Concerts * POST Smurfpunx

What happened after Smurfpunx? Brob continued to do tours and got involved with collectives such as the ‘Vort’n Vis’ in Ieper, later ‘Newland’ in Herentals and HC/punk-concerts in Gent and elsewhere. Again, a (most probably incomplete) list is provided; some shows were also organised by others… Feel free to contact us with additional info… Maybe someone wants to do blog on these too?

*** ‘Vort’n Vis’, Ieper => Vort’n Vis in the 90s

*** Aalst & surroundings

12 sep ’91 (‘Netwerk’, Aalst): Hard-Ons (Oz)

14 sep ’91 (‘Netwerk’, Aalst): Junkfish (Bel), Wardance (UK), 5Les (Bel)

??? ’91 (‘Netwerk’, Aalst): False Prophets (USA), 5Les (Bel) [animal rights’ day]

4 apr ’92 (‘Netwerk’, Aalst): Leatherface (UK), Dog Faced Hermans (UK/Nl) [Blokbuster benefit]

10 oct ’92 (‘Pluto’, Herzele): Indirekt (Nl), Mushrooms (Bel)

21 nov ’92 (‘Netwerk’, Aalst): My Dying Bride (UK), At The Gates (Swe)

13 dec ’92 (‘Keizershallen’, Aalst): Prong (USA), Corrosion Of Conformity (USA), …

*** Liège

18 feb ’90 (‘Maison des Jeunes de Thier’): Kings Of Oblivion (UK), Force Fed (UK), The Membranes (UK)

19 apr ’90 (‘Maison des Jeunes du Nord’): Trottel (Hun), René Binamé & Les Roues de Secours (Bel)

6 may ’90 (‘Salle du Club des Jeunes du Péry‘): Sore Throat (UK), Hiatus (Bel)

18 jun ’90 (‘Maison des Jeunes de Thier’): Can’t Decide (UK), Force Fed (UK)

13 jul ’90: (Centre Recréatif ‘St Gilles’): Pleasant Valley Children (UK), Chronic Disease (Bel), Incertitude (Nl)

20 jan ’91 (‘Maison des Jeunes de Thier’): Mushroom Attack (Nl), Scraps (Fra), Private Jesus Detector (Bel)

29 mar ’91 (‘St Gilles’): The Plot (Nl), Exhaustless Revolt (Bel)

19 may ’91 (‘Chez Lulu’): Cringer (USA), Citizen Fish (UK)

24 may ’91 (‘Chez Lulu’): Dog Faced Hermans (UK)

2 jun ’91 (‘Chez Lulu’): Nausea (USA), Concrete Sox (UK), Private Jesus Detector (Bel), Hiatus (Bel)

4 aug ’91 (‘Maison des Jeunes de Thier’): Oi Polloi (UK), One By One (UK)

9 aug ’91 (Centre Recréatif ‘St Gilles’): Oi Polloi (UK), One By One (UK)

11 oct ’91 (‘Maison des Jeunes de Thier’): Trottel (Hun), Billy and the EPs (?)

6 dec ’91 (‘La Zone’): Green Day (USA)

8 feb ’92 (‘La Zone’): No Security (Swe), Hiatus (Bel), Zero Positives (Bel)

7 mar ’92 (‘La Zone’): One By One (UK), Private Jesus Detector (Bel), Pertotal (Bel)

16 apr ’92 (‘La Zone’): Born Against (USA), Nations On Fire (Bel)

1 may ’92 (‘La Zone’): Hiatus (Bel), Mushroom Attack (Nl), Verbrante Erde (Ger)

28 jun ’92 (‘La Zone’): Rorschach (USA), 6 Feet Over (Fra)

11 sep ’92 (‘La Zone’): One By One (UK), Sedition (UK), Embittered (UK), Human Lethargy (Gre)

18 sep ’92 (‘La Zone’): Svart Snö (Swe), Downcast (USA), Slum Gang (UK)

3 oct ’92 (‘La Zone’): Disaffect (UK), Seein’Red (Nl), Hiatus (Bel)

26 feb ’93 (‘La Zone’): Pissed (USA), 6 Feet Over (Fra), Hiatus (Bel), Doom (UK)

13 mar ’93 (‘La Zone’): Anarcrust (Nl), Quite Fresh Phobia (Nl), Acoustic Grinder (Bel)

19 mar ’93 (‘La Zone’): Sofa Head (UK), Dope Posse (Nl)

27 mar ’93 (‘La Zone’): Disorder (UK), Fleas & Lice (Nl), Bacillus (Nl)

3 apr ’93 (‘La Zone’): Dirt (UK), Hellkrusher (UK)

2 may ’93 (‘La Zone’): Bugeyed (UK), Brawl (Ire) [Ivich (Fra) on the flyer], Agathocles (Bel)

14 may ’93 (‘La Zone’): One By One (UK), Sedition (UK), Active Minds (UK)

25 jun ’93 (‘La Zone’): Disaffect (UK), No More (Lux), Subway Arts (Lux)

3 jul ’93 (?): Undone (Fra), Wounded Knee (Lux), Autonomia Indigena (Fra), Shatter The Myth (?), … [“concert de soutien aux femmes de Nicaragua”]

11 sep ’93 (‘La Zone’): Health Hazard (UK), Witchknot (UK), Dawson (UK)

2 oct ’93 (‘La Zone’): Ivich (Fra), Corpus Christi (Bel), Unhinged (Bel)

11 oct ’93 (‘Planète Interdite’): Disrupt (USA), Hypocritical Society (Ger), Hiatus (Bel)

28 oct ’93 (‘Planète Interdite’): Selfish (Fin), Uutuus (Fin)

8 nov ’93 (‘La Zone’): Neurosis (USA), Trottel (Hun)

13 nov ’93 (‘La Zone’): Dubmerge (UK), P.N.A.T.S.H. (Ger)

19 nov ’93 (‘La Zone’): Girls Against Boys (USA)

22 nov ’93 (‘Planète Interdite’): Hellkrusher (UK), Unhinged (Bel)

23 nov ’93 (‘Planète Interdite’): Dirt (UK), Coexist (Fra), Viktor’s Hoffnarren (Swi)

11 dec ’93 (‘La Zone’): Hiatus (Bel), Unhinged (Bel), 4 Minute Warning (Bel)

? dec ’93 (?): Assück (USA), ABC Diabolo (Ger), Nations On Fire (Bel)

18 feb ’94 (‘La Zone’): Health Hazard (UK), Kitchener (UK), Seein’Red (Nl)

18 mar ’94 (‘La Zone’): Brawl (Ire), Fleas & Lice (Nl), Coexist (Fra)

? apr ’94 (‘La Zone’): Kulturális Szemle (Hun)

11 jun ’94 (‘La Zone’): Disaffect (UK), Ivich (Fra), Hypocritical Society (Ger), Headache (UK)

23 jun ’94 (‘La Zone’): Escape (Fra), Tromatism (Fra), Hiatus (Bel)

9 sep ’94 (‘La Zone’): Jobbycrust (UK), Bleeding Rectum (UK), Oi Polloi (UK), Corpus Christi (Bel)???

18 nov ’94 (‘La Zone’): Svart Snö (Swe), Corpus Christi (Bel), Greenscab (Swe), Zarbi Band (Fra)

28 jan ’95 (‘La Zone’): Vanilla (Fra), Rood Arch (Fra), Unhinged (Bel)

24 feb ’95 (‘La Zone’): Health Hazard (UK), Headache (UK), Coexist (Fra)

14 mar ’95 (‘Planète Interdite’): Headache (UK)

13 may ’95 (‘La Zone’): ABC Diabolo (Ger), Enola Gay (Ger), Carcer Molochi (Bel)

16 sep ’95 (‘La Zone’): Extinction Of Mankind (UK), Suffer (UK), Cosmetic Sucks (Fra), Unhinged (Bel)

25 nov ’95 (‘La Zone’): Quarantine (UK), U.Y.I.  (Ger), HomoMilitia (Pol), Scatha (UK)

15 dec’ 95 (‘La Zone’): Alians (Pol), Anarcrust (Nl)

16 mar ’96 (‘La Zone’): Kort Process (Nor), Brawl (Ire), Boycot (Nl), Honey Honey (Bel)

31 mar ’96 (‘Planète Interdite’): Virtual Reality (UK)

6 apr ’96 (‘La Zone’): Stalingrad (UK), Underclass (UK), Hiatus (Bel)

17 may ’96 (‘La Zone’): U.Y.S. (Ger), Ebola (UK), René Binamé (Bel)

27 sep ’96 (‘La Zone’): Quarantine (UK), P.A.I.N. (UK), Korrupt (Ger)

16 oct ’96 (‘La Zone’): Kort Process (Nor), Brawl (Ire), Honey Honey (Bel)

26 oct ’96 (‘La Zone’): Virtual Reality (UK), Headache (UK), Dropdead (USA), Manfat (UK)

27 oct ’96 (‘La Zone’): The Vidal Band (Fra), Hard To Swallow (UK), Los Crudos (USA), D’Rotzbouwen (Lux)

31 oct ’96 (‘Planète Interdite’): Virtual Reality (UK)

24 dec ’96 (‘La Zone’): Extreme Noise Error (Nl), M.V.D. (Ger), Ebola (Ger), Chaos Bastards (Bel)

28 dec ’96 (‘La Zone’): Zygomatic Zone (Fra), Harlot Haste (Bel), Dawnbreed (Ger), Headache (UK)

15 feb ’97 (‘La Zone’): Rubbish Heap (Bel), Vide Psychique (Swi), Unhinged (Bel)

15 mar ’97 (‘La Zone’): State Of Fear (USA), Hiatus (Bel), Katastrophobia (Bel)

4 apr ’97 (‘?’): The Ex (Nl), Alians (Pol)

29 mar ’97 (‘La Zone’): S.M.C. (Cro), Sarcasm (UK), Fakofbolan (Cro)

8 apr ’97 (‘La Zone’): Scatha (UK), Counterblast (Swe)

28 may ’97 (‘La Zone’): Dystopia (USA), Katastrophobia (Bel), Disgusting Lies (Pol) ?, Kimusawea (Ger) ?

