Punk after 40?

*** More music

Alain ‘Spiritus’ ‘Louie’ Vanderborght (guitarist ‘Brainorgasm’, ‘O.I.L.L.’, ‘Anguish’): vocals/guitar for ‘Les Talons Gitans’

Andreas Ludvigsen (drummer ‘L.U.L.L.’): runs Diehard Music, “Denmarks first, biggest and most influencial ‘extreme-music’ record-company” (

Andy ‘Tez’ Turner (singer ‘Instigators’) runs the London office for Ferret Music Europe and Metal Blade records UK

‘Banshee’ (vocalist ‘Koyaanisqatsi’): DJ Psyborg (trance)

Bart Demey (drummer ‘Youth Crew’ & ‘Skullcrusher’): part of the elektro duo ‘Nid & Sancy’

Bart Schoofs (bassplayer ‘Mind Exit’): bass in ‘The Red Light Rumors’ (also with Kurt De Bont, ex-‘Charlie Don’t Surf’, ex Hageland Strikes Back, on drums)

Bart Verlent (Swompy fanzine): bass for ‘BabyDry’ (

‘Bootsie’ (drummer ‘Scoundrels’): drummer for ‘Die Anarchistische Abend Unterhaltung’ and ‘Kapitein Winokio’; ‘Butzenseller’ & DJ

Brent Belke (‘S.N.F.U.’ guitarist): film-music composer (

Carsten ‘Jacke’ Bucher (bassplayer/singer ‘Leberwohlstand’): sound-engineer & owner of recording-studio ‘Track 1’ (

Christoph Ulbich (singer ‘Anti-Toxin’): sound-editor for films, sound-designer (Berlin)

Claire Van Herck (Hageland Hardcore): band-assistant / assistant tour-manager ‘Foo Fighters’

Daz Smith (singer/bassist ‘Kings Of Oblivion’): self-employed recording- and mastering-engineer (

Dirk Ceustermans (bassplayer ‘Koyaanisqatsi’; guitarist ‘Ear Damage’): bass for ‘Blood Curse’ (together with Larrie & Pies of ‘Capital Scum’; and Hugo of ‘C.P.D.’) – split Feb 2012

Dirk Jans (drummer ‘Deviant Gedrag’, ‘Indecency’, ‘5Les’): drummer for ‘De Mens’

Dominik Schetting (drummer ‘F.F.F.): after that ‘Parasitum Mobile’ (‘F.F.F.’ with another singer), ‘Combat Fleur’ (with Andi), ‘The Puke’ (77-Punkrock), ‘The Gee Strings’ (77-Punkrock) and nowadays ‘Molotow Soda’ (German Punkrock) & ‘1982’ (original German punk-songs from 1979-1983; 3  generations of punx)

Dorien Chachmany (guitarist ‘Do Or Die’): teaches and performs African/Brazilian dances

Eelco Boonacker (bass for ‘Union Morbide’): promotion-manager/radio-TV promotion at CNR Entertainment BV/Roadrunner records

Frank Parewyck (‘Violent Mosquitos’ bassplayer and Smurfpunx dude): bass for ‘Pandaz’

Frank Pendlebury (drummer of ‘Intense Degree’): ‘Assert’ (

Gary Cozocar (drummer of ‘Problem Children’): ‘Class Assassins’

Gwynn (‘Loud Warning’): bass for ‘N.R.A.’ & promotes shows at ‘camping Zeeburg’, the biggest backpacker camping in A’dam

Han van der Gouw (‘Swampsurfers’ drummer): ‘Fuckin’ Pissed’

Ian Murphy (‘Depraved’ & ‘Visions of Change’): singer for ‘Section 13’

Jane Guskin (‘Yeastie Girlz’): bass in ‘Huasipungo’ (also drums & vocals in a band which hasn’t been playing recently, called ‘Joda!’; 1996-97 bass/vocals in a ‘Profits of Misery’, and in 1992 ‘Growing Up Skipper’)

Jan-Martin Jensen (sound-engineer for ‘Stëngte Dører’, ‘Within Range’, ‘Life But How To Live It’): booking and promoting concerts (Radar Booking)

Jim Whiteley (bassplayer ‘Napalm Death’ & ‘Ripcord’): guitar for ‘Warprayer’ & bass for ‘Extinction Of Mankind’

Jeroen Lauwers (bass for ‘Nations On Fire’): solo electronica-project ‘Red Stars Over Tokyo’

John Millier (drummer for ‘Ripcord’, ‘Can’t Decide’): ‘Violent Arrest’

