86-09-07 (Nieuwe Madelon) Repulsives – Hate Crew (extra photos)

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see also 86-09-07 (Nieuwe Madelon) Toxic Reasons – K.G.B. – Ear Damage – Repulsives – Hate Crew

‘Hate Crew’: Kris Fiers (vocals), Guy Temmerman (bass), Bruno ‘Duco’ (guitar), Guido Duytschaever (guitar), Philippe ‘Mone’ Crombeen (drums)

‘Repulsives’: Dirk Pattyn (drums), ‘Brob’ (guitar), ‘Stinky’ (vocals/guitar), ‘Faan/Disorder’ (bass)

These photos are from the collection of ‘Phantom’ (R.I.P.) of the Charleroi Slam Crew:

86-09-07-hate-crew-guy-phantom86-09-07-hate-crew-kris-phantom86-09-07-hate-crew-krismone-phantom86-09-07-hate-crew-krismone-phantom‘Hate Crew’


The following pics are courtesy of Dirk Ceustermans:




89-07-21 (Gele Limonade) 88

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Smurfpunx (Gele Limonade 89, 88)

When I organised tours I regularly contacted the people volunteering at 2B (independent concert-place in the same street as the Effenaar) and Burgers (squatted place) in Eindhoven: Martin Voorbij (‘Scheet’, bassplayer of ‘Afflict’) and Marq (editor of Thrashold zine). ‘Scheet’ had established a connection with HC/punk people/bands from ‘behind the Iron Curtain’ (The Berlin wall hadn’t fallen yet… He also played in the Slovenian electro punk-rock band ‘Strelnikoff’ at one time-point). One of these bands was ‘88’ from the Hungarian town Szeged. They were Zoltan Varga (bass/vocals), Patbány (guitar) and Zsolt Hunyadi (drums/vocals).

‘Scheet’ helped them touring but we couldn’t invite them for a gig in Netwerk (closed for the summer) so we set up a date (on the Belgian national holiday) in the Gele Limonade… Above: the info-sheet that he provided. They played punk (“sometimes with folk influences”), brought their own backline and were asking for 150 guilders (75 euro)…


I’m living in Florida nowadays. I remember that beautiful city Aalst – Alost. The radio-studio upstairs, and the heat from the sun, when we were waking up with hangover from Tio Pepe and many beers. I also remember a long-haired beauty with whom I talked all night – in the morning I escorted her to home (nothing happened). The way back I couldn’t find the street where the pub was ‘cause I was so drunk. I wandered more than an hour till I found the pub.

During our gig the microphone was electro-shocking me a couple of times. ‘Scheet’ told me the electricity was different than in Holland. I remember the couple working at the pub. They were looking like actors from an old French movie.

Here you can listen to our demo ‘1984’. Our drummer stopped playing music 20 years ago, the guitar-player plays music with friends.

In January 2007 I was in Aalst to see the carnival there. It was amazing!!!

Zoltan Varga

88 (Budapest) interview by Scheet in Thrashold #3article in Thrashold #3 by ‘Scheet’ (references to ’88’ and the Hungarian scene)


De Kiët

De Kiët (which means something like ‘the shack’ in the dialect of Aalst) was a bit of a dingy metal pub (at a certain timepoint ran by aunty Taeleman -Veerle-, sister of ‘Rough Justice’s singer Koen) with a stage where bands could play. Since the HC/punk-scene crossed over with the metal-scene quite a bit those days, it happened that HC/punx hung out there. Certainly when hardcore bands were invited… I recall bands like ‘Hate Crew’, ‘Heibel’, ‘Ear Damage’ playing there; probably ‘Cyclone’, ‘X-Creta’, ‘Violent Mosquitos’, ‘Rough Justice’ aswell… And ‘Cólera’!

Local metal-lovers (Nathalie G. 2nd from R)

87-xx-xx Cólera (Kiët) (-)‘Cólera’ (photo courtesy of Veerle Taeleman)

87-xx-xx Colera @ de Kiët (met Kassie)the crowd during ‘Cólera’s gig with ‘Kassie’ crowdsurfing

Some pictures of ‘Heibel’ by Nathalie Guyot

(singer here is Peter Daniëls, so it must’ve been after the summer of ’87):

Peter & Pé on a break

Peter, Erwin & Pé in action

Erwin dreaming of playing the bass for ‘Excel’ – Erwin, Peter, Jo & Pé (where was Steven?)


