88-01-30 (Netwerk) Heresy – Ripcord – C.O.T. – Anguish (extra photos)

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Fantastic photos taken by Agna Van Rillaer & scanned by Gunter Vaes. A true document of our scene!!!

see also Netwerk, Aalst, 30 jan 88 (Heresy)


Fons (bass) – Steve (drums) – Bart (vocals) – Kris (guitar) – Murielle (vocals) – Alain (guitar) [Steve is not visible on the pics; the guy in the checkered shirt is Bruno from Smurfpunx/’Hate Crew’]

88-01-30 Anguish (b&w)

‘Cry Of Terror’; Hans (vocals) – Wouter (guitar) – Walter (bass) – Pierre (drums):

‘Ripcord’; here with Buzby (vocals) – Baz (guitar) – Jim (bass) – John (drums):

‘Heresy’; here with John March (vocals) – Baz (guitar) – Kalv (bass) – Steve (drums):

[the pictures capture the intense atmosphere very well, there was electricity in the air; the crowd was going wild, the stage crowded with scenesters (e.g. Sproet, Fitzjoy, Guido ‘Hate Crew’, Bollie, Jos ‘Lärm’) & Smurfpunx (Kris F., yours truly)]



  1. ‘Heresy’ – live in Germany: Nagold 1987, Leutkirch 1988, Geislingen 1988

    Comment by Bernd Backhaus — 02/17/2012 @ 12:04

  2. I appreciate what you’re doin’, really!, but man, don’t think I remember anything…way too long ago and kinda blurry… All I know is that we were young and crazy. We made songs like ‘biefstuk, boulet, saté, stop ermee’ [steak, meatball]…but not everyone was veggie haha… It was a great time: all you needed was an electric noisy guitar and enthousiasm…

    Comment by Alain Louie — 02/17/2012 @ 14:49

  3. Fantastic pics Brob… I remember the gig as if it was yesterday!

    Comment by Pierre (C.O.T.) — 02/17/2012 @ 15:51

  4. Nice photos! That was a wild, packed show if I recall. All I remember is looking out to a whirlpool of bodies, like someone had pulled the plug out of a bath!
    Busby slept on the stage that night and was woken up by Kalv dropping a bass speaker-cab right next to his head, nearly gave the poor guy a heart-attack.

    Comment by John, 'Ripcord' drummer — 02/19/2012 @ 14:47

  5. John’s description pretty much sums it up: certainly amongst the most enthusiastic and energetic audiences that I’ve ever performed in front of – great times!
    Ha, I’d forgotten about the bass cab thing too – *BOOM!!* – I’d passed out on stage so it gave me quite a rude awakening too as I recall. ;-)
    Jimbo, ex-‘Ripcord’ bassist

    Comment by Jim 'Jimbo' Whiteley — 02/21/2012 @ 16:06

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