88-04-29 (Netwerk) [Upset Noise] – So Much Hate – Crowd Of Isolated – Rough Justice

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To me, this was another fantastic evening. Things looked bad a couple of days before when we heard ‘Upset Noise’ (who had a fabulous record out on Hageland recs) weren’t going to show up because they had split up. 390 people payed entrance (a lot of metal-fans were keen on hearing U.N.)  in the end and we could give a part of the profits to an organisation that set up survival-expeditions for disadvantaged youngsters as an alternative to internment in a institution or imprisonment.

Personally I was very happy to meet the people in ‘So Much Hate’ (and Ote, Gunnar’s girlfriend at that time) again: great people; and their music is fantastic!

‘So Much Hate’ (photo: Philippe Anthonis)

‘Crowd Of Isolated’ were a promising, young outfit that Armin of X-Mist (ex-‘Skeezicks’) introduced to us. Kind of emo avant-la-lettre… Guschtel, Jürgen and the Kammer-bros Claus & Gurke had come all the way from Saarland in their car for this one and head back the same night. I remember it took ’em a while because the vehicle didn’t seem to want to depart anymore but after a while we somehow managed (I recall various people running up and down from De Ridderstraat to the car-park that misty night) to get them back on the road…

‘Rough Justice’ were a local (Aalst) metal-influenced band with singer Koen Taeleman (who’s sister Veerle ran a pub, de Kiët, at that time). Also playing for his thrashy metal outfit were drummer Joost Van Den Broeck (later in ‘De Laatste Show Band’ that performed in talk-shows on the national TV), bassist Manu Cambier & guitarist Piet Marcoen.


I remember that time… The tour was cool until our old van’s engine broke down coming back from Norway (where we had an unforgettable gig arranged by Gunnar.). As we were a low-budget band, we spent almost all of the band’s money to buy a new one, but the fuckin’ Danish engineer whom we ask to fix it provided a new one (in fact an old but renewed engine) for a hell of price. It broke down again just a 100 m before the ferry to Germany, so with the help from the guys in Ungdomshuset (the squat were we played a week before [in Copenhagen]) we got another engine from that sucker engineer, that brought us very slowly back to Italy where it finally died.

At that point, the band and neither Hageland’s chairman Werner (max respect by the way…) couldn’t afford to buy or rent another van in time to finish the tour as Fausto & Stefano had to go back to work. (Hey, we never earned money enough to live from our music but that wasn’t the band’s goal anyway… Guess that’s clear!)

Suddenly Boffo, the bass-player and founding-member of the band, decided he would quit the band together with the second guitar-player that joined the band just for that tour, and everything went SHIT. Too bad, the band split up and it took almost a year to reform by adding Guido on bass and Max on 2nd guitar. For what it’s worth: we apologize for the cancelled dates of the tour, it was a damn bad thing for the band…but that was being in an Italian HC band back then… Cheers, mates!

Lucio Drusian (‘Upset Noise’ singer)

88 Upset Noise tour

The pictures [of ‘Rough Justice’, below] are probably taken at de ‘Kiet’ [metal-pub ran by ‘tante’ Veerle Taeleman in the 80s] or ‘Parkhof’ in Alkmaar (Holland). For the latter, Koen had everything arranged: food, drinks and a place to sleep. According to Dutch standards that was sleeping on the floor in a squat, the food was brown bean soup with rock-hard baguette but luckily we got a few crates of Grolsch pils, the best pils there is in The Netherlands. Afterwards, because we were ever so hungry, we spent our hard-earned money on cheese- and other sandwiches that, mind you, they were selling in the venue. Don’t teach the Dutchies how to do business. Even the punx were capitalist. I think the ‘Violent Mosquitos’ joined us on this one, probably 1988 or 1989.

