91-05-04 (Peanuts) Flag Of Democracy – The Big Thing – Majority Of One – Barf

This was going to turn out the last ever Smurfpunx concert. That night we went ‘bankrupt’ by losing  € 750,00. The reasons? What was going the last months: the increasing business-mentality in the HC/punk-scene, the consumerism, the desinterest for bands/people working in a true D.I.Y. manner, the lack of real support for what we wanted to do and the alternative we wanted to promote, leading to less people coming to the concerts… [read also: Peanuts, Lede, 23 mar 91 (N.O.F.)] The result was that we had to cancel the next one. I felt very bad for not being able to meet the commitment/ to fulfill the promise I’d already made (the 1st time ever) to the people who were doing the tour for ‘Assassins Of God’ (Zündi & Ute from Berlin) and having to let down my friends of ‘Decadence Within’. (In the end they didn’t come over ’cause Stefan Joosten couldn’t get them enough gigs.) At first we wanted to evaluate the situation and see whether it was worthwhile to go on and how. Finding a smaller place where no P.A. was needed? Joining/cooperating with other people? But after a while it faded… For me it meant I couldn’t organise bigger tours anymore. I went on to collaborate with the Vort’n Vis people and I did my things at a ‘lower’ level…

The show was very good atmosphere-wise (even with only 120 people). There was a core of people that endorsed us but unfortunately not enough to be able to survive.

Unexpectedly ‘Majority Of One’ showed up and they played aswell. Their tour (organised by the rather commercial First Strike recs) was a mess so we tried to help ’em out a bit. We even gave them some of the food and money we reserved for the other bands. I doubt it this would’ve been the case if they did that in a mainstream venue… Todd Swangstu, bassplayer of ‘M.O.O.’ quit the band because he did not want to go on that tour. Ali Moazed played guitar, Eric Lemle the drums. Vocalist was Dirk Hemsath (owner of Doghouse recs in New York City).

‘F.O.D.’, a long-lasting trio from Philadelphia, were (are) Jim McMonagle (guitar, lead vocals), Dave Rochon (bass, backing vocals) & Robert ‘Bob’ Walker (drums) playing great melodic up-tempo and fast, thrashy HC/punk. They were touring with ‘The Big Thing’, another Philly punkrock-band.


‘Barf’ [local band] were myself, Jenne, Vincent, Nic. I can’t tell much more about it…

Ludde, Smurfpunx dude (now singer for ‘Muckrakers’)

I can remember the show…haha… ‘Majority Of One’ were kind of clean-cut hardcore guys and we were all crazy older guys. There was a local band on the bill to right? Kind of grindy?… I had their sticker for years on my guitar-case but I’m spacing out on their name… They gave me a vegetarian sticker as well with a big cow-head on it! That was when all that scum-fuck judges and cops were fucking with little kids back in ‘91…

Jim, ‘F.O.D.’ guitarist

This would end up being the last Smurfpunx show, bit of a bummer I think, not a farewell party [Brob: There was another concert planned but that got cancelled in the end…], more a show that dragged on and with people being there checking their watches to get out as soon as possible. ‘Flag Of Democracy’ was a great band from the mid 80s, touring way after their heyday to promote some re-issue of the 1st classic lp and totally unwanted new album on Bitzcore. Their show was great because they didn’t give a fuck, I think they were drunk and it was sloppy as hell, every song sounded the same, it was nice. ‘The Big Thing’ was some Bitzcore support that I totally forgot about and ‘Majority Of One’ was clean straight-edge sounding by the numbers, with Dirk who would later take over Lumberjack and Mordam, and tear them to pieces. So why bother to go? Because you always ended up meeting new people… Driving for ‘M.O.O.’ was Whitey who played with ‘Electro Hippies’ in the end and was a really nice funny guy, he ended up touring with us on the ‘N.O.F.’ tour in 1993 and we spent a lot of time together. Sadly lost touch with each other afterwards but meeting people like him was what made going to shows and hanging around in the HC-scene great. In retrospect a lot of the music and bands were crap and fake but meeting a small number of people that were in the same mind-space was great.

Jeroen Lauwers

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