87-12-12 (Jungle Of Joy) Instigators – Scoundrels – Indecency – Heart Explodes

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The day after a long night in Gooik with ‘Attitude’ and a dangerous drive through the fog, Smurfpunx were at it again. Andy Turner and his ‘Instigators’ were touring (when weren’t they? – smile) so Duco invited them over. It was only about half a year after their passage in my hometown (with ‘Detonators’; see: Marbel, Tielt, 3 apr 87 (Detonators)) but now Bob Gorlik played the bass. Netwerk was not available so we diverted them to Antwerp, where they played an old cinema, re-baptised ‘Jungle Of Joy’. We already knew Tez and his mates as fantastic people and they did a great set!

It was a benefit for the V.I.A. support-fund for ‘total-refusers’ Jaak DC. & Patrick H. (for more info, see also the anti-military benefit a few months later: Netwerk, Aalst, 2 apr 88 (anti-military benefit)) who’re gonna be on trial and most probably locked up. Unfortunately the turn-out was rather poor (only about a 100 people), possibly because of the fact we couldn’t use our regular space and the show the day before… Can’t even remember if I was there…


That was a great bill and a good concert, especially ‘Instigators’ and ‘Heart Explodes’. But I think there were even less than 100 people, perhaps not more than 60-70. And in that big a venue, that was rather sad. This would’ve been related to the band (or gig) over-supply ánd the fact that we were operating outside our ‘biotope’. I think Mokka arranged the space through Wiebel. [Brob: who did most of the Antwerp gigs around that time]  Some Antwerp regulars (I’m thinking of Sousou [Brob: then the girlfriend of ‘Ear Damage’s bassist], a sturdy and funny woman with a thick Antwerp accent), told us that bluntly: the Antwerp crowd wasn’t keen on the fact that ‘provincials’ (“the peasants”) came over to organise something there. Well, duh… Plus, a band like ‘Attitude’ was then probably more popular and drew a bigger crowd than the ‘Instigators’…

We got to know the latter at this amazing concert that we set up for them, together with the ‘Detonators’ in De Marbel [see: Marbel, Tielt, 3 apr 87 (Detonators)] and when they planned this later tour, they contacted me. Mokka agreed immediately. ‘Heart Explodes’ was a rather heavy garagerock-band (à la ‘The Nomads’) from Aalst. Their bassist Karel De Backer had been in school with me and would later run his own P.A.-company [Brob: he used to do the sound-mix in Netwerk and still runs ‘Rat & Kabel’ noise-factory in Aalst]. Their presence could’ve been called ‘broadening the horizon’ (smile). ‘Indecency’ is the later ‘5Les’, Onno’s band. They were inspired by the somewhat softer Wasinghton DC HC-bands à la ‘Scream’. What the ‘Scoundrels’ did, I can’t remember, but I have a vague (ergo sometimes deceptive) recollection they didn’t show up…


Oh Yes! ‘Scoundrels’ showed up allright, I know cause I was their drummer. What we played exacly is totally lost in the haze of time but I recall it to be a great evening due to the fact we could open for ‘Instigators’. Andy Turner had one of his legs in plaster but still jumped around like hell [Brob: actually, it was Mooney (Simon, the guitarist); as one can see on the pics], I was very impressed by that.

Our line-up here was the one with [2nd guitarist] Luc Proost. He only played a short while for ‘Scoundrels’ (during the period of our ‘Join Hands’ album), after that we returned to the primal trio. Luc was also the founder and driving-force of the legendary ‘Wulpse Varkens’.


pictures by Serge Harvent:

‘Indecency’: Filip ‘Boule’ Burgelman (bass), Dirk Jans (drums), Chris Dexters (vocals), Onno Hesselink (guitar)

‘Scoundrels’: Frank de Hoon (bass), Patrick Delabie (guitar+vocals), Geert ‘Bootsie’ Budts (drums), Luc Proost (guitar)

the ‘Instigators’ (Mooney, Bob, Tez, Cuzzy), backed by their host (Duco)

More photos

Andy ‘Tez’ Turner (an -unusual- quite moment) * Simon Mooney (humping about with a plaster after breaking a kneecap in a football-game)


  1. ‘Scoundrels’ made politically conscious punk-rock with that typical dutch english accent. They released 2 great albums you ought to have. the singer/guitarist runs a recording studio nowadays.

    Comment by Dirk D.R.O.L. — 07/20/2010 @ 12:11

  2. Do you know that the very first ‘singer’ of ‘Indecency’ was no less than good old Kockie!? Really! How ‘Indeceny’ came about…? Onno Hesselink addressed me (we were studying at the same school) about a rehearsal-space in the Brussels area. I was already very active in the Finkel [youthcentre in Jette; see Concerts * NOT Smurfpunx] and one day Onno, Dirk Jans & Kockie walked in there. Without a bass-player, indeed. That very same day, I became the bassist. We rehearsed at the Finkel for a while and soon noticed Kockie was good at a lot of things, except singing ;-) Chris Dexters took over vocal duties. I think Dirk actually still played for ‘Deviant Gedrag’ during that period; could be that Izzy [their guitarist] also played for ‘Indecency’ a little while…. I had already a little bit of musical expercience as the bassist of ‘Pest’ (later ‘Bad Preachers’) – no hardcore but rather heavy garage-noise… ‘Indecency’ never recorded anything. At a certain timepoint Chris Dexters didn’t feel like singing anymore (even though he kept writing lyrics) and for a moment we even considered of going instrumental with the 3 of us; but it turned out that Dirk was a good singer… But, well, hardcore drumming and singing don’t go together that easily; and one day Fons came along, et voila… [They became ‘5Les’; see Belgian HardCore Punk Bands]
    ‘5 Les’ continued with another line-up after I quit (studies and girlfriend, you know how that goes): with another singer (shortly after me Fons took off) and another bassist.

    Comment by Fillip ‘Boule’ Burgelman — 08/14/2011 @ 17:08

  3. For an interview with the ‘Scoundrels’ (1986, before the new drummer and extra guitarist), go to Scoundrels (interview Tilt! #1)

    Comment by smurfpunx — 10/17/2011 @ 15:08

  4. ‘Scoundrels’ – Ufreettoemoef (full tape)

    Comment by smurfpunx — 10/31/2012 @ 08:42

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