90-03-31 (Netwerk) Subterranean Kids – Pullermann – Within Range – Decadence Within

The 3rd gig of the ‘Decadence Within’ in Aalst. The previous years they came over to the continent, I booked most of their shows myself. But this time, I was busy with other things so when Kurt Horemans (who was goin’ to release a 7” on his label, Hurry recs – he might’ve gotten help from Stefan Joosten) offered to help them out, I could concentrate on these and got to see them play anyway when we invited them for this one. At this time they were about to record their second album, had a new vocalist (Rid, replacing Kev) and were moving away from the many bands that were playing fast grind with grawling vocals… “A constantly evolving band, from England. After their 1st crossover-album, they got a new singer. Their music got more complex and power.”.

That afternoon was an example of an excellent gig to me. 4 great bands playing excellent music, supporting D.I.Y., no competition, nice atmosphere, etc. Most people the bands were friends or were to become friends… A pity that only about 200 people showed up. Not very much, considering we had an average of 300-400. The people that díd attend were surprised how great the bands sounded but unfortunately a growing majority only wanted the big, hyped, trendy outfits…

“Mix the power of ‘So Much Hate’ and the melody of ‘Stëngte Dører’, add some ‘Motörhead’ riffs and you get another great Norwegian band… Ex-‘Kafka Process and a genuine Blitz-product!”. The Norwegian trio ‘Within Range’ (Hans K. Gaard on guitar, Eirik ‘Billy’ Nordheim on bass/vocals, Stian Løken on drums) was introduced to us by Tanja Boelicke (from the Hamburger Stortebeker team that wellcomed ‘Hate Crew’ there; she had good connections with the Norwegian scene) and by Gunnar Nuven (singer of ‘So Much Hate’) who put out their 1st record on his label X-Port Plater. Stian was in ‘Kafka Prosess’ (together with Gunnar) and all of them are closely related to the Blitz-scene in Oslo. Perhaps Jan-Martin (sound-engineer), who sold my zine Tilt! at the Blitz’ Bokkafe, was also with them?

I’d been introduced to them by Jörg Rosenbaum (R.P.N. recs) and had been distributing their records so I definitely wanted to see them live: ‘Pullermann’ from Frankfurt (can’t remember if I met some of them already in the ‘In Der Au’ squat, touring with ‘Hate Crew’ the year before) but we had to be patient ’cause their bass-player had had a heavy car-accident (couldn’t play until Dec.’89)… Hell, we made that up by inviting them over twice that same year! They totally deserved it! And I enjoyed them!!! (Still do!) The band had 2 singers: Cybèle (de Silveira) & Mathes ‘S.A.M.’, which blended very nicely: the outgoing, almost boisterous male and the more intimate female (not to be stereotypical). Instrumentalists were Tobias Schlepper (bass), Jörg Wabnitz (guitar) and Stephan Grohe (drums). On the poster I described them as “This young band from Frankfurt is part of the new German HC-generation for the 90s: inspiring HC (‘Bad Brains’ influences) with male and female voice. Very promising!!!”.

It took quite a while for ‘Subterranean Kids’ from Barcelona (Spain) to get to us. I think at that time the line-up was: ‘Boliche’ (drums), ‘Mimo’ (vocals), ‘Damned’ (guitar; who replaced ‘Pep’) & Marc (bass)… ‘Semolina’ had already told me about them when we stayed at Van Hall (see: Smurfpunx @ Van Hall, Amsterdam). They did tour before (as ‘Semolina’ commented) but somehow I had missed that show (88-10-08 Bredene, Belgium)… Anyway, in 1990 we were able to witness them playing live, when Frank Babel (Blasting Youth tours) set up the ‘2x Hardcore Wrecking Europe!’ tour for them and ‘Pullermann’. Frank was at this show too. He’d spent time with ‘H.D.Q.’ in a studio in the UK and he came to Aalst on his way home… The poster says “Probably Spain’s oldest and best-known HC-band. Uptempo, melodic and powerful.”.


90-03-31 (Pyrobolum #3 review)gig-review from Pyrobolum #3

My preference always went to melodic HC… ‘Pullermann’ was fantastic, with male and female vocalist. A lot of vocal variation. I still like the song ‘Rubbish’ very much. There was a good atmosphere that whole day, with four bands all of different nationalities.

Joeri Vleurick

Here’s an exerpt of the ‘Decadence Within European Tour Diary’ that Steve of Crisispoint ‘zine (who did the tour with them) wrote:

>>Ferries are like time-warps. You get on them for four hours to cross 30 miles of water and the whole thing seems to last a week. Four hours will never seem so long. The band is due to go on stage at four in the afternoon in Aalst (an hours drive from Ostend) and as we come into port it’s already half past four. Things are not looking good. Kurt the promoter is waiting for us and by this time he’s had more than enough kittens to enable a vet to retire on the back of the neutering fees. We drive off to the gig at full speed on the right hand side of the road – I’m grateful someone knows what they are doing.

