89-01-21 (Gele Limonade) Yeastie Girlz

109 people (amongst them the ‘Bambix’ sisterhood who came all the way from Nijmegen) in a small café (5 by 5 m) like this! During their passage a few months earlier the ‘Yeastie Girlz’ definitely left an impression… And having spent more time with them over X-mas in Amsterdam’s Van Hall, they were eager to come and do their ‘thing’ again at our homebase. Since Cammie had gone back to the U.S., it was just Joyce and Kate but that was vocal power and conviction enough!

Later that year I got a tape from Kate on which she and Joyce provide answers to my questions for a Tilt!-interview. It started out very funny with Joyce’s giggling and laughter but it got pretty serious with very personal testimonials (about rapings/ abortions) so even though it might have gotten other women/ girls to share their possible similar experiences, we decided not to publish it in the end… It was easier to talk about in the intimity of a bedroom but it would’ve been read by hundreds of people all over the world… That summer I also visited Kate in her bookshop in S.F. and got to shoot pool with Joyce before a concert there.

The Dutch poet ‘Dorpsoudste De Jong’ who had performed at our anti-military benefit the year before was invited back but he couldn’t come.  Lenny St. Luce came instead. She’s a British black feminist living in Amsterdam who recites poetry and does spoken word.



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