De Marbel closed down…

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As indicated earlier before joining the Smurfpunx-collective but I was involved in a series of gigs organised in my hometown’s venue ‘De Marbel’ (my band ‘Repulsives’, and others, rehearsed there for a while). For an overview click on the category Marbel, Tielt or search Concerts * NOT Smurfpunx: some were done by ourselves (‘Repulsives’, ‘No Numbers’ and/or ‘Dirty Scums’), some I did together with Smurfpunx (before I actually joined them) and some in cooperation with Hageland Hardcore…

On May 31st 1987, the local band ‘Dirty Scums’ organised their 5th Anniversary Gig there. This turned out to be an eventful day… As you can read below it all ended with the authorities closing the place. The local bands didn’t have too much trouble securing an new rehearsal-space but we couldn’t organise any more gigs there. Luc ‘Zak’ Vannieuwenhuyse had always been very supportive/helpful and made things ‘easy’ for us. Of course we weren’t too pleased…

Nevertheless, in hindsight, one wonders how history would’ve evolved. Perhaps I wouldn’t have joined Smurfpunx, wouldn’t have started organising tours, etc.? Would Smurfpunx have become what it became? No-one will know…


Here’s my thoughts on the events shortly after that day and the resulting situation, that I published in my ‘zine Tilt! #3:

The whole thing caused a lot of commotion in the Belgian hardcore/punk scene and some other zines published about it aswell…

>>May 31st, we could again experience how lax and excessive the power of the police is. Many among you know very well what I’m talking about but for the reader who has witnessed it: I’ld like to let you know about what ruined such a nice day. It was the day that the ‘Dirty Scums’ celebrated their 5th anniversay. All was set up at De Marbel in Tielt, where ‘Full Time Drinkers’, ‘Vortex’, ‘Black Vampire’, ‘Crisis-C’, ‘W.C.F.’, ‘Dirty Scums’ and ‘Ear Damage’ played. When the concert started around 2 p.m. with ‘Full Time Drinkers’, there were already a few with some alcohol in their heads… But things didn’t stay that innocent. A guy named Clochard from Antwerp went outside for a breath of air, so we were told, and blind-drunk he hit for the street where he pounded a dent here and there in the parked cars. Two police-vans immediately drove up, Clochard was arrested in a violent manner. Many punks didn’t accept that and started pounding/beating into the or smashing empty beer-bottles against the windows. The took off rapidly. The concert went on. About 2 hours later, by 7 p.m., reinforcements showed up: all entrees of De Marbel were blocked. A general identity check-up was conducted, where a metre long truncheons were used against anyone deemed acting somewhat ‘troublesome’; these all got a knock. Those who weren’t able to present their ID, were forcefully taken by the arm and dragged towards the vans as if they were criminals. There was a real chaos in the venue and on the street, that was barricaded by 2 police-vans and 3 gendarmerie-trucks. Nobody was able to get in or out of the street, and those in the venue who didn’t want to show ID, were not allowed to get out. A few got ‘lucky’ and were arrested and held in the 2 vans – Eddy, Dirk Verkain (Extra Punk Special) and another guy from Charleroi; they got out after about an hour. These vans were from the gendarmerie of Tielt, and they seemed reasonable. In the other they shoved 6 people (Victor of ‘W.C.F.’, Kris, Pascal, a girl from Lille and a few others. These cops came from Roeselare; they were lax, hypocritical and very violent. One of the lads was hand-cuffed and hard-handedly pushed into the van, the boy screamed in pain, his hand-cuffs were way to tight. After severe pains he was dragged from the van to loosen his hand-cuffs but they twisted his arms until he almost fell to his knees, the 4 gendarmes seemed to find great pleasure in this. When we tried to approach the van, they were waving their truncheons at us. We were totally powerless: it’s hard to imagine how you feel like when they treat your friends in such an underhand way! This whole scene lasted over 4 hours. Some missed their last train and about 8 were taken away by the gendermarie. I’m still angry for what happened yesterday. I didn’t get a good night’s sleep.[…] Totally incomprehensible all of this but what can you do…<< [Durty Skum #19 (Kim Deschacht)]