14 aug ’97 (‘Space Bar’): Enstand (Fin), No Redeeming Social Value (USA), K.H.C. (Bel)

14 sep ’97 (‘La Zone’): Quarantine (UK), Kort Process (Nor), Counter-Attack (Bel)

11 oct ’97 (‘La Zone’): Kimusawea (Ger), El Vidal Sonido (Fra), Vanilla (Fra)

17 oct ’97 (L’Entrepot’): Polaris (UK), Kito (UK)

2 nov ’97 (‘Entre-Temps’): Palatka (USA), Seein’Red (Nl), Unslug (UK)

29 dec ’97 (‘L’Entrepot’): Choas Bastards (Bel), Unhinged (Bel)

27 may ’98 (‘La Zone’): Holefiller (Bel), His Hero Is Gone (USA), Link (Bel), Petrograd (Lux)

5 jun ’98 (‘Casa Nicaragua’): Inner Terrestrials (UK)

8 jun ’98 (‘?’): Tuomiopäivan Lapset (Fin)

12 jun ’98 (‘Carlo Levi’): Fleas & Lice (Nl), Bad Influence (Bel)

8 aug ’98 (‘Barricade’): Active Minds (UK), Third Degree (Pol)

9 sep ’98 (‘La Planète’): Endstand (Fin), Outlast (Swe), Belief (Bel)

11 sep ’98 (‘La Zone’): Zorn (Ger), Kill Flavour (Ger), Insane Youth (Bel)

3 oct ’98 (‘La Casa Nicaragua’): Anaal Kabaal (Bel), Seized (Can), Placebo (Can)

23 oct ’98 (‘La Casa Nicaragua’): Eradicate (UK), 51 Days (UK)

18 dec ’98 (‘La Zone’): Dropdead (UK), Link (Bel), Chorea (Ger), Rubbish Heap (Bel)

6 feb ’99 (‘La Zone’): The Monochrome/Dawnbreed Collective (Ger), Krzycz (Pol), Karma Kids (Bel)

27 mar ’99 (‘La Zone’): Debris (UK), Counter-Attack (Bel), Algolagnie (Fra)

26 may ’99 (‘La Zone’): Charlie Don’t Surf (Bel), Hell No (USA), Rachid et Les Ratons (Fra)

3 jun ’99 (‘La Casa Nicaragua’): Skew Whiff (Bel), AssholeParade (USA), The End Of The Century Party (USA)

31 jul ’99 (‘La Casa Nicaragua’): Kobayashi (Ger), Mora Mora (Ger)

9 aug ’99 (‘La Casa Nicaragua’): Almanac (UK)

24 sep ’99 (?): Koyaanisqatsi (Ger), Panzerkroizer Potemkin (Ger)

12 oct ’99 (‘La Casa Nicaragua’): Dir Yassin (Isl), Brother Inferior (USA), Unhinged (Bel)

22 oct ’99 (‘La Casa Nicaragua’): Post Regiment (Pol), Algolagnie (Fr)

17 dec ’99 (‘La Zone’): Lesser Of Two (USA), Katastrophobia (Bel), Lost World (Ger)

17 mar ’00 (‘La Zone’): Manifesto Jukebox (Fin), Unhinged (Bel), Wasted (Fin)

11 apr ’00 (‘La Zone’): Harum Scarum (USA)

15 apr ’00 (‘La Zone’): Stiffled Cries (Bel), 6000 Crazy (UK), Debris (UK)

3 may ’00 (‘Carlo Levi’): Jeniger (Ger), Sharpeville (Fin)

11 oct ’00 (‘Carlo Levi’): Manifesto Jukebox (Fin), Endstand (Fin)

*** Belgian coast area

3 aug ’91 (‘O.H.K.’, Oostende): Archbishop Kebab (UK)

24 aug ’91 (‘O.H.K.’, Oostende): The StretchHeads (UK), Revenge of the Carrots (Nl)

26 oct ’91 (‘O.H.K.’, Oostende): Back To The Planet (UK)

9 nov ’91 (‘Zonnestraal’, Diksmuide): No Means No (Can), Scraps (Fra), Mauser FK (Nl)

4 jan ’92 (‘O.H.K.’, Oostende): Badgewearer (UK), Dawson (UK)

26 may ’92 (‘Boterhalle’, Diksmuide): Fugazi (USA), Girls Against Boys (USA)

7 aug ’94 (‘B52’, Eernegem): Juggling Jugulars (Fin), Fauna (Fin), Core (UK)

14 jan ’95 (?, Diksmuide): Snuff (UK), Wat Tyler UK) [organised by 4AD but took place in an old school]

6 jul ’95 (‘4AD’, Diksmuide): Useful Idiot (UK)

10 dec ’95 (‘4AD’, Diksmuide): Alians (Pol)

31 mar ’96 (‘4AD’, Diksmuide): Congress (USA), Vitality (Bel)

4 jun ’96 (‘Boterhalle’, Diksmuide): No Means No (Can), No Tomorrow Charlie (Bel)

30 dec ’96 (‘4AD’, Diksmuide): Liar (Bel), Sektor (Bel), Vitality (Bel), Contrition (Ger)

18 jan ’97 (‘Casino’, Koksijde): Congress (Bel), Liar (Bel), Solid (Bel), Vitality (Bel), Sektor (Bel), ODK Crew (Bel), Out For Blood (Bel)

6 apr ’97 (‘4AD’, Diksmuide): Alians (Pol)

19 jul ’97 (‘Casino’, Koksijde): Vitality (bel), ODK Crew (Bel), Backstabbers (Bel), …

14 nov ’98 (‘JH’, Heist): Mainstrike (Nl), Eyeball (Ger), Reaching Forward (Nl), Instinct (Bel), Building (Bel), OneXMore (Bel), …

14 mar ’99 (‘4AD’, Diksmuide): Congress (Bel), Vitality (Bel), Cry For Change (Bel), …

*** Kempen area

20 may ’91 (‘Kastival’, Kasterlee): Spermbirds (Ger)

31 aug ’91 (‘Phoenix’, Westerlo): Spermbirds (Ger), Scraps (Fra), Bambix (Nl), Crivits (Nl)

10 apr ’93 (‘Flipperkot’, Geel): Private Jesus Detector (Bel), Xinix (Bel), Systemphobia (Bel), Systemshit (Bel)

30 apr ’93 (‘Tydeeh’, Mol): Private Jesus Detector (Bel), Agathocles (Bel)

15 oct ’93 (‘Muuzaike’, Tessenderlo): Selfish (Fin), Uutuus (Fin), Corpus Christi (Bel), Intestinal Disease (Bel), Muggles (Bel)

12 nov ’93 (‘Bistro’, Geel): Sarcasm (UK)

2 jan ’94 (‘Café ‘t Wilt’, Herentals): Age (Ger), Abyss (Ger), Spirit Of Youth (Bel), Strength Of The Will (Bel), Hopeman Path (Bel), State Of Grace (Bel)

12 feb ’94 (‘Bogaard’, Geel): Varukers (UK), Hiatus (Bel), Corpus Christi (Bel), Intestinal Disease (Bel), Muggles (Bel), Systemphobia (Bel), Spliff (Bel), Flatus (Bel), …

22 apr ’94 (‘Nieuwland’, Herentals): Blindfold (Bel), Rood Arch (Fra), Zero Positives (Bel)

22 jul ’94 (‘Nieuwland’, Herentals): Acme (Ger), Shortsight (Bel), State Of Grace (Bel)

30 jul ’94 (‘Jeugdhuis’, Beverlo): Dirt (UK), Wounded Knee (Lux), Unhinged (Bel), Corpus Christi (Bel), State Of Grace (Bel), Strength Of The Will (Bel)

14 aug ’94 (‘Nieuwland’, Herentals): Iconoclast (USA), Abhinanda (Swe), Seein’Red (Nl), Undone (Fra) => Stack (Ger), Wounded Knee (Lux)

20 nov ’94 (‘Cahier de Brouillon’, Hoogstraten): Undone (Fra), Abyss (Ger) => Vanilla (Fra), Jasemine (Fra), Hopeman Path (Bel), Corpus Christi (Bel) => Svart Snö (Swe), Greenscab (Swe)

26 nov ’94 (‘Posthuis’, Wuustwezel): Agathocles (Bel), Deconsume (Bel)

27 jan ’95 (‘Jeka’, Kasterlee): Hopeman Path (Bel), Insane Youth (Bel)

26 feb ’95 (‘Nieuwland’, Herentals): Health Hazard (UK), D’Rotzbouwen (Lux), Neuthrone (Bel), Noise Reduction (Bel), Deconsume (Bel)

6 apr ’95 (‘Floreal’, Tessenderlo): Nu Use For A Name (USA), Good Riddance (USA)

?? ??? ’95 (‘Flipperkot’, Geel): Dirt (UK), Final Warning (USA), Bad Influence (Bel)

1 oct ’95 (‘Nieuwland’, Herentals): Undone (Fra), Azure (Ger) ?, Ananda (Fra) ?, Outrage (Bel), Churn (Bel), Facedown (Bel) ?, Sheen (Bel) ?, …

25 nov ’95 (‘Nieuwland’, Herentals): Merel (USA), Carol (Ger), Vanilla (Fra), Kosjer D (Bel)

21 dec ’95 (‘Tydeeh’, Mol): Roggel (Nl), Noise Reduction (Bel), Cornucopia (Bel), Intestinal Disease (Bel), …

24 feb ’96 (‘Cahier de Brouillon’, Hoogstraten): Seein’Red (Nl), D’Rotzbouwen (Lux), Mainstrike (Nl), Outrage (Bel), Kosjer D (Bel), Ultimate Warning (Ger) [benefit for a school-project in Aregntina]

27 apr ’96 (‘Tydeeh’, Mol): Sarcasm (UK), Cornucopia (Bel), Karma (Bel), …

26-28 jul ’96 (‘Jeugdhuis’, Beverlo): [Eurovision Dung Festival] Hiatus (Bel), Pink Flamingos (Ger), Agathocles (Bel), Y (Ger), Muggles (Bel), Intestinal Disease (Bel), Suppository (Nl), Hypnos 69 (Bel), Vandal X (Bel), Catafalque (Nl), Backfire (Nl), Kito (UK), Sanctus Iuda (Pol), Subway Arts (Lux), etc.

22 feb ’97 (‘Nieuwland’, Herentals): Upset (Ger), Unhinged (Bel), Outrage (Bel), Nyari (Ger), Honey Honey (Bel), Alias I (Bel)

8 mar ’97 (‘Cahier de Brouillon’, Hoogstraten): Stack (Ger), Subway Arts (Lux), Vanilla (Fra), Hiatus (Bel), Rubbish Heap (Bel), OneXMore (Bel)

8 mar ’97 (‘Tydeeh’, Mol): Hiatus (Bel), Bullshit Propaganda (Nl), Karma (Bel), Cornucopia (Bel), …

21 mar ’97 (‘Binneweg’, Mol): Sarcasm (UK), Outrage (Bel), Cornucopia (Bel), Reiziger (Bel), Força Macabra (Fin), Intestinal Disease (Bel)

18 apr ’97 (‘Phoenix’, Westerlo): Blindfold (Bel), Facedown (Bel), Hitch (Bel)

13 jul ’97 (‘Zigzag’, Merksplas): Vanilla (Fra), Ananda (Fra), El Vidal Sonido (Fra), Mallorn (Nl), Outrage (Bel), Dystopia (USA) [Dystopia played unannounced]

21 jul ’97 (‘Tydeeh’, Mol): Songs of Praise (UK; [ex Bob Tilton]), Honey Honey (Bel), Reiziger (Bel), Time Out (Bel)

11 aug ’97 (‘?’, Mol), Abstain (USA), Arsedestroyer (Swe), Cornucopia (Bel), …

11 oct ’97 (‘Muzaaike’, Tessenderlo): Mastic Scum (Öst), Agathocles (Bel), Suppository (Nl), Mangenerated (Bel), Muggles (Bel)

26 oct ’97 (‘Nieuwland’, Herentals): Seein’Red (Nl), Reply (Bel), Cornucopia (Bel), S.Y.C. (Bel) [Doe Wat Dag]

1 nov ’97 (‘Muzaaike’, Tessenderlo): Hellkrusher (UK), Counter-Attack (Bel), Karma (Bel), Intestinal Disease (Bel)

29 nov ’97 (‘Tydeeh’, Mol): Agathocles (Bel), Karma (Bel), Muggles (Bel), Cornucopia (Bel), Universal Spears (Bel)

23 jan ’98 (‘Phoenix’, Westerlo): Upset (Ger), Reiziger (Bel), Craving (Ger)

21 feb ’98 (‘Phoenix’, Westerlo): Mörser (Ger), Seein’Red (Nl), Zorn (Ger), Unhinged (Bel), Kimusawea (Ger), Outrage (Bel), OneXMore (Bel)

4 apr ’98 (‘Cahier de Brouillon’, Hoogstraten): Kurt (Ger), Outrage (Bel), Reiziger (Bel), Hebriana (Bel)

8 apr ’98: (‘Tydeeh’, Mol): Wojczech (Ger), Entrails Massacre (Ger), Cornucopia (Bel); Ulrike’s Dream (Bel)

2 may ’98 (‘Tydeeh’, Mol): Counter-Attack (Bel), Outrage (Bel), King Creole (Bel), Reller (Bel), Reply (Bel)

13 jun ’98 (‘Axion’, Geel): Agnostic Front (USA), H20 (USA), Hatebreed (USA), Spirit Of Youth (Bel), …

1 oct ’98 (‘Tydeeh’, Mol): Rot (Bra), Abuso Sonoro (Bra)

3 oct ’98 (‘Nieuwland’, Herentals): Stack (Ger), Lifecycle (Bel), Reller (Bel), King Creole (Bel) [Doe-wat-dag]

2 jan ’99 (‘Nieuwland’, Herentals): Insult (Nl), Insane Youth (Bel), Honey Honey (Bel), Intestinal Disease (Bel), Cornucopia (Bel)

27 mar ’99 (‘Revue’, Turnhout): Nadir (Fra), Reller (Bel), King Creole (Bel), Seminal (?)

