88-01-30 (Netwerk) Heresy – Ripcord – Cry Of Terror – Anguish

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I can hardly believe that ‘Heresy’ only played ‘Netwerk’ once… This band has been a big part of my ‘hardcore’ life. I’ve follewed them on tour (with ‘Lärm’ and ‘Heibel’ in the UK), organised tours for them and their follow-up bands, had a lot of contact with John March (whom I considered a friend) and Kalv Piper (mainly helping him out getting the vinyl from his ‘In Your Face’ Recs around)… Also ‘Baz’ Ballam (‘Ripcord’) played for them a while. This was also the last continental appearance of ‘Ripcord’ with singer Buzby who was about to be “kicked out” due to “personal reasons”. Next time he was replaced by their former bass-player Steve.

The performance of ‘Heresy’ was one of the best I ever saw. 500 people attended this gig! Even Jos of ‘Lärm’ came all the way from Amersfoort. ‘Heresy’ & ‘Ripcord’ both played a powerful set and there was lots of stagediving, etc. John (‘Heresey vocalist) ‘s words were very heartfelt. He came across as one of the most caring people in the international hardcore-scene and definitely had my support. His slogan ‘A Network Of Friends’ didn’t fall into deaf ears with me.

It was a fantastic night. Everybody was pleased.

‘C.O.T.’ were (line-up on their 1st lp) Pierre/Peter ter Bogt – drums, Wouter Maarse – guitar, Walter Raben – bass, Hans Aalbers – vocals. Ronald Hogeboom (‘W.C.F.’ guitarist ) was the 2nd guitarist for some months in 1988 but he didn’t play at this concert. Afterwards (1989) Marc Baks joined on 2nd guitar. Nardo Ahlte, who helped organise concerts at the famous Chi Chi Club in Winterswijk probably came along as their ‘manager’…


I think you’ve done a great job in organising these dates for us. We’re very grateful to you. THANKS! We set off Thursday-morning to pick up ‘Ripcord’ in Weston-Super-Mare, Trev driving the 15 seater mini-bus (had to fit the 2 bands and all the equipment), and played a ‘No More Censorship’ benefit in Brighton, then took the ferry to Ostend and drove Straight of to Holland. [Brob: I’d set up a weekend of concerts for both bands (Baz had started playing guitar for ‘Heresy’ aswell) – Aalst, Winterswijk and Eindhoven – this time.]

John March, ‘Heresy’ (personal communication ’88)

Our concert was terrific, great audience (it was ‘busy’), terrific sound, beautiful venue, good stage; everything was up to standards. Also the organisation was first-class. Thanks for everything!

Hans Aalbers, ‘C.O.T.’ (personal communication ’88)

a ‘Cry Of Terror’ promo-photo from that time… (action pics below)

What I remember after 20+ years is the packed venue with tons of good-minded and enthusiastic people (slamming, moshing, diving). The audience went totally crazy from the first moment as was always the case in Belgium. A very successful evening. What I also recall is that we played with ‘Heresy’ and ‘Ripcord’ twice that weekend: in Winterswijk (Chi Chi Club) [Brob: I arranged that…] and in Aalst ( Netwerk). I néver forgot that we had great and amazing times in Belgium!

Hans Aalbers, ‘C.O.T.’

I definitely recall the shows of ‘Ripcord’ and ‘Heresy’ in Netwerk. What an energy! Such an atmosphere! Hundreds of people forming a ‘circle-pit’ and screaming from the top of their lungs full of enthusiasm. When you threw yourself in such a circle-pit, it was broiling; but standing tight next to it, it felt like a human fan that could cool us down a bit (smile). ‘Ripcord’ & ‘Heresy’ left such a unforgettable impression on me that I still remember it until today. Smurfpunx indirectly gave me and some others the inspiration tot start the Vort’n Vis in Ieper [Brob: independent youth-space for concerts, etc. that I would join when Smurfpunx folded…].