>>Some find that speed-metal destroys punk because there are still many stereotypical (old-fashioned) heavy-metal-boys around. But there are certainly also stereotypical 77-punx (not all of course) who believe that punk is nothing more than getting drunk, blowing and following your dick. As long as they don’t bother anyone else in doing so, they have every right, but they don’t have a clue about what punk is about. One can also find machos, wanting to act tough and treat a woman solely as the sum of a cunt and 2 breasts, amongst punx. The very same that mostly lie on the floor, stoned & drunk, at an energetic concert. It seems as if a part of those 77-punx have turned into the new hippies, whose apathy they were supposed to rebel against. They’re the same who, year after year, walk around in their Sid Vicious & ‘Exploited’ T-shirt for lack of a personality. It’s exactly them, wearing that well-known ‘punks not dead’ T-shirt, who spoil the whole thing every time. Usually I tolerate them but now I’m extremely angry at them! Because it’s these – asking everyone for some spare changes (the 10-frank-punx), stealing from others at gigs and always making a lot of fuss, throwing cans and acting tough – who again succeeded to fuck up a whole concert. What could’ve been a fun party at De Marbel in Tielt; was spoiled by a small group of boozers. Everyone was the victim of that. Late in the afternoon a whole army of the gendarmerie burst into De Marbel in true Starsky&Hutch-style. All 80 to 100 people had to show her/his ID, one by one, and the whole street was blocked. The police had to show its muscles once again. But where were they when in Nijvel innocent people were slaughtered in a supermarket? Great opportunity to get a good reputation that was… But the truth has its rights too. What makes me even more furious, is that the provocation didn’t come from the cops this time, but from a few drunks who offered them the stick, that they had been looking for since a long time, to beat us. They had deemed it necessary to pester innocent passers-by and someone even thought it was funny to kick a few cars. If his friends had taken the trouble to calm him down a bit, then nothing would’ve happened. But only after quite some time someone gave him a knock to calm him down. By then it was too late because a few cops came to get him after a complaint was made. It could have stayed to this one person if his friends hadn’t attacked the vans, bombarding them with beer-glasses and kicking them full of dents. If you do something like that, you would have to have a good reason, for instance a squat being evicted – that’s about fundamental rights and not for some misguided solidarity with a quarrelsome boozer who had asked for it. But some just wanted to be macho. Well done, keep it up! Then you’ll have one place less to go see your favourite bands and you can get bored some more. Congratulations! I thought this kind of senile, old jerks were gradually dying out because there hadn’t been any fuss at alternative punk/hardcore-concerts for a long time. When there were troublemakers, they were thrown out by the audience itself, so that the police didn’t interfere. Unfortunately there still seems to be many of them around. Do we have to get bouncers like in a stupid disco!?. The modern speed-metal fans seem to have more principles than some 77-punx. So, please, stop that bullshit about speed-metal! If punk and speed-metal have to be kept seperated, it’s not just because speed-metal fans would destroy punk but because some 77-punx would better stay at home in their beds sleeping of their booze.<< [De Rattebeet #2 (Jan Claus)] [‘Ear Damage’ and ‘W.C.F’. didn’t get to play because the concert was ended.]

Of course the establishment thought all this served these “druggies”, “rebels”, etc. just right. Here’s what appeared in some of the local newspapers…

>>‘Punk pub closed’ – Sunday evening the Tielt police received a complaint about a punk damaging cars in the vicinity of café De Marbel. The gendarmerie of Ruiselede and Roeselare were called in as reinforcement to pick up the perpetrator from a group of about 40 punks. The drivers were able to indicate the person and he was put in a van for interrogation. Then the skirmishes started. Pints were thrown at the police-vans while some pounded and dented the vehicles. They retreated with the culprit, but not for long. Help was called in from Gent and a bit later some 15 gendarmes arrived at the scene. In the back of De Marbel there was a room with some 100 congeners. Everyone was subjected to an ID check-up while about 10 of them were detained. Around midnight, once the fury was over, some were released. Four punks had to stay overnight. Tuesday-morning the mayor of Tielt decided to close the pub for a year.<<

