Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 25 oct ’87


25 oct ’87 (‘Parochiezaal’): Capitol Punishment (USA), Repulsives (Bel) [about to split], Heibel (Bel), Creep Insanity (Bel), No Debt (Bel), Verbal Abuse (USA), L.W.S. (Ger) [didn’t show up]

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[Brob: My band ‘Repulsives’ were about to split up at that time – we continued as a 3-piece for a while – but didn’t play that day…]

From a local newspaper (autumn ’87)…

>>‘Capitol Punishment’ proves it in Scherpenheuvel *** Hardcore is also possible with humour<<

Despite major changes of the bill, more than 350 hardcore-amateurs had an exciting Sunday-afternoon at Scherpenheuvel’s parish-hall. Two foreign bands (‘L.W.S.’ and ‘Verbal Abuse’ didn’t show up but the Diepenbeek/Hasselt combo ‘Heibel’ and especially the intense as well as humorous ‘Capitol Punishment’ brought relief.

A diverse – actually particularly peaceful behaving – audience of punks; skinhead, hard-rockers and speedcore-fans experienced the concerts of ‘Creep Insanity’ (leaning towards speedmetal but technically imperfect) and ‘No Debt’ (sloppy punk) without a lot of enthusiasm.

After that ‘Heibel’ did succeed to ignite things. Their new singer, recruited after a British mini-tour where the former front-man wanted to be too much of a star (according to the rest of the band), couldn’t convince yet. But the razor-sharp double guitar-parts that form the foundation of the songs repeatedly turned out irresistible.

‘Capitol Punishment’ didn’t come across very strong at first but gradually grew to a more than decent level. Straightforward hardcore, poured into ultra-short and super-fast songs alternated with funny references to rock’n’roll (e.g. a cover of ‘Hanky Panky’), and even reggae and country&western during the encores, that were enforced after a hectic performance of ‘Surfin’ Bird’ – the way the Ramones do when they want to turn the venue upside down.

87-10-25 crowdshot Cap Punish>>‘Capitol Punishment’ set the parish-hall in Scherpenheuvel ablaze on Sunday<< [Brob: Duco covering for the storm…]

Gig-review in ‘W.O.M.’ #2 (’87; Belgian ‘Trash-Hardcore zine’):

Normally the bill would’ve been: ‘L.W.S.’, ‘Capitol Punishment’, ‘Repulsives’ & ‘Verbal Abuse’, but there were some changes because ‘Repulsives’ had just split and L.W.S.’ & ‘Verbal Abuse’ couldn’t make it for one reason or another. On to the gig now. As usual the parish-hall was rather packed. ‘Creep Insanity’ was the opening act and we did much better than in Aalst. The audience was watching attentively and we were also very satisfied ourselves. Then – rather unexpected for everyone – ‘No Debt’ took the stage (with a new bassist). I didn’t see them myself (we were doing an interview) but it would seem that they were worse than before. ‘Heibel’ came on stage to fire their set at the audience. They have a new singer now and sound a lot better too, I think. They played various old and new songs. After their perfomance the audience was all warmed up for the headliner of the afternoon: ‘Capitol Punishment’. I’d never heard or seen them before but what I heard was really very good. A drunk singer, a female bassist, a guitarist of over 30 and a good drummer made the concert even more interesting. ‘Capitol Punishment’ didn’t just stay with HC, there were also songs by ‘The Ramones’ as well as country. And the audience kept stagediving; at one timepoint the singer also got lost (probably staggered towards the bar). They played a few encores and the most striking was a reggae-tune that evolved into a HC-version and vice versa. Everyone was very satisfied and so were we. We returned home with great memories.


87-10-25 Capitol Punishment vox (by Mark Vael)‘Capitol Punishment’ vocalist Ralph Lotspeich (photo by Mark Vael)


Photos by Agna Van Rillaer, scans by Gunter Vaes

‘Capitol Punishment’ (guitarist Dale Stewart, bassist Joceylin Fedrau, drummer Mike Branum):

‘Heibel’ (Erwin, Peter, Jo, Pé):


And here are some of Serge Harvent’s vast collection… (Thanks!):

crowd-shots with Agna & Felix (1), Fons & Fitzjoy – the black and blond girl upfront are Kim De Schacht & Corinne Dhulster (2), Marbels (3; R.I.P.), Pik (4):

‘Heibel’ (Steven, Erwin, Peter, Jo, Pé):

‘Capitol Punishment’:

‘Creep Insanity’ (Bart ‘Bassie’ Van Haele – bass, Peter ‘Rabbit’ Ginneberge – drums, Peter ‘Trash’ De Zutter – guitar & vocals):

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