Kalvin ‘Kalv’ Piper (bassplayer ‘Heresy’ & ‘Force Fed’, In Your Face recs): bass for ‘Geriatric Unit’

Karl Nagel (‘Militant Mothers’ vocalist): covers ‘Bad Brains’ songs in German (

Keith Burns (‘Political Asylum’ drummer): bassist/vocalist in the ‘Rush’ tribute-band ‘Moving Picures’

‘Lärm’ (Paul, Olav & Jos) still play together in a ‘Seein’Red’ (without Menno); both bands quit in 2012

Lars Thomsen (‘L.U.L.L.’ guitarist): guitar for ‘Heatfarm’

‘Leffe’ (singer ‘Chronic Disease’): guitar (formerly for ‘Katastrophobia’, now) for ‘Ravaged’

‘Ludde’ (Smurfpunx-dude): singer for ‘Muckrakers’

Marc Belke (‘S.N.F.U.’ guitarist): hosts radio-shows (

Marcel Fery (‘Ceresit’ vocalist): director of finance and technology of TSE (Technik und Service für Events) AG (event-management company: sound-engineering, mixing and light-techniques)

Marcel ‘Ko’ Kok (sound-engeneer ‘Indirekt’): professional sound-measurement/-management ‘db Control’

Marco Hinic (1st guitarist ‘Vortex’): develops software to visualize music (

Michel Kirby (guitarist ‘Mental Disturbance’): later in ‘Deviate’, ‘Arkangel’, ‘Length Of Time’; runs Electrocution record-store in Brussels

Pat ‘Labie’ (singer-guitarist ‘Scoundrels’): sound-engineer & owner of ‘Recording Studio 195’

Raphael D. (guitarist ‘Scraps’): guitarist/vocalist for ‘Résilience’ (

Ronald Hogeboom (‘W.C.F.’): guitarist of ‘Crawfish’

Ron Goris ( singer ‘Laitz’): sound-engineer

Ruud Swering (guitarist ‘Indirekt’): guitar (formerly ‘Antic Hay’, now) for ‘Stagger 3’

Sandro Favilli (bassplayer ‘C.C.M.’): ‘Prom-o-rama’, promotion-agency for several labels and artists from Italy and abroad

‘Sling’ (drummer ‘Chronic Disease’): drummer for ‘Soulwax’ & DJ

Stephen Brown (1st ‘Political Asylum’ guitarist): professional musician; guitarist in the ‘Rush’ tribute-band ‘Moving Picures’

Steve ‘Cuzzy’ Curran (‘Instigators’ drummer): drum-tech for the ‘Sex Pistols’

‘Stel’ (his 1st band ‘Subversion’ recorded some songs for a 7″ and compilations): bass for ‘Starspawn’ & ‘Unk!’; runs a show at Radio Scorpio in Leuven (punk, HC, metal)

Steve Charlesworth (drummer for ‘Heresy’): drums for ‘Geriatric Unit’

Steve ‘Baz’ Ballam (guitarist for ‘Ripcord’, ‘Heresy’, ‘Can’t Decide’): ‘Violent Arrest’

Steve Dewar (guitar for ‘Political Asylum’) is in a folk-band called ‘The Assassenachs’ and has an electro-project ’23 Second Fractal’

Tomoy (bass for ‘Scraps’): bassplayer for (‘Rood Arch’, ‘Unhinged’; now:) ‘Gun Addiction’

‘Tufty’ (David) Clough (bassist ‘Toxic Reasons’ & ‘Zero Boys’): co-owner of ‘Radio Radio’, a concert-venue in Indianapolis (USA) (

‘Tweeva’ Luc Deckers (bass for ‘Dawn Of Liberty’): bassist in the metal-band ‘Patriarch’

Uli Reiße-Gross (guitarist ‘K.G.B.’): runs the ‘Wild At Heart’ club in Berlin (

Walter Raben (bass for ‘Cry Of Terror’): singer-songwriter, introducer of ‘Waltzen Raven Theatertruck’; designs costumes for stilt- & street-theatre (

*** About the dead

Axel Willekens (“the 1st Belgian anarcho-punk”) died in his sleep

‘Bollie’ Ivan Nijs (singer ‘Heibel’) …

‘Bomber’ Manzullo (drummer ‘R.K.L.’) died due to heart-failure as the result of a long-time battle with drug-addictions

Børre Løvik (guitarist ‘So Much Hate’ & ‘Stengte Dører’) died March 2007 (at the age of 41)…