15 may ’99 (‘Nieuwland’, Herentals): Akira (Ger), Holefiller (Bel), OneXMore (Bel), Vuur (Bel), Wasted Land (Bel)

3 jul ’99 (‘Cahier de Brouillon’, Hoogstraten): Vitamin-X (Nl), Building (Bel), OneXMore (Bel)

10 jul ’99 (‘Nieuwland’, Herentals): Mallorn (Nl), Stifled Cries (Bel), Holefiller (Bel), Wasted Land (Bel), Daisy Temple (Bel)

4 mar ’00 (‘t Slot’, Wortel): Liar (Bel), Lifecycle (Bel), Building (Bel), One XMore (Bel), Convict (Bel), …

22 jul ’00 (Bogaard, Geel) Abstain (USA), Comrades (Ita), Wilbur Cobb (Ger), Agathocles (Bel), Ulrike’s Dream (Bel), SE-27 (Bel)

*** Hasselt & Limburg-area

28 dec’ 91 (‘St.Katherina’, Hasselt): Systemphobia (Bel), System Shit (Bel), Acoustic Grinder (Bel)

18 apr ’92: (‘St.Katherina’, Hasselt): Positive Youth (Bel), Agathocles (Bel), Flatus (Bel), Private Jesus Detector (Bel), Zero Positives (Bel) [the latter were on the bill but didn’t play because the police stopped everything when PJD played]

17 jul ’92 (‘De Hazelaar, Hasselt): Blindfold (Bel), Neuthrone (Bel), Private Jesus Detector (Bel), Systemphobia (Bel)

30 aug ’92 (‘De Hazelaar’, Hasselt): Sedition (UK), One By One (UK), Zero Positives (Bel) [+ Strength Of The Will (Bel) ?]

2 oct ’92 (?): Disaffect (UK)

22 sep ‘93 (‘De Molen’, Maasmechelen): Excel (USA), Deviate (Bel), Right Direction (Nl)

16 nov ‘93 (‘De Molen’, Maasmechelen): M.D.C. (USA)

22 jan ‘94 (‘Parochiezaal Vreren’, Tongeren): Ten Foot Pole (USA), Scared Straight (USA), Kosjer D (Bel)

24 jun ‘94 (‘Zwarte Duivels’, Hechtel): Feeding The Fire (Nl)

12 jul ‘94 (‘Concordia’, Tongeren): Down By Law (USA), Kito (UK), Baby Harp Seal (UK), Who Moved The Ground (UK), Kosjer D (Bel)

28 aug ’94 (‘?’, Neerpelt): Unhinged (Bel), Agathocles (Bel), Hiatus (Bel), Spliff (Bel), …

10 sep ’94 (‘Zwarte Duivels’, Hechtel): Crivits (Nl), Noisy Neighbours (Bel), Down But Not Out (Bel)

23 sep ’94 (‘Heco’, Tongeren): Kosjer D (Bel), Hopeman Path (Bel), Insane Youth (Bel), Systemphobia (Bel), Deconsume (Bel)

9 oct ’94 (‘Mazzel’, Neerpelt): Unwound (USA)

16 oct ’94 (‘Mazzel’, Neerpelt): Rain Like The Sound Of Trains (USA)

12 feb ’95 (‘Cultureel Centrum’, Dilsen): Warzone (USA), Right Direction (Nl)

25 jun ’95 (‘Café Luka’, Hechtel): Policy Of 3 (USA), Malva (Ger)

16 jul ’95 (Riemst): Kosjer D (Bel), Churn (Bel), Forward (Bel)

5 aug ’95 (‘P.O.C.’, Lanklaar): Rykers (Ger), Damnation (USA), Eightball (Bel)

25 aug ’95 (‘P.O.C.’, Lanklaar): Chokehold (Can), Feeding The Fire (Nl), Veil (Ger), Forewarn (Bel)

8 oct ’95 (‘P.O.C.’, Lanklaar): Earth Crisis (USA), 108 (USA), Abhinanda (Swe), Regression (Bel), Shift (USA)

13 oct ’95 (‘P.O.C.’, Lanklaar): Spawn (Ger), Veil (Ger), Outrage (Bel)

18 oct ’95 (‘P.O.C.’, Lanklaar): Onward (Nor), Mainstrike (Nl)

10 nov ’95 (‘P.O.C.’, Lanklaar): Integrity (USA), Ringworm (USA), Congress (Bel), Liar (Bel), Rancor (Nl)

11 feb ’96 (‘P.O.C.’, Lanklaar): Into Another (USA), Blindfold (bel)

29 mar ’96 (‘?’, Riemst): Kindred (Bel), Drudge (Bel)

31 may ’96 (‘Cultureel Centrum’, Dilsen): 108 (USA), Nations On Fire (Bel), Veil (Ger)

8 jul ’96 (‘?’, Neerpelt): Tuomiopäivan Lapset (Fin), Substandard (UK), Marker (UK), Totuus (Fin)

28 jul ’96 (‘?’, Lanklaar): Congress (Bel), Liar (Bel), Blindfold (Bel)

30 oct ’96 (‘Sjofaasj’, Tongeren): Chamberlain (USA)

1 nov ’96 (‘?’, Dilsen): Battery (USA), Chamberlain (USA), Damnation (USA), …

17 nov ’96 (‘C.C.’, Dilsen): Refused (Swe), Millencolin (Swe), Total Chaos (USA)

24 nov ’96 (‘?’, Dilsen): Ignite (USA), Warzone (USA), Unborn (UK), Backfire (Nl), Feeding The Fire (Nl), …

21 dec ’96 (‘Den Drossaerd’, Overpelt): Congress (Bel), Liar (Bel), Kindred (Bel), Sektor (Bel), Regression (Bel), Solid (Bel), … [PETA benefit]

22 dec ’96 (‘?’, Dilsen): No Fun At All (Swe), 59 Times The Pain (Swe), Jane’s Detd (Bel)

2 jan ’97 (‘P.O.C.’, Dilsen): SubZero (USA), Solid (Bel), …

3 jan ’97 (‘P.O.C.’, Dilsen): Abhinanda (Swe), Stormcore (Fra), Brightside (Ger)

31 mar ’97 (‘?’, Dilsen): Integrity (USA)

29 apr ’97 (‘?’, Dilsen): Earth Crisis (USA)

3 may ’97 (‘De Moffel’, Lommel): Stampin’ Ground (UK), Congress (Bel), Liar (Bel), Kindred (Bel), Vitality (Bel), Spineless (Bel)

25 jul ’97 (‘Mazzel’, Neerpelt): Songs of Praise (UK; [ex Bob Tilton]), Factory Pilot (Bel), Cornucopia (Bel)

3 aug ’97 (C.C. ‘Nieuwenborgh’, Dilsen): Morning Again (USA), Congress (Bel), Metroschifter (USA), Culture (USA), Kindred (Bel), Sektor (Bel), Backfire (Nl), Stampin’ Ground (UK), …

4 oct ’97 (‘P.O.C.’, Dilsen): Indecision (USA), Catharsis (USA), Gehenna (USA), Intensity (Swe), Ashlar (Bel), Trapped In Life (Fra), Misconduct (Swe)

26 oct ’97 (‘t Front’, Hasselt): Kindred (Bel), Spirit Of Youth (Bel), Eyeball (Ger), Degradation (Bel)

30 nov ’97 (‘t Front’, Hasselt): Morning Again (USA), Ashlar (Bel), Arkangel (Bel)

17 jan ’98 (‘Mazzel’, Neerpelt): Petrograd (Lux), Unhinged (Bel), Universal Spears (Bel)

3 may ’98 (‘Pumpkeskal’, Tongeren): Counter-Attack (Bel), Katastrophobia (Bel), Insane Youth (Bel)

17 may ’98 (‘Elckerlyc’, As): Catharsis (USA), Indecision (USA), Refused (Swe), Facedown (Bel), …

24 may ’98 (‘Elckerlyc’, As): Battery (USA), Kindred (Bel), Liar (Bel), Veil (Ger), Clouded (Bel), …

18 aug ’99 (‘Pumpkeskal’, Tongeren): Hot Water Music (USA), JR Ewing (Nor), Discount (USA), Leiah (Swe), S.Y.C. (Bel)

*** Antwerp-area

20 apr ’91 (‘Rubens’, Berchem-Antwerpen): Dirt (UK), Zygote (UK), Bad Influence (Bel), Vais (Bel), Comrade (Bel)

31 may ’91 (‘Den Biz’, Kapellen): Scraps (Fra), Exhaustless Revolt (Bel), Prediktors (Nl), Decadence Within ??? (UK)

20 sep ’91 (? Kapellen ? Ekeren ?): Alians (Pol)

24 nov ’91 (‘Volkshuis, Ekeren): Headstart (UK), Union Morbide (Nl), Prediktors (Nl), Space (Bel) [benefit for the non-profit organisation ‘For Mother Earth’]

17 apr ’92 (‘Pastel’, Ekeren): Feed Your Head (UK)

1 may ’92 (‘Pastel’, Ekeren): Nessun Dorma (UK), Herb Garden (UK)

30 aug ’92 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Rhythm Pigs (USA)

11 sep ’92 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Pennywise (USA), Void Section (Bel)

13 sep ’92 (‘Pastel’, Ekeren): Human Lethargy (Gre), Nosepickers (Bel)

25 sep ’92 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): All (USA), InnerFace (Bel)

3 oct ’92 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Alice Donut (USA), Gray Matter (USA)

30 oct ’92 (‘Pastel’, Ekeren): Steve Ignorant

26 feb ’93 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Nations On Fire (Bel), Blindfold (Bel)

2 may ’93 (‘Hof Ter Lo’): Dirt (UK), Spitboy (USA), Instigators (UK), …

9 may ’93 (‘Limerick’, Edegem): D.O.A. (Can), Anarcrust (Nl), Triptych (Bel), Fudge Tunnel (UK)

5 sep ’93 (‘Clichee’, Sint-Niklaas): Contropotere (Ita), Citizen Fish (UK), Herb Garden (UK), Bad Influence (Bel), The Gr’ups [ex-Cringer] (USA)

26 sep ’93 (‘PMRC’, Sint-Niklaas): Excel (USA), Deviate (Bel)

24 sep ’93 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Pennywise (USA), Gwyllions (Bel)

17 oct ’93 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): 7 Seconds (USA)

23 oct ’93 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Citizen Fish (UK), Toxic Waste (UK), Bad Influence (Bel)

19 nov ’93 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): No Use For A name (USA), Radical Retard (Nl)

11 dec ’93 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Neurosis (USA), Nations On Fire (Bel), Blindfold (Bel)

23 jan ‘94 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Lagwagon (USA), Ten Foot Pole (USA), Face To Face (USA)

9 sep ’94 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Offspring (USA), Inkisiçao (Por), X-Acto (Por), Disaster Area (Ger)

11 sep ’94 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Jobbycrust (UK), Bleeding Rectum (UK)

21 jan ’95 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Snuff (UK), Wat Tyler UK)

21 apr ’95 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Jughead’s Revenge (USA)

5 may ’95 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Conflict (UK), Bad Influence (Bel), Noise Reduction (Bel)

20 may ’95 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Congress (Bel)

30 sep ’95 (‘Barst’, Burcht): Oi Polloi (UK), Bad Influence (Bel), Insane Youth (Bel), Agathocles (Bel)

19 nov ’95 (‘J.C.’, Berchem): Masskontroll (USA), Enola Gay (Fra), Deconsume (Bel), Insane Youth (Bel), Skatta (Bel)

2 dec ’95 (‘Syndroom’, Sint-Niklaas): Varukers (UK)

18 feb ’96 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Bathory (Swe), Liar (Bel)

25 feb ’96 (‘Barst’, Burcht): P.A.I.N. (UK), Ultimate Warning (Ger), Tachyon (Bel), Unhinged (Bel), Carcer Molochi (Bel) ?

