89-01-14 (Netwerk) Profound – Bambix

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This was a so-called ‘Doe-wat-dag’, a ‘Do-Something-day’ (“Meeting-day with all kinds of music, action and creativity”), where the aim was to bring more than ‘just’ bands. There was music, yes (also non-punk – the intention was also to broaden the horizon beyond just hardcore/ punk (industrial/ electronic?).) but we wanted to put the emphasis on political, socio-economic and lifestyle themes. We invited different organisations to do info-stalls, showed videos and invited speakers. No mentioning of Smurfpunx on the flyer. Michel DC wanted to do his own thing but had to rely on some of the other Smurfpunx for practical help…

So the Vandenberg bro’s (Paul & Olav ‘Lärm’, ‘Seein’Red’, ‘Man Lifting Banner’) lended their support again too. This time they were coming over with their friends of ‘Profound’ (“communist straight edge band”). So there were lots of friendly faces. The bass was in Burt’s hands but Jos (I think he did 2nd guitar at some timepoint) was ill and couldn’t be there. ‘Profound’ were good: energetic music, decent ‘act’ and sensible lyrics. Opinions were divided though: some people were disappointed (for reasons they could not explain, perhaps their expectations were too high…), some thought (singer) Michiel was too extreme (because of the anti-smoking lyrics of course), others found this was definitely a band the HC-scene could use well. In any case people were talking about them…

‘Bambix’, 3 Dutch punk-rock chicks, also payed their second visit. Had a fun time with them in the evening/night (and they even came to Aalst when ‘Yeastie Girlz’ performed at ‘de Gele’ – Gele Limonade, Aalst, 21 jan 89 (Yeastie Girlz))…

Can ‘t remember anything from the other acts ‘Death Pact’ (Nl), ‘Peeters & Angst (Bel), ‘Vomito Negro’ (Bel).


‘Bambix’ (promo-pic of that era): Nathalie, Willia & Maniet

‘Profound’ (pic by Kockie): Burt, Michiel, Paul, Olav



  1. Don’t recall much about the period 89/90. We played Belgium regularly and these were often great shows, sometimes not. Later, first Nat and then Maniet left ‘Bambix’, and I went on with other people. We came to Belgium from time to time: for concerts of course (e.g. small tour with G.B.H. and with ‘Fabulous Disaster’) and we recorded an album with Didier Moens (guitarist of ‘La Muerte’). ‘Bambix’ mainly played Germany but also Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and The Netherlands. In ’99, I made a kick-ass compilation-album with female punk-bands only; which taught me about many new bands, that I helped here and there with a show or introduced to a label. We regularly tour in Brazil, all our records are available there. I also booked many gigs and tours for Brazilian bands. And bands from the U.S. (e.g. ‘TurbonegrA’). With ‘Bambix’ we also toured Argentina with ‘Eterna Inocencia’ – cool band – and ‘All the Hats’, a super tour that was! The icing on the cake is that we just finished the recording of our best record ever: ‘The Storytailor’. It contains everything I ever wanted to make. It’s the culmination of why I’m punk, why ‘Bambix’ is in my heart, what music does to me and how I can express myself with lyrics & music; together with the two best musicians I know. Wonderful that the alternative punk-scene has formed me through friendships and how that scene, even before the internet, made the world smaller; that we swapped punk-tapes through the mail with people from Brasil or The Philippines; and that those friends from back then are still my heart-buddies. Keep up the spirit!
    Wick, ‘Bambix’ drummer in the early days, now guitarist

    Comment by Wick (Bambix) — 12/06/2011 @ 18:50

  2. Nice to hear something from the ‘good old days’ when we were energetic, jumped around with guitars and stuff, drove for hours, etc. It’s fun to see those ‘archives’.
    Here’s a short reaction: the first memory coming to me is that there was an active bunch of people in Belgium, with fanzines and such. We regularly had the honour, after or before a concert, to get interviewed and were asked to give our opinions (people were still listening to us back then – haha – nowadays we’re not asked much) about communism; world-peace; nuclear arms; animal-suffering, etc. The straight-edge movement was also quite active. A lot of idealism, friendship and creativity, and a heart for a better society; that’s still something worthwhile to strive for now. The bands we played with were mostly (like ourselves) enthusiastics with a mind of their own. And both the authenticity and the fact of doing things together, was awesome.
    In ‘93 I quit ‘Bambix’ because of a burn-out. I missed things enormously and it was difficult to talk about it for a while; but later it got nice again to dig up a fun anecdote once in a while. I still love music; to put my heart into something, cooperation, nature, creativity, craftsmanship and idealism. ‘Bambix’ meant a lot to me. (the H. tri-unity ?!)
    Nathalie Delisse, ‘Bambix’ guitarist

    Comment by Nathalie Delisse — 05/17/2012 @ 09:46

  3. ‘Bambix’ interview

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 11/20/2014 @ 09:00

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