Dirk Van Alboom (visitor, later singer/guitarist ‘Time Out’): died on stage of a cardiac arrest during a gig at the Vort’n Vis in September 1997

Erik Jansen (drummer of ‘Funeral Oration’ & ‘Gepöpel’): fell from the stairs, got into a coma and died April 2008

Ewan Hunt (‘Political Asylum’ bassist): lost his long battle with leukemia, December 2015 (aged just 49)

Fabrizio Fiegl (drummer of ‘Negazione’): died of a heart-attack July 2011

Hans Engel (singer-guitarist ‘Vernon Walters’): murdered in Spain in 2003

Jason Sears (singer ‘R.K.L.’) died due to complications while undergoing a detox-treatment

‘Jenz’ Chris Lannoo (‘Dirty Scums’ bassist): lost the battle with the big ‘C’ in April 2019

John Brenchley (‘Atavistic’ drummer): killed by a drunk driver in 1999

Jo Kieboom (‘Swampsurfers’ guitarist) …

Michel Weijgertse (‘Union Morbide’ drummer): died of a heart-failure in his sleep

Mario ‘Marbels’ De Vooght (drummer ‘No Debt’, ‘Legal Suffering’, ‘Factory Pilot’): suicide (2003)

Marc Verbeeck (bass/vocals for ‘Zyklome-A’ & ‘Ear Damage’): R.I.P. June 2018

Martine ‘Manskracht’ Berx (‘Heibel’ vocalist): died in a motor-accident March 2019

‘Paco’ Francisco Carreno (drummer ‘Conflict’): R.I.P. February 2015

Peter Zirschky (singer ‘Funeral Oration’): stabbed to death

Phil Vane (singer ‘Extreme Noise Terror’): died in his sleep

Raf Du Bois (guitarist ‘Les Schtroumpfs Alcooliques’): died in a car-accident

‘Redson’ (Edson) Pozzi (guitarist/singer ‘Cólera’): died of a cardiac arrest September 2011

Richard ‘Dickie’ Hammond (guitarist ‘H.D.Q.’): R.I.P. October 2015

Soetkin S. ‘Soe Soe’ (visitor of many a concert): poetess ‘Medusa SuSu‘; R.I.P. April 2013

Steve Demaret (drummer ‘Anguish’): R.I.P. December 2015

Stinky (singer-guitarist ‘Repulsives’): was hit by car while riding his Vespa on a sunny sunday-morning

‘Sunny’ Jürgen Findlinger (singer ‘Skeezicks) …

Toon Puttemans (‘Zyklome-A’ guitarist): R.I.P. June 2013

Vincent Delcorde (‘Vortex’ drummer): R.I.P. January 2014

Werner Excelmans (Hageland Hardcore): R.I.P. April 2017

Wim Van Belle (Non-Conform zine): died of a brain-tumor March 2014

Wiz (singer/guitarist ‘Mega City Four’): collapsed at a band-rehearsal because of  haemorrhage on the brain-stem, in 2006

*** Remarkable (or maybe not?) evolutions

Andreas Ludvigsen (drummer ‘L.U.L.L.’): tattoo-artist (

Bart Belmans (1st guitarist ‘Bad Influence’): runs a small plantation specialized in growing herbs, wild plants and forgotten vegetables (

Bart Schoofs (bassplayer ‘Mind Exit’): cartoonist/publicist (

Bart ‘José’ Van Malderen (‘Xinix’ vocalist): MP for the Flemish Parliament

‘Buzby’ (Brian) Birchell (‘Ripcord’ vocalist): emigrated to Iceland and teaching?

Cammie Toloui (‘Yeastie Girlz’): professional photographer in Portland, Oregon & Brighton, UK

Daragh Hayes (‘Sons Of Ishmael’ bassist): teaches English at a college

David D. (singer ‘Scraps’ & ‘Nations On Fire’): moved to Germany where he teaches languages at the ‘Berlitz’ institute

Dirk ‘Scum’ Vansant (singer ‘Zero Positives’): shepherd (in the U.S.A. and now back in Belgium:

Dominik Schetting (drummer ‘F.F.F.’): social worker at Abenteuerspielplatz, (children’s farm) ‘Friedrich-Wilhelms-Hütte’

Erwin Van Mol (guitarist ‘X-Creta’): cartoonist

Ewolf (drummer/singer ‘Angry Red Planet’): professional photographer in Detroit

Felix De Witte (‘Q104’ concerts): works for ‘Plan België’, an NGO, who defends the rights of children in Afrika, Latin-America and Asia

Ferko Bodnar (guitarist ‘Laitz’): agricultural engineer in Africa

Fitzjoy Hellin (one-time Smurfpunx collaborator): ended up as a tour-manager/ engineer/ accountant for band such as Rancid, The Offspring, etc.  20 years later living in L.A., touring with Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani and all the rock-bands in between… (Weezer, Stone Temple Pilots, etc.)

