87-04-17 (Netwerk) Artless (extra photos)

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Photos taken by Jenny Plaits

see also 87-04-17 (Netwerk) Cólera – Artless – Visions Of Change – Heibel

Mykel Board (vocals), Bill Ylitalo ‘Otto Kentrol’ (bass), Bill Evans (drums) & Gavin McNett (guitar) (in the background: Jo Reynders, Andreas Grüter, Redson ‘Cólera’, Michel De Cock, …)

87-04-17 Artless (Jenny Plaits)87-04-17 Artless' (Jenny Plaits)87-04-17 Artless'' (Jenny Plaits)87-04-17 Artless''' (Jenny Plaits)87-04-17 Artless'''' (Jenny Plaits)87-04-17 Artless''''' (Jenny Plaits)87-04-17 Artless'''''' (Jenny Plaits)87-04-17 Artless''''''' (Jenny Plaits)

87-04-17 Artless (Netwerk) by KockieThis one’s taken by Kockie


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  1. Aalst was an awesome place to hang out – great people and a good D.I.Y. spirit made me travel from Germany to Belgium at least twice a month for a few years… I didn’t remember the line-up of this show until Brob mentioned me on one pic – for me it was just ‘that ‘Cólera’ show’… why…? Well when Cólera’ started playing I took some stagedive, landed on the head of some other guy jumping and cracked my nose… Blood all over the floor… Fun show though and these Brasilian guys were all in tears when the whole room started singing along all of their songs…breathtaking magic… I stayed at Bollie’s (‘Heibel’) place later on (as often)… Good guy…his passing still makes me sad…

    Comment by Andreas Grüter — 12/15/2013 @ 10:33

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