 195 which was covered in snow and record their new LP/CD. Again different than the three previous albums but the pagan punk is still there. This release will pull the jazz out of your ass. The Baddies just did a few gigs with Steve Ignorant & band, and released their first clip ‘Sea Shepherd’ on youtube.
    Black as can be, punk as fuck, BAD INFLUENCE.

    RELEASES: own albums and songs on compilations.
    1986: ‘Together we are stronger than they think’ demo (Swaddle recs)
    1989 ‘Heavy World’ demo (Swaddle recs)
    1989 ‘Have a Nice Cup of Libertea’ compilation-tape to raise money for our roadie his trial-costs in that time. (Swaddle recs)
    1992 ‘New Age Witch Hunt’ lp/CD (42-records & Skuld releases)
    1993 ‘Inside’ split 7” with ‘Sharon Tate’s Children’ (Gonzo)
    1993 ‘Rape the City’ compilation-CD (Kk recs)
    1995 ‘Whispers’ double compilation-lp (Skuld releases)
    1995 ‘Afterbirth’ 10”/CD (Skuld releases/Genet recs)
    1998 ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ compilation CD
    1998 recorded ‘Wake Up Screaming’ for a ‘Subhumans’ tribute-album, but missed the boat
    1998 ‘Rejected’ Vol. 2 compilation CD
    1999 ‘A Tribute to the Ruts’ Vol. 1 ‘Ruts’ cover CD (Rejected recs)
    2000 ‘Last Cries’ CD (RocknRollRadio recs)
    2003 ‘Angry Songs and Bitter Words’ compilation-CD(Ruptured Ambitions recs)
    200? ‘Never mention the War’ compilation CD (Belfast recs)
    2007 ‘Radio Centraal’ compilation-CD (Radio Centraal)
    2007 ‘Carlo Levi’ benefit compilation-CD (Carlo Levi)
    2010 ‘…’ lp/CD

    Comment by Joris Rombouts — 05/16/2011 @ 08:50

  2. ‘W.R. 3’ are active for over 30 years, until 5 years ago still with same line-up. Fab and (singer) Wim are the originals who’re still in the band. Some 3t years ago we had to replace our, guitarist and bassist. Coincidentally we’ve been able to find young blood, people that have grown up with the sound of ‘W.R. 3’. We still play monthly.
    Fab; ‘W.R. 3’
    More info on ‘W.R.3’ here: bio

    Comment by W.R.3 — 06/04/2011 @ 21:34

  3. Mario ‘Marbels’ (R.I.P.) played drums for ‘Factory Pilot’. Same guy as the ‘No Debt’ drummer (but he didn’t like to be reminded of this for obvious reasons). He also played guitar for the 2nd line-up of ‘Legal Suffering’ with Jonathan (bass) and Peter (drums). 1st line-up of ‘Legal Suffering’ was Chris (vocals, RIP), Johan (guitar), Bart (bass) and Peter (drums). Chris and Johan are brothers. Later, Johan (guitar) & Jonathan (vocals) both played in ‘Peligro’ (90s). Drummer was Vanne and the bassplayer’s name escapes me for the moment.

    Comment by Leffe — 06/28/2011 @ 20:07

  4. Did you know that the very-very first ‘singer’ of ‘Indecency’ was none other than good old Kockie?! Really. How did ‘Indecency’ come about? Onno Hesselink asked me (we studied at the same school) if I kew about any rehearsal-spaces in the Brussels area. I was quite active at the Finkel [youthcentre/concert-space in Jette] and one day Onno, Dirk Jans and Kockie entered. Indeed: no bassist. The very same day, I became that bassist. We rehearsed at the Finkel for a little while but we soon noticed Kockie was good in a lot of things, except singing ;-) Chris Dexters became the singer. As a matter of fact, I think Dirk was still in ‘Deviant Gedrag’ during that same period, hence Izzy played for ‘Indecency’ a while too. Myself, I had already a little bit of musical experience as the bassist for ‘Pest’, that later transformed into ‘Bad Preachers’; no hardcore but rather heavy garage-noise (They’re still rather known in the garage-rock-scene.).

    Comment by Filip 'Boule' Burgelman — 07/18/2011 @ 17:29

  5. Man, man, man, amazing that WR3 are still around! That makes them dinosaurs really. ;-) The thing is, that a few months before I joined ‘Hate Crew’, I applied as a rhythm-guitarist with them but that didn’t work out.
    @Filip [‘Indecency’]: I remember Onno saying, with an exhausted touch: “Hm, Kockie was fun. But he can’t sing. That’s all.” :-) LOL Didn’t Fons, who used to play for ‘Anguish’, sing at one time? I remember that when he was in, sometimes you were compared to ‘Bad Brains’.

