89-03-25 (Mikis Club) So Much Hate – Life But How To Live It – Union Morbide

A week after the tumultuous and somewhat subversive passage of ‘Y.O.T.’ we had to divert to our smaller alternative to Netwerk for the first time. (The Netwerk collaborators didn’t want us to organise concerts on such a regular basis, they wanted to keep it available for other things too.) This was the 3rd passage of ‘So Much Hate’ (who had become friends by then; I also helped Gunnar with distribution of their records and some of those on his X-Port Plater label) so they knew what we were capable of (400 people at their 2nd appearance in Netwerk). Unfortunately (for the bands) only about 50 people found their way to the venue. Seemed like a lot of our visiters wanted to see ‘Sonic Youth’ playing in Gent the same day but our afternoon-concert (Hetty’s usual combination of Aalst in the afternoon & Hoorn -or Amsterdam- in the evening; they did 4 gigs in 2 days in Belgium/The Netherlands.) was already finished early enough (our gig started at 2 p.m.) for anyone who wanted to travel to that one. Anyway, they missed another great set by Norwegian finest and the astonishing revelation that ‘Life But How To Live It’ was…

‘Union Morbide’, a band playing melodic HC/punk, at that time consisted of singer Maxim Aafjes, bassplayer Eelco Boonacker, guitarist Philip van Koeveringe & drummer Michel Weijgertse (R.I.P. 2008). Their friend Mariska (Schram) had already sent me a demo but it was probably ‘Vernon Walters’ Hans Engel (who released their vinyl on his LMOOR label) who brought them over… This was ahead of the tour they would do later that year with ‘Leatherface’.

‘Life But How To Live It’  – Katja Benneche Osvold (vocals), Roger Andreassen (guitar), Tom Andreassen (bass) & Geir Petter ‘Dyret’ Jenssen (drums) – were gonna turn out to be another illustrious exponent of the Blitz scene with a bunch of great records and intensive touring under their belt. This was their 1st concert in Belgium and not a lot of people had heard from them. But my mates up North had told me about them and their rocking hardcore-punk along with Katja’s heartfelt singing/lyrics immediately gave me goosebumps (still does!)… They were touring with the veterans of ‘So Much Hate’, that don’t need any introduction anymore.


This one was in the back of some local pub [Brob: actually Mikis was kind of a community-centre], I remember not many people being there. I was really pleased to finally see ‘So Much Hate’. To be honest I’d never heard the 1st lp at that point but I really liked the band-name, it said everything I felt like at that time. I was also looking forward to see ‘Union Morbide’, they had a song on the Beatless comp 7” on Let’s Make Our Own records which was about the best thing coming out in this period; a great song. But just like the album afterwards the rest of it didn’t really stand out, I remember being disappointed after seeing them and never got into the album either. ‘So Much Hate’ were good but they made the mistake to take a band with them that just blew all competition away full stop [Brob: they shared a guitarist and were all friends from the Oslo scene]. ‘L.B.H.T.L.I.’ was one of the best bands of the late 80s, early 90s, no-one remembers them today [Brob: I certainly do! Their records still move me enormously!] but they were THE BEST BAND around! The could actually play and had a front woman that really stood there. They put out some great records and burned bright. Everyone who saw this band will tell you that they were SHOT HOT!

Jeroen Lauwers

‘So Much Hate’: Børre, Finn-Erik, Gunnar, Per-Arne (pics by Philippe Anthonis)

Børre & Gunnar

‘Union Morbide’ photos by Nathalie Guyot



  1. For an interview with ‘So Much Hate’ (1988), go to So Much Hate (interview Tilt! #4)

    Comment by smurfpunx — 07/29/2011 @ 20:35

  2. ‘Life… But How To Live It’ did a reunion-show (03.05.2002) for the 20 year anniversary of the Blitz in Oslo:
    A must for all LBHTLI fans!

    Comment by smurfpunx — 01/24/2012 @ 18:03

  3. That was such a great gig/bill. Too bad of the small crowd…

    Comment by Vital G. — 01/24/2012 @ 21:14

  4. ‘So Much Hate’ and ‘Life But…’ were such great bands. Both had realy great and creative guitar-players. It’s insane, on all their record all songs have a great guitar-riffs, unlike most other HC/punk-bands (who maybe have one good guitar-riff in one part off a song on whole record). They inspired me to start playing myself 20 years ago. I’m still amazed by their playing.
    Check out this clip, allmost a complete recording of a live show in Germany:
    ‘Life But How To Live It?’ – Alzey 28.10.1989
    [Brob: This concert was also realsed on vinyl in the ‘Your Choice Live Series’]

    Comment by Guitaraddict — 03/13/2012 @ 18:55

  5. Remember the gig as if it was yesterday. ‘Life but…’ blew me away. ‘Union Morbide’ played a great set (Maxim with the ketchup…). Never mind small crowd, had a great time with fab bands.

    Comment by Manfred Curinckx — 10/13/2012 @ 23:27

  6. ‘Life… But How to Live It’ completely changed my ideas of punk, back then, in the Mikis. Not a lot of people attending the show, so the singer danced all gig, getting us involved. Ugly is still my favorite LP since many, many years.

    Comment by Patriek D. — 07/26/2015 @ 02:07

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