3 mar ’96 (‘Kompas’, Sint-Niklaas): Congress (Bel), Mainstrike (Nl), Regression (Bel), Outrage (Bel), Voices At The Front (Bel)

3 apr ’96 (‘Kompas’, Sint-Niklaas): Disfear (Swe)

12 apr ’96 (‘Kompas’, Sint-Niklaas): Recusant (UK), Carcer Molochi (Bel), Time Out (Bel)

13 apr ’96 (‘Limerick’, Edegem): Recusant (UK) ?

20 apr ’96 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Serpico (USA), Juggling Jugulars (Fin), Enough! (Pol), Mainstrike (Nl)

12 may ’96 (‘Kompas’, Sint-Niklaas): Active Minds (UK), Deconsume (Bel), Karma (Bel)

13 may ’96 (‘Kompas’, Sint-Niklaas): Samiam (USA), Texas Is The Reason (USA), InnerFace (Bel)

17 jul ’96 (‘Kompas’, Sint-Niklaas): Dismachine (Swe), Boycot (Nl), Distress (Nl)

8 sep ’96 (‘Kompas’, Sint-Niklaas): Strain (Can), Outrage (Bel)

14 sep ’96 (‘Limerick’, Edegem): Boycot (Nl), Skatta (Bel), Distress (Nl), Intestinal Disease (Bel), …

12 oct ’96 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Strain (Can)

19 oct ’96 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): Feeding The Fire (Nl), Rubbish Heap (Bel), Rain (Bel), Out For Blood (Bel)

20 oct ’96 (‘De Muur’, Schelle): Hellkrusher (UK), Bad Influence (Bel)

26 oct ’96 (‘Kompas’, Sint-Niklaas): Los Crudos (USA), Hellkrusher (UK), Bad Influence (Bel), Muckspreader (UK)

28 oct ’96 (‘Kompas’, Sint-Niklaas): Chamberlain (USA)

11 nov ’96 (‘Kompas’, Sint-Niklaas): Facedown (Bel), Kindred (Bel), Feeding The Fire (Nl), Unborn (UK), Stampin’ Ground (UK), Vitality (Bel), Voices At The Front (Bel), Rain (Bel), ODK Crew (Bel), Rubbish Heap (Bel) ? [PETA benefit]

26 nov ’96 (‘Kompas’, Sint-Niklaas): Burning Defeat (Ita), Rain Still Falls (USA), Encounter (USA)

12 dec ’96 (‘Kompas’, Sint-Niklaas): J-Church (USA), Skool’s Out (Bel)

8 feb ’97 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): Kurort (Öst), Concrete Cell (Bel)

1 mar ’97 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Clouded (Bel)

8 mar ’97 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Between The Lines (Bel)

15 mar ’97 (‘Kompas’, Sint-Niklaas): Veil (Ger), Kindred (Bel), Facedown (Bel), …

9 apr ’97 (‘Kompas’, Sint-Niklaas): Counterblast (Swe), Holefiller (Bel)

19 apr ’97 (‘Limerick’, Edegem): Juggling Jugulars (Fin), Bullshit Propaganda (Nl), Agathocles (Bel), …

27 apr ’97 (Scoutslokaal, Berchem): Boycot (Nl), Distress (Nl), C.O.T. (Nl), C.K.N. (Nl)

15 may ’97 (‘Kompas’, Sint-Niklaas): Präparation-H (USA), Wojczech (Ger), Real Chaos (Ger)

16 may ’97 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): Açao Direta (Bra), Seein’Red (Nl), Stitchface (Bel)

26 may ’97 (‘Kompas’, Sint-Niklaas): Active Minds (UK), Under The Gun (UK)

28 jun ’97 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): P.A.I.N. (UK)

12 jul ’97 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): By The Grace Of God (USA), Thumbs Down (Bel), Victims Of Society (Bel)

13 jul ’97 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): Liar (Bel), Rubbish Heap (Bel), Clouded (Bel), Between The Lines (Bel)

10 aug ’97 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Culture (USA), Driven (Nl), Kindred (Bel), Sektor (Bel), Clouded (Bel)

14 aug ’97 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Despair (USA), Stampin’ Ground (UK), Hatebreed (USA)

29 aug ’97 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Morning Again (USA), Congress (Bel), Rain (Bel), Hitch (Bel)

30 aug ’97 (‘?’, Stabroek): Veil (Ger), Kindred (Bel), Facedown (Bel), Rubbish Heap (Bel), Deformity (Bel), …

30 aug ’97 (‘Kompas’, Sint-Niklaas): Oi Polloi (UK), Counter-Attack (Bel)

5 sep ’97 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Stratford Mercenaries (UK)

13 sep ’97 (‘Kompas’, Sint-Niklaas): Quarantine (UK), Ebola (UK), Unhinged (Bel)

13 sep ’97 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): Reiziger (Bel)

27 sep ’97 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): Deadzibel (Öst), Hitch (Bel)

3 oct ’97 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Catharsis (USA), Gehenna (USA, Indecision (USA), Liar (Bel)

3 oct ’97 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): Maya (Bel) [release-party]

18 oct ’97 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): Polaris (UK), Kito (UK), Honey Honey (Bel)

25 oct ’97 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): Hellkrusher (UK), Holefiller (Bel), Cornucopia (Bel)

2 nov ’97 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): Indecision (USA), Rain (Bel), OneXMore (Bel)

12 dec ’97 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): Concrete Cell (Bel), Benefit Of Doubt (Nl), Unsure (Bel), Seven Hate (Fra)

7 mar ’98 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): Unhinged (Bel), Valina (Öst), Honey Honey (Bel)

10 apr ’98 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): Wojczech (Ger), Entrails Massacre (Ger), Cornucopia (Bel), Reply (Bel)

8 may ’98 (‘Hob Nob’, Brasschaat): Thumbs Down (Bel), Lifecycle (Bel), Rain (Bel), Stiffled Cries (Bel), Between The Lines (Bel)

29 may ’98 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): His Hero Is Gone (USA), Seein’Red (Nl), Lebensreform (Ger)

23 jul ’98 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): Ebola (Ger), Re-Sisters (Swi), Intestinal Disease (Bel)

10 aug ’98 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): Active Minds (UK), Bad Influence (Bel), Month Of Birthdays (UK)

17 aug ’98 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): Ebola (UK), Hellkrusher (UK), Stack (Ger)

2 sep ’98 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Earthmover (USA), Building (Bel), Firestone (Bel)

5 sep ’98 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): Submission Hold (Can), Scale Sheer Surface (Bel), Anaal Kabaal (Bel)

14 sep ’98 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): Sin Dios (Spa), Insane Youth (Bel)

17 sep ’98 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): Alcatraz (Fra), Liselotte (Swi)

22 sep ’98 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): Doom (UK), Rubbish Heap (Bel)

24 sep ’98 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): Rot (Bra), Abuso Sonoro (Bra), Entrails Massacre (Ger)

2 oct ’98 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): Kimusawea (Ger), Quetzal (Bel), Hebriana (Bel)

10 nov ’98 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): Midget (Ger), Ulrike’s Dream (Bel), Cornucopia (Bel)

14 nov ’98 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): Societic Death Slaughter (Jap), Outcry (?), Kin Without The Blood (Bel)

23 jan ’99 (‘Hob Nob’, Brasschaat): Mainstrike (Nl), Spineless (Bel), Building (Bel), Reply (Bel), One For Sorrow (Bel), 187 (Bel), Arkangel (Bel)

13 feb ’99 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): Ananda (Fra), Vanilla (Fra), Stifled Cries (Bel)

20 feb ’99 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): Petrograd (Lux), D’Rotzbouwen (Lux), Charlie Don’t Surf (Bel)

13 mar ’99 (‘Hob Nob’, Brasschaat): Point Of Few (Nl), My Hero Died Today (Ger), Sabeth (Ger), Enemy Of The Sun (Bel), Ashlar (Bel), Kid Karate (Bel)

23 mar ’99 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): Jaded (Den), OneXmore (Bel), …

7 apr ’99 (‘?’): Oi Polloi (UK), Code 13 (USA), Ebola (Ger)

23 apr ’99 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): L.T.S. (Fra), Quetzal (Bel), Anaal Kabaal (Bel)

24 apr ’99 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): Accion Mutante (Ger), Cluster Bomb Unit (Ger), La Fraction (Fra), Link (Bel), Senseless (Cro), Apatridi (Cro)

12 may ’99 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): Reversal Of Man (USA), Rubbish Heap (Bel), S.Y.C. (Bel)

22 may ’99 (chirolokaal Essen): Rubbish Heap (Bel), Quetzal (Bel), Daisy Temple (Bel), Reply (Bel), Stifled Cries (Bel)

28 may ’99 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): Honey Honey (Bel), Counter-Attack (Bel), Repression O.D. (Bel) [Honey Honey 7″ release by Tyfus recs]

4 jun ’99 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): AssholeParade (USA), The End Of The Century Party (USA), Point Of Few (Nl), Station Grey (Bel)

24 jun ’99 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): H20 (USA), 400 Years (USA)

2 jul ’99 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): Seein’Red (Nl), Hernandez (UK), Shank (UK) [ex Ebola & Scatha], Vuur (Bel), Ciderfex (UK)

3 jul ’99 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): Boycot (Nl), Distress (Nl), Baffdecks (Ger), Chineapple Punx (UK), Point Of Few (Nl), Betercore (Nl)

15 aug ’99 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Ignite (USA), As Friends Rust (USA), Ensign (USA), JR Ewing (Nor)

17 aug ’99 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): JR Ewing (Nor) Reiziger (Bel), Hundred Years Of Forgetting (Bel)

19 aug ’99 (‘The Beer Dungeon’): As Friends Rust (USA), JR Ewing (Nor), Reply (Bel)

23 sep ’99 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): HomoMilitia (Pol), Wasted Land (Bel)

