87-05-08 (De Marbel) Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers – Deviant Gedrag

Not even a week after the very succesful gig where my own band ‘Repulsives’ played with ‘Negazione’, ‘Skeezicks’ & ‘Cólera’, another Italian hardcore band visited my hometown… Werner of Hageland Hardcore had asked me, probably because he didn’t have a venue available in his area, and maybe because Tielt was becoming a hot-spot for HC gigs… Being able to count on the support of Zak who ran De Marbel (pub) and my mates, it wasn’t that difficult to say yes. This was right before De Marbel would be closed down by the cops and a month before I joined the Smurfpunx-collective…

We didn’t know ‘C.C.M.’ that well as other Italian HC bands (‘Declino’, ‘Kina’, ‘Putrid Fever’, ‘Raw Power’, Indigesti’, etc. etc.) but there was on open spirit and we wanted to get to know new people/bands. We’d heard of their enigmatic/unpredicatble-surprising/exuberant/… front-man Syd Migx and were eager to see him and the band at work. Little did I know that a few years later I was gonna collaborate with him on a kind of regular basis and even  sleep in his bed-room…

The rest of the band were more quiet lads (of stage): bassist Sandro Favilli, drummer Alessandro (Alex) & guitarist Antonio Cecchi. The first is running a promotion-agency in their hometown Pisa nowadays, Alex lives in Vancouver (Canada), Antonio teaches English in Pisa and Syd is living a somewhat secluded life (the others of ‘C.C.M.’ are not in touch with him anymore) in the area of Florence (after the ‘demise’ of ‘Big White Flash at 6’ and other projects)…

I had totally forgotten that ‘Deviant Gedrag’ also played that day but Izzy (guitarist) provided a photo of some of them and their friends (probably taken by Kockie, see below)…

I also remember there was a technical problem with ‘C.C.M.’s van: they couldn’t take of for Amsterdam (I think) immediately after the gig; I took them to a local garage to get it fixed and they stayed the night (upstairs, above the pub, at the venue) to go and pick it up the next day… Oh, and 25 years later I’m still wearing the T-shirt with ‘C.C.M.’s logo on the back and the ‘Into the Void’ cover on the front…


87-05-08 Deviant Gedag crew  (Marbel)L=>R: ‘Patat’ (Dirk VG), ‘Kassie’ (Kurt Rampelbergh), Dirk Jans & Izzy of ‘Deviant Gedrag’ & NN. Behind them Werner Hendrycks (De Vergeten Jeugd fanzine) is having a chat with Chantal (Hans Verbeke’s girlfriend at that time)…

Some pictures of ‘C.C.M.’ by Kockie:


89-09-02 (Netwerk) Fire Party – Vernon Walters – Do Or Die

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First gig after a turbulent summer… Not such a big crowd but cozy. Despite the problems surrounding the collective (people taking other directions, difficulties getting the venue, etc.), the remaining group of people got closer. We were prepared to fight again. And of course the bands here were really fantastic!

‘Do Or Die’ were 4 sympathetic girls from Amsterdam playing exciting punk/HC , some of them active in the A’dam scene. We’d met them during our stay at Van Hall (Smurfpunx @ Van Hall, Amsterdam). An all female band was not a common thing around that time and Smurfpunx definitely wanted to promote girls/women getting up on stage. We asked them over for a gig during the summer but that had to be at ‘our’ pub De Gele Limonade (Gele Limonade, Aalst, 16 jun 89 (Do or Die)). Soon after came this one in our regular venue.

‘Vernon Walters’ Holland’s best punkband at that moment. Melodic stuff with a political message by sincere lads; which did’nt mean they were devoid of a touch of humor… From the same town as ‘Indirekt’ (Hoorn), that’s how I got to know them. My own band ‘Repulsives’ also played with them a couple of times; I considered singer/guitarist Hans Engel a friend, a really nice chap. We corresponded and I helped distribute the records from his LMOOR label  (see: Netwerk, Aalst, 13 aug 88 (F.F.F. & Decadence Within). Really sad he’s not around anymore… With guitarist Niels (De Wit) I exhanged and corresponded about zines. bassplayer Joost & drummer Danny were the main jokers of the band.

‘Fire Party’, a band on Ian MacKaye’s Dischord label, consisted of 4 women active in the Washington D.C. scene: Amy Pickering (vocals, also working for for Ian’s label), Natalie Avery (guitar), Kate Samworth (bass), Nicky (Nicole) Thomas (drums). Their music could be described as what nowadays is called “emo” (a word that still had to be invented in the European HC/punk-scene at that time).


‘Fire Party’ were amazing! The other bands were good too but F.P. …Wow! What a singer…

Paolo M. (personal communication ’89)

That period is kinda blurry to me (played Belgium a whole lot, with ‘V.W.’ but also with ‘Indirekt’ and later ‘De Kift’). To be honest, I wasn’t so keen on the hardcore-scene after, let’s say, 1985: metal-influences, lumberjack-shirts and pedantic lyrics,… But there were exceptions of course!

Niels De Wit


89-04-16 (Beukenhof) No Means No – Seein’Red – The Plot

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Around 150 people found their way to this youth-centre in Eeklo (about 50 km from Aalst). A very decent place, suggested to us by Rabbit (one of Smurfpunx’ freelancers) and his bro Ratte (who were living there); since Netwerk was not availabale (again). A very cozy, intimate (“ghezelligh”) afternoon with all those Hollanders (Amsterdammers ‘The Plot’, our buddies in and around ‘Seein’Red’ and Ingrid of Konkurrent, who organised the Canadians’ tour).

‘No Means No’ – John Wright (drums, backing-vocals), Rob Wright (bass, backing-vocals) & Andy Kerr (guitar, lead-vocals) – played their first Belgian show here (not a lot of people knew them then); they were brilliant. The crowd was enthousiastically shouting and clapping their hands.

89-04-16-no-means-no-beukenhof-eeklo-by-martin-vt‘No Means No’; photo courtesy of Martin Van Tomme

When ‘Lärm’ seized to exist, my pals Paul, Olav & Jos continued with ‘Seein’Red’. This was their 1st gig did they did for us. I think in the beginning they tried out a different line-up but at this one I remember them as the trio they’ve been ever since…

Seems like not may people remember ‘The Plot’. This band definitely did nót play run-of-the-mill hardcore or punk. Had a bit of an own style influenced by bands like ‘The Ex’ and others from the socalled ‘Wormer’ scene (small town North of Amsterdam). I have 2 albums of them: ‘The Plot Thickens’ & ‘Game over, insert coin’, and a benefit-7” ‘El Salvador’. They were singer Lene Leck Jensen (originally Danish), guitarist Pat (lives in Berlin), drummer Aad Hollander (nowadays living in Zürich), bassist Lena and guitarist Hellen van der Harten (partner of Dolf P. – ‘Morzelpronk’ fame and ADM record-label / Joke’s Koeienverhuurbedrijf studio). They were a happy-go-lucky bunch playing ‘different’ music, but definitely trying to convey a political message too…

Below is some of the info/artwork that went with the ‘El Salvador’ 7″ and shows there were more people supporting the resistance there… See also: Netwerk, Aalst, 13 mar 88 (Neuroot) & Netwerk, Aalst, 2 apr 88 (anti-military benefit)


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