Jan ‘Doomy’ Claus

Reading ‘Trapped In A Scene’ by Ian Glasper and visiting the Smurfpunx site from time to time brings back good memories. One of the best gigs I ever attended was [this one here]: ‘Anguish’ from Belgium, ‘Cry Of Terror’ from Holland and ‘Ripcord’ & ‘Heresy’ from the UK. Can’t remember much of ‘Anguish’ but they were very political. ‘Cry Of Terror’ were a metallic HC band. They released a 7” and 2 albums on Old World Records and contributed to various compilations. And then came ‘Ripcord’ and ‘Heresy’! I was (and still am) very much into them and both played a great set which you can listen to here: Ripcord & Heresy Live Netwerk, Aalst 1988. There were like 500 people at the gig and the atmosphere was great. No troubles at all. If I could use the word positive hardcore then it should have been like that all the time.


I couldn’t agree more with Leffe: we were huge fans of both ‘Heresy’ and ‘Ripcord’, especially after catching the surprise ‘Heresy’ gig in Scherpenheuvel some time before. The most energetic and ripping band back in those days. ‘Network of friends’…it really was. I don’t remember the opening bands but funnily enough I do seem to remember I once made a T-shirt design for ‘Cry Of Terror’…


This is a concert burned deep into my abused brain’s pleasure-centre. My girlfriend (at that time) ’s band ‘Anguish’ played… I was, together with Brob, backstage and after I think the third song, we looked at each other and we shook our head: it was that good; a totally own sound.

Victor ‘W.C.F.’

<<That concerts cán be fun, snug and great, was proven by these 4 bands. ‘Anguish’ is a Belgian band with a male singer (who occasionally recites poems between the songs) and a female vocalist. ‘Cry Of Terror’ is a Dutch band from Winterswijk. I hadn’t heard of them before but they were excellent. After them the English band ‘Ripcord’ hit the stage, and these set the venue ablaze. There was a whole lotta stagedivin’ going on. ‘Ripcord’ was awesome. They ranted against animal-torture, meat-eating, etc. Last up was ‘Heresy’: unbelievably fast and above par. A lot of new songs so can’t wait for their new album (‘Face Up to It’).>>

‘What’s Up?’ #2 (’88; Dutch fanzine)

John & Baz (‘Heresy’) (photo by Mike Du Bois)

Steve & Kalv (‘Heresy’) (photo by Mike Du Bois)

‘Ripcord’: Buzby in action, supported by Baz & Jim (pic: Nathalie Guyot)

Baz (‘Ripcord’); photographer on the left is Werner H. (taken by Bart Van Mulders, courtsey of Nathalie Guyot)

88-01-30 Ripcord Buzby jump (Bart Van Mulders)Buzby – Fur Is Murder (picture by Bart Van Mulders)

88-01-30 Ripcord John - (Bart Van Mulders)‘Ripcord’s John Millier (picture by Bart Van Mulders)

88-01-30 Heresy @ Smurfpunx (Face Up To It) by Werner H‘Heresy’ pic from the Face Up To It LP, taken by Werner H. (Anmie Geeraets in the R corner)

More photos here: Netwerk, Aalst, 30 jan 88 (Heresy, Ripcord, C.O.T., Anguish) photos

Buzby in Keep Laughing zine…

‘Cry Of Terror’ pics (courtesy of Mike Du Bois) * Walter (bass), Hans (vocals), Pierrre (drums), Wouter (guitar):



  1. I remember, it was a night full of raw power and tons of energy. Don’t resist, just go!

    Comment by Joerie R. — 09/17/2010 @ 12:49

  2. A comment from Baz on
    >>I’d completely forgotten all about this gig. Funny hearing our firt singer singing songs that our second vocalist recorded! Never heard these before. My memories of this gig are very hazy. I do remember the pit being massive,like a huge whirlpool!!
    Also: that mini-tour I had to play two sets every night as I was playing guitar for both bands at the time.<<

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 01/23/2011 @ 10:00

  3. Sling, don’t know about the T-shirt design but you did draw the cover for ‘Sorrow and Perdition’, the first album of ‘Disabuse’ (another band from Winterswijk).

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 01/29/2011 @ 11:49

  4. People can listen to the track (Dinner behind a Barred Window) by ‘Anguish’ on the Thrashold compilation here
    [Brob: for some info/pics of ‘Anguish’ go to Q104 concerts Leuven]

    Comment by Bart W — 09/20/2011 @ 16:24

  5. For an interview with ‘Anguish’ (1987), go to Anguish (interview Tilt! #3)

    ‘Heresy’ interview in HippyCore #4

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 10/09/2011 @ 09:49

  6. ‘Heresy’ live recordings

    Comment by smurfpunx — 09/10/2017 @ 16:32

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