3 oct ’99 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): Unruh (USA), Knut (Swi), Systral (Ger), Rubbish Heap (Bel), Hundred Years Of Forgetting (Bel)

23 dec ’99 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): Stack (Ger)

22 apr ’00 (‘Sorm’, Deurne): The Locust (USA)

24 jun ’00 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): Cluster Bomb Unit (Ger), Völkermord (Ger), Katastrophobia (Bel), Nähende Vernichtung (Bel), Skew Whiff (Bel) …

9 aug ’00 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): Head Up (Den), SL-27 (Bel), Bob’s Bizarre Bazaar (Bel)

16 dec ’00 (‘D’Herbouvillekaai’): Akira (Ger), Insult (Nl), Vuur (Bel)

13 jan ’01 (‘Lintfabriek’, Kontich): Brother’s Keeper (USA), Liar (Bel), Reveal (Bel), Kombat (Bel) Keeper

*** Leuven

18 may ’91 (‘Zoenk’, Kessel-Lo): Bambix (Nl), Comrade (Bel), Agathocles (Bel), Mushrooms (Bel), … [A.F.F. benefiet]

8 sep ’91 (‘Isol’): Sons Of Ishmael (Can), Ultraman (USA), Exhaustless Revolt (Bel) [replaced by ?], Space (Bel)

10 dec ’91 (‘Shrink’): Kloaka (Bel)

9 oct ’92 (‘Ons Huis’): Indirekt (Nl) [A.F.F. benefiet]

8 jul ’93 (‘Sojo’, Kessel-Lo): Econochrist (USA), Blindfold (Bel), Shortsight (Bel)

? aug ’93 (?): J Church (USA)

21 oct ’93 (‘Sojo’, Kessel-Lo): Toxic Waste (UK), Citizen Fish (UK), Bad Influence (Bel)

11 nov ’93 (‘JH Tijl’, Diest): Agathocles (Bel), Muggles (Bel), Intestinal Disease (Bel)

14 nov ’93 (‘Clockwork’): Schwartzeneggar (UK), Strength Of The Will (Bel)

18 nov ’93 (‘Sojo’, Kessel-Lo): Girls Against Boys (USA)

13 feb ’94 (‘Clockwork’): Varukers (Bel)

6? apr ’94 (?): Jawbox (USA)

30 apr ’94 (‘Clockwork’): Dirt (UK), Hellkrusher (UK)

1 may ’94 (‘Alcazar’, Diest): Hellkrusher (UK), Dirt (UK), Hiatus (Bel), Unhinged (Bel), Agathocles (Bel), Corpus Christi (Bel), Systemphobia (Bel), …

4 nov ’94 (‘Clockwork’): Spit Acid (Ger), Peace Of Mind (Ger)

12 jan ’95 (‘Villa Obscura’): Active Minds (UK), Kosjer D (Bel), Intestinal Disease (Bel), Muggles (Bel)

15 jan ’95 (‘?’, Diest): Active Minds (UK)

18 may ’95 (‘Lido’): Fugazi (USA), God is My Co-Pilot (USA)

5 jul ’95 (‘Sojo’, Kessel-Lo): Four Walls Falling (USA), Sensefield (USA), State Of The Nation (USA), Lifetime (USA), Kosjer D (Bel)

26 mar ’96 (‘Clockwork’): Polaris (UK), Kosjer D (Bel)

19 jul ’96 (‘JH Tijl’, Diest): Agathocles (Bel), Muggles (Bel), Karma (Bel), Cornucopia (Bel), …

23 feb ’97 (‘Clockwork’): P.A.I.N. (UK), Scale Sheer Surface (Bel), Dreft (Bel)

26 apr ’97 (‘Clockwork’): Boycot (Nl), Katastrophobia (Bel), Holefiller (Bel), Counter-Attack (Bel), Karma (Bel), Knüppel A.D.S. (Ger)

17 may ’97 (‘?’, Diest): Açao Direta (Bra), Präparation-H (USA), Konstrukt (Öst), Honey Honey (Bel)

23 jun ’97 (‘Sojo’, Kessel-Lo): Citizen Fish (UK)

7 aug ’97 (‘Clockwork’): Tachyon (Bel), Charlie Don’t Surf (Bel)

9 aug ’97 (‘Clockwork’): Victims Of Society (?), End Of Ernie (Bel), P.N. (Bel)

25 sep ’97 (‘Sojo’, Kessel-Lo): Deadzibel (Öst), Banger Pet Band (Bel) [cancelled]

16 oct ’97 (‘Sojo’, Kessel-Lo): Rye Coalition (USA), Polaris (UK), Kito (UK), Kurt (Ger)

24 oct ’97 (‘Clockwork’): Mad Punk Disease (Nl), Counter-Attack (Bel), Insane Youth (Bel), Les Schtroumpfs Alcooliques (Bel)

31 oct ’97 (‘Clockwork’): Hellkrusher (UK), Chaos Bastards (Bel), Disbeer (Fra), ? Cress (UK) ?

11 nov ’97 (‘Sojo’, Kessel-Lo): The Vanpelt (USA), Sineaters (USA), Honey Honey (Bel), Reiziger (Bel)

27 dec ’97 (‘Clockwork’): Oi Polloi (UK), Boycot (Nl), Accion Mutante (Ger), Ulrike’s Dream (Bel)

31 jan ’98 (‘Sojo’, Kessel-Lo): Liar (Bel), Family Of Dog (Bel), Sektor (Bel), Deformity (Bel), P.N. (Bel)

22 feb ’98 (‘Clockwork’): Divide & Conquer (USA), Robotnička (Fra), …

14 mar ’98 (‘Sojo’, Kessel-Lo): Seein’Red (Nl), Charlie Don’t Surf (Bel), End Of Ernie (Bel), Intestinal Disease (Bel), The Krust (Bel), Les Baudouins Morts (Bel) [in memoriam Dirk ‘Time Out’]

11 apr ’98 (‘Clockwork’): Wojczech (Ger), Entrails Massacre (Ger), Concrete (Ita), Discordant (Bel)

10 may ’98 (‘Clockwork’): Rubbish Heap (Bel), Honey Honey (Bel), Outrage (Bel), Ulrike’s Dream (Bel), Cornucopia (Bel)

11 may ’98 (‘Clockwork’): Juggling Jugulars (Fin), Charlie Don’t Surf (Bel), Intestinal Disease (Bel), Muggles (Bel)

1 jul ’98 (‘Sojo’, Kessel-Lo): Boycot (Nl), Distress (Nl), Charlie Don’t Surf (Bel), Visions Of War (Bel)

9 aug ’98 (Punx Picnic): Active Minds (UK), Third Degree (Pol), Counter-Attack (Bel)

18 aug ’98 (Brouwerstraat squat): Hellkrusher (UK), Visions Of War (Bel)

26 sep ’98 (‘?’, Diest): Rot (Bra), Abuso Sonoro (Bra)

28 sep ’98 (Brouwerstraat squat): Rot (Bra), Abuso Sonoro (Bra), Intestinal Disease (Bel), Cornucopia (Bel), …

10 nov ’98 (‘Sojo’, Kessel-Lo): Spineless (Bel), Arkangel (Bel)?, Clouded (Bel), Ashlar (Bel)?, Spirit Of Youth (Bel)?

15 nov ’98 (‘JH Tijl’, Diest): Mainstrike (Nl), Eyeball (Ger), Building (Bel), …

4 dec ’98 (‘Sojo’, Kessel-Lo): Abhinanda (Swe), Randy (Swe), P.N. (Bel), …

20 dec ’98 (‘Sojo’, Kessel-Lo): Spirit Of Youth (Bel), Reveal (Bel), Reply (Bel), …

4 apr ’99 (‘Los Buenos’): Boycot (Nl), Distress (Nl)

6 apr ’99 (‘JH Tijl’, Diest): Oi Polloi (UK), Code 13 (USA), Ebola (Ger), Intestinal Disease (Bel)

10 apr ’99 (‘Sojo’, Kessel-Lo): Drowning (Fra), Length Of Time (Bel), Arkangel (Bel), Out For Blood (Bel), …

4 jul ’99 (‘Sojo’, Kessel-Lo): Congress (Bel), Vitality (Bel), Deformity (Bel), …

8 aug ’99 (‘Sojo’, Kessel-Lo): Reiziger (Bel), Arkangel (Bel), Solid (Bel), Firestone (Bel), Ashlar (Bel), 187 (Bel), …

16 aug ’99 (‘Sojo’, Kessel-Lo): JR Ewing (Nor), Facedown (Bel), S.Y.C. (Bel), Once…Never Again (Bel)

11 sep ’99 (Notre Dame squat): Repression O.D. (Bel), Ulrike’s Dream (Bel), Holefiller (Bel)

14 nov 2000 (‘Villa Skwattus Dei’): Vuur (Bel), Tyranny Of Small Decisions (Bel), Rule Of Thumb (Bel)

*** Brugge

17 oct ’92 (‘Rustenhove’): Nations On Fire (Bel) [last show with Jaak], Blindfold (Bel), Neuthrone (Bel), Suffocare (Bel) [benefit for G.A.I.A.]

? jul ’93 (?): Disaffect (UK)

10 jul ’93 (‘De Kelk’): Hiatus (Bel), Neuthrone (Bel), Private Jesus Detector (Bel)

31 jul ’93 (?): Subcaos (Por)

2 oct ’93 (‘De Kelk’): Four Walls Falling (USA), Sofa Head (UK), Blindfold (Bel), Feeding The Fire (Nl), Nations On Fire (Bel), Glue (UK)

13 nov ’93 (‘De Kelk’): Schwartzeneggar (UK)

4 dec ’93 (‘Den Dwarskop’): Ivich (Fra), Scraps (Fra), Shortsight (Bel), Zero Positives (Bel)

18 dec ’93 (‘De Kelk’): Neuthrone (Bel), Spithead (Bel)

26 mar ’94 (‘De Kelk’): Health Hazard (UK), Virtual Reality (UK), Corpus Christi (Bel)

29 jul ’94 (‘De Kelk’): Sedition (UK), One By One (UK), Dirt (UK), Rood Arch (Fra), Hopeman Path (Bel)

10 sep ’94 (‘Boekanier’ boat): Jobbycrust (UK), Suffocare (Bel), X-Acto (Por), Inkisiçao (Por), Oi Polloi (UK), Blindfold (Bel)

12 nov ’94 (‘De Snaggaard’): Legal Suffering (Brugge) [last concert ever]

7 jan ’95 (‘Tivoli’): Sticks & Stones (USA), Blindfold (Bel), Vanilla (Fra), Kosjer D (Bel)

14 jan ’95 (‘Tivoli’): Suffocare (Bel), Insane Youth (Bel), Skatta (Bel), Totaal Marginaal (Bel), …

21 jan ’95 (‘Tivoli’): Undone (Fra), Rood Arch (Fra), Jasemine (Fra), Congress (Bel)

28 jan ’95 (‘Tivoli’): Fabric (UK), Vanilla (Fra)

10 feb ’96 (‘?’): ??? Bob Tilton (UK), Tribute (UK), Blindfold (Bel) ???