‘Subterranean Kids’ from Spain and ‘Within Range’ from Norway are down to play and both bands turn in fine sets as do ‘Decadence Within’ but somehow the whole thing doesn’t seem real. And then there’s the best part, you get food and drink at continental gigs. We tuck into platefuls of veggie nosh upstairs while a band we can only just make out through the floorboards are playing away. I stroll casually downstairs to find I’ve been missing ‘Pullermann’ from Germany. I didn’t know they were playing but luckily I still caught the last half hour. I saw this band in Brighton the year before and they rocked but this time round they’re nothing short of amazing (‘Bad Brains’ meets ‘Civilised Society’ and all your favourite bands in a multiple pile up). Track down some vinyl by this lot and you won’t be disappointed. What a gig, four bands from four countries and about four quid to get in! We have a long chat with ‘Within Range’ and then it’s off to find somewhere to crash. Some sleep in the van and the rest of us crash out in Kurt’s flat and try to get some sleep…<<

[One can read the whole diary on]

We played with ‘Pullermann’ and ‘Subterannean Kids’ in Aalst indeed; they were both great bands… We blagged onto another show with them in Germany (this was how we used to ‘tour’ Europe! We would get 5 or 6 gigs booked, and then try to beg our way onto other shows on our days off, haha)… I remember the singer from ‘Pullermann’ looking at our singer’s scruffy beard and saying: “Hey, you need to lose the goatee!”. He was gutted but the rest of us were laughing for hours!

Slug, D.W. bassplayer

I was really saddened when I heard Smurfpunx had folded!!! Our visits to Aalst and the shows there are some of the happiest memories for the band. It was so well-organised and the feeling was so good. All good things come to an end… It seems like there’s bad turn-outs everywhere nowadays – it’s a sign of the times, I’m afraid… We try to keep enthousiastic but it’s hard sometimes not to get frustrated at how little headway we seem to be making…

Slug (personal communication ’91)

‘Pullermann’ play melodic, powerful and intelligent HC with a girl and a boy (sometimes reminding of the ‘Bad Brains’ vocalist) singing. They got a self-produced, self-titled ep out and we (a friend & me) will put out their 2nd ep called ‘I’ve got My Role to Play’ on our label R.P.N. Since you told me you organise concerts, I would like to ask you to organise some gigs for them in Belgium and to help promote them – because they’re very, very good! [Brob: I fully agreed, got them 2 Smurfpunx concerts in 1990 and helped distribute their records.]

Jörg Rosenbaum (personal communication ’89)

‘Subterranean Kids’ in action (pics courtesy of Boliche) * …are these guys flying or what?…



  1. I organised the first tour for ‘Subterranean Kids’ (Holland, Germany). The first concert to ‘S.K’ played with ‘No FX’ (for the first time in Europe) [Brob: That was Oct 16th, 1988 at VanHall in A’dam, with ‘Fugazi’.] and there were about 10 persons at this gig. Later they got very famous…
    I’m the director of ‘Antic Teatre’ ( nowadays…

    Comment by Semolinika Tomic — 01/29/2011 @ 17:54

  2. The first Euro-tour in 1988 for S.K. was arranged by Moses (Zap magazine) – sorry, Semolina – and initially was just 7 gigs in Germany. After two vans breaking down, we finally did 22 gigs all over Germany, Holland and Belgium (Semolina arranged that Van Hall show).
    Friends from the In der Au squat in Frankfurt did a very good job helping us with dates too.

    Comment by Boliche — 01/31/2011 @ 18:09

  3. For an interview with ‘Pullermann’, go to Pullermann (interview Tilt! #6)

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 08/11/2011 @ 17:26

  4. For an interview with ‘Decadence Within’, go to Decadence Within (interview Tilt! #6)

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 08/27/2011 @ 15:10

  5. ‘Subterranean Kids’ video

    Comment by Boliche — 12/27/2011 @ 14:05

  6. Yeah, I remember that gig. A great place! Great city!
    We just put the band back together again with my son Emil Gaard on bass. He’s only 17 but he’s playing like a God. I guess he has the ‘Within Range’ music in his veins! We’re ready for the world again! Billy don’t wanna play the bass anymore. We’re old you know!!! Stian’s still making a lot of noise back there! We don’t want to change any members. ‘W.R.’ are Stian, Billy and me. Emil is family so he can join us. We need some young blood, you know!
    Peace and love from Hans…

    Comment by Hans Gaard — 02/25/2012 @ 11:01

  7. Interview with ‘Subterranean Kids’ (1991-92)

    Comment by Brob Tilt! — 05/25/2016 @ 16:00

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