85-10-19 (Gele Limonade) Deviant Gedrag – X-Creta – Pigs In Blue Glue – Vortex – Dirty Scums

‘Destroy facism’

On October 19th, we organised a concert in ‘De Gele Limonade’ in Aalst (‘The Yellow Lemonade’; a pub that can hold about 90 people) with ‘Pigs In Blue Glue’, ‘Deviant Gedrag’, ‘X-Creta’ and ‘Vortex’. About 120 people turned up. Great! A heterogeneous crowd of punx, cold-wavers, rastas and ‘normal’ people. That’s good, it shows they’re interested in punk and @narchy.

My own band (PIBG) were first up; I think we were appreciated, people started pogoing immediately and the atmosphere was good. After 35 minutes ‘Deviant Gedrag’ hit the stage and these were really really good. More melodic punk/rock; really worthwhile.

But afterwards shit hit the fan. There were also about 15-20 skins (from the Brussels area) who had kept quiet until then. Suddenly one of them went for a punk and threw him to the ground and started kicking him. This seemed to be the signal for an attack. You know how that goes… A punk helps his friend; another skin… etc. To cut things short: at a certain moment the whole bald-headed gang were punching away at everyone, also at the girls. This went on until the cops arrived. (Don’t know who called them, definitely not us: there was no phone.) They picked up most of the skins, 5 of them ran off.

The atmosphere was totally ruined by then. Most of the crowd had disappeared, was dispersed or arrested. So we shut down the whole thing. ‘X-Creta’ and ‘Vortex’ had gotten afraid, for themselves and for their gear; and it was no use continuing for a mere 10-15 people. Very annoying, off course, especially for ‘Vortex’ who came such a long way. We stayed to talk a bit.

Half an hour later the nazi-skins were released. When they noticed it was finished for us, they hit direction the centre. I don’t know (yet) what they did there. In any case, half of our concert was ruined by those filthy fascists.

Punx unite! Destroy fascism!

Duco (in ‘Lastig’ #10)

photo of ‘Pigs in Blue Glue’: Boge – bass, Reinout a.k.a. Reinzwijn – vocals, Dimi – drums, Duco – guitar (by Serge Harvent)

pictures (by Kockie) of ‘X-Creta’ – Erwin Vanmol (guitar), Erik Steppe (drums), Marc Maes (vocals), Peter Reynaert (bass):

This was a gig me and my mates in ‘Repulsives’ (Stinky & Disorder) had looked forward to. We took the train to Aalst, not knowing how to get back but that didn’t matter: we were gonna see/hear great bands and meet new people in this ‘far away city’.

The fascist attack sobered us up. I remember taking a few punches as well and ending up with a nose-bleed in the backroom of the pub. I remember Mokka, my brother-in-arms to be in Smurfpunx, trying to cheer me up. This is how I first met him: caring bloke… The whole thing was a bonding-experience with a lot of punx who were there that night.

It also inspired me to write the song ‘Fascist Skins’ which would turn out to be our most popular song. Later it would get us into trouble again: at a gig at the ‘Q 104’ in Leuven we were again attacked by skins while playing it. We had to be escorted out of the venue by our friends and the organisers.


Fascist Skins



  1. Other gigs at the Gele Limonade:

    Comment by smurfpunx — 05/27/2012 @ 17:40

  2. I have a part of our ‘Pigs…’ concert on tape. Hope to remaster it…
    [‘Pigs In Blue Glue’ (Aalst): Duco (guitar), Reinout a.k.a. Reinzwijn (vocals), Boge (or Koen as stand-in) (bass) and Dimi [earlier ‘Flip Von Ribbentrip’] (drums).]

    Comment by Reinzwein — 04/11/2013 @ 21:39

  3. ‘Deviant Gedrag’ – Yeah Really demo 1986

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 02/03/2015 @ 15:25

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