Hans A. (singer ‘Cry Of Terror’): runs the smartshop ‘Inner-Eye Smart Lifestyle Store’

Hellen van der Harten (guitarist/singer ‘The Plot’): film-maker, director (

‘Holy’ Herwin De Winter (singer ‘Bad Influence’): runs ‘Modern Angels’ tattoo-studio

Jamie Sims (‘Force Fed’ singer): illustrator, freelance artist (

Jan ‘Doomy’ Claus (visitor and Vort’n Vis mogul): independent environmental & science-educator (

Jeroen Lauwers (bass for ‘Nations On Fire’): works at ‘Het Besloten Land’ comic-shop (

Joep Van Liefland (‘Laitz’ bassplayer): runs ‘Autocenter’, a non-profit artist-space in Berlin (

John March (‘Concrete Sox’ drummer; ‘Heresy’ vocalist): emigrated to Australia; doing layout for a biker magazine

Joost Goeminne (‘Yuppies’ Death’ singer): teacher in a secundary school & professional plant- and tree-grower

Joris Rombouts (drummer ‘Bad Influence’): diving-instructor (

Jos Houtveen (‘Lärm’ bassist): elementary school principal

Joyce Jimenez (‘Yeastie Girlz’): imports and sells furniture from India; in L.A.

Jurgen ‘Jurgenowski’ Surinx (‘Capital Scum’ bassplayer): psychologist

Kate Samworth (bassplayer of ‘Fire Party’): graphic artist in Philadelphia (

Katja Benneche Osvold (singer ‘Life But How To Live It’): teaches media & communication at a secondary school

Kim De Schacht (editor of Durty Skum zine): runs a casting-bureau (Kim Casting)

Kris V. (‘Anguish’ guitarist): freelance cameraman

Lorelei R. (tour-promoter): English teacher in Italy

Maniet ‘Petite’ Voets (bassplayer ‘Bambix’): painter, designer, screenprinter (

Marco Mathieu (bassplayer ‘Negazione’): journalist for ‘La Repubblica’ newspaper

Michiel Bakker (singer ‘Profound’ & ‘Man Lifting Banner’): teaches history and social science at a highschool

‘Moses’ Arndt (singer ‘Challenger Crew’; ‘Zap’ magazine): physician

Murielle Celis (singer for ‘Anguish’): painter (

Nathalie Delisse (‘Bambix’ guitarist): painter, photographer & graphic artist (

Onno H. (guitarist ‘5Les’ & ‘Indecency’): co-founder GSM-provider ‘Ello Mobile’

Paul Morris (guitar & vocals for ‘Sons Of Ishmael): owns a company that supplies uniforms for icehockey-teams (

Pete Chramiec (guitarist ‘Verbal Assault’): owns a homebuilding company that builds energy-efficient houses

Raphael D. (guitarist ‘Scraps’): works in an association that provides guidance for drug-addicts

Rick Strahl (bass & guitar for ‘Attitude (Adjustment)’: runs ‘West Wind Technologies’, a web-development company on Hawai

Simon Mooney (guitarist ‘Instigators’): professional photographer ( &

Stefaan Daamen (bassplayer, later guitarist ‘Cyclone’): editor for TV-production-company ‘Sputnik TV’

‘Stel’ (editor ‘Het Schandaal’ zine; contributor for ‘De Nieuwe Koekrand’ & ‘Maximum Rock’n’Roll’): microchip-designer at IMEC (“Europe’s largest independent research-centre in nano-electronics and nano-technology”)

Thomas Issler (We Bite records): internet-marketeer – “marketing-orientated web-expert”, “internet Succes Coach”, “Specialist Informatics, Macromedia; e-commerce manager and trainer at WorldSoft AG”

Tobias Schlepper (‘Pullermann’ bassplayer): lawyer

Tim Freeborn (‘Sons Of Ishmael’ singer): teaches English at a university

Walt Molt (‘Ewings’ guitarist): owner/managing director of the Berlin-based brand IrieDaily (

*** Books & stuff

Burkhard Meyer-Sickendiek (drummer ‘Anti-Toxin): author & lecturer German literature at the University of Berlin

