89-06-16 (Gele Limonade) Do Or Die

‘Do Or Die’ were a bunch of rad women that we’d met at Van Hall in Amsterdam (Smurfpunx @ Van Hall, Amsterdam), when we stayed over there around X-mas ’88. Their music was HardCore with garage-influences based on powerful, pounding rhtythms. Playing in the band were (L=>R on the pic): Kirsten Romig (vocals), Dorien Chachmany (guitar), Erna (or Ernie, drums) & Elian (bass). They’d given us their demo, so because we enjoyed their music and liked them as people, we invited them over. First for a small show in our pub and when Netwerk opened again after the summer for a gig in the bigger venue…

cover of their demo

Their lp ‘Crush and feel It’ was recorded in 1990 at ‘ADM’s Koeienverhuurbedrijf’ and released by Konkurrel. I’ve never heard their CD ‘Shake the Stars’…


We helped at Van Hall, doing the bar and working at the door, etc. We played there in May 1988. Don’t think we played in Belgium more than twice [Brob: This one and a few months later in Netwerk, supporting ‘Fire Party’.]. Besides the demo, we did an lp in 1989, released by Konkurrent and a CD in ’91, I believe, on another label [Brob: Gap?].

So…Aalst, eh yeah, I remember the pub on the corner… We did our first tour in Denmark and Norway, invited by a women’s collective, played a squat in Oslo. Later toured Spain, Basque Country, Italy, former Yugoslavia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, The Netherlands… Yep, we played about 7 years I believe; also did 3 goodbye-concerts. One time we were also about to tour the U.S. with ‘7 Year Bitch’ but they eventually cancelled because they could tour with another, bigger band (Dorien: ‘Rage Against the Machine’ * Kirsten: for ‘Cypress Hill’ not ‘Rage Against the Machine’). So we went to Ljubljana, where there was a war going on. Everyone told us we were nuts but we went anyway because it seemed calm. On the way up there, via Austria, we got snowed in but we had a big bus with all the necessary equipment so we winched ourselves out. It was a crazy time. We enjoyed the travels a lot, we had a lot of success, the people were mostly very enthusiastic. Our music was a good mix of rock, reggae, ska, blues, etc., grunge…

We were rebels and wanted absolutely no promotion about the fact that we were all of the female sexe; we had made that clear. But often people surreptitiously made a poster picturing a naked woman with a guitar, and then something in the vein of ‘female rock’, anyway. So then we had (led by Kirsten) a vivacious conversation with the organisers. We mostly played in squats and did benefits, e.g. at the Shell blockade on top of the fire-department truck of ‘The Ex’ (with ‘The Ex’) in front of a police-line, on a Saturday-morning 11:30 a.m.

After 7 years it was enough and we all chose our own path and evolved. Elian and myself still live in Amsterdam. Since 1998 I play with James Brook in ‘Ecowar’ ( we have 4 CDs out (D.I.Y.). Kirsten moved away in the early 90s to Bern (Switzerland) and lives in the U.S. again since some 10 years, now in Las Cruces, New Mexico; she’s an environmental scientist. Dorien is an expert African dance and plays bass in a band…



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