89-06-16 (Gele Limonade) Do Or Die

‘Do Or Die’ were a bunch of rad women that we’d met at Van Hall in Amsterdam (Smurfpunx @ Van Hall, Amsterdam), when we stayed over there around X-mas ’88. Their music was HardCore with garage-influences based on powerful, pounding rhtythms. Playing in the band were (L=>R on the pic): Kirsten Romig (vocals), Dorien Chachmany (guitar), Erna (or Ernie, drums) & Elian (bass). They’d given us their demo, so because we enjoyed their music and liked them as people, we invited them over. First for a small show in our pub and when Netwerk opened again after the summer for a gig in the bigger venue…

cover of their demo

Their lp ‘Crush and feel It’ was recorded in 1990 at ‘ADM’s Koeienverhuurbedrijf’ and released by Konkurrel. I’ve never heard their CD ‘Shake the Stars’…


We helped at Van Hall, doing the bar and working at the door, etc. We played there in May 1988. Don’t think we played in Belgium more than twice [Brob: This one and a few months later in Netwerk, supporting ‘Fire Party’.]. Besides the demo, we did an lp in 1989, released by Konkurrent and a CD in ’91, I believe, on another label [Brob: Gap?].

So…Aalst, eh yeah, I remember the pub on the corner… We did our first tour in Denmark and Norway, invited by a women’s collective, played a squat in Oslo. Later toured Spain, Basque Country, Italy, former Yugoslavia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, The Netherlands… Yep, we played about 7 years I believe; also did 3 goodbye-concerts. One time we were also about to tour the U.S. with ‘7 Year Bitch’ but they eventually cancelled because they could tour with another, bigger band (Dorien: ‘Rage Against the Machine’ * Kirsten: for ‘Cypress Hill’ not ‘Rage Against the Machine’). So we went to Ljubljana, where there was a war going on. Everyone told us we were nuts but we went anyway because it seemed calm. On the way up there, via Austria, we got snowed in but we had a big bus with all the necessary equipment so we winched ourselves out. It was a crazy time. We enjoyed the travels a lot, we had a lot of success, the people were mostly very enthusiastic. Our music was a good mix of rock, reggae, ska, blues, etc., grunge…

We were rebels and wanted absolutely no promotion about the fact that we were all of the female sexe; we had made that clear. But often people surreptitiously made a poster picturing a naked woman with a guitar, and then something in the vein of ‘female rock’, anyway. So then we had (led by Kirsten) a vivacious conversation with the organisers. We mostly played in squats and did benefits, e.g. at the Shell blockade on top of the fire-department truck of ‘The Ex’ (with ‘The Ex’) in front of a police-line, on a Saturday-morning 11:30 a.m.

After 7 years it was enough and we all chose our own path and evolved. Elian and myself still live in Amsterdam. Since 1998 I play with James Brook in ‘Ecowar’ ( we have 4 CDs out (D.I.Y.). Kirsten moved away in the early 90s to Bern (Switzerland) and lives in the U.S. again since some 10 years, now in Las Cruces, New Mexico; she’s an environmental scientist. Dorien is an expert African dance and plays bass in a band…



89-04-23 (Mikis Club) Soulside – Hate That Smile – Corporate Grave

The flyer is actually a discription of the bands and their music… Before, when other people made the flyers, it was just the names and the date+place… It says: “[Soulside] This Washington D.C. band rose from the ashes of ‘Lunchmeat’ in ’85 and – with the help of Ian MacKaye – their 1st album ‘Less Deep Inside…’ was released in ’87. They toured the US twice and in ’88 their 2nd lp ‘Trigger’ came out on ‘Dischord’. Their music is a mosaic of rhythms, melodies and pure fury; a swirlpool of straight HC-attacks and reggae- & rock-tinted songs (references from ‘Bad Brains’ to ‘Scream’) with above all the whirling guitars and the ‘personal politics’ typical for ‘Dischord’-bands. Catchy riffs, clear vocals and …an own style. *** They started a 3-month European tour. Smurfpunx would not be Smurfpunx if they didn’t get this excellent band to Belgium. The concert takes place in ‘Mikis Club’ in Aalst. Supporting are 2 new bands from the U.K.: ‘Hate That Smile’, who combine the poppy melodies of ‘Descendents’ with the positive energy of ‘Vernon Walters’; and ‘Corporate Grave’, the new pioneers of funcore after ‘Stupids’.”

