87-05-02 (De Marbel) Negazione – Skeezicks – Cólera – Repulsives

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One of the best gigs ever I set up in my hometown! My own band ‘Repulsives’ was at it’s zenith (with the recordings of a bunch of tracks – destined for a split-lp with Cólera on Hageland recs – later that month); and so was the Marbel-scene. Little did we know that the place was going to be closed down permanently by the end of that month, after a riot-squad cleared up the nearby streets (during an anniversary-gig of the ‘Dirty Scums’)…

Anyway, for that day I had managed one of favourite bands at that time to come over: ‘Negazione’ (with the help of Werner E., I think). We’d all been shouting along to the songs of ‘Tutti Pazzi’ & ‘Lo Spirito Continua’ and eagerly wanted to experience them live. Earlier that year ‘Repulsives’ had played with ‘Skeezicks’ (at a Hageland Hardcore concert) and since Armin & myself were corresponding/helping each other out, it was evident that these energetic Germans had to play aswell. The bill was completed with the (at that time) omnipresent [Netwerk, Aalst, 15 mar 87 (Cólera), Netwerk, Aalst, 17 apr 87 (Cólera), Concerts * NOT Smurfpunx] ‘Cólera’ (practically residents of Scherpenheuvel those days)…

I’ve floated through that day… I recall ‘Repulsives’ did an awesome set (with ‘Fascist Skins’ as a climax and several encores/covers); the other bands were of course equally if not even more appreciated; and a great time was had by all. It was truely a network of friends… A big contrast with the afternoon leading to the fall at the end of the month.

That afternoon I also made some preparations for an interview with the Italians (at that time: singer Guido ‘Zazzo’ Sassola, bassplayer Marco Mathieu, guitarist Roberto ‘Tax’ Farano and Fabrizio Fiegl on drums) for my ‘zine Tilt! And I hope that, before I die one of the remaining ‘Skeezicks’ (bassplayer Armin Hofmann & his bro Andy on drums, guitarists Carsten Bauer & Marc Helber, and singer Jürgen ‘Sunny’ Findlinger – R.I.P.) can let me know if there was actually a video shot of that concert… They’d also hung out at our rehearsal-space earlier the day because they came over early from Hasselt (where did they’d played the day before)…

As usual there were a people from everywhere visiting… The guys from the Charleroi fanzine (Deadly Fuckin’ Thrash Panzer), Laurent & Eric, were there (being big fans of ‘Repulsives’). They interviewed David Dutriaux of ‘Scraps’ there for their third issue…


I clearly remember my first visit at De Marbel. I was just about to become 16 and went to see kijken ‘Hate Crew’, ‘Heibel’ & ‘Lärm’ [87-03-08]. Unforgettable! I went over a few times later but this here was my last time there because shortly after the place got shut down. It was a top-bill. What a night… What a sweltering atmosphere, what an energy. That’s also what I realised the day after: around noon I got out of bed and noticed I had a black eye. Not that I’d gotten into a fight with anyone, I was/am ever so peaceable; no: apparently I had been participating in the moshpit too enthusiastically. That can happen. Especially being the little brat that I was… I remember the song Fascist Skins by ‘Repulsives’ ensured some commotion that night: a couple of skinheads couldn’t resist to start shouting …

Johan Maes

From an interview with ‘Skeezicks’ in the Belgian ‘zine ‘Total Chaos’ #1: >>What d’you think of the Belgian scene? Over the years, the Belgian scene has developed! A lot of gigs, nice people and last but not least great bands such as ‘Heibel’, ‘Repulsives’, etc. I’m looking forward to see more.<<


  1. In case people didn’t get the news: Fabrizio passed away yesterday (heart-attack) [Brob: Lo Spirito Continua; now more than ever]

    Comment by Bernd Backhaus — 07/18/2011 @ 20:09

  2. For an interview with Marco of ‘Negazione’ (1987), go to Negazione (interview Tilt! #3)

    Comment by smurfpunx — 07/18/2011 @ 20:45

  3. Fuck! Fantastic story you’ve described here. An obscure part of ‘Cólera’…I did not know about his tour in Europe in 1987. Thanks for sharing. Greetings from Brazil.

    Comment by Ivan Jacaré — 07/20/2011 @ 17:39

  4. To see ‘Negazione’ in Tielt I had to ride 30 kilometer by bike (and back)…

    Comment by Filip 'Buksje' Knockaert — 09/24/2011 @ 13:48

  5. The studio-tracks recorded by ‘Repulsives’ (intended for a split with ‘Cólera’ on Hageland recs) eventually made it onto CD:
    Local Punkheroes Vol. 1

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 03/03/2012 @ 16:38

  6. Cólera – European Tour 87

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 11/17/2013 @ 09:42

  7. ‘Skeezicks’ live recordings

    Comment by smurfpunx — 09/07/2017 @ 16:00

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