87-12-12 (Jungle Of Joy) Instigators – Scoundrels (extra photos)

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Photo-shoot by Agna Van Rillaer; scans by Gunter Vaes. Much appreciated!

see also Jungle Of Joy, Antwerp, 12 dec 87 (Instigators)

‘Instigators’ – Andy ‘Tez’ Turner (vocals), Steve ‘Cuzzy’ Curran (drums), Simon Mooney (guitar), Bob Gorlik (bass):

‘Scoundrels’ – Patrick ‘Labie’ Delabie (vocals & guitar), Luc Proost (guitar), ‘Bootsie’ Butsenzeller (drums), Frank de Hoorn (bass):

A whole bunch in B&W available on request…



  1. The 1987 pictures from Antwerp are memorable because I had to go on tour with a full cast on my left leg. I’d cracked my kneecap in a football-game a couple of weeks before. I regret my choice of shorts but then it was the 1980s.

    Comment by Simon Mooney — 07/28/2012 @ 10:39

  2. Looks like a sticker of D.R.O.L. [Dirk’s zine in the 80s] on Labie’s Guitar… Yeah!

    Comment by Dirk C. — 07/30/2012 @ 17:22

  3. Simon…even with a cast on your leg, you still jumped around like a Duracell rabbit on amphetamines… Respect !

    Comment by Bootsie Butsenzeller — 05/02/2013 @ 20:03

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