    Comment by Duco — 07/20/2011 @ 21:47

  6. Speaking about musical archeology ;-). Now that we’re at it: some words about ‘Pigs in Blue Glue’, the band I used to be in before ‘Hate Crew’. It was quite a different thing, more inspired by ‘The Ex’ and the like. The band itself was originally founded in Londerzeel somewhere in 1982 and split later on. It was re-formed in 1985 for a short period of time with only the singer left from the original members. We did no more than 3 tumultuous and memorable gigs that year: one in De Gele Limonade in Aalst (which ended in a brawl with skinheads [see: Gele Limonade, Aalst, 19 oct 85]), another one in the Stadswaag in Antwerp (which almost ended in a brawl between us and ‘X-Creta’ after we had parodied them) and a third one in the Q104 in Leuven (where our singer flipped out completely and started to perform some sort of impressionist theatre -with a toilet-bowl- for about 30′). The last line-up was: Reinout a.k.a. Reinzwijn (vocals), Duco (guitar), Boge (or Koen as stand-in) (bass) and Dimi (drums).

    Comment by Duco — 07/31/2011 @ 17:27

  7. ‘Vais’: the first line-up was with Ingrid on vocals, Sascha on drums (his brother ran a punk-cellar -under the Josto younthcentre in Deurne- for a few years, well known in the Antwerp scene), Danny on bass (ex-‘Bad Influence’) myself, David on guitar. The very first gig of ‘Vais’ was in the 1000 Appeltjes, supporting ‘Oi Polloi’, in 1988 I think. Sascha was later replaced by Alex, also known in the ‘Bad Influence’-family (he does the ‘Horny Hour’ programme on ‘Radio Centraal’ [independent, non-commercial local radiostation] together with Herwin [‘Bad Influence’]. We released 3 or 4 tapes and appeared on a few compilation-CDs and -tapes, that’s it. Can ’t remember when we split but after that we started ‘Kin Without The Blood’: Ingrid, Danny, David and a new drummer, Dave Ligterink (16 then). Our punk roots weer still present but there was also more metal, perhaps even nu-metal avant-la-lettre, because we also began to experiment with samples and sub-base sounds e.g., before ‘Korn’ and the likes got known for that. After a few years in that band and having done our radio-programme ‘Shock Report’ on ‘Radio Centraal’ for more than 10 years, we were fed up with the whole scene we were part of, so we quit with the radio ánd the band, and did nothing for a year or so to discover other directions: that developed into ‘Hellsonics’ [punky/metal psychobilly]…

    Comment by David 'Vais' — 08/14/2011 @ 20:45

  8. Together with the others in ‘Verdomde Idioten’ I did a zine called ‘Klere en Bulle’. After that band I started – together with Ingrid & David (‘Vais’, and now ‘Hellsonics’) and guitarist ‘Den Duiker’ – the band ‘Hasta Cuando’ but that didn’t exist long. After that they started ‘Vais’ with another drummer (Sascha) and I became a studio-drummer. Years later (around 2002) I decided to start a new hardcore-band together with singer Philippe Michiels: we named ourselves ‘Coldstare’. We went on for some years until I got back-problems, had to stop and was replaced by Tom De Ridder (‘Gino’s Eyeball’). The other is ‘Coldstare’ were Raymond Truyts (bass) and ‘Den Deurwaarder’ (guitar). I also played bass in ‘Fat Bastard’ for a while…
    ‘Verdomde Idioten’ [damned idiots] were to appear on Punk Etc.’s 2nd ‘Made in Belgium’ lp but that never got out… We made a DIY demo of it. Our last show was in Antwerp (at the Montevideo), August ’87. We also played at the 1000 Appeltjes a lot. Often with ‘Bad Influence’; we were good friends with the ‘Dirty Scums’ and the ‘Scoundrels’. I’m not in touch with the ex-members of our band, I’m a biker now, ride my Harley, and still play the drums.

    Comment by Sven Claesens ('Verdomde Idioten') — 08/21/2011 @ 17:18

  9. Gerd & myself of ‘Les Schtroumpfs Alcooliques’ are now in a band called ‘Sunpower’
    The line-up of ‘Les Schtroumps’ is correct but in ‘Sunpower’ I started out on guitar and vocals but nowadays I’m just singing. The band now is Gerd (bass), Davy (drums), Kevin (guitar) and Mike(vocals)

    Comment by Mike Du Bois — 10/26/2011 @ 20:16

  10. ‘Insane Youth’ started out in Sint-Niklaas around 1992-1993 (I think , toooo long ago) with Tomaz (bass), Tim (git), De Smet (drums), Steve (voc); later Fons joined on drums, learning the songs in a few sessions before doing his first gig. Then Vanessa joined in briefly on vocals too and Stef on guitar (ex-‘Corpus Christi’, now still ‘Visions Of War’, ‘Chaka’). He started ‘Visions Of War’, where Steve joined him, not leaving ‘Insane Youth’. After 7 years of touring, gigs they called it quits. Releases split 7″ with ‘Boycot’ (Nl) (auto-produced) + 1 song on the compilation-lp ‘Europe in Decline’ lp (Six Week recs) .