Still, a great time…

Joost has the songs on our demo as mp3… [Brob: Here’s my version of the Pink Elephants In Yellow Trees demo (1988)]

Manu Cambier (bassist ‘Rough Justice’)

‘Rough Justice’ in Netwerk: Piet – ‘the Swat’ – Koen – Manu

the young Joost at the Kiët

Piet – Manu – Koen

I have to confess: my recollection of this show is pretty modest but a few memories came back reading about it. What I remember above all was the meeting with the nice guys of ‘So Much Hate’ from Oslo. At this time also on X-Mist-recs. What else?…Maybe people will laugh: my precious red-black-chequered pants (Where are they now?) I also saw a pic somewhere: me…on stage…in Aalst, on my knees…and I was feelin’ like Keith Morris [the singer ‘Black Flag’ / Circle Jerks’ ?], really… Don’t ask me why. Next: someone asked for an interview with the band…from a distance I heard my brothers voice: “…Ask brother…upstairs…” He was not in the mood to answer as using English was hard work. Since that time we had a new running gag, called: ‘Ask my brother…upstairs!’ …Another thought: the singer of the band ‘Rough Justice’, a very impressive ‘Black Sabbath guy’…We met ‘m a few days later in Amsterdam in a coffee-shop…. Can’t remember the out-of-order car story. But the cars were fucked up on every tour we had. After years we were masters in the car-repairing business.

The first show we played in Belgium was in a town called Geel [Kockie has pics from Herk-de-Stad ’88 ?], an absolutely great show in a small place…and in the afternoon! In Germany shows never started before 22:00; we played the gig, turned on the motor of our car…and…in the eve we were already sitting in our local pub again exchanging impressions of the gig. We met a guy called Dirk Stynen, he organized an few gigs for us in several places in Belgium…

Michael ‘Gurke’ Kammer (‘Crowd Of Isolated’ singer)

‘Crowd Of Isolated’ live at Netwerk (pictured by Philippe Anthonis)


87-07-05 (Netwerk) Political Asylum – Spermbirds – Dawn Of Liberty – Indecency

This was a bill with bands that were rather new to me but were going to be quite a big part of my ‘scene’-life and/or influential. It was the first time I witnessed ‘Political Asylum’ live; a band that I got to know through Mokka’s (and Pascal’s) compilation-tapes (called ‘Smurf Punk Tapes’). Very melodic, tuneful stuff; rather unusual in that ‘grind period’. Mokka & vocalist Ramsey were good friends, and I got to know him as a very intelligent person aswell (would later visit him in Edinburgh and help distribute his books/pamphlets). Stephen, Keith & Ewan were nice chaps aswell…

‘Spermbirds’ were rather unknown then. This was their first gig outside Germany and hence in Belgium. I think Werner E. (Hageland) introduced them to us, or was it Moses or Armin? Anyway, they blew us away. A tight outfit (great musicians) playing powerful hardocre-punk; and an intrigueing, funny frontman in the person of Lee (who was an American soldier that stayed in Germany). That day, I remember him citing this little ‘poem’ (when there was a problem with one of the instruments or amps) to divert people’s attention: “Shitfinger, shitfinger … Where did all the toilet-paper go!?”. All these years later the absurdity still makes me smile… Beppo, Markus, Roger & Frank were friendly guys, and we would see more of each other the following years. If I remember correctly, the line-up at that time was Lee Hollis (vocals), Roger Ingenthron (guitar), Frank Rahm (guitar), Markus Weilemann (bass) & Matthias ‘Beppo’ Götte (drums).

Belgian bands were ‘Dawn Of Liberty’ – the band of singer (later music-journalist) Stefan Joosten; more or less ‘Astrant’ (who’d played with us a year earlier) with an extra guitarist – and ‘Indecency’ (who would later turn into ‘5Les’ – different singer): Onno Hesselink (editor of Peace Or Annihilation fanzine, that had interviewed my band ‘Repulsives’ in Jette the year before) and his mates (including drummer Dirk Jans and bassist Filip ‘Boule’ Burgelman’, who also helped out at the ‘Finkel’). [For more info on ‘Indeceny’ have a look at Jungle Of Joy, Antwerp, 12 dec 87 (Instigators) and Boule’s comment there…]


pic from ‘D.O.L.’s 7″ (their performance here is available on tape aswell…)

‘D.O.L.’: ‘Tweeva’ – Danny – Stefan (source ?)

87-07-05 D.O.L.'‘D.O.L.’: ‘Tweeva’ – Danny – Stefan – ‘Fritz’ – Stijn (source ?)

