Hageland Hardcore, Sharphill, 22 nov ’87

87 MDC tour

22 nov ’87 (‘Parochiezaal’): M.D.C. (USA), Swampsurfers (Nl), Indecency (Bel), Dona Nobis Pacem (Bel)

There’s some more info about this on the introductionary page Hageland Hardcore concerts Scherpenheuvel


From a local newspaper (autumn ’87)…

>>‘M.D.C.’ offers a suitable end *** After a complaint by the local fanfare: hardcore is over and done with in Scherpenheuvel<<

‘M.D.C.’ – ‘Millions of Dead Cops, entitled their most recent album ‘Millions of Damn Christians’ but it might just as well have ‘Millions of Dirty Capitalists’.

Nuanced social ideas are not at all to be expected from this tight-as-ever bunch of hardcore-pioneers from San Francisco. Sunday afternoon they played the final chord, ending a series of hardcore-gigs in Scherpenheuvel’s parish-hall.

Even though they could be proud that the concerts always went without significant incidents, the organisers encountered more and more headwind from the local authorities. Recently e.g., a complaint for theft (of some stands and music-scores) was filed by the fanfare, that rehearses in the same parish-hall week every week. (In the meantime the police deemed the complaint unfounded.) In any case, the hardcore-activities will not be discontinued: from next month on, amateurs of the genre will be able to go to the venue ‘Centraal’ on the market-square of Zichem, about 2 km from Scherpenheuvel.

Farewell * Nearly 400 spectators were treated – as a way of saying goodbye – with a concert of one and a half hour (unusually long for a hardcore-band) by ‘M.D.C.’. The Texan quartet, operating from California, that released their debut-album already in 82 and inspired bands such as ‘D.R.I.’, as usual lashed out fiercely against fascism, cruise-miles, censorship, violence and of course the police. But the hollow slogans were accompanied by a high energy-level, a more than decent playing and a number of humorous ‘show’-elements (the easy-going country-tunes e.g., that served as perfectly timed interludia when the guitarist had to replace a string). Apart from a few exceptions, the undiluted hardcore-songs didn’t last longer than two minutes, while every now and then a pure heavy metal-riff shred of cow-punk could be heard. Nearly unrecognisable full-speed versions of Little Richard’s ‘Tutti Frutti’ and The Doors’ ‘Soul Kitchen’ completed the varied and therefore appreciated menu.

Before the Belgian support-acts ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’ en ‘Indecency’ didn’t make such a big impression and the “speed core-sensation” ‘Swampsurfers’ delivered an unbalanced effort, but the singer showed a large dose of perspective, what resulted in very funny as well as rather corny jokes.

What utter humorlessness can lead to, was painfully illustrated by “poetess” ‘Daisy Anarchy’, who left little impression with her aggressive, yet uninspired phrasing and irritatingly recited lyrics about a series of murders on prostitutes and her own incest-experience, right before the ‘M.D.C.’-gig. [Brob: Later, I met Daisy again in San Francisco and I could witness that Daisy’s life wasn’t exactly a bed of roses…]

crowd shot (M.D.C.)>>‘M.D.C.’ in Scherpenheuvel: after all, that’s the way hardcore-concerts are appreciated.<< [Brob: Amongst others, Bollie and Andreas G. having a blast!]

87-11-22 MDC crowd @ Sharphill (-)————————-

Agna Van Rillaer pictured some of the bands & Gunter Vaes scanned them. Thanks a lot!

(spot the scenesters on stage ;-)… ‘Witte’ Werner E., Kiki D., Werner H., Fons Ceuppens, de Markus, Martine B., Heleen Valk, Veerle Brion, Kockie, etc.)

‘M.D.C.’ – a small selection…

‘Swampsurfers’ Rino Vincken (singer) & Jo Kieboom (guitarist) in the background…

‘Dona Nobis Pacem’ – the Antwerp interpretation of ‘Antisect’ – should never be forgotten; they were: Manfred ‘Munpie’ ‘Muffie’ Vinck (vocals & guitar), Alex (drums), Dirk (bass & vocals), Gerrit (guitar)


‘M.D.C.’s bassplayer (by Fons Ceuppens):


Here’s a couple more (courtesy of Dirk ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’):

Daisy Anarchy (touring with ‘M.D.C.’) reciting her poetry…


And these are courtesy of Bart Schoofs:

87-11-22 MDC (Sharphill)(with -L- Bollie ‘Heibel’)

87-11-22 Swampsurfers bass Frank Smeets (Sharphill)‘Swampsurfers’ bassist Frank Smeets



  1. Hehehe… I remember hanging out in front of the hall and my buddy Georg bumping into Dave… They looked at each other and Georg was saying something like “So ‘M.D.C.’, what about straight edge?” and Dave was just laughing and answering “Well, I guess no straight edge for ‘M.D.C.’…”. Funny guy and a hell of a show!!!

    Comment by Andreas Grüter — 02/11/2012 @ 10:22

  2. That was a great gig! Love that Hageland Hardcore-period, the music and how we dressed… :-)

    Comment by Vital Gerets — 02/11/2012 @ 11:20

  3. Great pix Brob! [Brob: All hail to Agna!] I was surprised to see the ‘Zyklome-A’ spraypainted on a cabinet there but it must have been that ‘D.N.P.’ borrowed our (or Markus’) amp+speaker… I recognise that old London City, taped together with red duct tape.

    Comment by Dirk Ceustermans — 02/12/2012 @ 18:32

  4. Interview with ‘M.D.C.’ (done right after this tour)

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 11/25/2015 @ 18:00

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