Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 15 nov ’87

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‘Attitude’ & ‘Emils’ also played for Smurfpunx; see: De Vrede, Gooik, 11 dec 87 (Attitude)

There’s some more info about this on the introductionary page Hageland Hardcore concerts Scherpenheuvel

87-11-15 Sharphill - Attitude

photos by Fons Ceuppens (1+2), Agna Van Rillaer (3) & Kockie (4+5+6+7):

singer Andy Andersen addressing Bollie…?

bassist Rick Strahl

genuine rock-pose… ;-)

guitarist Chris Scaparro (Brob trying to avoid getting hit by Rick’s bass, Werner H. taking pics)

“long-haired scum” ;-)

drummer that replaced Paul Birnbaum

Bollie diving over Edward V.


‘Lärm’ (with Brob sporting his “world-famous” hoodie, ‘Ridi’ – singer of ‘Inhuman Conditions’ – having a coffee-break with ?) * source unknown (the first 2 pics probably from De Vergeten Jeugd fanzine)


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