87-11-14 (Netwerk) Cyclone – Brain Cancer (extra photos)

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Photos taken by Veerle Brion (‘Brain Cancer’) & Kockie (‘Cyclone’). Thanks!

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87-11-14 Cyclone 0Stefaan Daamen (bass) – Giancarlo Langhendries ? (drums) – Pascal Van Lint (guitar) – Guido Gevels (vocals) – Pablos Alvarez ? (guitar)

87-11-14 Cyclone 1 (+ Pascal Fiers)87-11-14 Cyclone 287-11-14 Cyclone 387-11-14 Cyclone bass87-11-14 Cyclone drum87-11-14 Cyclone git a87-11-14 Cyclone vox87-11-14 Cyclone git b

‘Brain Cancer’:

87-11-14 Brain Cancer Bart'87-11-14 Brain Cancer Bart''Bart Brion

87-11-14 Brain Cancer Areuh87-11-14 Brain Cancer Q

Areuh Sertyn (bass) & Larry Rostyne ? (guitar)


87-11-14 (Netwerk) Cyclone – Inhuman Conditions – Hate Crew – Brain Cancer

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One of the most controversial ones that we ever put up was that so-called ‘come back concert’ of ‘Cyclone’ (who were on Roadrunner, then a subsidiary of Universal, by the way). There we were screwed, period! Certain Smurfpunx-members had been smoothly talked into booking the concert, based on promises that it would be the very first appearance of the band with the new line-up. We announced it that way on the promotion materials too, only to find out that they played De Kiët (a grotty metal pub situated a few blocks from Netwerk) and in Ternat (not that far from Aalst) one week before they were supposed to play at Netwerk. I myself wanted to cancel the thing right away and put up a door-sign for the audience saying that they could thank the main act’s unreliability for showing up for nothing. When others did gave in I had enough. I don’t have the original of the flyer and poster anymore (as I do have for most other gigs). Probably I tore it up or put my lighter at it out of sheer rage and frustration at the time…


‘Inhuman Conditions’ were a bit of a metal-band too. Actually, I didn’t know the band before my pal Bernd Backhaus (who was doing Battlefield zine at that time and was kind of their ‘manager’) introduced met to them and sent me a tape asking to book ‘m a few shows. So I arranged for them to play this one and sorted them a gig for the next day with ‘Attitude’ in Scherpenheuvel. We weren’t afraid of a pinch of metal and thrash, were we? I could enjoy the musical influences for sure but the attitudes sometime made me puke. But we tried to give it a chance from time to time. Sometimes it turned out OK, sometimes…not so… Some in ‘Cyclone’ had a bit of an ego but singer Guido was a sensible guy (most of the time -smile) and Stefaan (at first on bass, later guitar) was a fine chap. I remember him spending the night with us (my band ‘Repulsives’, that is) in Leuven, after being chased by skins after our gig at the Q104…

Wasn’t ‘Hate Crew’ a metal-influenced hardcore-band either? Sure they were and a good one too. With 5 appearances (a record?!) at Smurfpunx concerts (most of them were part of the collective and whenever a band cancelled they fell in; they also didn’t hesitate to lend equipment when necessary), they definitely were thé Smurfpunx house-band! Good friends too and I gladly set up their tour through Germany later on. Great adventure! Nice people aswell: Duco (guitar), Kris (vocals), Guy (bass), Mone (drums) & Guido (guitar)…


…from the Belgian fanzine Het Schandaal (#10; 2nd half of the 80s) =>

87-11-14 Cyclone (het Schandaal #10)

photos of ‘Cyclone’ & ‘Brain Cancer’

‘Inhuman Conditions’ 1987 * left to right: Thorsten – guitar, Ridi – vocals, Arnie – bass, Thomas – guitar, Piefke – drums (pic kindly donated by Bernd B.)

Photos of ‘Inhuman Conditions’ from the collection of ‘Phantom’ (R.I.P.) of the Charleroi Slam Crew =>

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