    Comment by Stiv — 11/12/2011 @ 02:50

  11. About ‘Kloaka’… Steven briefly sung for that band (1 or 2 gigs). The core was at first Erwin, Bie and me… Later Jo took over from Bie. Nico Lainé joined at the end on guitar/vocals. The other Bie was the bassist for the ‘Verdomde Idioten’ I think… Nico Lainé was guitarist/singer for the alternative band ‘Cornell’ (initially ‘Corn’ but renamed when ‘Korn’ became famous) from Leuven ; he’s a sport-journalist now. Johan Van Roy sung for the ‘Excessives’ in the 80s.

    Comment by Dirk C. — 02/09/2012 @ 17:49

  12. I put 7 photo-clips of us (‘Dawn Of Liberty’) on youtube:

    Comment by Danny ‘Fritz’ B. — 02/10/2012 @ 18:22

  13. ‘Rebel’ was a punkband from Bruges (1979-1981): Philip Wimme (vocals), Johny Gadeyne (guitar), Alain ‘Omer’ De Rycke (drums) & Monique Neels (bass).
    ‘Sperm’ was a punkband from Bruges (1981): ‘Smurf’ (vocals), Frank De Deken (guitar), Alain ‘Omer’ De Rycke (drums) & Robin Fonteyne (bass).
    Some of those were also playing as stand-in with ‘Underdogs’…

    Comment by Alain 'Omer' De Rycke — 03/23/2012 @ 20:35

  14. ‘No Fun’ was also a punk-band from Brugge (early 80s). Members were Sid (guitar) and 2 brothers (both R.I.P.). They played once at the Anti-feesten in Gent with a couple of bands from Holland. That’s what Sid told me (20 years ago). Smurf from ‘Sperm’ once told me that they recorded songs for an ep but that the girlfriend of one of the members destroyed the mastertape. No idea if this is the truth?… ‘No Debt’ recorded extra tracks in the same session as for the split lp with ‘Vortex’. I’m still looking for recordings/live tapes/demos, etc. from bands from Brugge like those extra ‘No Debt’ songs, ‘Sperm’ songs, ‘Underdogs’ live, ‘No Fun’, ‘Afbraak’, etc. , and other Belgian bands (‘Attic 22’, ‘Schurft’, ‘Pest’, ‘XXX’, ‘Resurrection’, ‘Terminal Stupid’, ‘More Action’, ‘Sexy Bollocks’, ‘The Sovjets’, ‘Tribez of Morons’, ‘Fixator’, ‘Subversion, etc.) – anything between 1980-1987 (no stuff on Punk etc.). Contact:
    I’m also looking for video recordings of ‘Private Jesus Detector’, ‘Chronic Disease’, ‘Suffocare’, ‘Corpus Christi’
    And another thing: in 1981 (I was 11) I was allowed to go to a ‘free stage’ with my older sister (the venue was called ‘De Kring’) in Sijsele. 2 dorpsgenoten with an acoustic guitar were headlining; what was interesting was the first band: 4 punks like one only could see in the early 80s (mohawks, leather jackets, dirty, grubby and rough) and how it was meant to be during those days; and they played rather tight, fast punk. Does anyone knwo what band that was? I think they might’ve been from Eeklo (‘Katzetnik ?) but they could’ve easily been from Brugge aswell. All info wellcome.

    Comment by Koen 'Siesele' Lammens — 05/08/2012 @ 19:23

  15. KOYAANISQATSI (1984-1985) was a band based in Leuven, Belgium and only active for a short time. Both Bart (drums) and Dirk (bass) knew each other from making fanzines (Het Schandaal & D.R.O.L.) and teamed up with Ludwig (guitar) and Ivo (vocals) late 1984. There are no records of the musical background of the other lads; I was involved in a band before (circa 1982 that lasted 6 months – yes I get bored with bands rapidly). By the end of 1985 the band already dissolved into bits, plan was to move into Hendrix fueled 70 rock, so Dirk called it a day and started ‘Ear Damage’ with 2 ‘Zyklome-A’ guys. Early 1985 I kicked out Ivo and replaced him with ‘Banshee’ on vocals, but that didn’t last long, so Ivo returned. However ‘Banshee’ was on vocals when we recorded the tracks for the Alle 24 Goed compilation. The only recording output by ‘Koyaanisqatsi’.

    Comment by Dirk C. — 11/11/2013 @ 09:23

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