Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 1 nov ’87

1 nov ’87 (‘Parochiezaal’): Ignition (USA), Spermbirds (Ger), Heibel (Bel), So Much Hate (Nor), Ear Damage (Bel)

‘Ignition’ were touring with ‘So Much Hate’ (the day before they were Smurfpunx’ guests: Netwerk, Aalst, 31 oct 87) and Werner E. invited some other great bands of that moment. For some info on Hageland click Hageland Hardcore concerts Scherpenheuvel. Send additions via the contact-address. For more info on the these bands have a look at the links provided in the Smurfpunx concert-list!

[extra photoshoot: Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 1 nov ’87 (extra pics)]

‘Ignition’ backtsage (source: Onno H. or Kockie?)

And here’s another bunch of pictures shot by Agna Van Rillaer & scanned by Gunter Vaes. Mucho gracias to them!



(Kockie) * Frank – Lee * (Martine)

Who replaced Markus on bass at that time?…

Mr friendly, Frank

Beppo sporting his fashionable (at that time) shorts…

‘So Much Hate’

‘Ear Damage’

Bie – hiding behind a bottle…

Dirk C. – tough but concentrated *** Markus – “handsome guy”, Martine thinks… ;-)



  1. Oh dear! I don’t remember the trouser tsssss… hehehe… But I do remember that guitar, here still without stickers. It must’ve been very new (well new-second-hand…). I MISS IT BADLY. Also very nice to see Markus play my little old bass, it’s still alive and kicking! Never saw these pictures before, I believe it was our one and only concert in that venue.

    Comment by Dirk C. — 02/07/2012 @ 14:11

  2. Wow, those are old ‘Spermbirds’ pictures, even before I joined the band…

    Comment by Roger Ingenthron — 03/09/2012 @ 20:51

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