87-12-12 (Jungle Of Joy) Instigators – Scoundrels (extra photos)

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Photo-shoot by Agna Van Rillaer; scans by Gunter Vaes. Much appreciated!

see also Jungle Of Joy, Antwerp, 12 dec 87 (Instigators)

‘Instigators’ – Andy ‘Tez’ Turner (vocals), Steve ‘Cuzzy’ Curran (drums), Simon Mooney (guitar), Bob Gorlik (bass):

‘Scoundrels’ – Patrick ‘Labie’ Delabie (vocals & guitar), Luc Proost (guitar), ‘Bootsie’ Butsenzeller (drums), Frank de Hoon (bass):

A whole bunch in B&W available on request…


87-12-12 (Jungle Of Joy) Instigators – Scoundrels – Indecency – Heart Explodes

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The day after a long night in Gooik with ‘Attitude’ and a dangerous drive through the fog, Smurfpunx were at it again. Andy Turner and his ‘Instigators’ were touring (when weren’t they? – smile) so Duco invited them over. It was only about half a year after their passage in my hometown (with ‘Detonators’; see: Marbel, Tielt, 3 apr 87 (Detonators)) but now Bob Gorlik played the bass. Netwerk was not available so we diverted them to Antwerp, where they played an old cinema, re-baptised ‘Jungle Of Joy’. We already knew Tez and his mates as fantastic people and they did a great set!

It was a benefit for the V.I.A. support-fund for ‘total-refusers’ Jaak DC. & Patrick H. (for more info, see also the anti-military benefit a few months later: Netwerk, Aalst, 2 apr 88 (anti-military benefit)) who’re gonna be on trial and most probably locked up. Unfortunately the turn-out was rather poor (only about a 100 people), possibly because of the fact we couldn’t use our regular space and the show the day before… Can’t even remember if I was there…


That was a great bill and a good concert, especially ‘Instigators’ and ‘Heart Explodes’. But I think there were even less than 100 people, perhaps not more than 60-70. And in that big a venue, that was rather sad. This would’ve been related to the band (or gig) over-supply ánd the fact that we were operating outside our ‘biotope’. I think Mokka arranged the space through Wiebel. [Brob: who did most of the Antwerp gigs around that time]  Some Antwerp regulars (I’m thinking of Sousou [Brob: then the girlfriend of ‘Ear Damage’s bassist], a sturdy and funny woman with a thick Antwerp accent), told us that bluntly: the Antwerp crowd wasn’t keen on the fact that ‘provincials’ (“the peasants”) came over to organise something there. Well, duh… Plus, a band like ‘Attitude’ was then probably more popular and drew a bigger crowd than the ‘Instigators’…

We got to know the latter at this amazing concert that we set up for them, together with the ‘Detonators’ in De Marbel [see: Marbel, Tielt, 3 apr 87 (Detonators)] and when they planned this later tour, they contacted me. Mokka agreed immediately. ‘Heart Explodes’ was a rather heavy garagerock-band (à la ‘The Nomads’) from Aalst. Their bassist Karel De Backer had been in school with me and would later run his own P.A.-company [Brob: he used to do the sound-mix in Netwerk and still runs ‘Rat & Kabel’ noise-factory in Aalst]. Their presence could’ve been called ‘broadening the horizon’ (smile). ‘Indecency’ is the later ‘5Les’, Onno’s band. They were inspired by the somewhat softer Wasinghton DC HC-bands à la ‘Scream’. What the ‘Scoundrels’ did, I can’t remember, but I have a vague (ergo sometimes deceptive) recollection they didn’t show up…


Oh Yes! ‘Scoundrels’ showed up allright, I know cause I was their drummer. What we played exacly is totally lost in the haze of time but I recall it to be a great evening due to the fact we could open for ‘Instigators’. Andy Turner had one of his legs in plaster but still jumped around like hell [Brob: actually, it was Mooney (Simon, the guitarist); as one can see on the pics], I was very impressed by that.

Our line-up here was the one with [2nd guitarist] Luc Proost. He only played a short while for ‘Scoundrels’ (during the period of our ‘Join Hands’ album), after that we returned to the primal trio. Luc was also the founder and driving-force of the legendary ‘Wulpse Varkens’.


pictures by Serge Harvent:

‘Indecency’: Filip ‘Boule’ Burgelman (bass), Dirk Jans (drums), Chris Dexters (vocals), Onno Hesselink (guitar)

‘Scoundrels’: Frank de Hoon (bass), Patrick Delabie (guitar+vocals), Geert ‘Bootsie’ Budts (drums), Luc Proost (guitar)

the ‘Instigators’ (Mooney, Bob, Tez, Cuzzy), backed by their host (Duco)

More photos

Andy ‘Tez’ Turner (an -unusual- quite moment) * Simon Mooney (humping about with a plaster after breaking a kneecap in a football-game)

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