26 jul ’97 (‘?’): Songs of Praise (UK; [ex Bob Tilton]), Honey Honey (Bel)

26 sep ’98 (‘The Pumpkin’): Katastrophobia (Bel), The Barjackers (Bel), Nahende Vernichtung (Bel), Hellcorn (Bel), Holefiller (Bel)

27 sep ’99 (‘Den Dwarskop’ => ‘De Kelk’): Katastrophobia (Bel) => In The Shit (UK), The Barjackers (Bel)

16 oct ’99 (‘Den Dwarskop’): Liar (Bel), Building (Bel), OneXMore (Bel), …

*** Brussels area

23 oct ’93 (?, Ternat): Selfish (Fin), Uutuus (Fin), Hiatus (Bel), Private Jesus Detector (Bel) [last ever gig of ‘P.J.D.’], Peligro (Bel)

11 sep ’94 (‘Alleman’, Oudergem): Crivits (Nl), Blindfold (Bel), Down But Not Out (Bel), Scrawl (USA)

1 oct ’94 (Jeugdhuis, Ternat): Bambix (Nl), Funeral Dress (Bel)

5 aug ’95 (‘Ifigineia’, Merchtem): Insane Youth (Bel), End Of Ernie (Bel), Victims OF Society (Bel)

23 sep ’95 (‘Ifigineia’, Merchtem): Seein’Red (Nl), …

30 sep ’95 (‘Ifigineia’, Merchtem): Kosjer D (Bel), …

4 nov ’95 (‘Tonzent’, Sterrebeek): Serpico (USA), Out For Blood (Bel), Wise Up (Bel)

23 dec ’95 (‘Ifigineia’, Merchtem): Agathocles (Bel), Cornucopia (Bel), …

27 jan’96 (‘Ifigineia’, Merchtem): Hiatus (Bel), Honey Honey (Bel),  …

24 mar ’96 (‘Boomerang’, Nivelles): Sarcasm (UK), Agathocles (Bel), State Of Filth (UK), Doggy Style (USA)

27 apr ’96 (‘Ifigineia’, Merchtem): Counter-Attack (Bel), Carcer Molochi (Bel)

11 jul ’97 (Jeugdhuis, Ternat): Dystopia (USA), Boycot (Nl), Insane Youth (Bel)

28 sep ’97 (‘Nijdrop’, Opwijk): Quarantine (UK), Unhinged (Bel), Liar (Bel), Outrage (Bel), Stillborn (Bel), Roggel (Nl)

28 dec ’97 (‘Nijdrop’, Opwijk): Oi Polloi (UK), Boycot (Nl), Accion Mutante (Ger), Imodium (Bel)

10 jan ’98 (Jeugdhuis, Ternat): Headache (UK), Link (Bel), P.C.P. (Nl), Ulrike’s Dream (Bel)

11 jan ’98 (‘Magasin 4’, Brussels): Length Of Time (Bel), Vitality (Bel), ODK Crew (Bel), …

20 mar ’98 (‘De Schakel’, St-Lambrechts-Woluwe): Arkangel (Bel), Clouded (Bel), Solid (Bel), Spineless (Bel), Negate (Bel), …

5 apr ’98 (‘Nijdrop’, Opwijk): Bullshit Propaganda (Nl), Honey Honey (Bel), Link (Bel), Ulrike’s Dream (Bel)

19 apr ’98 (‘Nijdrop’, Opwijk): Concrete Cell (Bel), Charlie Don’t Surf (Bel), Not That Straight (Bel)

27 aug ’98 (Jeugdhuis, Ternat): Stack (Ger), Katastrophobia (Bel)

*** Dendermonde area

4 apr ’92 (?, Buggenhout): Private Jesus Detector (Bel), Xinix (Bel), Les Schtroumpfs Alcooliques (Bel)

5 aug ’94 (‘Move’, Oudegem): Juggling Jugulars (Fin), Fauna (Fin)

??? : (‘Move’, Oudegem): President Fetch (Den), 2Bad (Ger), The Plot (Nl), etc.

13 oct ’00 (‘Zenith’): Death Threat (USA), Born From Pain (Nl), Sad Origin (Bel), Surge Of Fury (Bel)

*** Kortrijk – Roeselare area

9 jun ’91 (‘The Pits’): Go! (USA), Decline (UK)

23 jun ’91 (‘The Pits’): Juggling Jugulars (Fin)

22 sep ’91 (‘The Pits’): Wordbug (UK)

28 sep ’91 (‘The Pits’): Crivits (Nl), Pietje Roze Konin (Bel) [Pietje’s last gig; Blindfold played 4 songs unannounced]

13 oct ’91 (‘The Pits’): Private Jesus Detector (Bel), Heros Wrapped In Byronic Gloom (Bel)

11 nov ’91 (‘The Pits’): Blindfold (Bel), Fireside (Bel) [first official Blindfold show]

24 nov ’91 (‘The Pits’): Dreft (Bel), Sepulchral (Fra)

13 oct ’91 (‘The Pits’): Private Jesus Detector (Bel)

19 jan ’92 (‘The Pits’): Nations On Fire (Bel), Spirit Of Youth (Bel), Blindfold (Bel), Shortsight (Bel)

4 apr ’92 (‘The Pits’): Dreft (Bel)

29 may ’92 (‘The Pits’): Toxic Waste (UK), Verdun (Fra)

7 nov ’92 (‘Kerelsplein’, Roeselare): Blindfold (Bel), Spirit Of Youth (Bel), Ironside (UK)

21 mar ’93 (‘The Pits’): Shortsight (Bel), New Bomb Turks (USA)

16 jun ’93 (‘La Gare’, Lauwe):  Leatherface (UK), Faroutski (Bel)

1 aug ’93 (‘V.O.C.’): Refused (Swe), Feeding The Fire (Nl), Spawn (Ger), Spirit Of Youth (Bel)

5 sep ’93 (‘V.O.C.’): Think Twice (Ita), Nations On Fire (Bel), Blindfold (Bel)

xx oct ’93 (‘The Pits’): Nations On Fire (Bel)

16 oct ’93 (‘The Pits’): Anarcrust (Nl), No Tomorrow Charlie (Bel)

29 oct ’93 (‘The Pits’): Selfish (Fin), Uutus (Fin), Neuthrone (Bel) [with Jimyh Anti on vocals]

31 oct ’93 (‘La Gare’, Lauwe): Wordbug (UK), Byetail (Bel)

1 nov ’93 (‘The Pits’): Selfish (Fin), Uutuus (Fin)

8 apr ’94 (‘De Gilde’, Moorsele): Acme (Ger), Shortsight (Bel)

10 apr ’94 (‘The Pits’): Corpus Christi (Bel)

21 sep ’94 (‘The Pits’): Huggy Bear (UK)

23 dec ’94 (‘The Pits’): Congress (Bel) [Euridium 7″]

28 jan ’95 (‘Arsenaal’, Marke): Fabric (UK), Congress (Bel), Blindfold (Bel), Kosjer D (Bel)

26 may ’95 (‘Ter Leie’, Kuurne): Four Walls Falling (USA), Sensefield (USA), Congress (Bel), Regression (Bel), Solid (Bel), Wise Up (Bel)

8 jul ’95 (‘Sas’, Harelbeke): Chaos UK (UK), Varukers (UK)

20 jul ’95 (‘The Pits’): Blindfold (Bel), Regression (Bel), The Jedi (Bel)

23 sep ’95 (‘Open Deur’, Beselare): Solid (Bel), Deviate (Bel), Hard Resistance (Bel)

12 nov ’95 (‘t Skut’, Aalbeke): Congress (Bel), Blindfold (Bel), Solid (Bel)

26 nov ’95 (‘De Schuur’, Izegem): Congress (Bel), Nations On Fire (Bel) [Congress LP presentation]

22 dec ’95 (‘Arsenaal’, Marke): Blindfold (Bel), Liar (Bel), Regression (Bel), Spineless (Bel) => Solid (Bel)

31 dec ’95 (‘?’, Beselare): Congress (Bel), End in Sight (Swe), Blindfold (Bel), Sektor (Bel), Spineless (Bel), Regression (Bel)

17 feb ’96 (‘De Brug’, Zwevegem): Blindfold (Bel), Congress (Bel), Sektor (Bel)

24 feb ’96 (‘Sporthal’, Beselare): Liar (Bel), Sektor (Bel), Vitality (Bel), Regression (Bel), Rancor (Nl) => Solid (Bel)

16 mar ’96 (‘t Skut’, Aalbeke): Liar (Bel), Rancor (Nl), Sektor (Bel), Fungus (Bel)

13 apr ’96 (‘Tiereliere’, Roeselare): Congress (Bel), Liar (Bel), Rancor (Nl), Blindfold (Bel), Vitality (Bel), Solid (Bel), Sektor (Bel), Regression (Bel), Spineless (Bel), Voices At The Front (Bel), Deformity (Bel), Firestone (Bel)

12 may ’96 (‘The Pits’): Portobello Bones (Fra)

18 may ’96 (‘?’, Bellegem): Congress (Bel), Liar (Bel), Spineless (Bel), Sektor (Bel), Regression (Bel), Firestone (Bel)

29 jun ’96 (‘Kerelsplein’, Roeselare): Congress (Bel), Solid (Bel), Sektor (Bel), Regression (Bel) [CD presentation]

29 sep ’96 (‘?’, Izegem): Congress (Bel), Facedown (Bel), Solid (Bel), Jane’s Detd (Bel), Sektor (Bel) [Congress CD presentation]

12 oct ’96 (‘?’, Roeselare): Solid (Bel), Deformity (Bel), Firstone (Bel), ODK Crew (Bel)

19 oct ’96 (‘?’, Moen): Blindfold (Bel), Liar (Bel), Regression (Bel), Spineless (Bel), Firestone (Bel), …

9 nov ’96 (‘De Brug’, Zwevegem): Stampin’ Ground (UK), Liar (Bel), Regression (Bel), Firestone (Bel), Spineless (Bel)

16 nov ’96 (‘Badhuis’, Menen): Liar (Bel), Regression (Bel), Solid (Bel), Deformity (Bel), Firestone (Bel)

22 nov ’96 (‘Ravage’, Menen): Regression (Bel), Deformity (Bel)

20 dec ’96 (‘Arsenaal’, Marke): Liar (Bel), Kindred (Bel), Sektor (Bel), Facedown (Bel)

31 dec ’96 (‘Hekseketel’, Beselare): Timebomb (Ita), Opposite Force (Ita), Contrition (Ger), Liar (Bel), Vitality (Bel), Sektor (Bel), ODK Crew (Bel)

4 jan ’97 (‘?’, Bissegem): Congress (Bel), Vitality (Bel), Kindred (Bel), Out For Blood (Bel), Regression (Bel), Kickback (Fra), Backstabbers (Bel) [Vitality CD release]

1 feb ’97 (‘Den Traveir’, Ledegem): Liar (Bel), Sektor (Bel), Spineless (Bel)

28 jun ’97 (‘O.C.’, Bissegem): Veil (Ger), Liar (Bel), Kindred (Bel), Deformity (Bel), Hitch (Bel), ODK Crew (Bel) [Superbowl of Hardcore]

2 aug ’97 (‘O.C.’, Bissegem): Morning Again (USA), Congress (Bel), Deformity (Bel), Lifeforce (Ger), A.W.O.L. (Fra), …

9 aug ’97 (‘?’, Aalbeke): Culture (USA)

14 sep ’97 (‘The Pits’): Hal Al Shedad (USA), Reiziger (Bel), Hitch (Bel)

4 oct ’97 (‘Warande’, Kuurne): Animal Truth Benefit Festival * Firestone (Bel), Spineless (Bel), …

21 dec ’97 (‘PC’, Bissegem): Morning Again (USA), Spirit Of Youth (Bel), Spineless (Bel), Driven (Nl)

25 jan ’98 (‘The Pits’): Craving (Ger), Spineless (Bel), Outcast (Bel), D.S.A. (Bel)

