Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 6 jun ’86

86-06-06 Scherpenheuvel - BGK & Raw Power

6 jun ’86 (‘Parochiezaal’): Raw Power (Ita), Negazione (Ita), No Pigs (Nl), Cyclone (Bel) [flyer: Raw Power, B.G.K., Capital Scum, Cyclone]

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Have a look at the introductionary page Hageland Hardcore concerts Scherpenheuvel

Photos (sources unknown -Kockie?- unless stated otherwise):

86-06-06 Raw Power (Sharphill)86-06-06 Raw Power' (Sharphill)86-06-06 Raw Power'' (Sharphill)86-06-06 Raw Power''' (Sharphill) by Skina‘Raw Power’ (bottom pic by Annick Clerick)

86-06-06 Negazione (Sharphill) band86-06-06 Negazione (Sharphill) band'86-06-06 Negazione (Sharphill) band-action86-06-06 Negazione (Sharphill) by Serge H86-06-06 Negazione (By K Horemans)‘Negazione’ (b/w pic by Serge Harvent, bottom pic by Kurt Horemans)

86-06-06 No Pigs (Sharphill)‘No Pigs’ (Maarten & Guy)

86-06-06 Scherpenheuvel crowd86-06-06 Scherpenheuvel crowd'The crowd… Recognize anyone?

86-06-06 Kockie & Youth Crew Kassie (H Schreiber)86-06-06 Kockie & Q (Cyclone @ Hageland) (H Schreiber)Kockie & friends (Kurt ‘Kassie ‘Rampelbergh & ? ) during the ‘Cyclone’ show (pics by Helge Schreiber)

86-06-06 Cyclone (Sharphill)86-06-06 Cyclone' (Sharphill)‘Cyclone’ (source ?)


  1. Negazione (interview Tilt! #3)

    Comment by Smurfpunx — 03/02/2013 @ 09:56

  2. I was there! Great times!!
    Thanx Brob

    Comment by Bux, Jan De Vriendt — 03/02/2013 @ 12:02

  3. That was a cool show – good memories!

    Comment by Ludwig De Bock — 04/08/2013 @ 07:49

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