>>The inglorious end of café De Marbel – After the disturbances of Sunday evening the police of Tielt, ordered by mayor Vander Meulen, shut down the pub De Marbel for one year. Because of that the person running it, ends up without any livelihood and a group of youngsters looses its ‘mekka’. “Of course it’s a pit that we have to take away someone’s income”, mayor Vander Meulen tells our editorial office, “but what is for us of utmost importance, is that all goes well in Tielt and that the peace is not disturbed. For years residents have serious complaints about noise and certain forms of vandalism. After what happened Sunday evening, we thought ‘enough is enough’ and after consultation with the security-forces we decided to suspend the pub.” The fact that we’re using a rather rough brush and forbid entrance to the pub immediately for a whole year, is mostly inspired by similar interventions in pop- and rock-pubs in the surrounding communities such as Oostrozebeke and Roeselare. “Initially I didn’t think of suspending De Marbel for a whole year”, the mayor tells us, “but we were advised to do so by qualified authorities”. Moreover, the mayor added that this period is not so binding. After a possible negotiation it can be shortened if an agreement is reached. The mayor thought it was especially serious because the guy running the pub had shown no signs any goodwill. “He knew that his venue was disapproved by the fire-department and hence was prohibited, but he ignored all of that. Well, if one doesn’t want to listen, then we have to intervene.” Pub-owner Vannieuwenhuyse himself of course has a totally different view. He claims he hasn’t received an official notification of the fire-department about the fact that the venue was rejected. Furthermore he particularly regrets that his pub and his public became the victim of the irresponsible behaviour of a few ‘strangers’ who normally don’t have anything to do with De Marbel. These outsiders usually agree among themselves to ‘grace’ a certain concert and last Sunday they chose the one organised by the ‘Dirty Scums’ at De Marbel. “When the whole thing got out of hand, I closed my pub for a while myself, and when everything was over and my pub was open again, then came the showdown of the gendarmerie. They’re out to find me. I’ve learned to live with the fact that there’s a razzia from time to time but what has happened now, I find very serious. Agreed, things were loud sometimes but after repeated insistence of the neighbours I cut down the amount of rehearsals to reduce that nuisance to a minimum.” What he will do now, Vannieuwenhuyse doesn’t know yet. So far he hasn’t undertaken any steps towards the mayor or the security-forces. All posters have from the front-window to make place for one: the closing-order that the police put up. De Marbel, a name known far beyond the Tielt borders, is (temporarily ?) no longer.<<

Some pictures of the police-raid:

Brob: myself and Victor ‘W.C.F.’ were held for a while when I tried to negotiate letting him go (he didn’t have any ID on him)…

--- De Marbel closed (Rattebeet 2)Impression on what happened by Jan ‘Jangle Ratpoison’ Claus in his zine Rattebeet #2

Marbel einde (Durty Skum #19)Account on the hurly-burly by Kim De Schacht in her zine Durty Skum #19


87-05-02 (De Marbel) Negazione – Skeezicks – Cólera – Repulsives

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One of the best gigs ever I set up in my hometown! My own band ‘Repulsives’ was at it’s zenith (with the recordings of a bunch of tracks – destined for a split-lp with Cólera on Hageland recs – later that month); and so was the Marbel-scene. Little did we know that the place was going to be closed down permanently by the end of that month, after a riot-squad cleared up the nearby streets (during an anniversary-gig of the ‘Dirty Scums’)…

