Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 15 feb ’87

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15 feb ’87 (‘Parochiezaal’): Heresy (UK), Skeezicks (Ger), Sherwood (Fra), Cyclone (Bel), Repulsives (Bel)

There’s some more info about this on the introductionary page Hageland Hardcore concerts Scherpenheuvel

Photos by Dirk (bassplayer of ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’)


Kalv Piper (bass), John March (vocals) & Mitch Dickinson (guitar) [Bollie on the extreme left]

Kalv [with Fons, Markus, etc. behind him…]


Armin Hofmann (bass) & Sunny (vocals)

Read the ‘Repulsives’ story of that day and have a look at the pics…

‘Sherwood’ played a show at JH Kameleon in Eindhout the day before [87-02-13; 14th was in Sint-Truiden]; I invited them from Paris to play our local small youthclub with a bunch of local HC-bands [Wut (Ger), Capital Scum (Bel), C.P.D. (Bel)]. The next day we all went to the H.H. show and ‘Sherwood’ begged to play a short set. Promoter ‘de Witte’, allthough on tight schedule, was cool with that. Hence they’re not on the poster. ‘Sherwood’ got to play a few songs.

Kurt Horemans

extras always wellcome!…



87-05-02 (De Marbel) Negazione – Skeezicks – Cólera – Repulsives

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One of the best gigs ever I set up in my hometown! My own band ‘Repulsives’ was at it’s zenith (with the recordings of a bunch of tracks – destined for a split-lp with Cólera on Hageland recs – later that month); and so was the Marbel-scene. Little did we know that the place was going to be closed down permanently by the end of that month, after a riot-squad cleared up the nearby streets (during an anniversary-gig of the ‘Dirty Scums’)…

Anyway, for that day I had managed one of favourite bands at that time to come over: ‘Negazione’ (with the help of Werner E., I think). We’d all been shouting along to the songs of ‘Tutti Pazzi’ & ‘Lo Spirito Continua’ and eagerly wanted to experience them live. Earlier that year ‘Repulsives’ had played with ‘Skeezicks’ (at a Hageland Hardcore concert) and since Armin & myself were corresponding/helping each other out, it was evident that these energetic Germans had to play aswell. The bill was completed with the (at that time) omnipresent [Netwerk, Aalst, 15 mar 87 (Cólera), Netwerk, Aalst, 17 apr 87 (Cólera), Concerts * NOT Smurfpunx] ‘Cólera’ (practically residents of Scherpenheuvel those days)…

I’ve floated through that day… I recall ‘Repulsives’ did an awesome set (with ‘Fascist Skins’ as a climax and several encores/covers); the other bands were of course equally if not even more appreciated; and a great time was had by all. It was truely a network of friends… A big contrast with the afternoon leading to the fall at the end of the month.

That afternoon I also made some preparations for an interview with the Italians (at that time: singer Guido ‘Zazzo’ Sassola, bassplayer Marco Mathieu, guitarist Roberto ‘Tax’ Farano and Fabrizio Fiegl on drums) for my ‘zine Tilt! And I hope that, before I die one of the remaining ‘Skeezicks’ (bassplayer Armin Hofmann & his bro Andy on drums, guitarists Carsten Bauer & Marc Helber, and singer Jürgen ‘Sunny’ Findlinger – R.I.P.) can let me know if there was actually a video shot of that concert… They’d also hung out at our rehearsal-space earlier the day because they came over early from Hasselt (where did they’d played the day before)…

As usual there were a people from everywhere visiting… The guys from the Charleroi fanzine (Deadly Fuckin’ Thrash Panzer), Laurent & Eric, were there (being big fans of ‘Repulsives’). They interviewed David Dutriaux of ‘Scraps’ there for their third issue…


I clearly remember my first visit at De Marbel. I was just about to become 16 and went to see kijken ‘Hate Crew’, ‘Heibel’ & ‘Lärm’ [87-03-08]. Unforgettable! I went over a few times later but this here was my last time there because shortly after the place got shut down. It was a top-bill. What a night… What a sweltering atmosphere, what an energy. That’s also what I realised the day after: around noon I got out of bed and noticed I had a black eye. Not that I’d gotten into a fight with anyone, I was/am ever so peaceable; no: apparently I had been participating in the moshpit too enthusiastically. That can happen. Especially being the little brat that I was… I remember the song Fascist Skins by ‘Repulsives’ ensured some commotion that night: a couple of skinheads couldn’t resist to start shouting …

Johan Maes

From an interview with ‘Skeezicks’ in the Belgian ‘zine ‘Total Chaos’ #1: >>What d’you think of the Belgian scene? Over the years, the Belgian scene has developed! A lot of gigs, nice people and last but not least great bands such as ‘Heibel’, ‘Repulsives’, etc. I’m looking forward to see more.<<

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