88-01-23 (Netwerk) Swampsurfers – La Cosa Nostra – E.N.E. – Oh Dev! – No Tomorrow Charlie

review in the Rattebeet #4 (Jan Claus)

The Winterswijkers couldn’t make it. Can ‘t remember why. 2 other Dutch bands came over…

‘La Cosa Nostra’, hardcore/punk band from Heerenveen (Fryslân/Friesland), rose from the ashes of ‘Murder Inc. III’. Jan ‘Aaszo(o)’ Switters (also ‘Kädävérbäk’) played guitar for them. He also set up loead of gigs in venues such as Het Pakhuis & Best Genôg. The others in the band were ‘Boer Biet’ (Martin Apeldoorn; drums), ‘Mier’ (Meindert van der Werff; bass) & ‘M.C.’ Marius Bauer (vocals).

I have no recollection of ‘E.N.E.’ whatsoever… I do no know they were from Groningen and obviously were a piss-take on the British ‘Extreme Noise Terror’; some of them would later turn up in bands such as ‘Mushroom Attack’ & ‘Fleas & Lice’. Jan Claus writes in his review they let people in the audience play their guitar.

‘Swampsurfers’ were a quartet from Limburg (The Netherlands) who had released their album (Varied Food For Lost Minds) on Hageland recs (recorded September ’87). They were: Rino Vincken (vocals), Jo Kieboom (guitar), Han van der Gouw (drums) and  Frank Smeets (bass).

‘Oh, Dev’ – also from Dutch Limburg –  played punky, noisy garage-rock. Their line-up changed a few times but must’ve been Ruud Wolters (drums), André Albers (vocals/guitar),  André Kaysers (bass/backing-vocals) & Chris Reutelingperger (guitar) at that time [Peter Janssen of ‘Pandemonium’ told me he played bass for them in ’87]…

‘No Tomorrow Charlie’ was a trio from Gent playing music in the style of ‘Gore’, ‘Melvins’ and other ‘heavy’ bands.


The line-up of ‘N.T.C.’ at that time was: Nicolas Vanelslander (bass), Rudi Vansteenkiste (guitar), Foane Vandoorne (guitar), Ludo Huyghe (drums). I seem to recall that Linda Arts was the one who introduced us (she was an trainee/student at Netwerk).

Ludo Huyghe



90-02-03 (Netwerk) Doctor And The Crippens – Intense Degree – Jailcell Recipes

Was this a Smurfpunx concert? Don’t think so… [No, it was definitely nót!] I would’ve been there but I don’t recall ever having seen these bands play live (with all the fireworks and jinglebells, I should remember if I did). I was asked to help ‘em out but maybe I was busy with other things (‘Force Fed’ & ‘K.O.O.’) or (more likely) I didn’t feel like it… It’s quite possible that Michel DC’s team was then contacted and they did the show…


‘Heresy’ say that you are the best, most competent organiser they have encountered, so I’ld like to ask you if you’ld be interested to organise a short tour for ‘Intense Degree’. They formed in 1984 and play this ultra-fast speed style. They’re now coming to attention as the ‘new UK Thrash Gods’ hahaha…

Dig; Earache recs (personal communication ’88)

‘Jailcell Recipes’ were good but ‘Intense Degree’ were (for me) disappointing. Don’t know what it was but their sound was so ‘full’, heavy. ‘Doctor and The Crippens’, on the other hand, were very good; very original with their costume-play, wigs, etc. The singer was going for it: spitting fire, playing with foam (A pile of foam on a plate, cracker in it and of it went!).

A pity ‘Extreme Noise Terror’ didn’t come over. Rumour went there’s some disagreement in the band… I don’t like grindcore too much but ‘E.N.T.’ are a special case, with their 2 singers and all…

There wasn’t that much of a crowd. Very annoying were those nihilistic 77-punks: with their heavily studded leather jackets and their mohawks (which I rather like): they definitely stood out; especially ‘cause they were also very drunk. Otherwise, the new ‘hooded sweatshirt’ fashion nowadays to me seems also highly exaggerated and commercial!)…

Ingo Meskens (personal communication ’90)

Gig-review in Pyrobolum #2

‘Doctor & the Crippens’ played in Liège (organised by the people of Nabate), the day after they played for Smurfpunx. Alain & Manu hated that band for one reason or the other. Was it because of the puppet-show they brought along (I remember that their singer was spitting fire in the middle of the floor in Netwerk) [Brob: There’s a few vids (not from the gig in Aalst) on YouTube to get an idea…] or because they just thought they were incredibly annoying blokes? Can ’t remember that…

Philippe Vanden Weygaert (‘Ronald Ruck’)

Yes I remember this one quite well… I’m not sure how the gig came about as Wayne used to arrange the bookings for us. I do recall we were in Aalst for quite a few days and sleeping in the bar just around the corner. Touring with ‘Intense Degree’ was a lot of fun as they were totally crazy like us. ‘Jailcell Recipes’ were friends of mine from Wigan. I seem to recall we did 3 gigs in Belgium. But to be honest my memory from those days is a little blurred to due the excessive alchohol-/ weed-intake…

These days I’m a techno DJ performing internationally and releasing my own productions on various labels. As well as having my own label.

The ‘Crippens’ members were Nick Palmer (vox), Tom Myall (guitar), Wayne Elliot (bass) and myself, Dave Ellesmere (drums). I know that Tommy and Nick formed a new band but I don’t know if it’s still going as one of their members died recently. I have had contact with them over the years but after the band finished we never really stayed in touch. I did form a new band with Wayne called ‘Brainless’, which I did after ‘Disgust’ as we were working at Plastichead (a punk / metal distro based in Oxford) together.

David Ellesmere (‘Dr & The Crippens’)

‘Dr & The Crippens’; pictured by Philippe Anthonis

‘Intense Degree’ [Frank Pendlebury (drums), Liz Thirtle (bass), Rich ‘Dick’ Hill (vocals), Richard Collins (guitar) & Richard Cutts (guitar)]

‘Jailcell Recipes’ [Dave Arnold (bass), Ian Barwick (drums), Jamie Owen (guitar) & Robbie Reid (vocals)]

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