86-12-08 (De Finkel) Senza Sterzo – Manimal – Deviant Gedrag – Brain Disorder

[Sometimes people think a certain concert was organised by Smurfpunx, when it wasn’t…]

This wasn’t a bad gig, although the attendance wasn’t that great if I remember correctly.

‘Manimal’ and ‘Deviant Gedrag’ were good; no memories pop up about ‘Senza Sterzo’; and ‘Brain Disorder’ was the chaotic poseur-band of that skater Thierry ‘Areuh’… [Brob: Areuh Sertyn played for ‘Brain Cancer’…]

Why wasn’ t this organised by Smurfpunx? Look at the date… It was only one week after the first Smurfpunx-concert with ‘Ceresit’ in ‘Netwerk’. It was an ad hoc collaboration with Filip ‘Boule’ Burgelman (‘Indecency’ / ’5Les’) who set up gigs in ‘De Finkel’ [youthcentre in Jette, near Brussels] regurlarly. Filip organised the tour for ‘Manimal’. He probably contacted ‘Mokka’ first for a concert in Aalst but we weren’t able to do it (‘Netwerk’ was not available and ‘De Gele Limonade’ was finished for the time being.).

It was ‘Mokka’s and my intention also to keep a good contact with ‘De Finkel’ [Duco also did the poster for this one.] in case ‘Netwerk’ wouldn’t work out when we were offered interessting acts that were ‘too small’ to fill up ‘Netwerk’. [There was more cooperation later on, as one can see in the concert-list.]


‘Manimal’ was a Roman HC band consisting of bassist Carmelo Seminara, drummer Fausto Delfini (drums) and guitarists Massimo Iacoponi & Fabio. Their self-titled LP was recorded in April that year and released by Contagio recs. They had already toured Germany with ‘Negazione’ & ‘Indigesti’ in 1985.

Donatella ‘Doda’ Mariotti (bass) played for ‘Senza Sterzo’ (from Pisa), together with Marco (drums), Luciano (guitar) and ‘Mad Jack’ (vocals). If I’m well informed, they only did a demo (7 songs) in 1988.


NON Smurfpunx (Jette 86)


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