Anyway, for that day I had managed one of favourite bands at that time to come over: ‘Negazione’ (with the help of Werner E., I think). We’d all been shouting along to the songs of ‘Tutti Pazzi’ & ‘Lo Spirito Continua’ and eagerly wanted to experience them live. Earlier that year ‘Repulsives’ had played with ‘Skeezicks’ (at a Hageland Hardcore concert) and since Armin & myself were corresponding/helping each other out, it was evident that these energetic Germans had to play aswell. The bill was completed with the (at that time) omnipresent [Netwerk, Aalst, 15 mar 87 (Cólera), Netwerk, Aalst, 17 apr 87 (Cólera), Concerts * NOT Smurfpunx] ‘Cólera’ (practically residents of Scherpenheuvel those days)…

I’ve floated through that day… I recall ‘Repulsives’ did an awesome set (with ‘Fascist Skins’ as a climax and several encores/covers); the other bands were of course equally if not even more appreciated; and a great time was had by all. It was truely a network of friends… A big contrast with the afternoon leading to the fall at the end of the month.

That afternoon I also made some preparations for an interview with the Italians (at that time: singer Guido ‘Zazzo’ Sassola, bassplayer Marco Mathieu, guitarist Roberto ‘Tax’ Farano and Fabrizio Fiegl on drums) for my ‘zine Tilt! And I hope that, before I die one of the remaining ‘Skeezicks’ (bassplayer Armin Hofmann & his bro Andy on drums, guitarists Carsten Bauer & Marc Helber, and singer Jürgen ‘Sunny’ Findlinger – R.I.P.) can let me know if there was actually a video shot of that concert… They’d also hung out at our rehearsal-space earlier the day because they came over early from Hasselt (where did they’d played the day before)…

As usual there were a people from everywhere visiting… The guys from the Charleroi fanzine (Deadly Fuckin’ Thrash Panzer), Laurent & Eric, were there (being big fans of ‘Repulsives’). They interviewed David Dutriaux of ‘Scraps’ there for their third issue…


I clearly remember my first visit at De Marbel. I was just about to become 16 and went to see kijken ‘Hate Crew’, ‘Heibel’ & ‘Lärm’ [87-03-08]. Unforgettable! I went over a few times later but this here was my last time there because shortly after the place got shut down. It was a top-bill. What a night… What a sweltering atmosphere, what an energy. That’s also what I realised the day after: around noon I got out of bed and noticed I had a black eye. Not that I’d gotten into a fight with anyone, I was/am ever so peaceable; no: apparently I had been participating in the moshpit too enthusiastically. That can happen. Especially being the little brat that I was… I remember the song Fascist Skins by ‘Repulsives’ ensured some commotion that night: a couple of skinheads couldn’t resist to start shouting …

Johan Maes

From an interview with ‘Skeezicks’ in the Belgian ‘zine ‘Total Chaos’ #1: >>What d’you think of the Belgian scene? Over the years, the Belgian scene has developed! A lot of gigs, nice people and last but not least great bands such as ‘Heibel’, ‘Repulsives’, etc. I’m looking forward to see more.<<


87-05-08 (De Marbel) Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers – Deviant Gedrag

Not even a week after the very succesful gig where my own band ‘Repulsives’ played with ‘Negazione’, ‘Skeezicks’ & ‘Cólera’, another Italian hardcore band visited my hometown… Werner of Hageland Hardcore had asked me, probably because he didn’t have a venue available in his area, and maybe because Tielt was becoming a hot-spot for HC gigs… Being able to count on the support of Zak who ran De Marbel (pub) and my mates, it wasn’t that difficult to say yes. This was right before De Marbel would be closed down by the cops and a month before I joined the Smurfpunx-collective…

We didn’t know ‘C.C.M.’ that well as other Italian HC bands (‘Declino’, ‘Kina’, ‘Putrid Fever’, ‘Raw Power’, Indigesti’, etc. etc.) but there was on open spirit and we wanted to get to know new people/bands. We’d heard of their enigmatic/unpredicatble-surprising/exuberant/… front-man Syd Migx and were eager to see him and the band at work. Little did I know that a few years later I was gonna collaborate with him on a kind of regular basis and even  sleep in his bed-room…

