88-01-23 (Netwerk) Swampsurfers – La Cosa Nostra – E.N.E. – Oh Dev! – No Tomorrow Charlie

review in the Rattebeet #4 (Jan Claus)

The Winterswijkers couldn’t make it. Can ‘t remember why. 2 other Dutch bands came over…

‘La Cosa Nostra’, hardcore/punk band from Heerenveen (Fryslân/Friesland), rose from the ashes of ‘Murder Inc. III’. Jan ‘Aaszo(o)’ Switters (also ‘Kädävérbäk’) played guitar for them. He also set up loead of gigs in venues such as Het Pakhuis & Best Genôg. The others in the band were ‘Boer Biet’ (Martin Apeldoorn; drums), ‘Mier’ (Meindert van der Werff; bass) & ‘M.C.’ Marius Bauer (vocals).

I have no recollection of ‘E.N.E.’ whatsoever… I do no know they were from Groningen and obviously were a piss-take on the British ‘Extreme Noise Terror’; some of them would later turn up in bands such as ‘Mushroom Attack’ & ‘Fleas & Lice’. Jan Claus writes in his review they let people in the audience play their guitar.

‘Swampsurfers’ were a quartet from Limburg (The Netherlands) who had released their album (Varied Food For Lost Minds) on Hageland recs (recorded September ’87). They were: Rino Vincken (vocals), Jo Kieboom (guitar), Han van der Gouw (drums) and  Frank Smeets (bass).

‘Oh, Dev’ – also from Dutch Limburg –  played punky, noisy garage-rock. Their line-up changed a few times but must’ve been Ruud Wolters (drums), André Albers (vocals/guitar),  André Kaysers (bass/backing-vocals) & Chris Reutelingperger (guitar) at that time [Peter Janssen of ‘Pandemonium’ told me he played bass for them in ’87]…

‘No Tomorrow Charlie’ was a trio from Gent playing music in the style of ‘Gore’, ‘Melvins’ and other ‘heavy’ bands.


The line-up of ‘N.T.C.’ at that time was: Nicolas Vanelslander (bass), Rudi Vansteenkiste (guitar), Foane Vandoorne (guitar), Ludo Huyghe (drums). I seem to recall that Linda Arts was the one who introduced us (she was an trainee/student at Netwerk).

Ludo Huyghe




  1. For the 15th anniversary of Kinky Star [Gent-based record-label, club, info-centre, musical platform] ‘N.T.C.’ plans 3 reunion-concerts (April 2012).

    Comment by Ludo Huyghe — 08/26/2011 @ 08:02

  2. ‘Swampsurfers’ from Sittard were one of the first proper HC bands from Limburg. Powerful and creative (mainly because of Rino’s vocals) end-80s hardcore. Excellent gigs including the one with unbelievable ‘Cosmic Wurst’. Recorded 2 albums with superb cover-art. Rino ran a great record-shop in Sittard. Still open?

    Comment by Eric Hellebrand ('No Sense') — 10/17/2011 @ 15:42

  3. ‘W.C.F.’ Kanker Tyfus

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 03/08/2012 @ 08:57

  4. ‘W.C.F.’ started January 1983. Japie – bass, Charlie – vocals , Lampie – drums, and Ronald – guitar. We practiced at the Chi Chi Club [legendary punk-club in Winterswijk]. After about 5 months we got our first gig in Lichtenvoorde with ‘The Eternal’ from Winterswijk and ‘The Dissystemz’ from Lichtenvoorde. That was a fabulous entry… The 2nd gig was in Juli at De Kelder in Winterswijk. Charlie quit with ‘W.C.F.’ for reasons that are still quite unclear to me… His last performance was at the Chi Chi Club. Harm became the new vocalist . Our first gig with him was Babylon [Hengelo] in November. Things got busier gig-wise. Japie left the band and was replaced by Jos. November ‘84 we played in Zomergem, Belgium (Zaal Ledeganck). We were strangers; hardcore was still unknown!?! It became a great experience; after we’d had to explain we were NOT fascists… A demonstration at the city-council of Hengelo and nightly eviction of Babylon meant the end of a punk-legend in the East of The Netherlands. Wat next? Do it ourselves! Guus Sarianamual came from Babylon to the Chi Chi Club. The first big festival was on Monday May 27th 1985, with ‘W.C.F.’, ‘Murder Inc.’, ‘Schnapps’, ‘Neuroot’, ‘Brigade Fozzy’, ‘Pandemonium’ and ‘Inferno’…

    Comment by Ronald Hogeboom — 03/10/2013 @ 16:12

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