Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 5 oct ’86

86-10-05 Scherpenheuvel - Government Issue

86-10-05 Scherpenheuvel - Government Issue (bis)

5 oct ’86 (‘Parochiezaal’): Government Issue (USA), S.C.A. (Nl), Heresy (UK) [not on the flyer], Concrete Sox (UK), Capital Scum (Bel)

There’s some more info about this on the introductionary page Hageland Hardcore concerts Scherpenheuvel

Photos by Onno Hesselink * ‘Government Issue’:

86-10-05 Government Issue' (Sharphill) by OnnoJohn ‘Stabb’ Schroeder (L corner: Ludo Van Noppen, photographing: Veerle Brion)

86-10-05 Government Issue (Sharphill) by OnnoJ. Robbins

Photos courtesy of Kurt ‘Kassie’ Rampelbergh * ‘Government Issue’:

86-10-05 Government Issue (Sharphil) by Kassie(L) ‘Witte’ Werner E., ‘Sox’ of ‘Capital Scum’, Pascal Mariën (Resist ‘zine) – Brob (?) central – Onno H. & Ludo VN (R)

86-10-05 Government Issue' (Sharphil) by KassiePeter Moffett

Photos by Helge Schreiber * ‘Government Issue’

86-10-05 Government Issue (Hageland HC) by Helge S J. Robbins – John ‘Stabb’ Schroeder – Tom Lyle

Photos by Kockie * ‘Strong Concetration Of Anger’:

86-10-05 S.C.A. (Sharphill) bandMarcel (bass), Folkert ‘Fokkie’ Walraven (vocals), Rob van der Pol (guitar) & Gerry Berthauer (drums)

86-10-05 S.C.A. (Sharphill) vox86-10-05 S.C.A. (Sharphill) git86-10-05 S.C.A. (Sharphill) drum86-10-05 S.C.A. (Sharphill) bass

86-10-05 SCA (Sharphill) by Helge SFolkert ‘Fokkie Outlawz’ Walraven – Rob van der Pol (Sproet in the background; Anne Ulrich from Trust taking pics) * Photo by Helge Schreiber

Vic ‘Concrete Sox’ (pics by John Van Den Broek & Stan ‘Zap’ B.):

86-10-05 Concrete Sox (Sharphill) by J vdBroek86-10-05 Concrete Sox - Vic

86-10-05 Concrete Sox'''‘Concrete Sox’ (photo by Stan ‘Zap’ B.)

Kalv ‘Heresy’ (pic by Jenny Plaits):

86-10-05 Heresy - Kalv (by Jenny Plaits)86-10-05 Heresy Kalv @ Sharphill (Jenny Plaits)

86-10-05 Heresy - Sharphill crowd (Jenny Plaits)‘Heresy’ & audience  (Jenny Plaits)

86-10-05 Heresy @ Hageland (Face Up To It)John March (‘Heresy’); photo by Veerle Brion (on the back of Face Up To It LP)

86-10-05- Capital Scum (by Stan 'Zap' B)Larry & Pies ‘Capital Scum’ (photo by Stan ‘Zap’ B.)

86-10-05 Capital Scum

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