I do remember having the time of my life on the Seeing Red tour with ‘Political Asylum’ in ‘87 – playing Geel, Aalst, Antwerp, Arnhem, rehearsal in Brussels – Duvel beer! We took a lot of photos on that tour in ‘87 but fuck knows where they are now… As far as I can recall the tour was organised by a few folk – We Bite recs in Tübingen did some of it. We did a lot of the dates with Lübeck band ‘Pissed Boys’ [Brob: Hello Mampe!] – they were great guys. We travelled between gigs using cheap inter-rail tickets while they drove with the gear. We used their backline and really appreciated it – then and now! The Lübeck gig itself was recorded and we released as a joint live EP on Fuck Your Brain recs.

After the gig in Aalst we stayed with Guy & Natasja – they had a VW beetle then… On Monday we all went to see ‘Suicidal Tendencies’. [see: Hageland Hardcore concerts Scherpenheuvel] We also stayed at Onno’s one night too.

I left Asylum just after that tour mainly because I wanted to play more music and had just finished university – the others still had 1 or 2 years to go – so I wanted to find a band that was fulltime. Ramsey always claimed I wanted to play slower and they faster. There’s a wee element of truth in there but they hardly broke the Land Speed Record after I left! In October that year I formed a rock band ‘Seeing Red’ [Brob: No not ‘Seein’Red’ from Holland!] (we took the name from the ‘Political Asylum’ European tour poster!). This was a mainstream metal band which had a few breaks, played some major venues and TV shows, released a vinyl single and CD album (CDs had only been around a couple of years at this point). Just as we were about to tour Europe to promote the album unfortunately the singer had a nervous breakdown.

I’ve been playing professionally ever since, mainly in function bands (Oh the shame! LOL). Also had a couple of breaks with original bands – playing in Japan. Now I’m in a ‘Rush’ tribute-band with ex-‘Political Asylum’ drummer Keith Burns – who’s such a talented fucker: he’s playing bass, keys and singing in the tribute-band – he’s our Geddy to my Alex! (

I’m still in touch with Ramsey and support his publishing ventures. Ewan’s a bit more elusive – he’s enjoying family life in Sydney.

A very nice chap from Finland released the early ‘Political Asylum’ demos and Winter EP on CD a few years back: Jallu from the excellent band ‘Phoenix Foundation’ on his Passing Bells label. Boss Tunage Records are distributing it in the UK.

Stephen Brown (1st ‘Political Asylum’ guitarist)

I’m afraid that my involvement in ‘Political Asylum’ was purely as a musician – I was never really involved in ‘the scene’ and had nothing to do with it before or after my time in the band. I was asked to join the band in late ‘85 by original guitarist Steve Brown, whom I had recently met at Edinburgh University. This was a big deal for me as it was my first ‘proper’ band and even though I wasn’t really into the music, I joined for the experience.

I’d never even heard of the ‘anarcho-punk’ scene at the time but found the ideology behind it much more interesting than most of the music! Before joining ‘P.A.’ I could be described as a ‘hippy metalhead’, but having just arrived in Edinburgh from rural Fife, I had lived a pretty sheltered life. ‘Political Asylum’ helped me to considerably broaden my horizons and I will always be very grateful for that opportunity.

I am still very active as a musician. My main instrument is (and always was) bass-guitar, and I sold my drum-kit immediately after leaving ‘P.A.’ in 1989. I am NOT the Keith Burns who played drums for ‘The Proclaimers’! Since ‘P.A.’, the main bands I have been in include ‘Bias Firey’ (, ‘Moving Pictures’ (‘Rush’ tribute-band with Steve Brown –, ‘Zapruder’ (metal, 1995-2000), ‘Nectar3’ (indie, post-punk, 1990-1995).

Regarding Ewan Hunt: he was my best mate from school and we had a little school-band together. He and I moved to Edinburgh together in 1984 to go to uni. I got him into ‘P.A.’ after Norman Thomson left in early ‘86. He’s lived in Australia since the late 1990s.

Keith Burns

The ‘Political Asylum’ lads sunbathing on the roof of Netwerk…

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