Helge Schreiber (Plastic Bomb zine): author of ‘Network Of Friends – Hardcore-Punk der 80er Jahre in Europa’

Ian ‘Slug’ Glasper (bassplayer ‘Decadence Within’): author of ‘The Day the Country Died’, ‘Burning Britain’ & ‘Trapped in a Scene’

Kate Rosenberger (‘Yeastie Girlz’): owner of Dog Eared Books, Phoenix Books & Red Hill Books; she also paints (

Kiki Didden (Scherpenheuvel scenester): author of ‘Polar Fury’ [AK Press: “Book about Punk loosely based around her own and borrowed texts – a large part being from ‘The Philosophy of Punk’). Packed with photos from the Ibiza underground club-scene and the Belgium hardcore/punk-scene, Kika successfully creates a no holds barred, pro-feminist, pro-sexual and pro-DIY document of rebellion. Includes a CD of 15 Belgian hardcore bands.”] (

Marc Hanou (‘B.T.D.’, ‘Betray’, etc.) & Jean-Paul Frijns (Value Of Strength zine): ‘The Past The Present 1982-2007 * A History of 25 Years of European Straight edge’

‘Moses’ Arndt (singer ‘Challenger Crew’; ‘Zap’ magazine): author of ‘Chaos Tage’ & ‘New York City Hardcore’

Ramsey Kanaan (singer ‘Political Asylum’): formerly ‘AK Press’, now ‘PM Press’

Steven Taylor (guitarist ‘False Prophets’): author of ‘False Prophet: Field Notes from the Punk Rock Underground’


  1. A word of appreciation for this blog. I got here through another forum and thought: “Didn’t our singer belong to that?” Ludwig! Fun to read what he was up to in the old days, but also the other stories. Anyway, in case you didn’t know: people are reading this and are interested. Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Gijs (Muckrakers) — 02/20/2010 @ 22:18

  2. Børre Løvik dead… Shit! I liked that guy.

    Comment by Duco — 03/08/2010 @ 18:09

  3. ‘Subversion’ recorded 2 songs for 2 compilation-lp’s: ‘Bollocks to the Gonads, here’s the Testicles’ (on PAX records, UK) and a few on the ‘Second Time Around’ tape (Punk Etc., Bel). Those were released as a 7″ on a US label in 2008.

    Comment by Stel — 03/19/2010 @ 10:29

  4. Mentioning all the skins and punks all over the world, being famous in Aalst during the fabulous gigs and making punk what punk was meant to be. ‘Spermbirds’: “Get on stage”. We all had and have a life. Fight fascism!

    Comment by Patriek D. — 12/30/2010 @ 12:45

  5. I’m the drummer for ‘The Red Light Rumors’, ex-drummer for ‘Eyesoar’, ‘Charlie Don’t Surf’, ‘Buddy Wiseguy’, ‘Setting Sun’, ‘They Are Programmed’, founder of Hageland Strikes back (alternative label, mostly compilation-tapes, distro) later became The Shipwreck Detective (tour-management/ tour-driver/ concert-promotor). I also worked as a volunteer for the Belgian alternative label Funtime records and co-founded Aarschot’s youthcentre De Klinker. I help at concerts for Heartbreaktunes and used to volunteer for Orange Factory. The Shipwreck Detective is active again as concert-promotor in and around Leuven. Also started a new label (Fuck No! records) to release ‘The Red Light Rumors’ (Bart Schoofs playing the bass and Kurt De Bont hitting the drums). Unfortunately I never went to Smurfpunx-gigs…

    Comment by Kurt De Bont — 03/03/2011 @ 21:14

  6. Two of ‘R.K.L.’s five members died drug-related deaths. It seems that the band’s full name (‘Rich Kids on LSD’) was applicable…

    Comment by Duco — 06/12/2011 @ 18:44

  7. Does anyone knows what became of Kockie, the ultimate hardcore folkore? ;-) I recall that he made a sport of featuring in as much album thank lists as possible. And indeed the number he managed to get on must run in the dozens. :-)
    [Brob: Kockie is alive and (relatively) well. A lot of the pictures on this blog were taken by him. Also: he did help a lot of bands/people.]

    Comment by Duco — 07/20/2011 @ 21:51

  8. A mate from the past gave me a copy of Helge Schreiber’s book (Thanx a million Bernd!)…
    Here’s is some info about it. And of course people can buy it!

    Comment by Brob Tilt — 10/28/2011 @ 16:47

  9. Redson of Colera deceased?
    Saw the band here in Belgium not very long ago…

    Comment by Dirk C. — 02/08/2012 @ 16:57

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