31 jan ’98 (‘Steeple’, Waregem): Disfear (Swe)

14 feb ’98 (‘Sint-Amands’, Kortrijk): Mainstrike (Nl), One Day Closer (Nl), Facedown (Bel), Spirit Of Youth (Bel), Out For Blood (Bel), …

6 mar ’98 (‘Steeple’, Waregem): G.B.H. (UK), Funeral Dress (Bel), Imodium (Bel), …

4 apr ’98 (‘t Skut’, Aalbeke): Timebomb (Ita), Blindfold (Bel), Spineless (Bel), Ashlar (Bel), …

1 may ’98 (‘PC’, Bissegem): All Out War (USA), Congress (Bel), …

16 may ’98 (‘PC’, Bissegem): Veil (Ger), Facedown (Bel), Arkangel (Bel), D.S.A. (Bel), 187 (Bel)

27 jun ’98 (‘PC’, Bissegem): 25 Ta Life (USA), Catharsis (USA), Nations On Fire (Bel), Spirit Of Youth (Bel), Driven (Nl), Reveal (Bel), …

11 jul ’98 (‘De Schuur’, Izegem): Spirit Of Youth (Bel), Solid (Bel), …

22 sep ’98 (‘The Pits’): Endstand (Fin), Outlast (Swe), Hitch (Bel)

10 oct ’98 (‘?’, Harelbeke): Blindfold (Bel), Spirit Of Youth (Bel), Firestone (Bel)

21 nov ’98 (‘De Brug’, Zwevegem): Solid (Bel), Spineless (Bel), Ashlar (Bel), …

31 dec ’98 (‘Sint-Amands’, Kortrijk): Birthright (USA), As Friends Rust (USA), Unborn (UK), Purification (Ita), Canvas (UK), Metroschifter (USA), Nyari (Ger), Product (Ita), Arkangel (Bel), … [GoodLife Fest]

31 jul & 1 aug ’99 (‘Warande’, Kuurne): Midsummer HC Fest * As Friends Rust (USA), Enemy Of The Sun (Bel), Congress (Bel), Liar (Bel), OneXMore (Bel), Reveal (Bel), Building (Bel), … [GoodLife Fest]

20 nov ’99 (Boerderijstraat, Kortrijk): Seein’Red (Nl), Ananda (Fra), SL-27 (Bel), Wasted Land (Bel)

8 apr ’00 (Pluimstraat, Kortrijk): Boycot (Nl), Ulrike’s Dream (Bel), Vuur (Bel), What’s Wrong (Fra), Intestinal Disease (Bel)

16 apr ’00 (‘Tiereliere’, Roeselare): Congress (Bel), Caliban (Ger), Reprisal (Ita), … [‘Congress’ release-party]

2 jul ’00 (‘Den Tap’, Kuurne): Earth Crisis (USA), Liar (Bel), Facedown (Bel), Kombat (Bel), Empathy (Bel)

29 & 30 jul ’00 (‘Warande’, Kuurne): Summer HC Fest * Congress (Bel), Liar (Bel), Mörser (Ger), Kingpin (Bel), Convinced (Swe), Jane (Ger), Driven (Nl), Building (Bel), … [GoodLife Fest]

31 dec ’00 (‘Milo’s’, Waregem): Liar (Bel), Arkangel (Bel), Cataract (Swi), The Deal (Bel), Course Of Action (Bel), … [GoodLife Fest]

3 feb ’01 (‘Den Tap’, Kuurne): Liar (Bel), Congress (Bell), Lifecycle (Bel), Do Or Die (Bel), … [‘Liar’ CD release-party]

*** Wallony

9 mar ’91 (‘Masure’, Tournai): Scraps (Fra), Hiatus (Bel), Slaves Attack (Fra)

28 sep ’91 (‘Le Picotin’, Tournai): Verdun (Fra), Chronic Disease (Bel), Private Jesus Detector (Bel)

21 dec ’91 (‘Tourpineur’, Mons): Hiatus (Bel), Chronic Disease (Bel), Private Jesus Detector (Bel)

30 apr ’93 (Maison Des Jeunes, Sprimont): Hiatus (Bel)

29 nov ’96 (‘Chez Zelle’, Louvain-La-Neuve): Facedown (Bel), Out For Blood (Bel)

28 nov ’97 (‘Chez Zelle’, Louvain-La-Neuve): Katastrophobia (Bel), Counter-Attack (Bel), Chaos Bastards (Bel)

*** Deinze – Tielt – Aalter area

21 sep ’91 (‘De Kloef’, Tielt): Wordbug (UK)

16 apr ’94 (‘Mouterij’, Deinze): Corpus Christi (Bel)

18 nov ’95 (‘Mouterij’, Deinze): Congress  (Bel), Family Of Dog (Bel)

14 apr ’96 (‘Mouterij’, Deinze): Liar (Bel), Regression (Bel), Family Of Dog (Bel), Sektor (Bel), Voices At The Front (Bel)

15 mar ’97 (‘Venster’, Tielt): Deformity (Bel), Vitality (Bel), ODK Crew (Bel)

8 feb ’98 (‘Stationneke’, Deinze): Lifecycle (Bel), Family Of Dog (Bel)

18 apr ’98 (‘Club 77’, Schuiferskapelle): Blindfold (Bel), Instinct (Bel), Thumbs Down (Bel), Building (Bel), ODK Crew (Bel), Eyeball (Ger)

28 nov ’98 (‘Kouter’, Deinze): King Creole (Bel), Instinct (Bel), Exit 19 (Bel), …

18 dec ’98 (‘?’, Aalter) Catharsis (USA), Kill the Man Who Questions (?)

19 feb ’99 (‘KSA’, Petegem): Petrograd (Lux), D’Rotzbouwen (Lux), King Creole (Bel)

3 apr ’99 (‘Kouter’, Deinze): With Love (Ita), Spineless (Bel), Alignment (Bel), Hundred Years Of Forgetting (Bel), …

25 apr ’99 (‘Brieljant’ Deinze): Alignment (Bel), Hundred Years Of Forgetting (Bel), Cry For Change (Bel)

2 oct ’99 (‘Brieljant’ Deinze): Spirit 84 (Nl), Building (Bel), Cry For Change (Bel), Hundred Years Of Forgetting (Bel), …

26 feb ’00 (‘Brieljant’ Deinze): Unborn (UK), Liar (Bel), Firestone (Bel), Building (Bel), Lifecycle (Bel), …

30 jun ’00 (‘KSA’, Deinze): Building (Bel), Firestone (Bel), Sad Origin (Bel), Cry For Change (Bel)

*** Gent, Eeklo & surroundings

7 sep ’91 (‘Democrazy’): Th Ex (Nl), Dogfaced Hermans (UK)

9 mar ’92 (‘Democrazy’): One By One (UK), Nation Of Ulysses (USA)

4 apr ’92 (‘Alcatraz’, Gent): Fear Of God (Swi)

27 may ’92 (‘Democrazy’):Bullet Lavolta (USA)

11 jul ’92 (‘Democrazy’): Chumbawamba

31 aug ’92 (‘Democrazy’): Rhythm Pigs (USA)

18 aug ’93 (‘Democrazy’): Flipper (USA)

19 may ’95 (‘Vooruit’): Fugazi (USA), Kosjer D (Bel)

22 sep ’95 (Hogepont Squat): Brawl (Ire), Burning Defeat (Ita), Fleas & Lice (Nl), Boycot (Nl), Ivory Cage (Ita)

29 sep ’95 (Hogepont Squat): Oi Polloi (UK), Hiatus (Bel), Unhinged (Bel), Insane Youth (Bel)

7 nov ’95 (‘Democrazy’): Down By Law (USA)

19 nov ’95 (‘Democrazy’): Alice Donut (USA)

2 dec ’95 (Hogepont Squat): HomoMilitia (Pol), Oi Polloi (UK)

14 apr ’96 (‘Democrazy’): Bikini Kill (USA), Team Dresch (USA)

30 apr ’96 (Hogepont Squat): D.D.I. (Ita), Boycot (Nl), Peligro (Bel), End Of Ernie (Bel)

20 sep ’96 (‘Frontline’): Eversor (Ita)

15 oct ’96 (‘Charlatan’): Avail (USA), Blindfold (Bel), Concrete Cell (Bel)

25 nov ’96 (‘Charlatan’): Facedown (Bel), Solid (Bel), Sektor (Bel)

12 dec ’96 (‘Frontline’): Blindfold (Bel)

20 dec ’96 (‘Frontline’): Sektor (Bel)

29 dec ’96 (Hogepont Squat): Headache (UK), Love Chips & Peace (UK)

3 jan ’97 (‘Frontline’): Regression (Bel)

9 jan ’97 (‘Frontline’): Concrete Cell (Bel)

19 jan ’97 ? (Hogepont Squat): Guts Pie Earshot (Ger), …

30 jan ’97 (‘Frontline’): Facedown (Bel)

9 feb ’97 (Boma Squat): Yuppiecrusher (Swe), Cornucopia (Bel)

16 feb ’97 (Hogepont Squat): Unhinged (Bel), Vide Psychique (Swi), Cower (Bel)

13 apr ’97 (Hogepont Squat): State Of Fear (USA), Präparation-H (USA), Juggling Jugulars (Fin), P.C.P. (Nl), Rubbish Heap (Bel)

24 apr ’97 (Scheldekaai Squat): Substandard (UK)

23 may ’97 (Hogepont Squat): Força Macabra (Fin), Insane Youth (Bel)

31 may ’97 (Hogepont Squat): Disgusting Lies (Pol), Honey Honey (Bel), Stillborn (Bel)

17 jun ’97 (‘Democrazy’): Sleepytime Trio (USA), Fourhundred Years (USA), Factory Pilot (Bel)

12 jul ’97 (Hogepont Squat): Dystopia (USA), Hellfiller (Bel), Cower (Bel)

5 sep ’97 (Hogepont Squat): Stalingrad (UK), Tromatism (Fra), La Fraction (Fra), Machine Gun Etiquette (UK)

? sep? ’97 (Boma Squat): Quarantine (UK), Unhinged (Bel), ? Ebola (UK) ?