This was the 2nd show at ‘Mikis Club’. Because ‘Netwerk’ wasn’t always available but also because of finances (Turn-outs were diminishing because people we getting spoiled/jaded with all those touring bands. The P.A. was cheaper for a smaller venue like ‘Mikis’.), we turned to this more intimate place; a “progressive pluralistic meeting-centre”. Unfortunately the public didn’t always find their way, even if it was only 700 m away from ‘Netwerk’… ;-)

A few days after this concert I wrote to  some mates about ‘Soulside’: “This is one of the most refreshing and inspiring bands I’ve seen lately. Really  innovative and honest music, and nice/congenial people too! The kind you want as friends.”… Bobby Sullivan was singing, Scott McCloud playing guitar, Alex Fleisig was the drummer and the bass was in the hands of Johnny Temple. (The latter 3 were to continue as ‘Girls Against Boyz’ and Bobby formed ‘Seven League Boots’ and would later return to Europe with ‘Rain Like the Sound of Trains’ – also with ‘Verbal Assault’s Pete Chramiec.) ‘Hate That Smile’ sounded refreshing, a surprise. ‘Corporate Grave’ a bit more stereotype. But both bands quite melodic and positive.


On behalf of the bands (‘Hate That Smile’ &  ‘Corporate Grave’)  and myself, I’ld really like to say thanks to anyone involved with Smurfpunx for the great show with ‘Soulside’. We had a great time; despite (initially) being refused entry into Belgium for having an incorrectly stamped carnet. It was such a bummer to go home again…

Rich Levene, S.T.E. collective – Southampton (’89)

‘Soulside’ played without a stage [Brob: there was none in de ‘Mikis Club’], on the floor and barefoot. It used to be the gathering-place for the local communists; a few of the old communist habitues at the bar were looking bewilderedly at the punk-violence.

Pieter B.

I remember that after being in some very different places than we had ever been before on that tour, getting to Belgium and hanging out with you guys was like we were back home hanging out with friends. Y’all had a great tight little family there.

Bobby Sullivan (‘Souldside’ singer)

The few gigs we did in Europe were organised through Rich Levene, who was great friends with ‘Vernon Walters’ from Hoorn in Holland. We toured with ‘Hate That Smile’ from Dorset, England. We had both played with ‘Soulside’ in Southampton before we travelled to Holland/Belgium for a couple [4; booked by Hans Engel] of gigs. It was great to meet up with them again in Aalst. They were pretty damn good on both occasions.

89-04-23 Brob, Mokka, Hans Engel, RabbitHans Engel, Mokka, Brob, Hazel, Rabbit & some folks waiting in front of Mikis Club for ‘Soulside’ to arrive…

The thing that sticks with me to this day was how well organised stuff was over there. In England everything was very ramshackle and you just turned up and played. Quite often you were lucky to get paid more than a few pounds for petrol. Going to a place were food was provided was amazing, it really inspired us to do things differently when we got back. Sitting around a table, sharing food with everyone in the various bands was fantastic. That whole tour was really good.

‘Corporate Grave’ was Steve ‘EMI’ Burgess [guitar; RIP], Scott ‘Not Scott’ [drums], Ricky [bass; now drummer for ‘Hummune’] & me… We only recorded a couple of demo-tapes…and some tracks for a compilation lp… All can be downloaded from the Suspect Device fanzine page. Ian of ‘Sofa Head’ once joked of ‘Corporate Grave’: “They are ‘Minor Threat’ with a Mohican”…(I wish)…nicest thing ever said…

‘Hate That Smile’ were Alex [Vann; drums], Shaun [Hemsley; vocals], Paul [Chambers; bass] & Paul [Simmons; guitar]…I think…

Funny: back then I was ‘living for the moment’ and never considered that I would want to look back on stuff… The main thing is that I have some great memories of those times…though I have forgotten so much…really great days and I feel pretty privileged to have been there… During this time Rich Levene & I were part of S.T.E. music-collective [Brob: the ‘smurfpunx’ from Southampton] who put on loads of DIY gigs , very much inspired/influenced by that trip. I dropped out of the S.T.E.; organising gigs was hard stuff… I went on to sing for ‘Older Than Dirt’…who played a lot around England & had 2 singles out…& later ‘Portiswood’…much later I teamed up with Tony Suspect to inflict our love of 80s hardcore on the world… I learnt to play guitar for ‘Chokeword’ (named after the ‘Scream’ song) and then ‘Pilger’, followed by ‘Screwed Up Flyer’ and now ‘The Shorts’…

Mike Fox (singer ‘Corporate Grave’)

I remember this gig for the hospitality of you guys and the mellow atmosphere. It was an afternoon gig, wasn’t it? It was great fun touring with ‘Corporate Grave’ and we have Rich Levene to thank for sorting things out from our end. I see Hans from ‘Vernon Walters’ is in one of the photos, I think he was helping to organise the tour. I loved ‘Soulside’, they played a great set that day, I bought a T shirt which I wore for years. I remember it being the drummer’s birthday, they announced it from the stage. So, after all these years: thanks Brob etc. for a great gig that felt like the epitome of a positive scene and good times.

