89-12-25 (Netwerk) Spermbirds – Chronic Disease – Rise Above

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One of my extensive flyers announcing a punky X-mas; it reads:

“The legend is back… The godfathers of German hardcore are together again and are doing a reunion-tour. Smurfpunx make sure that you can salute Lee, Beppo, Frank, Roger & Markus in Netwerk.

Smurfpunx: Why? * ‘Spermbirds’: We had the feeling that the problems/dissatisfactions from before the split weren’t there anymore and we longed to the positive vibrations of the band we were in. That’s why ‘Spermbirds’ are together again in the original line-up.

SP: How? * SB: The first concerts went well. Everyone had a great time. We, as a band, definitely but also the audience! We have a bunch of new songs and off course there’s also the older ones from the Something to Prove period. The expectations are high but we think that we can become of one the best hardcore-bands again.

SP: Who? * Besides ourselves we bring our palls and a promising German band along: ‘Test The Distort’. We once brought ‘L.W.S.’ (‘Leberwohlstand’) to Aalst and you appreciated them alot. We hope that it’ll be the same…

SP: And we take care of one of Belgium’s promising bands: ‘Chronic Disease’, also a legend by now…in Bruges and surroundings.

Oh Tannenbaum!”

Apparently someone else made a flyer too (our mate Duco used to that but when he quit, we had to manage that by ourselves)… Because ‘Test The Distort’ didn’t show up, ‘Rise Above’ played a short surprise-set (3-4 songs) on the instruments of ‘Chronic Disease’. Sling drummed for both bands… The rest ‘Rise Above’, who were only just starting out around that time were: Hans (singer; he used to play bass in my band ‘Yuppies’ Death’), the guy I’d gotten to know in early 80s as ‘Edward Cinq’ – guitarist Ed / Ward (later ‘N.O.F. & Good Life recs) and Hazel (Françoise) on bass (They had been in the rock band ‘Midnight Men’ together). The others in ‘Chronic Disease’ were Leffe (vocalist), Meyer on guitar and the bassist, Vrokker.

All of them and ‘Spermbirds’ made it a fantastic show which gave us courage/energy to plan more things. There was a wonderful atmosphere; 450 people attended. Part of the profits we made on this gig [€ 250,00] were donated to ‘Doctors Without Borders’ [who were sending chirurgical teams to Rumania at that time]. Smurfpunx also recovered a bit mentally but also financially: we made some money to make up for earlier losses and to forget the cancellations of the tours of ‘M.D.C.’ and ‘Dissent’ (planned on Nov 12 with the Swiss ‘Jay Walker’ but Reiner M. had to give up this tour)…


After a split of nearly a year, ‘Spermbirds’ are back together, ready to play live and hopefully have the same fun as before. The split was nót because there was trouble in the band, so there is no reason not to get back together and move on. We practised alot and got 12 new songs. We played a few gigs in Germany and they were fantastic. Nobody in the band thinks about splitting anymore and the way it looks now, ‘Spermbirds’ will stay together for a long long time. The coming tour we will play a mix of songs from our lp’s and new stuff. In February we’re going to record our 3rd album named Common Threat. Everybody can read in Zap that ‘Spermbirds’ is together with the old line-up: the fanzine comes with a X-mas present: a single including our song ‘Youth Of Today’ (about straight edge) and a cover of ‘Wire’s 12XU. Hope to see you all in Belgium.

Roger Ingenthron, ‘Spermbirds’ guitarist (personal communication ’89)

gig-review from Pyrobolum #2

What a way to celebrate my birthday (yep, the same day as my friend Jesus)!

Joris De Buysser (personal communication ’89)

‘Spermbirds’ were incredibly good! I’d heard ‘Chronic Disease’ before so that was no surprise: one of Belgium’s best bands. ‘Rise Above’ wasn’t bad either… I was standing at the back of the hall and saw you [Brob] on stage besides ‘Spermbirds’. Behind me I heard some ‘Cyclone’ band-members gossiping about you: obviously not the best of friends…

Roberto G. (personal communication ’90)

‘Spermbirds’ were wonderful in Aalst! It was a real party! Great sound and a very good band!

Ingo Meskens (personal communication ’90)

‘Spermbirds’ Lee (pic by ‘Kockie’)

  from the interview with ‘Spermbirds’ in Pyrobolum #2


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  1. For a band-presentation of ‘Chronic Disease’, go to Chronic Disease (band-presentation Tilt! #4)

    For an interview with ‘Chronic Disease’, go to Chronic Disease (Keep Laughing #2)

    Comment by smurfpunx — 11/01/2011 @ 11:56

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