88-06-11 (Netwerk) Mega City 4 – [Raped Teenagers] – Winterswyx Chaos Front – Disabuse – Disgorge

We never got to play in Belgium. We were on a small tour to play in Germany, Holland, Switzerland – maybe we had some gigs planned in Belgium as well but I can´t remember that. Our van broke down and we went home before we played all gigs… We played about 5 gigs in Germany and 6 in Holland then we went home.

Patrik Sjösten & Peter Swedenhammar (‘Raped Teenagers’)

I remember our concert in Netwerk still very well. Some guys (not from the other bands that played, I think) threw over my guitar (not on purpose) that day. The consequence was that the arm was split at the bridge. In other words: my (expenisve Gibson) was trashed. The next gig I smashed it to pieces (for the show) like ‘The Who’…because I had already obtained a cheaper (6000 BeF [€ 150]) Daytona. I also recall having played one song with the ‘No Debt’ / ‘Vortex’ split vinyl as pick (I downloaded it again recently) because our driver/friend (Corinne) was once harrassed by one the skins of ‘No Debt’.

JLB (‘Disgorge’)

I liked ‘M.C. 4’, they reminded me of the ‘Buzzcocks’, ‘The Clash’ and more of that I was listening to let’s say when I was 17-18. The young ones of course were astonished as it wasn’t grind-total-chaos-noise-core… Don’t remember how they ended up playing this Smurfpunx concert… ‘Mega City Four’ were from Hampshire and consisted of singer/guitarist Darren ‘Wiz’ Brown (later played in Canada’s ‘Doughboys’ and others; R.I.P.), his brother Danny (guitarist), Gerry Bryant (bassplayer) and drummer Chris Jones.

I got to know the Winterswijkers quite well through the contacts with and visits at the (in)famous venue over there, the Chi Chi Club. My own band were invited 2 times, friends’ bands played there and I often asked Guus (Sarianamual) to book bands there that I was setting up tours for… Also: vocalist Victor van Bruggen was hanging around in Ghent quite often (because of his relation with ‘Anguish’s singer Murielle). Even though we were very different, since I had gotten him out of the hands of the police in my hometown (read the story ‘De Marbel closed down…’), we were mates. The others in the band were Ronald Hogeboom (guitar), Lambert ‘Lampie’ van Druenen (drums) & Harm Kortschoot (bass). The 1st time they were announced [Netwerk, Aalst, 23 jan 88 (W.C.F. & Swampsurfers)], they couldn’t make it but this time they did (see gig-review)…

When ‘Raped Teenagers’ had to head home prematurely, it was only natural to ask another CCC-related band, ‘Disabuse’, to come and do a gig. They were about to get out their 1st vinyl (Sorrow & Perdition). The band consisted then of Archy (vocals), Patrick van der Beek (bass), Jeroen (drums) and Edwin & Brian (guitarists) and they played a pretty thrash/crossover style.


gig-review by Jan Claus in his zine Rattebeet #4

some photos of ‘W.C.F.’ by Kockie:

Victor & Harm


<- Ronald —– Harm —– Victor ->

‘MC4’ contacted Mokka and myself with a promo-package that contained their EP when they wanted to do a European mainland tour. We said, well, at least some change from grindcore and metalitis, and off it went… If I remember well, they also played in Northern Germany and the Nordic countries on that stint.


Can’t remember much about that show except that it was our first show in Europe ever! We had 3 shows booked. This one in Aalst, one in Aalborg, Denmark and one in Oslo, Norway. I think we went down OK and there was another American-style hardcore band on, featuring a singer with very small shorts on, to our amusement!

Gerry Bryant (‘MC4’ bassplayer)

‘Mega City Four’ promo-pic; L=>R:  Wiz, Danny, Chris, Gerry

in concert @ Netwerk (photographed by Mike Du Bois):



  1. That was a good bill indeed although I don’t have memories of ‘Disgorge’s performance. ‘Mega City Four’ was refreshing. ‘Raped Teenagers’ did not show up but I did see them in Denmark once: in Odense if I’m not mistaken. A good band and nice blokes though I found their name always quite chilling. I wonder if touring under that name would still be, well, “obvious” today after Dutroux, Fourniret and the catholic clergy scandals.

    Comment by Duco — 09/01/2010 @ 11:42

  2. ‘Disabuse’ seem to be still around:

    Comment by smurfpunx — 10/29/2011 @ 16:27

  3. ‘W.C.F.’ live recordings

    Comment by smurfpunx — 01/24/2018 @ 20:55

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