The rest of the band were more quiet lads (of stage): bassist Sandro Favilli, drummer Alessandro (Alex) & guitarist Antonio Cecchi. The first is running a promotion-agency in their hometown Pisa nowadays, Alex lives in Vancouver (Canada), Antonio teaches English in Pisa and Syd is living a somewhat secluded life (the others of ‘C.C.M.’ are not in touch with him anymore) in the area of Florence (after the ‘demise’ of ‘Big White Flash at 6’ and other projects)…

I had totally forgotten that ‘Deviant Gedrag’ also played that day but Izzy (guitarist) provided a photo of some of them and their friends (probably taken by Kockie, see below)…

I also remember there was a technical problem with ‘C.C.M.’s van: they couldn’t take of for Amsterdam (I think) immediately after the gig; I took them to a local garage to get it fixed and they stayed the night (upstairs, above the pub, at the venue) to go and pick it up the next day… Oh, and 25 years later I’m still wearing the T-shirt with ‘C.C.M.’s logo on the back and the ‘Into the Void’ cover on the front…


87-05-08 Deviant Gedag crew  (Marbel)L=>R: ‘Patat’ (Dirk VG), ‘Kassie’ (Kurt Rampelbergh), Dirk Jans & Izzy of ‘Deviant Gedrag’ & NN. Behind them Werner Hendrycks (De Vergeten Jeugd fanzine) is having a chat with Chantal (Hans Verbeke’s girlfriend at that time)…

Some pictures of ‘C.C.M.’ by Kockie:


87-03-08 (De Marbel) Lärm – Heibel – Hate Crew

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I was 17 at the time and very ‘green’. I don’t remember running into trouble with the police at this time, this would only occur later, at a show at the Roxy in Dendermonde, or at anti-Vlaams Blok rallies in Bruges. In the pre-internet age, concert-news was spread by word of mouth or by flyers and every concert back then was definitely an exciting event, and as the small Belgian network grew and grew over the coming years, we would start seeing more familiar faces from all corners of Belgium, Holland and France at these concerts. We had a scene, we had a place to go see bands and connect with like-minded people.

‘Lärm’ was a phenomenon and for my band ‘Chronic Disease’, they were the first musical template of trashy hardcore/punk. Fast, manic, political, anarchic and fun. The flannel shirts and bandanas were ‘in vogue’, stage-diving and slamming a sport, the music fast and ferocious. Imagine transporting a Californian ‘skate’-band from 1983 to that hall in 1987, they wouldn’t have believed their eyes…

Don’t remember if I met you here Brob but I knew I had to come see more concerts. Something was alive.

Steve ‘Sling’ (‘Chronic Disease’)

This concert was also nót organised by the Smurfpunx-collective but it was one in the series that I organised in my hometown before I joined the collective to go on organising in Aalst and surroundings after the venue ‘De Marbel’ (also rehearsal-space for my band ‘Repulsives’) got shut down as I described before [Netwerk, Aalst, 27 jun 87 (Ripcord)]; so it could be seen as a prelude to the Smurfpunx-era (at least for me).

As you can read it was annoucned as a ‘Suicidal Party’… Nothing too morbid though: at that time we were all just very much into ‘Suicidal Tendencies’ that had gotten their 1st record out. Everyone was into the ‘bandana & flannel shirt’ fad… The font was also nicked from that.

Anyway, it was (again) a great night with older and new-found friends; and  with ‘ripping thrash’… It was most probably then and there that some of us decided to follow the ‘Lärm’ – ‘Heibel’ – ‘Heresy’ tour the following summer in the U.K. And that was the night where Theun K. gave me the ‘Raw Power’ T-shirt that I’m still wearing from time to time.


