Crowd-shots @ Smurfpunx

From time to time I’ll post some pictures of the audience at Smurfpunx concerts here… If you see someone you recognise, let me know.

the crowd going crazy during ‘Ripcord’s set (Netwerk, 88-09-03); far left: Alain Nabate in ecstasy & Werner H. taking a snapshot

L: Ward (‘Nations On Fire’, Goodlife recs) & Jan Claus (Rattebeet zine, Vort’n Vis) * Netwerk, 88-04-02

Saskia V. (‘Shortsight’) ‘in devotion’ *Netwerk, 89-03-19

Agna, the attentative photographer, and her partner Gunter Vaes (Netwerk, 88-10-16)

crowd at ‘Hate Crew’s gig (Netwerk, 88-04-02), pictured by Nathalie Guyot:

‘Snake’ & friends (De Ridderstraat, outside Netwerk)

‘Snake’ & Guido (‘Hate Crew’) in a serious discussion… ;-)

far left (background): Harry Liebens; front: Koenraad ‘Zander’ Sanders [R.I.P.] & David ‘Daffy’ De Vries

David ‘Daffy’ De Vries & ?

locals Stefan & Marleen

provider of many of the photographs: Nathalie Guyot… Thanx!

86-05-10, Roxy, Dendermonde; crowd-shots by Serge Harvent:

Youth roaming the streets… ;-)

the crowd going wild during ‘Herey’s gig (Netwerk, 88-01-30) (pics by Mike DuBois)

more later…


  1. Second photo from the top: the guy looking straight into the lense is local [Aalst area] kid Jeroen De Knijff.

    Comment by Pieter Plas — 08/09/2011 @ 08:47

  2. The guy in the 3rd picture with the Never Again” T-shirt & red bandana (‘Hate Crew’ 2 apr 88 crowd) is my brother Wim Van Belle (+ 11/03/2014 of brain-cancer) who did No-Conform fanzine.

    Comment by Bart Van Belle — 05/26/2015 @ 20:51

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