Hate Crew tour 1988

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This is a piece I wrote about the tour I did for/with ‘Hate Crew’ (see: Brob’s tours). It was intended for my zine Tilt! but somehow never made it to that… Some of them were mates/ members of the Smurfpunx-collctive so it was only obvious that I helped them out, ‘specially since my own band ‘Repulsives’ had split up. Duco had left the band just before the tour. Along for the ‘ride’, besides the band-members (Kris, Guy, Mone & Guido) and myself, were Smurfpunx Mokka & Snake and Mone’s girlfriend Caro…


Here’s the info-sheet that was written for the tour:

And here are some of the flyers of the tour:

88-07-09 Hate Crew (Hamburg)88-07-10 Hate Crew (Düsseldorf)88-07-15 Hate Crew (Bielefeld)88-07-16 Hate Crew (Frankfurt)88-07-14 Hate Crew (Nindorf)————————-

René Harx in WajlemacOur mate René Harx (from Eindhoven) visited the show in Hamburg


90-09-02 (Netwerk) Sons Of Ishmael – Turun Tauti – Nessun Dorma

In March 1990 Chris Black wrote me asking for help because his band ‘Sons Of Ishmael’ wanted to tour. ‘S.O.I.’ (from Toronto, Canada) at that time were Chris Black (drums), Myke Canzi (guitar), Tim Freeborn (vocals), Paul Morris (guitar and vocals) and Daragh Hayes (bass). They’d had the opportunity to tour Europe in 1987 (together with ‘So Much Hate’ – see Netwerk, Aalst, 31 oct 87 (Lärm)) but had to decline that offer (‘Ignition’ did it). It was short notice and I was already busy with other things so I introduced them to my friend and tour-promoter in Germany, Frank Babel). Eventually, it was Theun Koelemij (allround nice bloke from the ‘Lärm’ entourage) who organised the Dutch/Belgian part of the tour and Germany/Switzerland was taken care of by Lena from Düsseldorf; all the gigs were together with ‘Nessun Dorma’. This 1990 European tour was 52-dates (seven countries). They came back for another one in 1991 but split up after that… I saw them a couple of times before this show so we all got acquainted. This was the last concert of that tour and the best I saw of them; a big party. Myke, however, didn’t play here as he went back to Canada prematurely… (see his comment on their ’91 gig in Concerts * POST Smurfpunx)

The Brits of N.D. stayed over for the night to take the ferry to the UK the next day… ‘Nessun Dorma’ (Bristol) were Seamus Cummins (bass), Paul (vocals), Phil (drums), and Ju & Tony ‘Tone’ (guitarists). They would come over a couple of times again later (see Vort’n Vis concert-list)… They recorded some tracks May ’90 and would put them on tape with others from March ’91; these appeared on a demo (called Your Chocolate Factory Needs You). Some of the songs were re-recorded, together with others, in Oct 1991 for the Chew It Over LP (on Mike Foster’s label M.C.R.).

‘Turun Tauti’s tour was (I think) also arranged by Lena from the AK 47 squat in the Kiefernstrasse in Düsseldorf. We met her for the first time when we were over there with ‘Hate Crew’ in 1988. The Fins didn’t bring a backline but this was no problem as we told bands that we wanted to create an atmosphere of cooperation and non-competition: other touring bands borrowed their equipment (except for maybe a snare or bassdrum-pedal that were most vulnerable) and at a certain timepoint Smurfpunx also owned their own backline.

Jukka, who used to be in ‘Turun Tauti’ (nowadays singing in ‘Sotatila’), informed me there were many different ‘Turun Tauti’ line-ups… On that tour it was probably Jarza (Jari Heimola) singing, Luigi (Arto Toikkanen) on guitar, Janne ‘Jace’ Ollikainen on bass and…maybe Tom ‘Tomppa’ Arpiainen on drums? They definitely didn’t play the ‘typical Dis-style’ that Fin-punx are mostly known for…

At first ‘Chumbawamba’ & ‘Karma Sutra’ were planned for that day. Nicolas, a lad from the North of France who often came to HC/punk gigs in Belgium, had convinced a whole bunch of people that he was doing a tour for them. We had no reason nót to believe him but it turned out that he had exaggerated/bragged about it all: after I’d written Cobie (Chumba member) about it, the answer came there was no tour…

Not so much people (200-250) showed up but there was a very nice atmosphere…


My good friends of ‘Nessun Dorma’ really enjoyed playing this one…

Mike Foster, M.C.R. records (personal communication ’90)

We were supposed to leave Arnhem, Holland at 10 a.m. that day but we woke up at 11, left at 12:15 p.m. and got lost on the way, no doubt leaving Brob worried in Aalst. I enjoyed a nice walk around the town and though I bought nothing at the sidewalk-sale I did learn about Dirk Martens, pioneer of the printing-press in the 1500’s. Back at the club ‘Nessun Dorma’ had technical problems so they played ‘Napalm Death’ covers. ‘Turun Tauti’ played and afterwards one of the members staggered around the venue apparently having had far too much to drink. Our performance was mediocre so at some point I sang ‘The Hockey Song’ (a popular Canadian country-music song) which prompted one angry audience-member to tell me to “shove your country-music up your ass”.

Thus ended the first tour of Europe by ‘Sons Of Ishmael’. After two months I was ready to go home as I was suffering from ‘punk-rock burnout’…too much travel, too much loud music, a sore body from sleeping on floors and too few showers.

Paul Morris (‘Sons of Ishmael’)

Recent attempt to recall the September 1990 show in Aalst (if that’s even where it was): I remember a somewhat-stylishly dressed adult with a handlebar moustache passed out in front of the venue. I remember our set sounding a little thin, Myke having abandoned us for the groves of academe the week before. I remember ‘Turun Tauti’: they drank, they raged, they drank some more. I remember being slightly intimidated by them. I remember Phil’s attempt to burn his shorts to celebrate the end of the tour and to increase his chances of getting lucky on his subsequent jaunt through Europe. I remember pushing the van to send ‘Nessun Dorma’ on their way before being whisked off to eat crepes and maple-sugar at Theun’s place.

Tim Freeborn (‘Sons of Ishmael’)

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