Here’s what I wrote in my ‘zine Tilt! about the event leading to the end of gigs in ‘De Marbel’:

Violence sucks

De Marbel is closed … De Marbel was closed. This pub plus concert-hall was closed down by the authorities on May 31st. [1987] Since a few months this hall was intensively used by hardcore-punx for organising gigs. The guy who runs the place is someone who keeps an open mind for all sorts of music. He was always ready to support and help people in the hardcore-scene. In that way Belgian and foreign punk/hardcore-bands would play there for only low entrance-fees. It’s a pity things got down on his head…

As with all concerts in every scene it’s difficult to handle a ‘big’ audience in the right way. I (as organiser of hardcore/punk-gigs) dare say that on our gigs there’s less violence than on so-called big concerts (e.g. Slayer; GBH – even people die there!). Me and everybody who organises hardcore/punk-gigs always try very hard to arrange things as good as possible. Hardcore-punx in general are not beasty troublemakers people tend to see in them. In fact upcoming aggression is always handled with care and controlled from the inside through discussion and if necessary intimidation. Also the straight-edge ideas that blew a positive wind through our scene, caused a lot of people to leave the nihilistic ‘77 mentality and to criticize society in a more constructve way. Many of us are not the boozers or the junkies moral majority wants to see in us. It’s only a pity that sometimes loners, who think that acting tough should be their one goal in life, are identified too late.

This was what happened in ‘De Marbel’ on May 31st. A drunk poseur thought it was necessary to damage a few cars. Such things are totally useless and that he was driven away for questioning only seemed logic. The forces of law being yelled at is also not abnormal. But as where in big cities such little things are left for what they are, the police in Tielt and their friends from the surroundings thought it necessary to show their strength. An hour after the facts, a police-force, out of proportion compared with what happened, blocked the street with several vans. People who were outside getting some air fled back into the hall to avoid the truncheon-swirling cops. It was evident that they, by acting so provocative (yelling, shouting, pointing and swirling their truncheons nervously, making stupid remarks, intolerance,…) could expect a reaction. A lot of people were held for hours in police-vans that were too small and over-heated, not aloud to say a word, without being able to go for a pee. Handcuffs were shut real tight, someone was kicked,… And all this for really stupid reasons (e.g. an identity-card that couldn’t be read). Nobody was searched for drugs! Nevertheless this is a reason, locals think, the hall is being closed. Nobody in the police-force could or would tell us the purpose of the action. Everybody was considered a potential criminal. To me it’s clear that this repressive action only had one goal (that had been decided for a long time but for which a reason was to be found): the closing of this concert-hall so that this subculture was depraved, withdrawn from it’s support and no longer could live there. Another example of the tolerance our little country is so well known for…

Why am I telling you all this ? It’s obvious isn’t it ? To prevent that things like this happen again! The pub was reopened after a month … luckily, but the hall is to stay closed. There are some (very) good halls in our scene. Let’s try to keep them. Organisers, try as hard as you can to keep violence out of your halls. Take care the authorities don’t find any reason to take actions against your hall or your audience. We gotta stigmatize everyone that’s out to make trouble and if problems occur, we gotta solve them all together … Bands/fanzines condemn every form of violence! Violence sucks! Unity’s the key!

The above may sound a bit negative but our Belgian scene is still one of the best. I had the opportunity to visit some other European countries during my holidays and I sometimes found a much more violent attitude than over here. For instance a lot of people in the UK scene still seem to think violence is a must … Ridiculous how skateboard-showing psychobilly’s wearing baseball-caps and ‘Sisters of Mercy’ on their jackets, hit everything that comes within their range. Repulsive how two ‘sisters of evil’ mindlessly wondering in a nihilistic ‘77-atmosphere kick and hit ordinary trashers just ‘for fun’. Mötley Crue-loving headbangers posing on stage for a quarter of an hour before diving – haha, jumping is what I’d call it – from the stage. Poor, poor London … But what do you expect, putting rockstars on stage … eh, stupids?

