Off course there’s no copyright on these pages but I think it’s only common courtesy that if you reproduce a flyer or a photo from this blog, that you ask first and mention the source and/or the author.

When all this was happening (early 80s and 90s), there was to internet. Nowadays information, images, music, etc. travel the world (and who knows also reaches E.T. – or even more frightening: intelligence-services and the likes (SMILE) – out there) with the speed of light.

In the early days, we had to write a letter (by hand), go buy a stamp, send of the message and hopefully it would get to the addressee and we would get a reply maybe in a week or two-three.

We had to record or copy music on a (cassette)tape and follow the same process (sometimes people at the post-office or customs where such big fans of HC/punk that they kept things for themselves). Making a (fan)zine was a hell of a job: writing/typing op the stuff, finding the right documentation, photocopying, cut-and-paste (literally: with scissors and glue!; no computers, no DT.P., no photoshop, etc.).

It’s important that all the info, music, ideology,… doesn’t get lost. Indeed!

But please show some respect for the original intentions and the effort people put in. All this is not just mere products to consume. Don’t get things out of context and don’t abuse the material for what it was not meant! Don’t commercialize this!

If you have doubts: contact the original author. If it’s so easy to download anything in a few seconds, then surely it must be possible to track down a person or someone in her/his neighbourhood.

Thanks for your understanding!

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