18 sep ’97 (Hogepont Squat): Time Out (Bel), Charlie Don’t Surf (Bel)

23 sep ’97 (Boma Squat): Filth Of Mankind (Pol), Money Drug (Pol), Battle Of Disarm (Jap)

6 dec ’97 (‘Democrazy’): Congress (Bel), Thumbs Down (Bel), Family Of Dog (Bel), Spineless (Bel), Shaft (Ger)

5 feb ’98 (‘Frontline’): Unhinged (Bel)

14 feb ’98 (Boma Squat): Kochise (Fra), Counter-Attack (Bel), Link (Bel), Nothing Left Inside (Bel)

20 feb ’98 (Boma Squat): Divide & Conquer (USA), Robotnička (Fra), …

22 feb ’98 (‘Beukenhof’, Eeklo): Animal Truth Benefit Festival * Spirit Of Youth (Bel), Vitality (Bel), Arkangel (Bel), Out For Blood (Bel), Wise Up (Bel), Natural Order (Bel), 187 (Bel), …

15 mar ’98 (‘Democrazy’): Seein’Red (Nl), Honey Honey (Bel), Katastrophobia (Bel) [‘Hundred Francs Concerts’]

15 apr ’98 (‘Frontline’): Ensign (USA), Thumbs Down (Bel), Building (Bel)

20 apr ’98 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Infekcja (Pol), Enough! (Pol)

10 may ’98 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Under The Gun (UK)

14 may ’98 (Boma Squat): Juggling Jugulars (Fin), AbIrato (Bel), Con+Rot (Bel)

19 may ’98 (‘Frontline’): Catharsis (USA)

28 may ’98 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): His Hero Is Gone (USA), Unhinged (Bel), Holefiller (Bel)

2 jun ’98 (‘Frontline’ ?): Assück (USA)

7 jun ’98 (Boma Squat): Tuomiopäivan Lapset (Fin)

28 jul ’98 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Harriet The Spy (USA), Savage Malignant (UK), King Creole (Bel)

11 aug ’98 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Active Minds (UK), Third Degree (Pol)

31 aug ’98 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): D.D.I. (Ita), P.A.I.N. (UK)

13 sep ’98 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Sin Dios (Spa), Imodium (Bel)

21 sep ’98 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Doom (UK), Quetzal (Bel), Hypnos 69 (Bel)

22 oct ’98 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Cress (UK), Counter-Attack (Bel), Police Bastard (UK), The Barjackers (Bel)

xx dec ’98 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Koyaanisqatsi (Ger)

16 jan ’99 (‘Frontline’): Seein’Red (Nl), Mörser (Ger)

3 apr ’99 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Debris (UK) [ex Disaffect], Repression O.D. (Bel), Algolanie (Fra)

5 apr ’99 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Code 13 (USA), Ebola (Ger)

16 apr ’99 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Stalingrad (UK), Disbeer (Fra), Sickness (Fra)

17 apr ’99 (‘Democrazy’): Subhumans (UK), War Risk 3 (Bel)

19 apr ’99 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Oi Polloi (UK), Les Schtroumpfs Alcooliques (Bel), Charlie Don’t Surf (Bel)

27 apr ’99 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Apatridi (Cro), Anaal Kabaal (Bel), LTS (Fra)

14 may ’99 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Inner Terrestrials (UK), Accion Mutante (Ger), Völkermord (Ger), Kochise (Fra), Decrepit (USA), Insane Youth (Bel), Karma Kids (Bel)

26 may ’99 (‘Frontline’): Mainstrike (Nl), Instinct (Bel)

2 jun ’99 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): AssholeParade (USA), The End Of The Century Party (USA)

12 jun ’99 (‘Frontline’): Hellnation (USA)

8 aug ’99 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Sawn Off (UK), Red Dervla (UK)

23 aug ’99 (‘Frontline’): The Get Up Kids(USA), Stroke Of Grace (Bel)

23 sep ’99 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Koyaanisqatsi (Ger), Panzerkroizer Potemkin (Ger)

28 sep ’99 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): In The Shit (UK), The Barjackers (Bel)

13 oct ’99 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Brother Inferior (USA), Dir Yassin (Isl), Insane Youth (Bel)

13 oct ’99 (‘?’): Catharsis (USA)

28 oct ’99 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Divide & Conquer (USA), Robotnička (Fra), Container Crusties From Hell (Nl)

18 dec ’99 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Lesser Of Two (USA), Katastrophobia (Bel)

10 apr ’00 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Harum Scarum (USA)

22 apr ’00 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Debris (UK), Boycot (Nl)

25 apr ’00 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Execradores (Bra)

27 apr ’00 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Dayglo Abortions (USA), The Barjackers (Bel)

?? jul ’00 (‘Frontline’) Abstain (USA), Comrades (Ita)

24 jul ’00 (‘Frontline’): Diskonto (Swe), Katastrophobia (Bel), The Barjackers (Bel)

23 oct ’00 (‘K13’ Franse Vaart Squat): Dystopia (USA)

16 nov ’00 (‘Frontline’): Zegota (USA), Reply (Bel)

To be continued…


  1. I booked a gig in Ieper for mates of mine in Germany: ‘Nancy and I’. They ended up having to pay to get to their own gig since the whole town-centre was cut off for a festival. Also they came back to Göttingen, where they come from, with 0 cash somehow…
    ‘Political Asylum’ also played in Ieper with a different line-up than for Smurfpunx but I cannot remember who exactly. It was either Leo van Setten on bass or it was the two ‘Nancy and I’ boys on bass and drums. In any case we played with the ‘Instigators’.
    Steve Dewar (‘Political Asylum’ guitarist)

    Comment by Steve Dewar — 01/05/2011 @ 21:06

  2. The ‘Political Asylum’ line-up in 1991 was Ramsey (vocals), Stevie D. (guitar), Kees (also in ‘Anarcrust’, on drums) and myself on bass. I vaguely remember a gig [Brob: probably Ieper] where Ramsey jumped a hole in the ‘stage’ during our set and another performer was fucking a plucked chicken while shouting “La Guerre!! La Guerre!!” Rather bizarre… I also recall having to run to a do-it-yourself shop because our the plugs of our amps didn’t fit. We had to mount others. We also once entertained ourselves playing soccer against another band. Other bands playing could’ve been ‘Nancy and I’ or ‘The Itch’ (another band I was in). We also might’ve played Leuven or Kessel-Lo…
    Leo Van Setten

    Comment by Leo Van Setten — 01/07/2011 @ 11:32

  3. On the ‘Earth Citizens’ tour we experienced a very weird Bruno who cancelled our gig in Ieper in favour for a gig in Sliedrecht (Nl) with ‘Concrete Sox’, which made us drive even further than Paris-Ieper… Ah well…weird day, I did enjoy ‘Concrete Sox’ and our gig there but felt bad for some folks who travelled to Ieper while they lived close to Sliedrecht!

    Comment by Pablo Van Paz — 01/31/2011 @ 11:24

  4. I was also in Belgium to see ‘Pleasant Valley Children’ in Mol. And one time I was stuck in Brussels on my way back from England. I spent the night at the train-station (since the ferry had a delay and thus I missed the train). Weird, Brussels is Europe’s capital and there was no-one at the train-station to take care of the people who missed the train… It seemed I was the only one ;-).

    Comment by Pablo Van Paz — 01/31/2011 @ 11:29

  5. I scanned some pictures I took during some of the V.V. gigs, you can find them at I also have live recordings of ‘Disturbing Foresights’ (31 dec ’91) – recently ripped the tape and improved the sound slightly ]. Maybe also of ‘Nations On Fire’, ‘Scraps’, ‘Union Morbide’. ‘No Security’ (9 feb ’92), ‘Political Asylum’, ‘Sloth’, ‘Chronic Disease’, ‘Hiatus’, ‘Disorder’, etc. But the sound is not the best.
    Thanks for the nice blog and reminding me of the old days.
    Eric (ex- React recs)

    Comment by Eric Maruda React — 07/01/2011 @ 16:22

  6. Sunday, September 8, 1991, Leuven, Belgium
    “I meet Brob for the first time, having skipped out on the tail end of the 1990 ‘Sons of Ishmael’ tour where he was a looming presence. I trade him for records by ‘The Notwist’, ‘Raped Teenagers’ and ‘Sofa Head’ but pass on records by ‘F.F.F.’ (a thrash band with a violinist) and ‘Vegan Reich’. [Brob: Can ‘t recall any of this… ‘Notwist’?, ‘Vegan Reigh’?… Not me!] ‘The Notwist’ and ‘Raped Teenagers’ records are still in my collection twenty years later but haven’t been played since about 1992. I think I will enjoy the ‘Raped Teenagers’ record if I ever listen to it again but am holding on to ‘The Notwist’ record for sentimental reasons only: a member of the band opened a bottle of Schwip Schwap for an enfeebled me at a recording studio in Germany the year before. It was not a twist-top. Oddly enough, I bought a CD by ‘The Notwist’ fairly recently. They sound very different twenty years on. Gone is the awkward intermingling of ‘Dinosaur Jr’-inspired jangle and ‘Metallica’-inspired crunch. Now their songs have dubby bass-parts and a beat that you can dance to.”
    “With members of ‘Ultraman’ and three Belgians in tow, ‘Sons of Ishmael’ attend a carnival in the centre of town. The ‘word’ rhythm adorns the side of one ride. A painting of a black man in a loincloth walking two topless black women on leashes, adorns another. The prizes for winning the ring-toss in Belgium include TVs, stereos and motorcycles. No stuffed animals here, except possibly at the food-stands, where fish and escargot compete for stomachs with sausages and Belgian waffles. We write up a new, ‘Burnt-Farmer’-less set list prior to the gig and make three copies, one of which is delivered, by hand, directly to Chris. During our set, he chooses to ignore his and launches into ‘Burnt Farmer’ after ‘Reprise’. Met with incredulous stares all around, he throws down his drum-sticks and storms out of the club.”
    Monday, September 9, 1991, Leuven, Belgium
    “It is 9:21 a.m. Construction-workers engage in a loud debate over the merits of stucco versus plaster for the ceiling of the room we are trying to sleep in. In protest, Daragh eats four breakfast pastries. As a result, ‘Ultraman’ John, who wakes last, eats none.”
    Myke Canzi (‘Sons of Ishmael’)

    Comment by Myke Canzi — 09/02/2011 @ 17:32

  7. Journal-entry from Sunday, September 8, 1991: Leuven, Belgium: “Somebody tells us that seeing ‘Sons of Ishmael’ is like having a sexual experience. Reluctantly, I agree: it happens rarely, it’s over in seconds, and it’s usually either forgettable or regrettable. The first band, ‘Space’, is eminently watchable, their singer’s dancing one part Charlie Brown, one part Charlie Manson. The next band, ‘Exhaustless Revolt’, lives up to its name. It’s an unlikely but good venue for a punk-show – relatively clean tile floor, lots of windows – and the people, no matter what the Dutch say about Belgians being hicks, are friendly.”
    Tim Freeborn (‘Sons of Ishmael’)
    [see also: Netwerk, Aalst, 2 sep 90 (Sons Of Ishmael)]

    Comment by Tim Freeborn — 09/02/2011 @ 20:04

  8. ‘Exhaustless Revolt’ didn’t play in Leuven with ‘Sons Of Ishmael’; ‘Space’ did… and there was another opening band… I remember that someone at the copyshop addressed me about the inverted crucifix (part of the album-cover of the ‘Sons’ we used for the flyer): if I didn’t know that was the sign of the devil… :-) [‘Exhaustless Revolt’ did play with ‘S.O.I.’ the year before: see: Concerts * NOT Smurfpunx]

    Comment by Philippe Anthonis — 09/03/2011 @ 12:30

  9. Concerning the gigs in august ’91 at the O.H.K. in Ostend: ‘Dog Faced Hermans’ played there as well (with trumpet!). I don’t remember if they played the show with ‘Archbishop Kebab’ (3 august) or with ‘Revenge of the Carrots’ (24 august). But they were headlining. I do recall ’cause it was the first punkshow I attended. Brob and Sling were there too, and Keith Hioco. I bought my first punk 7″ there: a 7″ bootleg of ‘Siege’ (Drop Dead).

    Comment by Wim Hollevoet — 01/22/2012 @ 13:30

  10. I remember a couple of these shows…
    Some of the Leuven shows I co-organised. Either with the Kerosene crew or with Geert ‘Gonzo’ in the cases of ‘Econochrist’ and later ‘Sensefield’, ‘4 Walls Falling …
    I guess I have a few bad pictures laying around at home, have to check and scan them someday…

    Comment by Raf 'thrasher' Gelenne — 03/22/2012 @ 17:19

  11. 2 mar ’91 (‘O.H.K.’, Oostende): ‘Seein’Red’
    Two early songs: -Shell- and -Dream-

    Comment by smurfpunx — 04/24/2013 @ 20:02

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