Tilt! #3 – oct 87 [also: De Marbel closed down…]

‘Lärm’, photo courtesy of Stephane Bruyaux

Jos & Menno (‘Lärm’) photographed by Kockie) [spot the scenesters in the background… ;-)]]


87-04-03 (De Marbel) Detonators – Instigators – Deviant Gedrag

Smurfpunx (Tielt 86, Instigators) bis

Tielt, hometown of my band ‘Repulsives’ and where I started my (fan)zine ‘Tilt!’. ‘De Marbel’ was a local pub where (hardcore)punks were wellcome.  There was a small ‘venue’ attached to it where we (and ‘No Numbers’) rehearsed. The guy who ran it, Zak, was also cool about letting us organise concerts there and letting bands sleep over. After a gig there regularly was a nice get-together in the small room above the pub… I remember Bruce and Juan definitely liked Belgian beer.

For some reason the Smurfpunx-collective (which I wasn’t part of yet) didn’t have a place to do that show when they were asked to by the person who did the tour for ‘Detonators’ and ‘Instigators’ so we arranged for them to be able to do it there… This gig took place in ’87, not ’86. ‘Deviant Gedrag’, a very good band that we’d witnessed live already before [Gele Limonade, Aalst, 19 oct 85] was the ‘support’. Nice people that we became friends with and would meet regularly. Also ‘Instigators’ [Jungle Of Joy, Antwerp, 12 dec 87 (Instigators)] and even ‘Detonators’ [Netwerk, Aalst, 4 may 89 (Detonators)] would be back for more Smurfpunx-concerts.

‘Boule’ Burgelman and ‘Bollie’ Nijs interviewed Bruce Hartnell, guitarist/vocalist of ‘The Detonators’ (He was originally the bassist but switched when the singer left.) for Onno Hesselink’s zine Peace Or Anihilation (#10) that night. They were a solid punk-rock band from the Los Angeles area. Besides frontman Bruce, there was Juan Camacho (guitar), ‘Korky’ Ollerton (drums) and Pat(rick) Fargher (bass). After this tour the latter 2 were replaced by drummer Karl Fowler and bassist Darren Baker. Their LP Balls To You was recorded later (Spring ’88) with Scott Adamo on drums and Bryson Carter on bass… On their website (, there’s a bit of history which shows they already had quite some things accomplished already…


Nowadays, I work as a audio-engineer at an opera-house in Eugene, Oregon. The only other guy still around from those days is Juan but he’s not playing music anymore.

I ran into Cuzzy from the ‘Instigators’ when he was on tour as a roadie and his act played my hall. He’s a drum-tech for the ‘Sex Pistols’. Tez runs as label in England and Mooney is the photographer for England’s national football-team…

Bruce Hartnell

Andy Turner interviewed in the Belgian ‘zine ‘Total Chaos’ #2

‘Instigators’, pictures by Kockie:

‘Instigators’ line-up here: Andy (Andrew) ‘Trimble’ Turnbull on bass, Andy ‘Tez’ Turner on vocals, Steve ‘Cuzzy’ Curran on drums & Simon Mooney on guitar.

Instigators Marbel 3
Instigators Marbel 2

Dirk Jans, ‘Deviant Gedrag’ (photo -probably- by Veerle Brion):

From the ‘Instigators/Detonators in Europe’ diary in Problem Child #4:

>> The reason: Communication; giving the ‘Detonators’ [Bruce Hartnell (vocals & guitar), Juan Camacho (guitar), Eric Cappucchi (drums), Pat Fargher (bass); the latter 2 left the band after this tour] the chance to tour extensively through Europe without all the monetary hassles usually associated with crossing the Atlantic. For ‘Instigators’ it was an opportunity to re-visit places, meet friends again and to re-open old wounds, etc.

Road-crew/babysitter: Andrew ‘Baz’ Barrow * Tour-crew: Reiner Mettner/Albert Asthma

[…] We’d lost the part of our map with Belgium on it so it took us a while to find this place, it didn’t help that it wasn’t signposted until about 10 miles outside the actual town but we found it and the show was another goodie. We broke our first stage of the tour, almost half the stage caved in, leaving us no too much room to move around, so we resorted to having a stage-diving competition in the middle of The Blood is On Your Hands. There were some brill leaps, some quite insane. WE were ‘fined’ after the show for drinking £50’s worth of beer we shouldn’t have and perhaps didn’t. <<

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