Alex Vann (‘Hate That Smile’ drummer)

Well, I don’t remember a lot because it was a long time ago… However, I recall the place being a really cool place with lots of glass. It was my birthday – usually when we toured it was all the other guys birthdays, but this time I got lucky. I was given a pair of seriously hideous black polka-dotted underwear that I wore proudly that day. I can’t say that look will ever catch on in Milan or Paris but I was happy to have a birthday with so many nice people at the collective. I think everyone had a good time and the opportunity to have a birthday 3000 miles from home made it really special for me. As far as I remember, the crowd and the atmosphere was great. Everyone was very friendly and relaxed. I think we all had a really nice time there.

Alex Fleisig (‘Soulside’ drummer)

Bobby Sullivan (‘Soulside’) – shots by Nathalie Guyot

‘Soulside’ photographs – courtesy of Alex Vann


86-09-07 (Nieuwe Madelon) Toxic Reasons – K.G.B. – Ear Damage – Repulsives – Hate Crew

Smurfpunx (Aalst 86, Toxic Reasons)


This was the first passage of my bands ‘Repulsives’ on a ‘Smurfpunx’ concert. We only existed for about a year but must’ve made an impression on people and the guys from ‘Hate Crew’ (which we’ld played with a month before) invited us for this one. As you can see we were not on the flyer but we definitely played (see pictures). It was memorable and the start of much more to come. I remember driving around in Aalst in our drummer Dirk’s mom’s car on a sunny sunday-afternoon, not finding the venue straight away. It was on the market-place and looked rather commercial… It was our first gig with foreign, touring bands. And which ones! ‘Toxic Reasons’! I also arranged to do an interview with ‘K.G.B.’ after buying their tape from Hannes…

The German (Tübingen) punk-rock band ‘K.G.B.’ (“Kein Grund zur Beruhigung” = “No Reason to Be Calm”) or “Korrupt Gierig Bestechlich” = Corrupt, Greedy, Bribable”) had played with ‘T.R.’ earlier in the US and now toured with them in Europe. Line-up was Hannes Koerber (vocals, guitar), Uli Reiße-Gross (guitar), Ralf Wettemann (drums) & Lampe (bass).

‘Toxic Reasons’ and their fast but melodic HardCore-punk were already  legendary then… I think playing in the band at that time (the LP Bullets For You was just out) were Bruce Stuckey (lead guitar/vocals), David ‘Tufty’ Clough (bass/vocals; also in ‘Zero Boys’), Jimmy Joe ‘JJ’ Pearson (drums/vocals) and Terry Howe (guitar/vocals).


<<‘Hate Crew’ sounded bad; the sound in this venue was poorly mixed (Stel wasn’t there!) and Dirk & me thought the guitars weren’t tuned right. ‘Repulsives’ were, as usual, very good, very ‘Americanic’. They simply need to put their song ‘(No More) Fascist Skins’ out as a 7”. After them came ‘Ear Damage’: I refuse to keep reviewing them (play less). […] The German band ‘K.G.B.’ play ordinary but fast rock; don’t wanna say they were bad but there was little atmosphere. Then, finally, another American band at work: ‘Toxic Reasons’. A little while before their 2nd guitarist had left so they were down to a trio here on stage. Still decent.>>

‘Zonder Toestemming’ # 2 (’86; Belgian fanzine)

Some pictures of ‘Repulsives’…

Repulsives Madelon (Stinky)Stinky contemplating how to play someone else’s guitar; with Dirk on drums firing him on

Repulsives Madelon (Disorder)‘Fane Disorder’ fully into the skateboard rage; under the watchful eye of Kris ‘Hate Crew’

Repulsives Madelon (Brob)Brob totally concentrated on his amazing fingerpicking ;-)

All I remember is that Belgian beer was good… ;-)

David ‘Tufty’ Clough, bass & vocals for ‘Toxic Reasons’

Hannes from ‘K.G.B.’ & Danny Rau (No Mercy tours) set that tour up I think… Terry ‘Hollywood’ Howe (R.I.P.) from ‘Zero Boys’ didn’t like the touring life much & quit in Amsterdam.

‘JJ’ Pearson, drums for ‘Toxic Reasons’

Photos of ‘Toxic Reasons’ & ‘K.G.B.’ (taken by Dirk Ceustermans):86-09-07 Toxic Reasons bass (Dirk C)86-09-07 Toxic Reasons guitar & drum (Dirk C) (-)86-09-07 Toxic Reasons drum (Dirk C) (-)

86-09-07 K.G.B. (Dirk C)86-09-07 K.G.B.' (Dirk C)86-09-07 K.G.B.'' (Dirk C) (-)

also: 86-09-07 (Nieuwe Madelon) Repulsives – Hate Crew (extra photos)

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