Hate Crew tour 1988

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This is a piece I wrote about the tour I did for/with ‘Hate Crew’ (see: Brob’s tours). It was intended for my zine Tilt! but somehow never made it to that… Some of them were mates/ members of the Smurfpunx-collctive so it was only obvious that I helped them out, ‘specially since my own band ‘Repulsives’ had split up. Duco had left the band just before the tour. Along for the ‘ride’, besides the band-members (Kris, Guy, Mone & Guido) and myself, were Smurfpunx Mokka & Snake and Mone’s girlfriend Caro…


Here’s the info-sheet that was written for the tour:

And here are some of the flyers of the tour:

88-07-09 Hate Crew (Hamburg)88-07-10 Hate Crew (Düsseldorf)88-07-15 Hate Crew (Bielefeld)88-07-16 Hate Crew (Frankfurt)88-07-14 Hate Crew (Nindorf)————————-

René Harx in WajlemacOur mate René Harx (from Eindhoven) visited the show in Hamburg



  1. I (vaguely) remember the gig in Düsseldorf… I always went there with mixed feelings; as Brob wrote: loads of junks and boozeheads (not that I didn’t mind a drink back then, hehe) were around that place and you better watched your wallet, on the other hand nice folks like Roz and Spike (a couple where I stayed sometimes when in Düsseldorf) made up for some of the drama.
    The show itself was OK despite the usual bad sound at Kiefernstrasse and I think some very drunk pogo-dancers annoyed me…

    Comment by Bernd Backhaus — 03/21/2011 @ 17:23

  2. One the places that we visited and still going strong: In Der Au, Rödelheim, Frankfurt

    Comment by smurfpunx — 01/11/2012 @ 21:15

  3. Interview with ‘Hate Crew’ from Tilt! #3 (1987)

    Comment by smurfpunx — 01/24/2014 @ 15:40

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