87-04-17 (Netwerk) Cólera – Artless – Visions Of Change – Heibel

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Smurfpunx (Aalst 87, Colera) bis

Again, a memorable evening… ‘Cólera’, the first Brazilian HC/punk-band to tour the European continent (thanx to Werner E.). Don’t know anymore how long they were here but they played loads of shows everywhere. This was the 2nd one in Aalst [1st: Netwerk, Aalst, 15 mar 87 (Cólera)]. Excellent punkrock, catchy anthems. I can still hum the melody of ‘Pela Paz’. They also recorded some tracks, in a studio around here, that were meant to be released as a split-lp by ‘Hageland recs’ with my own band ‘Repulsives’ but for some reason that never happened…

‘Artless’ (USA) were a bit of a controversial outfit – thanks to Mykel Board, their singer/performer. I can’t remember exactly what weird things he did then but the words ‘blood, faeces, mutilation’ pop up in my head (or am I confusing him with GG Allin?). I think everyone was afraid to get near the stage…

‘Visions of Change’ (UK) were a melodic band from Leamington Spa who just renamed themselves (formerly ‘Depraved’). This gig was before they recorded their debut-album so the line-up must’ve been the same as ‘Depraved’: singer Ian Murphy & his brother Lee on guitar, drummer Paul ‘Gigs’ McGivern and Spencer on bass. Their concert in ’88 was with the new line-up…

And ‘Heibel’? The ‘hermanos sympaticos’ (Erwin, Pé, Jo), guitar-wizard Steven and the wacko baker-aid Bollie from Limburg. One of the best Belgian hardcore-bands ever. This must’ve been the last show of Bollie on Belgian soil: that summer they toured the U.K. (with ‘Heresy’ & ‘Lärm’) and after that he was replaced by Peter Daniëls.


Mykel Board was a Maximum Rock’n’Roll columnist and controversial, always defying the lefty punks.


Mykel Board actually did drink a full bottle of vodka during that concert and became more and more drunk. At the end of the concert they had to carry him upstairs to the backstage. I had an interview-appointment with him after the show so I was preparing to not having an interview after all. It turned out it was all acted. The vodka was actually water.


I recall this as one of the most fantastic evenings in Netwerk, Aalst: ‘Coléra’. It was a super-sunny spring-day. After a day’s hard labour, I jumped into my jeans and in Wetteren (my boss had to pick up some things there…) on the train to the ‘big city’ Aalst; all on my own, after a quick visit at Sport Nollet (?) to get me some new Santa Cruz bullet-wheels under my Hosoi-Hammerhead… Aalst bathed in the sun… Conversations with pen-palls (We corresponded by letter but only got to know each other there – yep, that was really the pre-SMS, -GSM, -mail, etc. era. Each time pleased when there was mail in the box from acquaintances or strangers.) ‘cause this was when we got to meet people like Bollie or Kockie or the ‘Taartje Aardbei’-dudes or who-ever…under the sun, buying a zine from Stel or Brob; it wasn’t much more than that but it was ‘ours’… And then really enjoyed ‘Coléra’. Afterwards I had to leave way too early to get to the Kortrijk railway-station, to be picked up by my older brother (who díd have a driving-license). I still think of all this each time when I drive past the Aalst-sign on the E40 highway…

Joost Goeminne (visitor and later ‘Yuppies’ Death’ vocalist)

‘Artless’ was (top photo, L to R): Michael Evans (drums), Dale Ashmun (roadie, pal, sometimes guitar), Mykel Board (vocalist and sometimes asshole), Otto Kentrol (bass) & Gavin McNett (guitar). I remember there was some toothless junkie in Belgium who was a great guy. He was an expert on Middle Eastern music. He had a ton of cassettes. Otto and I split ‘em. I still have some of them. It was my introduction to (non-Hebrew) Middle Eastern music…and I have a Belgian junkie to thank for it.

Mykel Board

concert-review from the Belgian zine Rattebeet #3

Cólera’: Pierre (drums) – Redson (guitar/vocals) – Val (bass) * photographed by Jenny Plaits

87-04-17 Cólera Pierre (by Jenny Plaits)87-04-17 Cólera Redson (by Jenny Plaits)87-04-17 Cólera Redson' (by Jenny Plaits)87-04-17 Cólera Val (by Jenny Plaits)

‘Artless’, pictures by Kockie

Michael Evans, (Dale Ashmun), Mykel Board, Bill Ylitalo ‘Otto Kentrol’ & Gavin McNett

Artless 0

Artless 1

extra photos of ‘Artless’: 87-04-17 (Netwerk) Artless (extra photos)

‘Heibel’ pictures, kindly donated by Jo Reynders:

Bollie & Pé

Heibel (17apr87) ErwinErwin


  1. Thanks for this… I’m STILL writing a column for Maximum Rock’n’Roll, but not looking as suave as I did back then.
    Great blog there but I’m not sure I have anything to add to that show. It was great playing with Cólera. I didn’t get laid, though I think Dale, our roadie, did…

    Comment by Mykel Board — 05/14/2011 @ 05:26

  2. For an interview with ‘Heibel’, go to Heibel (interview Tilt! #4)

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 02/02/2012 @ 18:37

  3. Jenny Plaits: >>I was on the ‘Heresy’ tour but we broke down in Germany near the end. They were going to stay a few extra days to get the van fixed but I had to get back to England for my job. Luckily I met Bollie who put me up in Belgium and took me out to that gig. It was a fantastic night, all the better for it being an accident being there! At the end of the gig Bollie found me two kind strangers who gave me a lift to the Oostende ferry. It’s cool you used my photos.<<

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 07/29/2013 @ 08:07

  4. ‘Cólera’ interview (Deadline #2) 1987

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 08/22/2013 @ 16:01

  5. Cólera – European Tour 87

    Comment by Smurfpunx — 11/17/2013 @ 09:41

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