Can the following people please get in touch? Or can anyone who knows about their whereabouts or has a contact please inform me? (see contact-page)


Chris Collin, Diegem

David Bran (From The Dark distro), Mons

Diane Van Eygen, ? Limburg

Diego Rooman (Doodt Illegaal zine), Temse

Dominique ‘Nick’ Zimmer, Peruwelz

Fabrice Gutierrez, (La Boîte à Sucettes zine), Godinne

Filip Verbeurgt (Democrazy), Gent

Franky ‘Vos’ Kimpe (Oostende)

Geert De Pelsemaeker, Schendelbeke

Simon Guy, Denderwindeke

Linda Arts (intern at Netwerk Aalst)

Pascal Nicolaïs, Gosselies

‘Phantom’ (Charleroi Slam Crew)

Saskia Verbeke, Kortrijk

Steven Luts (guitarist ‘Heibel), Hasselt?

the people of the band ‘Doodt Illegaal’

the people of the band ‘Heart Explodes’

the people of the band ‘Naked Nuns’

the people of the band ‘No Tomorrow Charlie’


the people of the band ‘Problem Children’


the guys of ‘Turun Tauti’


Arnaud Boudard, Lille

Joel Person, Bretagne

Olivier Simonpietri (Co-Exist/Crab Song/Stand As One), Paris

Nicolas, Maubeuge

Sylvain Vilette (Bad Card recs), Sevran


Achim, Lars & Rotze (‘Squandered Message’), Berlin

Andy Larsen, Dortmund

Connie (In Der Au), Frankfurt

‘C.N.C.’s Matze & Ilja

Frank Babel (Blasting Youth tours), Ludwigshafen

Goliath Brettschneider, Hamburg

Mike Just (Starving Missile recs)

Müsgüb (Martin Fleischner), Göppingen

Reiner Mettner (Double A recs), Hannover

Stefan Riebesell (Fishcore), Hamburg

Stephan Grahlmann & Steiner (A-Laden), Hamburg

the guys of ‘L.W.S.’

the people of the band ‘Erosion’

Rüdiger ‘Rudy’ Wöhrle (Old World recs), Peine

Tine Busch, Heidelberg

‘Zündi’ (Michael Laszlo, Bonzen recs), Berlin


the people of the band ‘The Ravings’


the people of ‘Rose Rose’


Erik De Vro(o)me(n), Leiden? (Warmond?)

Frank van der Weide (Kaboem), Leiden

Heidi (De Onderbroek), Nijmegen

Sven Schoonen (S5 distribution), Roosendaal

the guys of ‘Swampsurfers’

the people of the band ‘La Cosa Nostra’, Nijmegen?

the people of the band ‘Oh, Dev!’


Gunnar Nuven (singer ‘So Much Hate’)

Jan (Bokkafe, Blitz)

Ote/Ute Kippersund (‘So Much Hate’ companion)


Digger (driver for HC/punk bands)

John March (‘Heresy’ singer)

the guys of ‘The Abs’

Tony/Tone (‘Nessun Dorma’), Bristol


the people of the band ‘The Big Thing’

Please check back regularly…


  1. Hey Brob! Very nice web site.
    For sure you remember me, Arno, the young trouble maker from Lille .
    I have Arjen from Groningen’s email-address so write me back.
    Cheers; Arno

    Comment by Arno — 01/03/2011 @ 10:41

  2. Hey Brob! Sorry not to get in touch earlier (but waited another 20 years). Remember me?
    Just read some old, some funny, some wrong things about the YOT Tour. [see Netwerk, Aalst, 19 mar 89 (Y.O.T.)]
    I live in Fukuoka now. So long, Brob…

    Comment by Martin Strodthoff — 07/02/2011 @ 17:04

  3. Ludo Vanoppen is still active in the music-biz: he’s tour-manager for ‘Los Natas’.

    Comment by Kurt 'Smurf' Frooninckx — 10/08/2011 @ 11:55

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